Chapter 72 The first kiss (2)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

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Chapter 72 The first kiss (2)

It seemed that this woman really hated her! After hearing Yu Shi Shi’s words, Murong Qi Qi made a judgement of her. She pushed away all responsibility. With one sentence ‘did not see clearly’, she got rid of all relation. Now, she pushed her (MQQ) out. Does she (YSS) think that she (MQQ) really is a pushover who everyone can bully?

“Qing Qing, don’t be afraid. Say what you saw.”

Feng Cang held Murong Qi Qi’s small hand and seemed to cheer for her. In fact, it’s also telling everyone that he’s standing on Murong Qi Qi’s side.

With Feng Cang’s support, Murong Qi Qi’s confidence was enough. She pretended to recall what had happened. Her expression paled. Her voice began to tremble. Her voice pointed at palace maid Ning er[1. Er: term of endearment] who was standing at Wanyan Bao Zhu’s side.

“Worms……many worms……Then I fell. Fifth royal highness saved me.”

Such short sentences made people unable to guess the content. The people who heard it became even more puzzled. They didn’t know what kind of meaning this princess Zhao Yang wanted to express. It’s the eloquent Wanyan Kang who then translated Murong Qi Qi’s words.

“Emperor father, it’s this palace maid who poured the worms on princess Zhao Yang. Princess Zhao Yang was afraid. As she was taking a step back, she slipped and fell. As for how miss Mu pushed little sister into the lake and how she was then pulled into the lake by little sister, this subject son doesn’t know a thing about it.”

Black, really a black belly! Hearing Wanyan Kang’s words, Murong Qi Qi almost vomited blood. You already said that it’s Mu Yu Die who pushed Wanyan Bao Zhu into the water and then she herself was pulled into the water by Wanyan Bao Zhu, in the end you still say you don’t know anything? This fifth prince was a black belly to the extreme.

Having this testimony of Wanyan Kang, the truth about the 'falling into water' incident came out. Wanyan Bao Zhu and Mu Yu Die also didn’t have anything to say. They glared once at each other, full of hate.

“It’s good that nothing happened. It’s good that everyone is safe!”

Empress Li Bing smoothed things over. As long as this incident had nothing to do with crown princess Yu Shi Shi, then she was relieved. The empress wanted to let this incident pass, but someone was not willing.

“Ai, this poor child. You must be certainly frightened!”

Lin Ke Xin saw Murong Qi Qi’s expression, and her mouth showed much heartache: “Empress, it’s chenqie’s[2. Chenqie: used by the females of the imperial family to someone of higher rank] fault. Chenqie’s body is weak. Just took two breezes and my head felt a powerful headache. I had to let crown princess take care of them. Didn’t expect that such a thing would happen……”

One sentence let all the responsibility fall onto Yu Shi Shi again. This crown princess Yu Shi Shi was the empress’s daughter-in-law. How could consort De let her be well?

After listening to Lin Ke Xin’s words, Wanyan Lie nodded: “Crown princess, you are also responsible for this incident. When you go back, shut yourself up and ponder over your mistake for one month! As for palace maid Ning er, she knows the rules and still offended her superior. Drag her out and beat her to death!”

“Daughter-in-law accepts the decree.”

Yu Shi Shi’s face was pale. Her body shook a bit. Obviously, this incident didn’t have anything to do with her. Why was it that it had turned around in a circle, that the one who would receive punishment was her?!

As for Ning er, she had it even more bitter. She knelt and kowtowed.

“Emperor, have mercy! Emperor, have mercy! This slave knows this slave's wrongdoing. Emperor, have mercy!”

Seeing that emperor father wanted to sentence Ning er to death, Wanyan Bao Zhu also got anxious.

“Emperor father, Ning er didn’t do it on purpose! This is not Ning er’s fault. It’s this subject daughter who let her go get the fish food! Emperor, have mercy! Ning er served this subject daughter since little. This subject daughter is already accustomed with using her. Emperor father, don’t kill Ning er! Asking emperor father to please have mercy!”

One word of the son of heaven is worth nine sacred tripods. Once those words came out, naturally they cannot be recovered. So Wanyan Lie didn’t soften at his daughter’s tears. It just so happened that empress and Consort De helped with Wanyan Bao Zhu's plea, making Wanyan Lie’s frown loosen up a bit.

  • One word of the son of heaven is worth nine sacred tripods: one word of the emperor has enormous weight. It means that the emperor cannot easily go back on his words. 

“Emperor, since this incident has something to do with princess Zhao Yang, why don’t we listen to her opinion?!”

After all, she's a person who shares a bed with Wanyan Lie. Only a subtle movement from him, and Lin Ke Xin can figure his mind out clearly. After seeing that Wanyan Lie wanted to let Ning er off the hook, but because he had opened his golden mouth and couldn’t go back on his words, Lin Ke Xin found a way out for Wanyan Lie.

Ultimately, this ball was kicked back to Murong Qi Qi. The moment Wanyan Bao Zhu saw that things could turn out for the better, she quickly let Ning er go beg Murong Qi Qi.

Although Ning er was full of tears, but Murong Qi Qi didn’t see the slightest remorse in her eyes. Even Wanyan Bao Zhu let out a breath, thinking that she wouldn’t dare to do anything to Ning er.

Ai, this master and servant, ah. They really misjudged her!

“At home, there are rules of the home. On a country, there are laws of the country. Qi Qi doesn’t dare to be presumptuous and change the decision of the son of heaven!”

Murong Qi Qi glanced once ‘full of fear’ at the emperor. With a soft voice, she kicked the ball back to him and tightly closed Ning er’s way to survival. Since Murong Qi Qi said it like that, Wanyan Lie couldn’t go back. One order, Ning er’s mouth became blocked and she was dragged out. Outside, she was directly beaten to death.

A welcoming banquet ended with the death of a palace maid. Outside the palace gate, Murong Qi Qi took a deep breath. The palace and her really don’t mesh well. Why was it that every time she went into the palace, there would always be people dying?

Murong Qi Qi taking a breath had been seen by Wanyan Kang. He couldn’t help but open his mouth to tease her: “Cousin-in-law, in the future you need to be careful, ah! Today, Ning er died. Bao Zhu will certainly put this thing on your head. That girl bear grudges very strongly. You need to be careful!”

Obviously, it’s good advice, but coming out from Wanyan Kang’s mouth, it had the taste of him wanting to watch a ‘play’.

Murong Qi Qi pretended to not understand the meaning of Wanyan Kang’s words. She looked at Wanyan Kang confusedly.

“Royal highness, why would princess blame me? Was it not the emperor who sentenced her to death? This is Ning er’s blessing, ah! Wangye[3. Wangye/wang: the prince of first rank] don’t you think so?”

It so happened that Feng Cang nodded.

“Indeed, it’s her blessing!”


This word choked Wanyan Kang half to death. Was this princess Zhao really naïve or was she pretending to be naïve, ah? Why was cousin brother also following her in playing the fool, ah? Not waiting for Wanyan Kang to understand, Murong Qi Qi’s carriage slowly drifted away.

Inside the carriage, Murong Qi Qi was leaning against Feng Cang’s chest. She closed her eyes slightly. In her mind, she was thinking about Yu Shi Shi and Feng Cang’s relationship. Although, today she had met many infatuated flowers, but in her heart, Murong Qi Qi felt that this infatuated flower was somewhat different. She didn’t know how it was different. However, the hatred emitting from her (YSS) towards her (MQQ) was a lot stronger compared to the others.


Feng Cang’s big hand was on Murong Qi Qi’s black hair.


Murong Qi Qi shook her head. She wasn’t afraid of those worms. There were many things more frightening than worms, such as people’s hearts…….

“Do you have anything you want to say?”

Seeing that Murong Qi Qi remained silent and was not the same as usual, Feng Cang couldn’t help but inquire into this little wangfei’s[4. Wangfei: main wife/consort of a prince of first rank] heart.

Wangye, there’s something that I don’t know if I should say it or not.”

“Say it. What is it that let my Qing Qing be sulky?”

Only when Feng Cang said that did Murong Qi Qi become aware that ever since she had stepped inside the carriage, she had been unhappy. Could it be because of Yu Shi Shi and Feng Cang’s relationship?

Wangye, the way crown princess looks at me is very strange. It’s as if she is looking at a love rival. You say, what does she mean, ah? Is she eyeing what’s in the pot as she eats from her bowl? Is she standing next to crown prince and still misses you, ah?”

  • Eyeing what’s in the pot as she eats from her bowl: not content with what one already has/ wandering eye.

Murong Qi Qi twisted her hair in her fingers and bit her lips. A pair of watery eyes looked at Feng Cang, making him almost lose his soul. So, it’s because of Yu Shi Shi? His little wangfei saying that, could it be that she's a bit jealous? Feng Cang felt somewhat happy.

“She and I once had a marriage agreement. Half a month before the marriage, she suddenly cancelled the agreement and married Wanyan Hong.”

Feng Cang concisely summed up in a few words what his relationship with Yu Shi Shi was.


Hearing Feng Cang’s ‘explanation’, Murong Qi Qi stretched her voice and didn’t ask any further.

The silence made Feng Cang feel uncomfortable. He gentle patted Murong Qi Qi’s nose twice.

“What kind of relationship did Qing Qing think we have?”

“At the very least, it should be childhood sweethearts.”

Murong Qi Qi vaguely remembered that the other girls mentioned childhood sweethearts. Those girls certainly said it on purpose for her to hear. So, she still remembered.

“Childhood sweethearts?”

This was the first time Feng Cang heard such words. So, the others thought that he and Yu Shi Shi’s relationship was that of childhood sweethearts? What a joke! It’s just that when they were young, their parents knew each other and also had some connections with each other. They saw each other a few times only. How come they had become childhood sweethearts to everyone? No wonder every time crown prince looked at him, his demeanor was not right. Could it be because of this?

Listening to the tone in Feng Cang’s voice, Murong Qi Qi became completely rest assured.

If a man uses a cold, ruthless and with some disdain type of voice to mention a woman, then that woman certainly doesn’t have any place in his heart. Besides, Feng Cang’s voice also had a trace of disgust as if, if he goes to touch that person, he would get dirty. Could it be that this was the so-called obsession with cleanliness?

Wangye, you are so ruthless, those ladies’ hearts will certainly be broken!”

Murong Qi Qi’s mood was very good. This also let Feng Cang’s face become full of laughter.

“Qing Qing is now at ease?”

Her state of mind being pointed out by Feng Cang made Murong Qi Qi immediately feel embarrassed. Her small face turned pinkish. She glanced at Feng Cang. Seeing the smile in his eyes, Murong Qi Qi felt even more embarrassed. She hid her face to not let Feng Cang laugh at her.


Seeing Murong Qi Qi hide her head like an ostrich, Feng Cang couldn’t love her enough. He reached out and took her into his embrace.

“Little fool, don’t restrain yourself too much! Come out!”


Murong Qi Qi stubbornly shook her head. What a shame! All those thoughts had been seen through by Feng Cang.

“Come out, alright?! I promise not to laugh at you. Really!”

Feng Cang coaxed Murong Qi Qi with a soft voice and gentle words. It’s just that she refused. Only when they had arrived at the entrance of wangfu[5. Wangfu: residence of the prince of first rank], did Murong Qi Qi raise her red head.

“Feng Cang, there’s one thing I want to tell you.”

Although, Murong Qi Qi’s face was still pink, but her eyes were clear and thorough. Her voice was also very serious.


“I have love phobia. I have no way of accepting polygamy. Besides, I also have no way of accepting my husband having other women. My man, no matter if it’s his body or heart, must be completely belong to me. Being touched by others, no matter if it's unintentional or intentional, I will feel dirty. Rather than living in torture together, it’s better to leave alone, free and easy.”

Murong Qi Qi said that very seriously. Feng Cang also listened very seriously. He didn’t expect that his little wangfei’s personality is so resolute! This is quite to his taste. Their thoughts coincide and are the same!

“Qing Qing, I assure you, my whole body from head to toe is very clean without any impurities. Aside from the time when I was young and my mother bathed me, there are no other women who has seen my body, let alone touch it. I absolutely meet your requirements. Moreover, with Qing Qing in it, my heart has no room for other people. Not to mention being intimate with others. Even if you don’t feel dirty, I will think it’s dirty!”

After some silence, Feng Cang added two sentences: “Today, I gave my first kiss to you. Qing Qing must take responsibility!”

Murong Qi Qi didn’t react for a long time to the ‘first kiss’ Feng Cang mentioned. When she remembered the kiss Feng Cang placed on her forehead at the banquet, Murong Qi Qi’s face burned badly.

“Qing Qing, will you take responsibility?”

Feng Cang moved closer to Murong Qi Qi and shot a flirtatious glance at her. Murong Qi Qi’s body immediately shivered. This man, whether he’s being cold and ruthless or acting spoiled like this, he was still the most outrageous out of all the outrageous.

“Qing Qing won’t take responsibility towards me; I can’t continue live anymore!”

Seeing that Murong Qi Qi didn’t answer for half a day, Feng Cang clutched his face and pretended to cry. This time, Murong Qi Qi was out of words. How could he cry whenever he wants? She has never met such a man as Feng Cang.

“Alright, I will be responsible for you.”

Sobbing for a long time and finally heard this sentence, Feng Cang immediately smiled and took Murong Qi Qi into his embrace.

“Qing Qing, why don’t we pledge our love with a kiss?!”

Not waiting for Murong Qi Qi to react, Feng Cang’s lips was already on Murong Qi Qi’s lips.

Ice cold, this was Murong Qi Qi’s first feeling. Why was it so cold? Even though now it’s winter, Feng Cang’s body temperature was not like ordinary people. Wasn’t senior brother already performing treatment for Feng Cang? Why was it that after so many years, he still didn’t get any better? What kind of problem does Feng Cang’s body exactly have?

Murong Qi Qi’s thoughts already flew to the highest cloud. How would she remember that now it’s their first kiss and she needed to be serious about it?!

“Qing Qing, you didn’t concentrate!”

After realizing that this little person’s mind was elsewhere, Feng Cang’s eyes showed that he was injured.

Only when the cold disappeared from her lips and at her ears sounded the resentful voice of Feng Cang, did Murong Qi Qi became aware that her behavior was too much and would hurt a man’s ‘self-esteem’.

Wangye, I, I, it wasn’t on purpose……”

“How can Qing Qing’s heart not have another?”

Feng Cang raised Murong Qi Qi’s chin and looked at her in the eyes. The result of his first kiss really let Feng Cang feel surprised. His little wangfei’s mind actually wandered off, making him unable to not want to know Murong Qi Qi’s mind.

“There isn’t.”

Murong Qi Qi shook her head quickly to explain.

“I only felt that wangye’s temperature is different from ordinary people. Don’t know what kind of medicine wangye is usually taking? Why is your body so cold?!”

Murong Qi Qi’s questions were very subtle, but it made Feng Cang surprised for a moment.

So, it was like that! She was worried about him. He actually misunderstood her! He didn’t expect that she was so careful and so considerate. With just a small detail, she was able to think of so much.

“I’m fine. It’s just some old diseases. I’m already working with the treatment of Jin Mo! I believe that after a while, he will be able to find a cure for me!”

Feng Cang only said two sentences about the problems on his body. He didn’t want to scare Murong Qi Qi and didn’t want her to be too worried. Especially about gu poison, he didn’t want Murong Qi Qi to know. He didn’t even more want Murong Qi Qi to see his appearance when the disease was acting up. This matter, if he could hide it, he would hide it!

Feng Cang said it with so much certainty that Murong Qi Qi didn’t think about it anymore. Murong Qi Qi believed in Jin Mo’s skills. In the past, master said that although Jin Mo was somewhat heartless and long-winded, but his skills were excellent. With this senior brother here, Feng Cang would certainly be alright.

At this side, Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi’s feelings advanced one more step. At the other side, Yu Shi Shi was receiving inhuman torture.

The crown prince’s carriage had entered the East Palace. It stopped at the entrance of the study, but for a long time, no one had come down. Towards such happenings, the servants at the East Palace were already used to. They continued what they were doing. No one was concerned about why the crown prince and the crown princess still hadn't come out of the carriage.

  • The East Palace is the place where every prince lives when they become crown prince until the moment they become the emperor.

Inside the carriage, Yu Shi Shi’s hands were tied together with a silk belt. Her mouth was stuffed with a cloth. Even her eyes have been blocked by a cloth. Aside from these, other parts have no clothes on. Naked, she curled in the carriage.

“You were very not well behaved! This crown prince is very angry!”

Wanyan Hong’s hand held a butterfly brush and gently brushed Yu Shi Shi’s feet.

That butterfly brush was butterfly shaped, but above it were the feathers of a peacock’s armpit. Wherever it touches, it would so unbearable itchy. This kind of itch was not like the usual itch, but the kind that would have numb tingling spreading throughout the body.


Yu Shi Shi knew that she couldn’t escape. She could only hope that this shame would past quickly. However, Wanyan Hong didn’t seem to have such thoughts. Today, he was very unhappy and in a very bad mood. That’s why he needed to very nicely, properly torture Yu Shi Shi. He needed to let her know who is her husband, who is her sky!

Right now, it’s already winter. During this season, Bei Zhou was usually very cold, but inside the East Palace’s carriage, it was steaming.

Wanyan Hong especially let people prepare a heater and also put out some special incense. At this time, the cloth on Yu Shi Shi’s eyes was removed. Her body was covered with injuries, but her face was flushing red.

“Beg me! Call me Hong……”

The butterfly brush in Wanyan Hong’s hand didn’t stop. It still gently swept over the surface of Yu Shi Shi’s skin. All the way from the great toe, to the ankle and finally back to her small delicate toes. Even her toe seams were not spared.


Yu Shi Shi twisted her body. The sweat on her body rolled drop by drop onto the black blanket like it was contaminated with dewdrops; bright and translucent.

The air was filled with an unique smell. Aside from the fragrance from the burner, there’s also the longing distributed from the human body. By now, Yu Shi Shi’s eyes had blurred. She already forgotten how she persevered in the beginning, how she resisted with gritted teeth……


Although her mouth had been blocked by a cloth and she couldn’t make any sounds, but she could use other ways to convey her needs. Yu Shi Shi used her toe to ‘snatch’ the butterfly brush from Wanyan Hong. She turned around and used every method to place her body over Wanyan Hong’s.

“You’re not well behaved!”

Seeing Yu Shi Shi like this, Wanyan Hong slapped her butt, leaving a bright red handprint.

“Want it……then beg me!”

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