Chapter 73

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 73 The enemy (1)


Her butt felt painful. Yu Shi Shi’s tears rolled down her cheeks. Accompanied with that pair of delicate and charming peach-shaped eyes, immediately lit the flames of Wanyan Hong’s body. However, this was still not enough to eliminate the unhappiness in his heart.

Wanyan Hong removed the cloth from Yu Shi Shi’s mouth to let her breathe, but her hands were still tied up. At this moment, he simply just lied down at one side. His finger gestured at Yu Shi Shi.

“Come, come beg me. Baby, come beg me…….”

Now, inside Yu Shi Shi’s eyes, aside from fog-like longing, there’s also no trace of reason. The impulse of her body had burned away her senses. She knelt in front of Wanyan Hong; snow-white knees against the black blanket. Slowly, inch by inch, she moved to where Wanyan Hong was. So humble, like a slave.

“Come, come here, baby!”

When Yu Shi Shi was in front of Wanyan Hong, he grabbed her with one hand and kneaded in her white skin. There was no trace of pampering. In just a while, on that white jade-like skin were lots of red, blue and purple marks.

“Painful……,” Yu Shi Shi’s red lips slightly opened and pitifully spat out this word. Tears were spinning in her eyes. However, her expression was full of enjoyment, making Wanyan Hong once again slap her butt.

“Slut, really is a too extreme slut!”


Yu Shi Shi didn’t seem to be ashamed. The thing she needed most right now was a man.

“Who am I?”

Wanyan Hong twisted Yu Shi Shi’s chin, forcing her to look up at him.

“Say, who am I?”

“Feng……Feng Cang……”

Yu Shi Shi’s eyes were blurry. After those two words came out, it made Wanyan Hong’s expression immediately change from sunny weather to thunderstorms.


Wanyan Hong kicked Yu Shi Shi’s shoulder, making her fell to one side. Then he stepped forward. With another kick, he targeted Yu Shi Shi’s lower abdomen. He put strength on his foot and fiercely stepped on her.

“Do you hope so much to have joy with Feng Cang? Do you hope so much that Feng Cang will sleep with you?”

Although it’s painful, but from the pain, Yu Shi Shi was able to taste incomparable sense of pleasure. She whimpered and her feminine demeanor became increasingly more enchanting.


This time, Wanyan Hong completely fell apart. He put on his robe and pulled the curtain of the carriage down.

“Servants, bring crown princess down! Call Niu Tou (cow head) and Ma Mian (horse face) over! Let them serve crown princess well!”

While saying these words, Wanyan Hong’s face was so black like dark clouds that were about to rain. He looked so frightening that people wanted to flee away from him.

After Wanyan Hong finished speaking, two servants immediately came forward, wrapped Yu Shi Shi into a blanket and carried her into the study.

Niu Tou and Ma Nao were the names of two Kunlun slaves of Wanyan Hong’s East Palace. Because they were burly but look ugly, that’s why they were given such names by Wanyan Hong. At this time, these two Kunlun slaves had been called into the study. When they saw Yu Shi Shi, who was lying in bed and covered only in a gauze, their eyes immediately widened almost as big as a cow’s eyes.

  • Kunlun are a nomadic tribe. They are usually looked down by the Han Chinese.

“Rewarding you!”

Wanyan Hong had already put on his clothes. He tilted his legs and sat on the other side. Although these Kunlun slaves didn’t understand Bei Zhou’s language, but after being trained by Wanyan Hong for so many years and since it’s not the first time that such a thing had happened, so one after another, they jumped on Yu Shi Shi.


Hearing Yu Shi Shi’s screams, Wanyan Hong ferociously gritted his teeth. His eyes coldly looked at the figure behind the mosquito net.

In the past, this woman came to beg him, saying that she didn’t want to marry Feng Cang and that she was being forced to. She used flower-like tears to touch him, making him stand up against Feng Cang. Finally, he boosted her to the position of crown princess.

Originally, Wanyan Hong believed that everything she had said was true. Only later on, did he discover that in Yu Shi Shi’s heart, there’s another cunning plot.

That year, since Feng Cang’s body became sick, Wanyan Lie finally dispelled the intention of making Feng Cang the crown prince. She couldn’t become the crown princess, couldn’t become the empress, that’s why she cancelled the engagement before marriage. That’s why she climbed onto his bed like a dog and begged him, the just-been-titled crown prince.

And he was stupid enough to believe her and thought that he was the hero saving a young maiden from the claws of something evil. He didn’t think that this woman didn’t actually care about him one bit. All she cared about was his status, his position as crown prince and all the splendor and riches he could bring to her.

Now, she gave birth to the first imperial grandson. Her position is more secure now. So, she doesn’t need him anymore. Her sinking, lonely heart is also beginning to miss her old lover. She is also deliberately thinking about how to let him, a country’s crown prince, wear a green hat. This woman is really a slut!

“Your highness, calm down your anger!”

A young man, with his face covered in white powder and his lips had a touch of red paint, came to Wanyan Hong. Soft hands touched Wanyan Hong’s body.

“Hurting your body because of anger, this person will feel heartache!”

This young man was but fifteen years old. His features were delicate. It’s just that his face was covered in white powder, which made it difficult to see his original face.

“Your highness, let Nu er[1. Er: term of endearment] serve you!”

While the boy was talking, he pulled Wanyan Hong’s hand and let his hand probe into his thin clothes. When he touched the smooth surface inside, Wanyan Hong’s face showed a smile.

“It’s still Nu er who is good! Come, this crown prince will pamper you very well!”

“Your highness, you’re really bad……”

Inside the room, it was spring. Yu Shi Shi dreamed a beautiful dream. She dreamed about her and Feng Cang. He loved her very much and showed her so much affection. He let her go to the clouds and she also tried her best to meet all his……

“It seems that beloved consort is very satisfied with this crown prince’s arrangement. It seems that you want more……”

Wanyan Hong’s peculiar voice came into her ears. Yu Shi Shi raised her head. She saw Wanyan Hong lying on the couch at one side with a boy in his arms and he looked coldly at her.


Yu Shi Shi quickly pulled up the quilt to cover herself. She didn’t cover herself fully yet, when Wanyan Hong’s sneer went into her ears.

“What’s there to cover? Which part of your body hasn’t this crown prince seen?”

“Your highness!”

Seeing Wanyan Hong was talking to her like that in front of a boy, Yu Shi Shi was somewhat uncomfortable. Besides, the way it looked, that person of just now was certainly not Wanyan Hong. This bastard! He used such a way to humiliate her! Why does he need to treat her like this?! Doesn’t he care even a bit that his woman is being insulted by others?


As if he saw through Yu Shi Shi and knew that she was cursing him in her heart, Wanyan Hong’s big hand stroked the boy’s back, but his eyes were staring at the white shoulder of Yu Shi Shi.

“Don’t pretend anymore in front of this crown prince! Just now, didn’t you scream very happily?! If Feng Cang was here, seeing you are so infatuated with him; even when while making love, you don’t forget to call out his name, he will certainly be moved!”

“Your highness……”

Yu Shi Shi’s face paled.

“Don’t call this crown prince. This crown prince finds you dirty!”

Wanyan Hong stood up. He still hugged the boy and refused to let go.

“Beloved consort, since emperor father punished you with thinking behind closed-door for a month, then you can stay in the study! As for Jie er, this crown prince will let Mei cefei[2. Cefei: second ranked wife of the prince of first rank] help look after him for a few days. You don’t have to worry.”

While hugging the boy, Wanyan Hong walked out of the study. Immediately, someone come to lock the door.

“No, no!”

The moment she heard that Wanyan Hong wanted to let other people look after her son Wanyan Jie, she no longer cared that she was not wearing any clothes and quickly got off the bed. Barefoot, she rushed to the door and beat hard on it.

“No, your highness! Jie er is my son! Don’t break us apart! No!”

After listening to the pleas of Yu Shi Shi, Wanyan Hong didn’t turn around. His mouth showed a satirical smile.

“Look after crown princess well!”

Wanyan Hong left with big steps, leaving Yu Shi Shi a cruel back. Seeing that he's so cold and ruthless, Yu Shi Shi gritted her teeth. In her eyes was only hate. He finds her dirty? Why doesn’t he take a look at himself and see how disgusting he is? If she had known that he was a pervert and liked men, she wouldn’t have chosen him. It would’ve been better to choose the sick Feng Cang!

Thinking of Feng Cang, thinking about everything she had missed, thinking about the ridicule she had suffered at Murong Qi Qi’s hands in the day, Yu Shi Shi hated so much that her teeth itched. Was he not sick and about to die? Why was he now getting better every day? If she had known that it would be like this, she wouldn’t have cancelled the marriage.

What should she do now? Wanyan Hong’s meaning was to put her in captivity and also put Wanyan Jie under Mei Ji. How could she let that happen?!

That is the child she carried for ten months before finally giving birth to him. How could he be put at Mei Ji, that whore's side?! She had used a lot of effort to let Wanyan Hong finally climb into her bed. Even thought it was just one time, but she had a lucky life and got a son with the first try. Now that slut Mei Ji was given that advantage for free. How could she let that happen?!

Moreover, Wanyan Jie was the eldest imperial grandson; he's her fundamental person to settle down in the East Palace, ah! He's also her important bargaining chess piece in the imperial family, ah! This thing cannot happen. She cannot let Wanyan Hong steal the thing she relied on. Men cannot be relied on, that's fine, but she must protect her son!

Jin Xuan Palace.

The light of the sunset fell on the red wells, making it very shiny. Empress dowager Dongfang Lan leaned on a rocking chair. In her arms, she held a white poodle. Beside her stood Qing Gu, who had followed her for half her life.

“Qing Gu, you say that Murong Qi Qi didn’t suffer at the hands of Bao Zhu and that girl from Mu family?”

“That’s right, empress dowager niangniang[3. Niangniang: used to refer a consort by someone of lower rank].”

“Hehehe……” Dongfang Lan laughed twice. In her mind emerged that pair of bright like the spring sun eyes of Murong Qi Qi. Who do they resemble? This feeling was really familiar……

She thought for a long time, but still couldn’t think of who Murong Qi Qi’s eyes resembled. In the end, Dongfang Lan simply didn’t think about it anymore. Instead, she switched to another topic: “Qing Gu, yesterday aijia[4. Aijia: I, used by the empress dowager] didn’t dream about Ming Yue. You say, is it that Ming Yue and Feng Xie went to reincarnate with their child? Since Ming Yue’s suicide, every night aijia will dream about them. But yesterday, they didn’t come. Aijia is really not accustomed……”

Looking at the empress dowager’s white hairs, Qing Gu took a coat and draped it over her.

“Miss, this is a good thing, ah! Do the folk not say that when dreaming about a family member who passed away, it means that this family member couldn’t let go of the loved one(s) on earth and is reluctant to go into reincarnation. Now, you didn’t dream about princess and prince consort, maybe they know that emperor is filial to you, that’s why they are finally at ease and the whole family went to reincarnate.”

Qing Gu’s explanation let Dongfang Lan nod her head thoughtfully.

“Reincarnate is good lest to let aijia worry about them every day. Qing Gu, ah. It’s been so many years. Only you still stayed at aijia’s side and still call aijia miss……The emperor is indeed filial but after all, he is not aijia’s biological son. Qing Gu, after aijia passes away, you also leave! You’ve served aijia for so many years, you should also consider about yourself!”

“Empress dowager, what are you saying? Is this not driving Qing Gu away?!”

Hearing Dongfang Lan’s words, Qing Gu immediately knelt in front of her.

“Qing Gu’s life was saved by miss. Wherever miss is, is where Qing Gu will be! Even if miss is gone, Qing Gu will go to the imperial mausoleum to guard miss! Qing Gu won’t go away!”

“Get up, get up!”

Dongfang Lan pulled Qing Gu up.

“What nonsense are you saying?!  For aijia, you didn’t marry. Could it be that you want aijia to let you stay till death? Listen to aijia; if aijia is gone, you also leave! Don’t stay at the icy imperial mausoleum. It’s too cold there. You also need to have your own life.”

“Empress dowager..….”

“Don’t say anymore. It’s settled like this.”

Dongfang Lan stood up and put the poodle on the ground.

“Little Snow, go play by yourself! Don’t go too far away!”

“Wang wang!”

The poodle called Little Snow barked twice and then ran out.

“Qing Gu, you say, Murong Qi Qi and aijia made a bet; will she win? How come aijia feels that this time, Cang er is bent on marring this girl. Ai, it’s not that aijia is devoid of sense. It’s just, the moment aijia thinks about her identity, aijia’s heart will have a thorn stabbing it; very uncomfortable.”

“Since princess Zhao Yang accepted, miss, why don’t you just wait for the result?! If she wins, then it’s her and wangye’s fate. It indicates that their red strings have really been pulled together by Yue Lao, then you just need to wait to carry a great-grandchild! If miss wins, then is that not even better?”

Aijia is worried that if aijia wins, Cang er will refuse to take a wife, then what should aijia do? Feng family only has one descendant left. It's not like aijia can let the bloodline end here!”

Qing Gu escorted Dongfang Lan and chuckled: “Miss, in the end, you’re still too kind-hearted and love Cang wangye[5. Wangye: prince of first rank] dearly. Since this thing has already been settled, then just look at how everyone’s fate will play out! Even if princess Zhao Yang loses, they wouldn’t be able to blame you. However, don’t blame this slave for talking too much, if princess Zhao Yang wins, will you really let go of the past and hold the wedding for them?”

Hearing Qing Gu say that, Dongfang Lan paused in her tracks. Her eyes swept over her (DFL) once: “Does aijia look like someone who's dishonest? If Bei Zhou can come first in the tournament of the four countries, aijia will certainly hold a grand wedding for them!”

The tournament of the four countries started with the demise of former Qin. Before, it was every state of former Qin choosing the best people to come to the capital to participate in the tournament. It was similar to the literary exam. Only when former Qin was divided by the three families, did it officially become a ‘tournament’ and Dong Lu also came to participate.

Starting twenty-five years ago, from the moment Bei Zhou, Xi Qi and Nan Feng were founded until now, every five years, the tournament of the four countries was held. Although in between, the countries had some conflicts and war, but this tournament was never stopped. It’s still held every five years.

There were some special rules for this tournament. For example, there’s no limit for the number of contestants. As long as the country had and was willing to let that person participate, even if you sent out a hundred of people, it’s not a problem. If the ability was not enough, then you could overwhelm the other party with the number of contestants!

However, because there were too many people, to have one after another battle would be a waste of time. Also to guard against a sea of people appearing at the same time, there would be a knockout competition first. During the knockout competition, there would be a big ‘cleaning’. The people who survived in the end were the ones who really could enter the tournament finals.

As for where the tournament of the four countries was being held, it’s at the country who lost the last time. And the content of the knockout competition would be decided by the country who won last time.

Although there’s no rule, but the tournament of the four countries had always been held in the sixteen states of You Yun. The sixteen states of You Yun were originally a fort with the expertise in attacks and also the best place to retreat to. That year, none of the four countries could give up on the sixteen states of You Yun, but no one had the ability to take over this place. In the end, the four countries could only split it. They split the sixteen states of You Yun into Bei four states, Xi four states, Nan four states and Dong four states in order to consolidate the balance.

Although Bei Zhou’s national strength and military strength was the strongest among the four countries, the national capacity as whole was strong, but it had very few top figures. The tournament of the four countries had been held for a total of four times, and Bei Zhou had never been the winner. This let Bei Zhou feel embarrassed.

“To participate in the tournament, men can’t be over twenty-three years and women can’t be over eighteen years old?”

Seeing this one rule, Murong Qi Qi laughed out loud. Her elbow stabbed at Feng Cang, who was sitting at one side.

Wangye, looking at your age, you cannot participate in this tournament, ah! Since it’s like this, what to do? If those people happen to not be useful, and Bei Zhou loses, then what to do?”

Feng Cang was twenty-five years old this year. According to the rules of the tournament, he was naturally too old to participate. Seeing Murong Qi Qi use his age to make fun of him, Feng Cang played with Murong Qi Qi’s hand in his hand.

“Could it be that Qing Qing dislikes me for being old? Or is it that Qing Qing likes the younger ones such as general Shangguan?”

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