Chapter 65 A gang of butterflies (1)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

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Chapter 65 A gang of butterflies (1)

The carriage finally stopped in front of Nan Lin wangfu[1. Wangfu: residence of the prince of first rank].

“Qing Qing, we’ve arrived!”

Not waiting for Wanyan’s Bao Zhu’s ‘Cang gege[2. Gege: big brother]’ to finish, Feng Cang held Murong Qi Qi’s hand and carefully came off the carriage. Such care made Wanyan Bao Zhu perplexed. Is this still the Feng Cang who put people thousand miles away? When has he treated a girl so pleasantly?

Is that person who Feng Cang is guarding, Murong Qi Qi? Wanyan Bao Zhu stared at Murong Qi Qi from head to toe. Features can only be considered ordinary. Besides, her title of princess is only bestowed. She is not nobler than herself! It’s just, why is Cang gege holding her hand? Could it be something happened on the journey?!

Murong Qi Qi didn’t notice Wanyan Bao Zhu, instead she looked up at the three words ‘Nan Lin wang[3. Wang/ wangye: prince of first rank]’ on the plaque at the entrance. There’s a trace of pride in the letters. With a look, you can see it came from the hands of a famous calligrapher.

“Good words,” Murong Qi Qi said in admiration.

“Is Qing Qing also interested in calligraphy?”

Hearing Murong Qi Qi said that, Feng Cang immediately became interested.

Wangye, who wrote this plaque?”

“Cang gege wrote it!”

Not waiting for Feng Cang to answer, an arrogant voice came between them.

Only now did Murong Qi Qi see Wanyan Bao Zhu. She was around sixteen-year-old. Her length is about 1.68 meters. The skin is reddish, revealing a healthy color. Willow eyebrows, almond eyes, cherry lips and her black her were made into braids hanging on her back. On her head was a blue hat. She was wearing blue clothes. On her feet were blue boots made from deer skin. She is a vibrant girl!

Seeing Wanyan Bao Zhu’s height, Murong Qi Qi couldn’t help but envy. In the past life, she was 1.70. Why here, is she only 1.62? Although, 1.62 isn’t considered short, but compared to Feng Cang’s 1.92, she felt like she is ‘cute and helpless-looking’.

“Cang gege, why did you come back only now, ah?!”

Seeing Feng Cang’s hand on Murong Qi Qi’s waist, Wanyan Bao Zhu’s mouth immediately pouted. Pout is the way she thought is a ‘cute’ approach. Often, she practiced for half a day in front of the mirror so that she can express her ‘cute’ side in front of Feng Cang.

Oh……Murong Qi Qi laughed in her heart. It seems that it’s again someone who has a crush on Feng Cang. Feng Cang is still her husband in name. This Wanyan Bao Zhu is looking at him so full of resentment, really like a blaming wife; as if someone owed her something.

Feng Cang didn’t bother with Wanyan Bao Zhu and didn’t put her ‘dissatisfaction’ into his eyes. He just frowned and looked at the housekeeper Feng Qi.

Seeing wangye’s cold eyes, Feng Qi couldn’t help but shiver. Wangye is angry! Feng Qi knew that the wrong is on him.

Earlier, Feng Cang sent a letter to let housekeeper Feng Qi clean up Tingsong building. He said he will bring back wangfei[4. Wangfei: main wife/ consort of the prince of first rank] and also repeatedly said to not let people come bother Murong Qi Qi. He didn’t expect that the moment he came back, he will saw such a big infatuated flower at the entrance. How can he not be angry?! What do he do if his little wangfei misunderstands?

It’s just that Feng Qi also didn’t have a way, ah!

She is a dignified princess and also wangye’s little cousin. Early today, Wanyan Bao Zhu already came and waited till now. No matter how he persuaded; with kind words or forced, she didn’t go away. He couldn’t let people take a broom and chase a princess out, ah!   Not to mention, that the princess again and again used ‘imperial grandmother’ sent me, making people even more helpless.

It appears that he can only go ask for punishment later, Feng Qi was thinking.

All of this is because this damned princess. She doesn't anything, why doesn’t she get married. She is just always bothering his wangye. A girl who doesn’t even know how to write the word ‘shame’ and now even caused him to receive punishment! Fortunately, wangye never bothered with princess, otherwise if he really let this girl become the wangfei, then won’t the whole wangfu be so restless that not even the chickens and dogs are left undisturbed!

  • Not even the chickens and dogs are left undisturbed: great commotion

Wanyan Bao Zhu pouted very hard as if she suffered much grievances. Fortunately, Feng Cang’s attitude towards Wanyan Bao Zhu was very cold. This made Murong Qi Qi feel a bit relieved.

No matter how the butterfly was bothering the flower, but this flower didn’t bloom. It just don’t let you get the honey. Even if you yearn for it, what can you do about it? No matter how beautiful the butterfly is, facing a flower with an iron face, you will be at your wit’s end. It’s not like you can tear the petals piece by piece to open him! Then you need to have great ability!

Murong Qi Qi was somewhat determined to test where the bottom line of this princess is and also wanted to know if Feng Cang is really cool or pretending to be cool. So, she took two steps. Her body swung, her hands stroked her head and she shouted that she was dizzy.

“Qing Qing, what’s the matter?”

Seeing Murong Qi Qi being unwell, made Feng Cang very anxious. He directly lifted Murong Qi Qi up, hurriedly went pass Wanyan Bao Zhu and didn’t even look at her once.

“Jin Mo, follow us!”

Not waiting for Wangyan Bao Zhu to open her mouth once again, Feng Cang rushed into the residence with Murong Qi Qi in his arms, leaving Wanyan Bao Zhu standing foolishly at the entrance. Her two subordinates were also standing with the same expression at the entrance.

Feng Cang actually held a woman! No matter what, Wanyan Bao Zhu couldn’t believe this. She even suspected that something happened to her eyes. Only when Feng Cang’s figure disappeared from her sight, did she believe that this is true.

‘Princess hug’! This is a scene that appeared many times in her fantasy. Feng Cang actually princess hugged Murong Qi Qi! Why?! The jealousy in Wanyan Bao Zhu’s heart began to turn badly.

Ai, again someone with an unrequited love! Murong Qi Qi looked back at Wanyan Bao Zhu’s almost crying face. She somewhat pities her. She hopes that this princess has self-knowledge and not be as stupid as Longze Yu Er and Ming Yue Xin. She (MQQ) doesn’t have such a good temper……

At this point, even Murong Qi Qi didn’t realize that her placid heart has some changes towards Feng Cang.

Feng Cang like a wind brought Murong Qi Qi to Tingsong Building where he lives. After carefully putting Murong Qi Qi down, he grabbed Jin Mo to Murong Qi Qi.

“Jin Mo, check quickly for wangfei. Qing Qing doesn’t feel well. Is she sick?”

Towards Feng Cang bringing Murong Qi Qi to Tingsong Building, Jin Mo was extremely surprised.

This is Feng Cang’s ‘personal place’. In the whole capital, only four people can enter Nan Lin wangfu’s Tingsong Building. Now, not only did he let Murong Qi Qi in, but also let her live here. He even emptied his most loved third floor, devoted to let Murong Qi Qi live there. How can Murong Qi Qi be able to accept such love!

Jin Mo felt that Feng Cang dote on Murong Qi Qi too much. From the chasing that night to this Tingsong Building, the doting Feng Cang showed to Murong Qi Qi is something Jin Mo never saw. This girl has ordinary looks. How did she bewilder Feng Cang to this point? This question has rooted in Jin Mo’s heart.

Although Jin Mo doesn’t like Murong Qi Qi, but as a doctor he still carefully checked Murong Qi Qi’s pulse.

He didn’t find anything out of ordinary. Jin Mo’s expression turned ugly and stood up.

“How is it?”

Feng Cang anxiously came forward.

“Nothing is wrong with wangfei.

Facing Feng Cang, Jin Mo couldn’t get angry, so he can only press his anger down.


Feng Cang somewhat didn’t believe it.

Just now Murong Qi Qi’s face was obviously bad. Can it be that Jin Mo has prejudice against Murong Qi Qi and that’s why he won’t check carefully? It’s just that he knows Jin Mo’s personality. Although this man’s mouth is somewhat sharp, but his skills are good. His (JM) character is also good, otherwise he also won’t let Jin Mo stay by his side for so long.

Wangye, I’m really fine!”

Seeing Feng Cang taking it as real, Murong Qi Qi quickly explained.

“Just now I suddenly feel dizzy. Now I’m fine……”

“It’s fortunate that Qing Qing is feeling well!”

Murong Qi Qi is fine, Feng Cang finally was assured. Seeing this, Jin Mo even felt even more injustice for his wangye.

Even he as an outsider saw clearly Feng Cang’s care towards Murong Qi Qi, but he didn’t think that Murong Qi Qi will pretend to be sick to trick Feng Cang! It’s not like she didn’t see Feng Cang’s worried face. Can it be that teasing people like this, she is very happy?

Jin Mo felt injustice for Feng Cang. He felt that Feng Cang is inside the matter, has been bewildered by Murong Qi Qi and love carried his mind away. It’s obviously such a simple trick, but he (FC) didn’t see through Murong Qi Qi’s ‘falseness’!

Jin Mo’s expression was very ugly. The way he looked at Murong Qi Qi was also very scary. Sensing the enmity from Jin Mo, Murong Qi Qi stuck her tongue out behind Feng Cang’s back.

This person, really! At any rate, she should call him senior brother, he actually didn’t give her face, making her see his ugly expression all the way and just now even threw an ugly expression at her.

Did she not just only stab him before? Why is he so small minded and till now still hold a grudge?

Really don’t know if he is intentional or what? Everyone can see that just now; she was just pretending to have a headache. He this evil doctor actually didn’t see it. It seems that this senior brother really don’t have a bit of humanity. Really don’t know how master choose him in the past!

Murong Qi Qi sticking her tongue out, made Jin Mo surprised for a moment. His expression sunk even more. This woman, from the beginning, she didn’t seem usual. He needs to keep an eye on her. If she has some ill intention towards Feng Cang, he will not her get away with it!

Not long after Feng Cang returned to his country, Wanyan Lie’s decree came. The content is nothing more than to rest well. Three days later, he will hold a banquet for him and Murong Qi Qi. With the decree came all kinds of jewelries. Those were for Murong Qi Qi.

A new master came to wangfu. All the servants have been called to outside of Tingsong Building. The one leading was wangfu’s housekeeper Feng Qi.

Towards this new wangfei, the people couldn’t stop the curiosity in their hearts. All of them heard some of the rumors, but today they saw the care wangye showed wangfei. They felt that Murong Qi Qi was even more mysterious.

What kind of person can grab Feng Cang’s heart and let wangye brought her to Tingsong Building?

Tingsong Building was great general Feng Xie and princess Ming Yue’s love nest. Later it became Feng Cang’s personal place. In this residence, aside from Ji Xiang, Ru Yi, Jin Mo and housekeeper Feng Qi, no one can enter Tingsong Building. Even princess Bao Zhu didn’t get in once, not to mention those eight previous wangfei.

After waiting for quite a while, did Feng Cang and  Murong Qi Qi come out of Tingsong Building.

Feng Cang is still that devilish beauty dressed in white without a trace of dust. And Murong Qi Qi was wearing a light pink dress. She was smiling and gracefully stood in front of everyone. Only Jin Mo was standing with an ugly expression at the side. From time to time, his eyes will sweep over Murong Qi Qi as if he has a great hostility towards Murong Qi Qi.

“From this day on, she is benwang’s wangfei. In this residence, her words are benwang’s[5. Benwang: I, used by the prince of first rank] words. Who dares to slight her, don’t blame benwang for being ruthless!”


Feng Cang commanding like this made everyone come to an understanding. It seems that this time wangye really dotes on this new wangfei. That why he gave her the same right as him. They hope that this new wangfei has a good temper, is easy to get along and don’t have a weird personality!

“Wangfei, this is the wangfu’s account book and also the accounting books of the shops under wangye’s name.”

With a female master, Feng Qi surrendered his timely power and let people bring the thick stack of account books.

“No need!”

Looking at those thick account books, Murong Qi Qi waved her hand. Although she came to form a marriage alliance, but they didn’t have the wedding yet, so she isn’t Nan Lin wangfei. She can’t do this ‘taking over power’. Besides, Jue Se Fang and Tong Bao Zhai are under her watch, where would she get the time to do these?

“How this wangfu was in the past is how this wangfu will be in the future. Make the best use of everything. Everyone can do your duty at the best of your abilities. I believe that the people under wangye will not do things like stealing and lying.”

Becoming a wangfei, but not immediately take power, made Feng Qi has a new understanding of this wangfei. Before he thought that Murong Qi Qi becoming the wangfei, she will definitely manage the household. He didn’t expect that she let everything like how it was and wash her hands off managing. It seems that this new wangfei is very interesting!

Murong Qi Qi’s ‘make the best use of everything, everyone can do your duty at the best of your abilities’, made Feng Cang couldn’t help but nod in appreciation. He didn’t expect that this little wangfei also understand the way to the workers’ heart, making him have a new level of respect for her!

When Wanyan Bao Zhu learned that Feng Cang arranged Tingsong Building for Murong Qi Qi, her heart immediately alarmed.

She knew Feng Cang for so many years, Feng Cang never allowed her into Tingsong Building. Now a Murong Qi Qi appeared, he immediately let her into Tingsong Building. What does this show? Could it be that Cang gege really fell in love with that woman?

In order to figure out what is in Feng Cang’s mind, Wangyan Bao Zhu smilingly walked to Feng Cang after he arranged everything.

“Cang gege, the palace banquet three days later, you must bring Murong sister, yo! Imperial grandmother went to pray for a year. The day after tomorrow she will come back. By then you must let imperial grandmother take a good look at Murong sister!”

Hearing Wanyan Bao Zhu mention the empress dowager, Feng Cang’s expression changed and changed back quickly.

“I know. It’s late. I and your imperial cousin in law is also tired. You go back first! Servant, send princess out!”

After he finished, Feng Cang pulled Murong Qi Qi back into Tingsong Building.

Being refused by Feng Cang, Wanyan Bao Zhu stood alone for a long time. Her eyes have been spinning the whole time. Although in the past, Feng Cang also didn’t like talking, but he has never made her embarrassed like now. What happened with Cang gege?

After she couldn’t see Wanyan Bao Zhu’s sour face anymore, Murong Qi Qi laughed out loud: “Wangye talking like this to princess, she, a little girl will be sad!”

“Qing Qing, she is older than you. She is no longer a little girl! Besides, I only care about Qing Qing’s heart. Others have nothing to do with me.”

Feng Cang held Murong Qi Qi and smelled the fragrance of her hair.

Since, the two people got closer in the carriage because of xiang chest, Feng Cang seize every opportunity to have ‘body contact’. Although he only can hold her small hands and put his hand on Murong Qi Qi’s small waist, but in Feng Cang’s eyes, those are already great progress.

As the saying goes, opportunity knocks but once. He must strike while the iron is hot and take little wangfei’s heart down.

Feng Cang’s manly breath moved the hair close to Murong Qi Qi’s ear. Slowly and warm, making Murong Qi Qi very itchy. Murong Qi Qi moved her neck a bit, but didn’t expect that when she turned her head, her ear touched something soft. She looked and it turned out to be Feng Cang’s lips.

Immediately, Murong Qi Qi’s face turned red. She quickly flashed and stood at the other side. She looked at Feng Cang and coughed twice embarrassingly: “Wangye, I’ll go clean up the room……”

Not waiting for Feng Cang to answer, Murong Qi Qi rushed up the floor.


Feng Cang stood alone and looked how Murong Qi Qi’s figure disappeared from his sight.

Just now he clearly saw the redness on her face which spread till her ears. Pinkish, like flower buds coming to bloom. It seemed that his little wangfei is not only sensitive but also very shy. Such an appearance making people couldn’t help but dote on.

But, just thinking about the empress dowager that Wanyan Bao Zhu mentioned, Feng Cang’s handsome face turned dark.

If Dongfang Lan knows that he wants to marry Murong Tai’s daughter, she will treat it severely without listening to excuses. How should he face empress dowager’s disapproval without letting Murong Qi Qi suffer even a bit? This mater is really not easy……

Feng Cang’s guess was confirmed two days later. The originally went to pray empress dowager Dongfang Lan came back from Gui Yun Temple. Immediately, someone told her the news of Feng Cang marrying Murong Qi Qi. The moment she heard that her grandson will marry Murong Tai’s daughter, Dongfang Lan expression immediately turned dark.

Everyone knows that empress dowager’s daughter and son-in-law died at Yandang Mountain, died at Murong Tai’s hands. Now Feng Cang actually brought the enemy’s daughter back. What will Dongfang Lan think?

“Is the wedding already held?”

In the end, she is an empress dowager and experienced many storms. One question and she asked the key of the matter.

“Answering empress dowager, still hasn’t. Emperor’s meaning is to wait till you come back from praying and let you host Nan Lin wang’s wedding. But, wangye arranged princess Zhao Yang into Tingsong Building……”

The gentle beauty sitting in front of Dongfang Lan is crown prince Wanyan Hong’s crown princess Yu Shi Shi. The moment empress dowager returned to the palace, she came early in the morning with imperial grandson Wanyan Jie to pay respect. Conveniently, also told the happenings in the capital to this old madam.

“Tingsong Building?”

After hearing this, Dongfang Lan’s frown became deeper.

Since her daughter and son-in-law died, Feng Cang occupied that place for fifteen years. Aside from people close to him, even she, this imperial grandmother hasn’t entered it. He went so far as to arrange Murong Qi Qi there? It seems that this matter is somewhat difficult to handle.

But fortunately, the wedding hasn’t been held. There’s still room to maneuver. In her eyes this wedding is not conclusive yet. Murong Tai destroyed her daughter and son-in-law. Now he sends a daughter to destroy her grandson? No matter what, she won’t agree to this matter!

“As long there’s no wedding, she is not Cang er’s wangfei, she is not aijia’s granddaughter in law!”

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