Chapter 76 Feng Cang’s disease (2)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

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Chapter 76 Feng Cang’s disease (2)

The day to leave for the tournament of the four countries drew near. Each time, the tournament of the four countries had ended at the end of the year; when it’s new year in the four countries. This time, Bei Zhou's contingent was led by Feng Cang. Coming back to Yanjing, he didn’t even rest for too long before Feng Cang had to be on the road again.

“Feeling cold?”

Inside the carriage, Feng Cang warmed Murong Qi Qi in his embrace.

It’s been five days since they have left the capital. Knowing that Murong Qi Qi didn’t like the bumpy ride in the carriage, Feng Cang especially let people put a very thick mat inside the carriage. No matter if it’s sitting or lying down, it’s a lot more comfortable.

“Still good.”

Murong Qi Qi leaned back in Feng Cang’s arms while thinking about all those people in the other carriages who she didn’t wish to see. Her mood would turn bad then.

Bei Zhou had sent four men and four women. Among the four, there were two who Murong Qi Qi already knew……Wanyan Bao Zhu and Mu Yu Die. When she saw Mu Yu Die, Murong Qi Qi was thinking why, when she had previously stepped on her foot, she didn’t break her toes. Really let her get off too easily!

Although all this time, Feng Cang was very caring towards her, but there were so many butterflies fluttering in front of her and even looking with infatuated expressions at her man, making Murong Qi Qi very unhappy.

If it weren’t for her image of a lady, she would’ve certainly go forward and sent the two of them flying! Even the people around her didn’t like those two.

Since Su Mei got to know about the two’s calculations against Murong Qi Qi, her heart was stuck with a breath unable to let it go. Now they are even more unpleasing in her eyes. Each of her movements has been stopped by Murong Qi Qi. If it wasn’t because of the tournament of the four countries, Murong Qi Qi would’ve long nodded and let her get rid of them in private.

Wangye[1. Wang/Wangye: the prince of first rank], when will we arrive at Yongzhou?”

This time, the place where the tournament would be held was one of the four Bei states, Yongzhou. It’s located about a half month away from Yanjing.

Seeing that Murong Qi Qi asked this question every day, Feng Cang couldn’t help but pinch her nose.

“Can’t sit any longer? Why don’t benwang[2. Benwang: I, used by tge prince of first rank] take you out to ride a horse?”

“Ride a horse?! Really?!”

The moment Murong Qi Qi heard that, she became interested. She immediately hid her lazy expression and sat up. Her eyes were shining like crystals.

“Good! Riding a horse is a lot more comfortable!”

Seeing that Murong Qi Qi was happy, Feng Cang naturally hoped that every day, Murong Qi Qi would sparkle like this. He immediately told people to stop the carriage and let people lead his horse to them. He launched onto the horse with Murong Qi Qi. With one whip, the horse spread out its hooves and ran joyfully towards the vast wilderness.

“What? Wangye took little wangfei[3. Wangfei: main wife/consort of the prince of first rank] for a walk?”

In another carriage, when Jin Mo heard this, he immediately stood up.

“Ruyi, didn’t you stop wangye? Today is the fifteenth!”

“I couldn’t stop him, ah!”

Ruyi pouted with some injustice.

Wangfei was unhappy. Of course, Wangye wanted to make her happy……”

Wangfei, wangfei, whose wangfei is she?! She hasn’t entered the family yet! You guys already spoil her to death like this and let her think like she is heaven. How will the wangfu[4. Wangfu: residence of the prince of first rank] be in the future?”

The moment he heard that it had something to do with Murong Qi Qi, Jin Mo was immediately on fire. It’s her again! Why did wangye  lose control every time he encountered this woman? Wangye followed her to act willfully, was he not aware of the condition of his own body?!

“Servants, prepare a horse! Ruyi, follow me! We’ll go search for wangye!”

Jin Mo rushed out with his own medicine chest. Ruyi followed him.

Because the snow had just fallen, the whole vast wilderness was an expanse of white. Plus, with a bit of sunlight, the snow got a thin layer of gold on it, making it very beautiful.

Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi travelled very far on the horse. Only when the carriage was no longer visible did they stop.


Although she was riding on one horse with Feng Cang, Murong Qi Qi was still very happy. She inhaled the cold fresh air. Her mood was very good.

“Bei Zhou’s scenery, a hundred leagues locked in ice, a thousand leagues of whirling snow! Beautiful! It’s really beautiful here!”

For a time, Murong Qi Qi was full of lofty ideals and even read out the first three sentences of Patio Spring Snow. Then she thought that over here, there’s no Great Wall, so she immediately stopped and no longer continued speaking.

“A hundred leagues locked in ice? A thousand leagues of whirling snow?! Good sentence, good sentence!”

Feng Cang became even more curious about this little wangfei. Although Murong Tai was a zhuangyuan[5. Zhuangyuan: Number One Scholar at the Imperial examinations (highest rank)], but as far as he knew, out of Murong Qi Qi’s siblings, there’s no one with a particular outstanding talent at literature. She repeatedly let him be surprised.

“What’s next? Is there no next sentence?”

“Eh, haven’t thought of it yet!”

Murong Qi Qi laughed embarrassingly. In her heart, she blamed Feng Cang for hanging onto the question, making her almost put herself in an awkward situation.

Murong Qi Qi didn’t explain, and Feng Cang didn’t ask any further. Before, he let people investigate Murong Qi Qi's past. He found out that during the five years she was living in Jing Xin An, everything about her was completely blank. There was no trace to investigate any further. Even they found the head of Jin Xin An, she said that miss Murong only rested at the back of the mountain. She didn’t know anything else.

It seems that this little woman has many secrets, ah!

However, what he had was plenty of time for her to slowly open her heart to him and also had plenty of patience for her to accept him. Moreover, his little wangfei was a very rich treasure. Wouldn’t it be a better feeling to dig slowly to discover all those treasures……

Feng Cang quietly held Murong Qi Qi. The two quietly watched the vast land and felt the silence between heaven and earth. Murong Qi Qi also heard Feng Cang’s heartbeat.



“If some day, I’m not me anymore, will wangye still like me?”

Murong Qi Qi’s words startled Feng Cang for a moment. Then his phoenix eyes laughed enchantingly.

“If Qing Qing is not Qing Qing, then who will you be?”


Not waiting for Murong Qi Qi to answer, Feng Cang kissed her forehead.

“Qing Qing, you don’t have to say any more. No matter who you are, you are my, Feng Cang’s people. I only need to know that!”

Feng Cang's full trust made Murong Qi Qi feel very touched. She smiled and hugged Feng Cang. Her head leaned against Feng Cang's chest.

Wangye, we must win this time’s tournament, ah! The thought of needing to part with wangye when we lose makes my heart ache……So, it’s better to win. I want to stand upright next to wangye with the identity of Nan Lin wangfei……”

This was probably the most truthful thought that came deep from Murong Qi Qi’s heart and also Murong Qi Qi’s first ‘confession’.

Feng Cang didn’t know if his heart was excited or what; in short, his eyes had heat in them. His little wangfei seemed to have begun to understand! So, his investment was finally paying off!

Feng Cang raised Murong Qi Qi’s head. The eyes, which usually emitted coldness, now exuded hazy glory and the words that came out of those red lips made people feel very embarrassed: “Qing Qing, if you tempt me like this again, I fear I wouldn’t be able to hold it in and would kiss you!”

Murong Qi Qi’s face immediately became red. She summoned a lot of courage to say such a thing and he only thought of that? Really, didn’t know what men’s heads were always thinking about.

“Since Qing Qing didn’t speak, does this mean that you gave permission?! Then I’ll……”

Feng Cang closed his eyes and leaned forward, but he touched coldness. He opened his eyes. It’s actually Murong Qi Qi holding out a snow ball.

“Hahaha! Wangye, how does this snowball taste?”

Not waiting for Feng Cang to come out of the daze, Murong Qi Qi already went down the horse with a silvery bell-like laughter. Her boots stepped on the thick snow.

“The taste is not bad!”

Feng Cang’s lips was stained with snow. His eyes were red. Coupled with that stunning and charming face, it made Murong Qi Qi lose her soul.

Such a beautiful man actually belonged to herself! Suddenly, inside Murong Qi Qi’s heart was a feeling of pride of herself as if she would get face because the man was handsome. For a time, she forgot all about the unhappiness Wanyan Bao Zhu and her group brought her!

Anyway, the person in this man’s heart was her, why should she be bothered about those butterflies?! Such a stunning man like him, it’s her blessing. Since it's a blessing, then there would be anger for her to suffer. However, no matter what, it’s alright if he is hers! Embrace her man, let them be envious, jealous and have hatred!

  • The word blessing (??, fuqi) in Chinese is made of ? (fu) and ? (qi). The qi is anger. So, she means that since it’s a good fortune (fu), she will also need to suffer the anger (qi) in order to have blessing.

Thinking till here, Murong Qi Qi lightly knocked Feng Cang over on the ground of snow.

Wangye, if you tempt me like this, I fear I’ll be unable to hold it in and kiss you by force!”

Murong Qi Qi gave back the words Feng Cang had previously rewarded her. She changed the end a bit, to make it sound like a female overlord who robbed a husband.

“Hehe, I didn’t guess wrong. Under Qing Qing’s pure appearance hid a fiery heart.”

A beauty taking the initiative to throw herself into his arms was what Feng Cang's happy to see. The smile on his face now was more devilish. His gaze also became more attractive.

“Come on, Qing Qing. This time, beauty is willing to accept any punishment from Qing Qing! “


Murong Qi Qi choked on her breath and repeatedly coughed several times. It seemed that this time, she failed at teasing once again. In the end, her skin wasn’t as thick as Feng Cang’s. Although she also wanted to overwhelm him in this matter, but unfortunately, he was Nan Lin wang. His boldness was what she, a little woman could not match……

“Ai, this little woman admits defeat!”

Murong Qi Qi sighed and pulled Feng Cang up.

“Today, wangye wins again!”

Only now did Feng Cang understand that every time Murong Qi Qi ‘bickered’ with him, it was to win him. Seeing her with her small face lowered and with such a sad expression like a child who didn’t get any candy, Feng Cang laughed out loud.

“So, it turns out that Qing Qing wanted to compete in this. Next time, I’ll let Qing Qing win, alright?”


Murong Qi Qi shook her head and then put her hands on her hips. She looked at Feng Cang fiercely.

“I’ll certainly let you suffer defeat! When I catch up with you, then I’ll be promoted to first place for having a thick skin!”


Murong Qi Qi’s ‘serious’ expression made Feng Cang unable to hold back. He laughed till he bent over.

“Qing Qing, you are too cute! You are really too cute. Too cu…...hai……hai……”

He didn’t finish speaking, when he suddenly began to cough.

Oh no, the disease was acting up! Feng Cang’s heart tightened. Before, it was every fifteenth night that the disease would act up, so why was it acting now ahead of time? Could it be that because the treatment got affected last month, that’s why it acted up earlier this time around? What should he do? Jin Mo wasn’t here and now they were outside……the most important thing was, when Murong Qi Qi sees his appearance later, would she think he's a monster? Would she alienate herself from him because of this?

Wangye, what’s the matter?”

Murong Qi Qi sensed Feng Cang’s strangeness. She was about to lean forward when Feng Cang came to her and hugged her. He then pushed her onto the horse and then gave the horse a slap.

“Snow, go back!”

Feng Cang’s race horse was called Snow and it had followed him for five years. It was especially intelligent. Hearing Feng Cang say that, Snow spread its hooves and ran in the direction of where the team was located.

Wind whistled at her ears. The scenery at both sides passed by quickly. Just in a moment, Murong Qi Qi understood Feng Cang’s meaning. It must be that something had happened to him and he didn’t want her to be worried. So, he let her go back. Could it be that his disease was acting up? What kind of disease was it? Why didn’t he want to let her see? Now, he was alone in the wilderness. Would there be a problem?

Didn’t think more, Murong Qi Qi turned. Regardless of Snow galloping fast, she rolled onto the ground. When she stood up, Murong Qi Qi’s feet lightly stepped on the snow and rushed in the direction where she had just come from.

The moment Murong Qi Qi left, Feng Cang knelt on the ground. He grasped his hair. His expression was grim.

Damn it! Feng Cang bit a mouthful of blood. Using the cold weather, he forced himself to remain sober. He must hold on till Jin Mo comes! He must hold on till the end!

Inside his body, that kind of undercurrent began to move again. A moment later, beginning from his toes, his blood vessels swelled. The blood vessels swelled like black vines around his ankles. Along the ankles, they reached the other parts of the body. Even his face was full of black veins, looking very terrifying.

Damn it! Seeing himself like this, Feng Cang severely swore in his heart. A pair of black eyes also gradually became grape violet. Fortunately, he didn’t let Murong Qi Qi stay. Fortunately, she didn’t see him like this!

Feng Cang struggled to contend with the undercurrent in his body. In his mind, he was constantly recalling, bit by bit, the happy moments he had with Murong Qi Qi. He struggled to keep himself clear-minded, a bit more clear-minded. He couldn’t let himself go insane because of this gu. He couldn’t let himself yield under this thing!

However, at this moment, a heart-tearing and long-bursting pain pierced his happy memories. That kind of pain, although he had experienced it for fifteen years, but every time it attacked, it still made him want to die.

“Feng Cang!”

Just as Feng Cang was about to lose his mind, a familiar voice came from far away.

“Wangye, where are you?”

When Murong Qi Qi reached the area, Feng Cang no longer was there. At that place, there’s a very long trail of footprints which extended to the other side.

“Feng Cang!”

Murong Qi Qi followed the footprints and found the curled-up Feng Cang. Seeing him like this, Murong Qi Qi was startled. Feng Cang snapped at her to stop: “Stop! Don’t come over!”

“Feng Cang, what’s the matter with you?”

From Feng Cang’s voice, Murong Qi Qi heard pain. She was even more worried and hurried forward. When she was in front of Feng Cang, she was waved away by Feng Cang.

“Why did you come back? Didn’t benwang let you go away?!”

On the ground, full of snow, Feng Cang’s voice revealed a coldness that would make people stay thousand miles away. And this was the first time he pulled out his identity in front of Murong Qi Qi and used the word ‘benwang’.

Feng Cang’s ‘rudeness and irrationality’ made Murong Qi Qi startled for a moment, but then she immediately realized the seriousness of the problem. Her intuition was telling her that Feng Cang was hiding something from her. Besides, from start to finish, he had his back to her. This was something that never happened before.

Wangye, if I’m gone, what would you do?”

Murong Qi Qi didn’t get angry from Feng Cang's coldness to her. Instead, her voice became even more gentle: “Wangye, didn’t you say that day that you wouldn’t ask for being born at the same year, same month and same day, but that you would ask for dying at the same year, same month and same day?! How can wangye forget your own oath? Letting me go alone, what’s wangye concealing from me? What’s wangye hiding from me? Or is it that wangye doesn’t want me anymore?”

Murong Qi Qi said the last sentence very pitifully, making Feng Cang’s heart tighten. She must be hurt by what he had said before, but he didn’t want her to see such a him! The him who is like a monster!


Murong Qi Qi tried to get closer to Feng Cang, but just when she had touched Feng Cang’s cloak, Feng Cang shouted: “Get lost.”

He pushed Murong Qi Qi away with a slap and rushed forward.

This slap didn’t hurt Murong Qi Qi, but it let her be more convinced of her thoughts.

At this time, Feng Cang’s head felt heavier. His breathing also became more rapid. Every step he took felt like his feet was filled with lead. It felt like stepping on a burning red edge, so painful that he was unable to extricate himself!

No, he couldn’t let Murong Qi Qi see such a him! It’s just, what did he do just now? He actually slapped her! Feng Cang looked at the left hand which slapped Murong Qi Qi. He wished he could chop it off.

He touched those distorted blood vessels on his face. For the first time, Feng Cang fiercely hated that person who put gu on him! Fifteen years! He searched for fifteen years, but still didn’t find the person who put the gu on him!

Motherchild gu. He must find the Mother gu to lift the Child gu in him. It’s just that he had searched for such a long time, and he still didn’t find where the Mother gu was! Even though the Child gu in his body got eliminated many times before, but the Mother gu was still alive. The Child gu continued to multiply. Eliminating one, there would a new one. It seemed endless. Could it be that for his whole life, he had to be entangled with these nauseating things?

  • Read more about gu poisons here. A very detailed site about the black magic of gu in ancient China.


When Feng Cang heard Murong Qi Qi’s voice in front of him, he discovered that while his thoughts were elsewhere, Murong Qi Qi had found him. So fast! Wasn’t there quite some distance between them? How did she appear in front of him? How was it that he didn’t notice?

“What is wangye hiding from me?”

Seeing that Feng Cang used a cloak to block his face, Murong Qi Qi was very anxious. What’s the matter with this man? His body was not well, the disease was acting up; this was nothing. She can help him. Why did he refuse her like this? Was it that he's very ill?

Feng Cang’s voice just now and those stumbling footsteps, all showed that he was under great pain. What kind of disease was it that let people become like this?

“Don’t keep it from me anymore and bear with this alone!”

Murong Qi Qi went forward and pulled away Feng Cang’s cloak.

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