Chapter 66 A gang of butterflies (2)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

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Chapter 66 A gang of butterflies (2)

After hearing Dongfang Lan’s words, Wanyan Bao Zhu’s heart finally relaxed. She shook Dongfang Lan’s hand and acted spoiled: “Imperial grandmother, this matter has nothing to do with Cang gege[1. Gege: big brother]. Everything is because that damned Longze Yu forced that woman on Cang gege. You can’t get angry at Cang gege!”

Aijia[2. Aijia: I, used by an empress dowager] knows. Aijia is aware of the situation!”

How could Wanyan Bao Zhu’s little trick escape Dongfang Lan’s eyes? It’s just that in the past, she had promised Feng Cang that he can decide on his own marriage, so now she can’t help Wanyan Bao Zhu.

Although she had promised previously, but if Feng Cang wanted to marry Murong Qi Qi, no matter what, Dongfang Lan won’t agree. The enemy’s daughter cannot enter Feng family. This is her bottom line!

Three days later, the banquet was held as scheduled. When Murong Qi Qi went down Tingsong Building and saw Feng Cang, who was wearing all white, waiting downstairs, her ears couldn’t help but become red.

Since the day the two inadvertently had ‘intimate contact’, Murong Qi Qi somewhat deliberately avoided Feng Cang.

Even though she didn’t understand the matters of love, but she still could understand Feng Cang’s haw fruit-like eyes. The feeling of a deer rambling in her heart is a first for her but it also let her become somewhat distraught.

[caption id="attachment_12812" align="aligncenter" width="300"]haw fruit haw fruit[/caption]

In the past life, adopted father taught her many things. Whether it was martial arts, business management or foreign languages and he even passed the organization to her, but in the end, adopted father didn’t teach her how to grasp her feelings.

In this regard, adopted father himself was a loser, which made adopted mother leave him. That’s why he also couldn’t teach her anything. He only told her that she needs to follow her heart.

Because of those words, she had rejected her adopted big brother. Originally, she had thought that even without love, the two’s friendship would last forever. She didn’t expect that adopted big brother would fly into a rage out of humiliation. At the most critical time, he gave her a fatal blow……

Now Feng Cang’s eyes are looking at her the same way as how adopted big brother looked at her then. It’s just that adopted big brother’s eyes were more overbearing, full of possessiveness and inside Feng Cang’s eyes were sweenesst, doting and indulgent.

What should she do? Murong Qi Qi was somewhat worried. She didn’t understand feelings and also didn’t understand love. However, the pain of betrayal from someone close, till this day, she remembered.

Once, she had trusted her adopted brother so much and saw him as the closest person to her in this world next to adopted father. The two had grown up together. Learned martial arts together and learned together behind adopted father. She once thought that such days would continue on forever, but she never expected that the result would be like that……

Don’t know if those enemies of her, if they find out that the ‘witch’ of the black and white world had in the end, died at the hands of her adopted brother, would they laugh so hard till they lose their teeth?!

“Qing Qing……”

Seeing Murong Qi Qi in a daze, Feng Cang went forward and wrapped her small hand into his palm. He has never seen Murong Qi Qi like this before - acting like a flower bud inside a wind- vulnerable and delicate, making people unable to stop themselves from taking her into their embrace to protect her well.

Wangye[3. Wangye/wang: prince of first rank], let’s go!”

Murong Qi Qi looked up and smiled. It’s just that the smile was so aloof that it made Feng Cang feel even more heartache. What had she experienced before? Who made her become like this? It seems that he needs to investigate her past well……

“Let’s go!”

The way Feng Cang looked at Murong Qi Qi turned even more sympathetic. She is his people. He can ignore the matters of the past, but from now on and even in the future, he will stay at her side! Forever!

The palace of Bei Zhou looked majestic. Although it wasn’t as beautiful and exquisite as Xi Qi’s palace, but it showed dignity. Here was also the former Qin country’s palace. Ever since twenty-five years ago, when Qin country was split into three - becoming Xi Qi, Nan Feng and Bei Zhou, people would use former Qin to refer to the empire that disappeared.

“Nan Lin wang arrived! Princess Zhao Yang arrived!”

A thin and long voice went through the layers of the palace and spread into Taiji Hall.

After hearing that Feng Cang had arrived, the people inside Taiji Hall unconsciously looked to one side, wanting to know what kind of wangfei[4. Wangfei: main wife/ consort of the prince of first rank] that Feng Cang, who hadn’t appeared for a long time, had brought from Xi Qi.

Although Murong Qi Qi had already been in Yan Capital for three days, Feng Cang had protected her very well. Aside from Wanyan Bao Zhu, who had seen Murong Qi Qi and was chased out, the others were rejected with the excuse that the journey was very tiring and she needed to rest.

Crown princess Yu Shi Shi was somewhat nervous. She couldn’t help but straighten her skirt. This action fell into Wanyan Hong’s eyes. His face couldn’t help but reveal a sarcastic smile: “Beloved fei, till now, you are still unable to forget him?”

Hearing Wanyan Hong’s strange voice, Yu Shi Shi raised her head. Seeing the ruthlessness in Wanyan Hong’s eyes, her heart startled. She quickly smiled: “Your highness, what are you saying?”

“Beloved consoert.......”

Wanyan Hong took Yu Shi Shi into his embrace. His big hand fiercely pinched her waist, so painful that Yu Shi Shi’s tears almost fell out.

“Beloved consort seemed to have forgotten that you are already someone’s wife and mother. Could it be that this crown prince didn’t put enough effort, that’s why beloved consort is distracted by seeing your old lover and forgetting your identity? It seems that this crown prince needs to take good care of you tonight and let beloved fei remember who is your heaven!”

The moment Wanyan Hong’s words fell, Yu Shi Shi immediately paled. Thinking of that ‘taking good care’, Yu Shi Shi couldn’t help but shudder. Could it be that tonight will be a nightmare again?

“Beloved consort, don’t cry in front of this crown prince like that. This crown prince hasn’t died yet.”

There’s a smile on Wanyan Hong’s face. With his lips against Yu Shi Shi, he whispered: “Even dying, this crown prince will take you, lest you make this crown prince wear a green hat. Don’t you think that this is alright?”

  • Green hat: being cheated on by one's wife

“Your highness, your highness……”

The pain on her waist almost made Yu Shi Shi screamed out in pain.

“Smile! Smile for this crown prince!”

Seeing the pain on Yu Shi Shi’s smiling face, Wanyan Hong smiled more recklessly.

“Smile for this crown prince. Otherwise, this crown prince wouldn’t mind let Jie er[4. Er: term of endearment] come watch tonight…….”

  • Wanyan Jie is their son


Although the pain was unbearable, but Yu Shi Shi put on a smiling face. Although there were tears in her eyes, but she endured and forced her tears back.

“That’s how you do it!”

Just as Wanyan Hong released his hand, Feng Cang entered with Murong Qi Qi into Taiji Hall. The man is a devilish beauty. The woman is a well-behaved and pleasant person. They slowly walked in and seemed well matched.

Bei Zhou’s emperor Wanyan Lie sat on the dragon throne. After seeing that Feng Cang looked very happy, he exempted them from kneeling.

“Cang er, quickly take princess Zhao Yang to a seat!”

It seemed that Wanyan Lie really doted on this nephew! Murong Qi Qi followed Feng Cang and sat down. Numerous eyes followed them. People continuously looked at Murong Qi Qi. Some looked at the scene, some sighed, some felt compassion, some had malicious thoughts……

From all of these eyes, Murong Qi Qi obviously sensed one with resentment. She raised her head. So, it turned that it’s from a beauty sitting not far away.

That beauty was wearing a golden crown and dressed in a pink dress. Her facial features were soft. Under a beautiful pair of willow eyebrows was a pair of peach-shaped eyes full of feelings. It’s just that inside those peach-shaped eyes was resentment, as if Murong Qi Qi owed her a life.

At the beauty’s side sat a man with an aquiline nose. From the look of his purple gold crown and the silver dragon embroidered on his robe, he should be this empire’s crown prince Wanyan Hong. To be able to sit next to him, that woman is certainly the crown princess. It’s just that she had met the crown princess for the first time. Why is she looking at her like that?

After a minute, Murong Qi Qi understood Yu Shi Shi’s meaning because her eyes stayed only a moment on Murong Qi Qi and then fell onto Feng Cang.

It seemed that there is one more butterfly, ah!  There’s already a Wanyan Bao Zhu. Now there’s another crown princess. Really don’t know how many people this wangye has attracted……

Men, if they are ugly, it’s a hinder to the eyes. If they are handsome, although it’s a feast to the eyes, but it also attracts bees and butterflies and stirs up trouble. Just those small flies and mosquitoes are already troublesome things!

  • Attracts bees and butterflies: attracts the opposite sex.

Murong Qi Qi turned her head and looked at the perfect side view of Feng Cang’s face. High nose, red beautiful lips, curved chin. She sighed again in her heart.

Devilish beauty, ah! Really a devilish beauty, ah! Could it be that in the future, she needs to let him wear a veil while going out? Using a veil to hide that devilish beautiful face, it may be better. It’s just that going out using a veil, then wouldn’t it be the same as Arab women?

Inside Murong Qi Qi’s mind immediately emerged a picture of Feng Cang wearing a veil. Murong Qi Qi shook her head. This man has a pair of flirtatious eyes. Just those eyes will be able to take away someone’s soul. No matter what, the aura of such devilish beauty cannot be covered……

“What’s the matter?”

Sensing the difference in Murong Qi Qi, Feng Cang turned. Seeing her prop her chin and stare at him, Feng Cang’s phoenix eyes smiled. His lips turned up.

“Can it be that Qing Qing is intoxicated by my gorgeous appearance? If Qing Qing likes to look, when we go back, you can look as much as you want!”

Such intimate language made Murong Qi Qi’s face become red.

Really, is it not ancient times here? Shouldn't ancient people be abiding by the etiquettes and act reserved? This wangye actually flirted with her under the watch of such a large crowd. Fortunately, the people sitting beside her were located far away and couldn’t hear. Otherwise, she would've wished for the ground to create a hole and swallow her.

Seeing Murong Qi Qi blush, Feng Cang laughed out loud. A hearty laughter echoed inside Taiji Hall, making everyone look towards them.


Seeing them become the focus of attention, Murong Qi Qi lowered her head till her chest. She swore that she would never do any more stupid things like stare at him again, lest get teased by him.

The ‘sweet interaction’ between Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi surprised the people around them.

Who here didn't know that this wangye was temperamental? Usually he looked polite, but always kept a not far and not close distance from people. If you angered him, he would immediately fall out with that person. Everyone had seen his ruthless side, but no one had ever seen him laugh so heartily before.

Feng Cang’s laughter made Yu Shi Shi’s eyes become obsessed. How long has it been since she saw him laugh like that? It seems that it’s been fifteen years! Ever since princess Ming Yue and great general had died at Yandang Mountain, he hadn’t laughed like that again. Why is it that when he's together with that woman, he would laugh so happily……

No longer tolerating Yu Shi Shi’s memories, Wanyan Hong once again attacked her waist.


Yu Shi Shi came out of her daze in a panic. Her head heavily hit Wanyan Hong’s chest.

“If you look any longer, when we go back, do you believe that this crown prince will dig out your eyes?”

Wanyan Hong’s dense voice sounded next to Yu Shi Shi’s ear.

“Or do you want me to handle you here in this palace?”

“No, no!”

Yu Shi Shi shook her head anxiously. She understood Wanyan Hong’s personality. He's someone who would do what he says. Besides, he would do it to the extreme. If it’s really in the palace……then she doesn’t need to live anymore.

“Hehe, since you don’t want, then this crown prince will love you dearly when we go back,” Wanyan Hong whispered in Yu Shi Shi’s ear. “Your childhood sweetheart already has a new love. Looking at them, don’t you feel very sad, ah?”

“No, no……”

Yu Shi Shi lowered her head and suppressed the sadness in her heart. Her eyes rolled a few times. She fought for a long time, but in the end, a tear still fell out.


Wanyan Hong stretched out a finger and let the tear fall onto it. He tasted it.

“If it wasn’t because he (FC) couldn’t, this crown prince would have thought that he's Jie er’s biological father!”

Hearing Wanyan Hong question their son’s parentage, Yu Shi Shi opened her eyes. Tears were in her beautiful eyes. Inside the timidity showed strength.

“Your highness, if you still question Jie er’s parentage, chenqie[5. Chenqie: I, used by the females of the imperial family when speaking to someone of higher rank] is willing to prove it with death!”

Yu Shi Shi said it so seriously. Wanyan Hong’s hand gradually relaxed. He stared straight into her beautiful eyes. A moment later, he laughed.

“Beloved consort, benwang[6. Benwang: I, used by the prince of first rank] was joking with you. You take it as real! Of course, Jie er is this crown prince’s son. In the future, he will be Bei Zhou’s crown prince. How can this crown prince not believe you?! This crown prince still wants to love you for a hundred years and have many children and grandchildren. How can this crown prince be willing to let you die……”?

Not willing to let her die, but making her everyday life more painful than death! Yu Shi Shi bit her lips and remained silent.

The couple’s loving appearance sitting opposite her deeply stung her eyes. If it hadn't gone wrong, then the one sitting next to him now would've been her. Why is fate playing like this with people? Why……

Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi’s interactions made the sitting high up Wanyan Lie very happy. While he was stroking his beard, he nodded smilingly. Being able to see his nephew’s laughter, he, as an uncle, was also very happy. If Murong Qi Qi can give birth to a son or daughter for Feng Cang, then he would be even happier!

Seeing that Wanyan Lie had a good impression of Murong Qi Qi, consort De, who was sitting next to Wanyan Lie, immediately gave a lip service: “Emperor, see how good they look together! This princess Zhao Yang is someone people will love. She and Nan Lin wang really are a match made from heaven!”

  • An emperor can have four consorts: Gui (noble), Xian (virtuous), Shu (kind and gentle) and De (moral). They are ranked in the fourth place below the empress, the imperial noble consort (huangguifei) and the noble consorts (guifei).

“Right, right, what beloved consort said is right! Zhen[7. Zhen: I, used by an emperor] also feels that princess Zhao Yang is very kind looking!”

Wanyan Lie and Lin Ke Xin’s dialogue went into the empress Li Bing’s ears. She couldn’t help herself from humphing coldly: “Consort De said she is so good, but she must also have the blessing to survive the wedding night!”

“Big sister, what you said is not right. We all are hoping for Nan Lin wang’s well-being. How come your words don’t seem right, ah?! Can it be that big sister doesn’t wish for your niece-in-law to be well and to continue Feng family’s line?”

Consort De wasn’t scared of the empress’s provocation. The other party had a crown prince, but she not only had second prince Wanyan Yi but also had fifth prince Wanyan Kang. Although the other party’s son was the crown prince, but her Yi er’s reputation was very good outside.

It’s well known that the crown prince didn't have any talent or virtues. Half of the old court officials supported second prince Wanyan Yi. In whose hands this throne will fall to is not known yet!

Lin Ke Xin’s cynicism made Li Bing so angry that she gritted her teeth. It happened that what she had just said was also heard by Wanyan Lie. Now Wanyan Lie was looking at her with dissatisfied eyes.

No matter how strong Li Bing was, in order to live and survive well in this palace, getting the emperor’s favor was the most important thing.

In recent years, those foxes hooked Wanyan Lie’s heart. Although she's the empress, but that was in name only. Wanyan Lie hadn’t come at her place for half a year already. Today, if she made Wanyan Lie angry, not only would she lose the emperor’s heart, she's afraid that she would also lose her position of empress and Wanyan Hong’s position of crown prince.

“Emperor, chenqie doesn’t dare! Chenqie didn’t mean it like that! Chenqie is only worried that what had happened previously would happen again. Just now, chenqie looked at this princess Zhao Yang’s appearance. She is indeed someone with much blessings. It seems that chenqie worried too much. There's a saying, 'heaven helps the worthy'. Princess Zhao Yang is a fortunate person!”

Wanyan Lie liked hearing these words. He felt that they were exceptionally comfortable to the ears.

“What empress said is very well. Zhen saw that Cang er also seems to love this Murong Qi Qi very much. Zhen has never seen such affection from him before. As long as Cang er is happy, nothing matters anymore!”

“Emperor is right!”

The son of heaven has spoken. Li Bing and Lin Ke Xin immediately answered in unison.


Seeing the empress and consort De get along so well, Wanyan Lie was very happy. He couldn’t help but pull the two beauties' hands and put them together.

Zhen is most pleased to see you two being so harmonious!”

Humph! Although Li Bing and Lin Ke Xin may be smiling, but their eyes, full of dissatisfaction, couldn’t deceive each other.

Just at this moment, a shout came: “Empress dowager has arrived!”

Two beautiful women escorted a white-haired woman.

Wanyan Lie personally went to receive Dongfang Lan.

“Empress mother,  why did you come?”

Aijia heard that Cang er has returned and specifically come to see him!”

Dongfang Lan's appearance attracted the attention of Murong Qi Qi. This empress dowager was dressed in a black gold phoenix robe. In her hand was a dragon head walking stick. Her white hair was towering with a silver phoenix hairpin. On the phoenix feathers were soy bean sized rubies. It’s gorgeous but also didn’t lose dignity.

There were many rumors about this empress dowager. Most of them said that she had never lost to a man. When she was younger, she rode a horse with a sword in her hands, accompanying Wanyan Zhi on wars from the north to the south. But now, she got old and became the empress dowager. She had retired into the palace and slowly faded from the public.

It’s said that year when the three families split up Qin dynasty, the first one to come forward with the idea and put it into action was the founding emperor of Bei Zhou, Wanyan Zhi. And the one who had fueled and induced the will for this great general to rebel was the woman behind him, now the empress dowager Dongfang Lan.

The empress dowager had arrived. Everyone immediately bowed respectfully. Even Feng Cang’s attitude towards Dongfang Lan was very respectful.

“Cang er, come here quickly. Let Aijia take a look at you!”

When she sat down, Dongfang Lan immediately waved her hands to let Feng Cang come to her side. She narrowed her eyes, looked for a very long time, before she finally nodded.

“Not bad! Didn’t lose weight, instead gained some weight! Before, Aijia was worried because the journey to Xi Qi is very far. Now it seems that it’s not that bad!”

“Grandmother, grandson is like this because of princess Zhao Yang’s diligent care during the trip.”

Seeing that Dongfang Lan was deliberately ignoring Murong Qi Qi, Feng Cang quickly put her in the spotlight.


Dongfang Lan finally experienced Feng Cang’s protective side towards Murong Qi Qi. She had just ignored Murong Qi Qi for a moment and he already became protective. It seemed that Feng Cang really put Murong Qi Qi into his heart. The matter would now be difficult to handle.

Dongfang Lan calmly looked at Murong Qi Qi. Her voice revealed dignity. Her pronunciation was very clear: “This is……princess Zhao Yang Mu-rong-Qi-Qi?”

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