Chapter 75 Feng Cang’s disease (1)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

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Chapter 75 Feng Cang’s disease (1)

After seeing that Wanyan Bao Zhu believed her, inside Chou er's[1. Er: term of endearment] eyes flashed happiness. This Bei Zhou’s princess really was simple minded. Just a few words and she believed her. Could it be that the women who grew up in the palace were deeply loved, but lacked IQ?

After hiding for a long time, finally she had found an opportunity to get close to Wanyan Bao Zhu, how could Chou er let go of such an opportunity?!

If it wasn’t for the fact that all the way here, there were people were chasing after her in order to kill her, would she have willingly hidden her flower-like appearance……all of this was because of Murong Qi Qi! If it wasn’t because of Murong Qi Qi bringing that bitch Fei Cui, none of this would’ve happened. She would’ve still be her Jing wang cefei[2. Cefei: second ranked wife of the prince of first rank] and wouldn’t have become like this!

So, she must avenge this hatred!

As Chou er was immersed in the pleasure of her revenge fantasy, she suddenly smelled a strange smell of medicine. Only when she came out of the daze, did she find that Yong er was holding a jade box. Inside it laid a pearl-sized black pill. That smell had come from this jade box.

“Princess, you……”

Chou er’s eyelids jumped. It seemed that Wanyan Bao Zhu was a lot smarter than Longze Yu Er!

“This is Faithful pill.”

At this time, Wanyan Bao Zhu didn’t have the impatient appearance of just now. She tilted her legs and sat on the chair. She put her hand in an orchid manner and leisurely blew the tea leaves that were floating in the tea.

[caption id="attachment_16451" align="aligncenter" width="183"] Orchid manner[/caption]

  • Orchid manner: join the thumb and middle finger while the other fingers are extended

“Although bengong[3. Bengong: I, used by the females of the imperial family] pities you, but after all you are Xi Qi’s citizen. As the saying goes, there’s no knowing what is in a man’s heart, how can you let bengong believe what you say? Since you want to stay at bengong’sside, eat this pill, then bengong will believe you and will help you get revenge.”

So, it turned out that this Bei Zhou’s princess was not a straw bag? Faithful pill? Ah, the name is not bad. Faithful, faithful. Presumably, it’s a poison that would make the person who eats it be manipulated. Chou er didn’t expect that Wanyan Bao Zhu would use such a trick on her.

  • Straw bag: idiot.

This pill laid quietly in the jade box. The jade box was placed in front of Chou er.

“Miss Chou er, eat it! After you eat it, our family’s princess will believe you!”

Yong er stood beside Chou er and silently looked at her. Her mouth was gently curved up.

“I believe that miss Chou er won’t let our family’s princess be disappointed!”

This was only the first step. If she wants to get Wanyan Bao Zhu’s help, she must seek refuge from her.

Looking at the Faithful pill which emitted bitterness, Chou er gritted her teeth. She put it in her mouth and forced herself to swallow it.


Seeing that Chou er didn’t hesitate, Wanyan Bao Zhu nodded.

“Rest assured, bengong will not harm you! Every month, bengong will give you an antidote to let you not be in pain. When the matter is finished, bengong gets my wish fulfilled and becomes Nan Lin wangfei[4. Wangfei: main wife/consort of the prince of first rank], bengong will naturally give you the antidote. Besides, bengong will also reward you heavily!”

“The heaven and earth can see this slave’s loyalty towards princess. This slave will certainly be princess’s helping hand, help princess get your wish!”

Chou er once again knelt. This time, she was personally helped up by Wanyan Bao Zhu.

“Good! Bengong believes you!”

Wanyan Bao Zhu smiled like a flower and Chou er’s face under the veil also had a smile. Ah, you believe me? Believe me and yet you still gave me poison? Fortunately, I was prepared or else I would’ve become your pet and be ordered by you whenever you wanted.

These two women, because of the same purpose, they made a pact. Although they didn’t trust each other, but their target was Murong Qi Qi. Only this one thing was enough to unite the two of them.

Tonight, the weather was gloomy. The moon was blocked by the dark clouds. Because it’s winter, the weather was also getting colder. So, the palace servants also slept early. Chou er was someone new and also came in late, so she was arranged to live in a remote room.

However, she didn’t have any dissatisfaction towards Yong er’s arrangement. It’s a common thing that new people were excluded. Remote places also have their own benefits. For example, you can call your lover……

When the night watchman slapped the gong two times, a figure appeared at the door of Chou er’s room. Twice, there was a ‘dongdong’ sound. The door was opened with a squeaky sound, revealing a small gap. This person immediately entered. The door was immediately closed.

As soon as this person entered, he immediately took Chou er into his embrace. While he was sniffing the fragrance from her hair, his hands went straight into her skirt and explored.

“Xin er, I missed you so much!”

Seeing the other party acting like this, Chou er grabbed his hand. Laughingly, she came out of his embrace. She turned to look at the person.

This was a man about thirty years old. Thick eyebrows, big eyes, thick lips and square face. He looked very burly and tall. Originally, he looked upright, but because he had a pair of triangular eyes, his whole look turned a lot more cunning.


Chou er chuckled, but she didn’t hate what he was doing to her.

“You, ah!”

Chou er’s index finger poked his forehead a bit.

“I've been waiting for you a long time, how come you only arrived now?!”

Such soft words were like a plush scratching at people’s heart, making it itchy. The man once again lifted Chou er and let her sit on him.

“Xin er, do you think the palace is my Wu Ji Gong where I can come and go as I like? Your place was not easy to find. I searched for a long time before I came in. I also needed to hide from those guards. I also didn’t have it easy, ah!”

  • Wu Ji Gong was the sect of those people, last seen in the first two chapters, who tried to assassinate Jing wang and he was then saved by Du Xian Er (aka MQQ).

While talking, the man’s hands had already reached into Chou er’s clothes. With one stroke, he pulled down her skirt and revealed two lotus-like feet.

“Don’t need to hurry!”

Seeing that the other party was in such a hurry to find happiness, once again Chou er grabbed his hands. Although she sensed his restlessness, she still pressed down his desire once again.

“Seeing this face of mine now, you are still interested? Aren’t you scared?”

The man raised his head and looked at Chou er’s mottled face. He smiled and revealed a mouth full of white teeth.

“Xin er, what I like is you, it’s not this face of yours. Even if you become like this for real, I’ll still like you!”

The man’s words let Chou er’s hard heart be a bit touched. At least, whenever she saw her own face in front of the mirror every day, even she would feel nausea. It took a long time to adapt before she got accustomed to it. In this man’s eyes, there’s not even the slightest disgust. This was considered rare in this world, where men saw beauty as everything.

“Still, let me take it down. I don’t like this face that you've made for me one bit! It makes me always be seen as ugly by others!”

Chou er turned around. Her fingers groped at her ear and ripped off a very thin layer of human skin mask. She turned back and changed into a countenance of a flower, face like a moon appearance.

  • Countenance like a flower, face like a moon: very beautiful

Although he had seen this face many times before, after seeing it once again, the man still couldn’t help but take a deep breath. The desire in his eyes became stronger.

“Xin er, you truly are beautiful! Really! You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen!”

Although, in the past, there were many people who were attracted by her beauty, but this was the first time that there’s a man who praised her so directly, making Chou er blush a bit.

“You, are you telling the truth? How come I feel that you have many sets of such words? Is it that you have previously said them to many people? Is it that you want to make me happy by lying to me?”

While talking, Chou er specifically moved her slender waist and deliberately touched the man’s body, making him breathe deeply once again.

“No! I swear! In my heart, there’s only Xin er. If I go against my oath, I’ll be struck by a thunder……”

The man hadn’t finished speaking yet when Chou er immediately covered his mouth.

“Not allowed to say such things. If something happens to you……then what should I do? I only have you now!”

One sentence brought out the man’s deepest, innermost desire to protect. He immediately took Chou er into his embrace. His lips bit her cherry-like small mouth. His tongue probed inside and sucked her breath: “Xin er, I want you……”


Chou er’s skin was infected with a bit of pinkish flush.

Although in the past, she had experienced all those bad things, but after being saved by this man, he brought her many unusual experiences, making her gradually be enlightened in this area. Now, she had come to like this kind of happiness between man and woman.

“Xin er, Xin er!”

Although the temperature outside was already very low, but inside the room, the heat waves were somersaulting. The man’s voice was low and hoarse and Chou er was biting her lips to not let herself make any sounds.

“Let it out, Xin er. Scream it out……”

The man seemed to be forcing Chou er to let herself go. His lips, intentionally or unintentionally, touched her ears, making Chou er very itchy. In the end, with tears in her eyes, she still bit her lips.

“Xin er.”

The man had some understanding towards Chou er’s stubbornness. He didn’t continue to insist and just went straight to the main aim.

For a long time, only when the night watchman hit the gong once again, did the man lay down next to Chou er whilst breathing heavily.

“Today, princess gave me a pill saying it’s a Faithful pill……”

Chou er narrowed her eyes lazily. On her body was a layer of sweat.

“You say, will something happen to me, ah?”


The man turned over to lie down. He hugged Chou er and gently sniffed the fragrance of her ear.

“Rest at ease. In this world, there is still not an antidote or poison I cannot make. When I go back, I’ll make the antidote for you!”

Hearing the man say that, Chou er was at ease. She actively leaned on the man’s chest. Her ear was on his chest and quietly listened to his heartbeat.

For a long time, seeing that Chou er didn’t speak, the man was somewhat bored. His fingers played with Chou er’s ears.

“What are you thinking about, Xin er?  Is it that you’re still thinking about those people who were hunting you down to assassinate you? I let some people investigate. Those people are from Moyu. When did you offend Moyu?”


After hearing this, Chou er looked somewhat confused at the man.

“What is Moyu? I’ve never heard about it and also don’t know what it is.”

Only after looking at Chou er’s eyes, did the man believe that she really didn’t know. So, he slowly began to explain about Moyu.

“In the martial arts world, there are good and evil. Moyu and our Wu Ji Gong are classified as evil.”

“Then, which one of you is stronger?”

The moment Chou er heard that, she became interested. She raised her sharp chin and looked smilingly at the man.

“How to say it? Moyu’s Mozun was an expert in the use of poison and Moyu is well-known for their assassinations. Wu Ji Gong can’t match with these two points. Before, our master and vice master died at the hands of the newly-titled head of Moyu, Du Xian Er!”


Chou er nodded thoughtfully and continued to ask: “Is that Du Xian Er very powerful? How is she compared with you?”


Hearing Chou er say that, the man revealed a confident smile.

“Humph! Of course, she cannot be compared with me! Du Xian Er has disappeared for a long time. Maybe she even died! His royal highness the crown prince already said, as long as we can get this time’s matter done beautifully, he will certainly help me take down Moyu! By then, the whole martial arts world will be mine. By then, I’ll be the chief of the martial arts world. You will then be the wife of the chief of the martial arts world; a hundred answers to one single call. Xin er, what do you think?”

  • A hundred answers to one single call: one command will get hundred servants to follow that command.

Must say, the picture the man painted was very beautiful. After listening to this, Chou er became lost in the wild and fanciful thoughts about herself.

The wife of the chief of the martial arts world? The sound of that was very impressive! By then, with one call, she would be served by many. Whoever she didn’t like, she can beat. Whoever offended her, she can behead on the spot. There wouldn’t be that many rules nor uncomfortable feelings. It’s a hundred times better than being a wangfei!

“Princess has already allowed me to follow her at the tournament of the four countries!”

“Oh? That’s great! Xin er, you’re awesome!”

The man rewarded Chou er with a kiss.

“She let you take the Faithful pill, meaning she doesn’t trust you that much. You’ve suffered! Be assured, Faithful pill is not a poison. It’s only used to control people. When I go back, I’ll make some antidote for you. Take the antidote and all will be alright!”

This man really thought for her sake. At least, compared to Longze Jing Tian’s indifference, he was much better.

“I’m fine. This is what I should do. You saved me. My life is yours! I’m willing to do anything for you! Not to mention, Murong Qi Qi is my enemy. She caused me to be so miserable. I must take revenge! This is also why I volunteered!”

Recalling the things she had experienced, Chou er’s expression was painful, making the man feel a lot of heartache. He firmly held Chou er in his arms.

“Xin er, forget the past! I’ll be good to you! I’ll protect you. I won’t let you suffer again!”

“Zhao Lang……”

The affection inside the man’s voice let Chou er’s eyes become red.

“Why are you so good to me? Everyone abandoned me, why are you treating me like this?”

“Because I like you!”

Zhao Lang wiped Chou er’s tears.

“Your past makes me feel heartache! Xin er, forget Longze Jing Tian, forget about all that unhappiness. I’ll give you a happy future!”

Having Zhao Lang’s promise, Chou er’s mood became much better. She told Zhao Lang about how she went according to their plan and approached Wanyan Bao Zhu, how she got her attention, and how she gained Wanyan Bao Zhu’s trust.

“En! My people will also mix into the tournament of the four countries. At that time, they will be your help! Don’t you hate Murong Qi Qi? Why don’t we get her first? I heard that she is the woman Nan Lin wang[5. Wang/wangye: the prince of first rank] cares about. Starting with her, to let Nan Lin wang’s heart hurt for a while!”

“Murong Qi Qi is very crafty. We must carefully plan this matter. Besides, her two maids are high level martial artists. If we want to deal with Murong Qi Qi, we must divert them away.”

Each time, she mentioned Murong Qi Qi, Chou er’s voice would get colder. Seeing the hatred in her eyes, Zhao Lang gently patted Chou er.

“Everything has passed! Look, look at how I will take revenge for you!”

Zhao Lang whispered a few words in Chou er’s ears. Chou er’s expression immediately turned good.

“This is not a bad idea! Humph! Murong Qi Qi, I want to let you experience a living that's more painful than death for your whole life!”

Feeling once again that Zhao Lang’s good to her, Chou er let her body be pasted to his. Her hands were also moving on Zhao Lang’s body. The eyes looking at him also became hazy. Unexpectedly, when her hand was about to touch little Zhao Lang, her hand was caught by Zhao Lang.

“What’s the matter? Don’t you want it?”

Chou er’s white shoulders were exposed in front of Zhao Lang. Her expression also became more delicate and charming.

“Can’t today! I need to go back! Now, you've entered the palace. It’s different from the past. Although here is desolate and no one will come, but we still need to be careful. If something happens, I have martial arts, but you can’t escape. I can’t get you into trouble!”

Zhao Lang gently kissed Chou er’s forehead. He stood up, put on his clothes and covered the quilt on Chou er.

“Xin er, take good care of yourself! When we finish the command that crown prince has ordered us to do, then we can openly be together. I’ll let it be all red for ten li and let you have a big wedding!”

  • Li: Chinese mile: 500 meters

Only after Zhao Lang had left for a long time, did Chou er think about all the moments she had been with Zhao Lang. Although Zhao Lang’s looks and background could not be compared to Longze Jing Tian, but he was very good towards her. He was so caring, so sympathetic towards her……

Women always grew after experiencing many things. For example, Chou er. Now she understood that Longze Jing Tian was just a dream she had pursued when she was younger. And that waking up from the dream was the most miserable and tragic experience. So now, her thoughts were more realistic. It’s better to find a man who was good to her and spend the rest of their days together. Since Zhao Lang was willing to give her so much, she was also willing to try.

After leaving the palace, Zhao Lang didn’t go somewhere else, but he turned and went to the East Palace.

“How’s the matter going?”

Wanyan Hong hadn’t slept yet. His hair was loose and he wore just a thin cloth.

“Did she get in?”


After Zhao Lang gave a detailed description, Wanyan Hong revealed a strange smile.

“This time, Feng Cang will lead the people there. This crown prince already said that I will not go because of sickness; lest to when something happens, emperor father will not hold this crown prince accountable again.”

“Your royal highness the crown prince is wise!”

Zhao Lang lowered his head and was very respectful to this man in front of him.

“Hah, flatter less! The thing this crown prince promised you, this crown prince will certainly give you. What you agreed to do for this crown prince, you should also get it done. But, is that woman reliable? After all, she is Xi Qi’s citizen, this crown prince is a bit worried.”

“Asking your highness to feel rest assured. Now, she is dead set in love with me. Princess gave her the Faithful pill. When I give her the antidote, I’ll put some poison inside. She will then be completely under my control.”

“Not bad! Not bad!”

Wanyan Hong stood up while patting his clothes and walked to Zhao Lang. He grabbed Zhao Lang’s chin.

“This crown prince thought that you had lost your mind for that woman and was worried that she would lead you by the nose. This crown prince was also afraid that you would be reluctant to be hard on her! Now, it seems that this crown prince is wrong. A Knife Wolf is still a Knife Wolf and won’t let the matter go down because of a woman! It was not a waste for this crown prince to help you get Wu Ji Gong……”

Because Zhao Lang acted fast and ruthless, that’s why the people from the jianghu[6. Jianghu: the world of martial arts] gave him the nickname Knife Wolf.

Since Wu Ji Gong’s Mei Sha and Jue Sha had died at the hands of Du Xian Er, Wu Ji Gong didn’t have someone to lead them and was in complete chaos. At that time, Knife Wolf met Wanyan Hong and was then placed in the position of the head of Wu Ji Gong with his (WH) help. They also killed a group of people. Now, from the head to the bottom of Wu Ji gong were all his people. A big part of this was all thanks to Wanyan Hong’s help.

“Thanking your highness for the praise! Your highness' kindness towards Zhao Lang is unforgettable. Zhao Lang will only be loyal to your highness!”


Wanyan Hong sniffed at the edge of Zhao Lang’s collar. His face revealed an expression of disgust.

“That’s a woman’s smell. Is it Murong Xin Lian’s?”

“Your highness, this is a necessary sacrifice……,” Zhao Lang explained, somewhat embarrassed. Wanyan Hong also recognized this explanation.

“Alright, go clean yourself and then come back. This crown prince needs to talk with you about the things in the tournament of the four countries. While you’re at it, also massage this crown prince’s back……”


Zhao Lang laughed naughtily. He retreated and then came back. After he cleaned himself up, he exuded a refreshing fragrance.

“Come here!”

Wanyan Hong starred at Zhao Lang’s strong abdominal muscles intently.

“Don’t let this crown prince say it twice. Come……here……”

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