Chapter 77 Feng Cang’s poison (1)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

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Chapter 77 Feng Cang’s poison (1)


Although Murong Qi Qi was prepared, but she still almost shouted out loud.

What kind of face is this, ah?......Mottled bruises covered Feng Cang’s body like rivers. The original handsome appearance was completely gone. What could be seen was several gorges, covering Feng Cang’s face completely like a monster from science fiction stories. Those with a weak heart may already have fainted due to fright!

And Feng Cang’s eyes were purple! Even Murong Qi Qi, who had time traveled, when facing that pair of clean like crystal purple eyes, would lose her soul.

Although inside Murong Qi Qi’s eyes, there wasn’t a trace of disgust, but Feng Cang sensed that she had been scared. He quickly lowered his head and pulled the cloak to block his face, but he didn’t expect to be stopped by Murong Qi Qi.

“What’s going on? Why is it like this?”

After the surprise, Murong Qi Qi’s mood turned into anger. Why? Who did this?

“Don’t look!”

Feng Cang used his hands to block his face, but then he remembered that his hands were also so ugly. In the end, he turned and faced Murong Qi Qi with a desolate back.

“You have seen… can go……”

A touch of despair rose inside Feng Cang’s heart. Aside from Ji Xiang, Ruyi, Jin Mo and housekeeper Feng Qi, Murong Qi Qi was the fifth person who saw his true situation. If it wasn’t because of the disease suddenly acting up today, he would have kept this secret forever.

Pain entangled his whole body. However, how could this kind of pain be comparable to the pain and the sadness in his heart? How could it be comparable to the despair when Murong Qi Qi leaves? …...Finished, all is finished. She saw everything. She would certainly treat him as a monster. She didn’t say anything for half a day. She must certainly be scared.

Why did the disease act up during the day? Why did he let her see?! Feng Cang fiercely scolded himself in his heart. He wanted to beat his head, but unexpectedly because of a trance, he knelt on the ground. The pain spread throughout his body. His breathing became increasingly more difficult.

If he had known that it’ll be like this, should he not have been this greedy? Should he not have wished for love? Should he not have trapped her at his side?

He prefers to leave a beautiful image in her heart. He prefers to let her only see his good side and not be so dirty in front of her. Such a sorry and ugly figure like the monster in stories……

Feng Cang’s consciousness gradually weakened. Not waiting for Murong Qi Qi to lend an arm of support, he directly planted forward into the snow.

“Feng Cang!”

Murong Qi Qi screamed, took big steps forward and helped Feng Cang to sit up. Here, there’s no village nor shops. The only horse had also run away. There were only the two of them here. Now, Feng Cang fell ill. If he isn’t treated in time, he would most certainly not be able to hold it up!

Thinking till here, Murong Qi Qi collected a lot of dead branches. She lit them up and used the smoke to signal the people searching for them. She sat beside Feng Cang and checked his pulse.

This pulse let Murong Qi Qi’s expression turn bad.

Gu poison, fetal poison, cold poison……no wonder his body was so cold. No wonder he needed to take such a thick concoction every day. Who hurt him? Who did it?

The fetal poison was easy to understand. He had gotten poisoned when he was in his mother’s womb. The poison transferred from his mother’s body to his body and was absorbed by the baby. As for the cold poison, he certainly got it after his body experienced hotness and was then placed in bone-piercing cold water. As for the gu poison, it seemed to have some years.

However, this gu was a bit different from those Murong Qi Qi had dealt with in the past. It seems that’s it’s a baby gu. It’s just that if it’s a simple gu, with Jin Mo’s ability, he would definitely be able to cure him. Why was it that Feng Cang was still like this?

Murong Qi Qi tried her best to keep a clear mind. She once again carefully checked Feng Cang’s body. This checking made Murong Qi Qi inhale a deep breath!

Very vicious person, ah! His body has cold poison and this gu actually is the hot kind. The two mutually restrained each other which made Feng Cang stay alive till now. If the gu poison was removed, the cold poison would activate. If the cold poison was removed, then the gu, because there’s no ‘cold’ restriction, would reproduce like crazy.

Looking at his appearance, he seemed to have gotten the gu after the cold poison. To be more exact, one happened after the other, that’s why he was able to keep his life. If it’s like that, then the one who gave him the gu was also the one who let him be infected with the cold poison. Wanting him to die, but not wanting him to die too quickly. So, that’s why that person tortures him like this. Bit by bit, that person consumed his life.

Fortunately, Jin Mo has been at Feng Cang’s side. It seemed that he followed him (FC) for ten years.  So to say, Feng Cang must’ve gotten this disease before that.

Not even born yet and already has been poisoned. Later, the cold poison and the gu poison appeared. Who hates Feng Cang like this? Who is so hostile towards Feng Xie and princess Ming Yue's son? Being the great general’s son, Feng Cang must’ve gotten very good care after being born. Why is it that the evil person still got the opportunity to hurt him? Who is the one who harmed Feng Cang like this?

Multiple questions appeared in Murong Qi Qi’s head. She couldn’t think about the reason behind this in such a short moment. After seeing Feng Cang’s face turning so black, Murong Qi Qi took out her self-made medicine ‘Warm incense pill’. She opened Feng Cang’s black lips and stuffed it inside his mouth.

Warm incense pill was a good medicine to ease the cold poison. It’s just that both the cold poison and the gu poison were acting up at the same time. If only the cold poison was eased, then the gu would go rampant. Must curb the gu!

Murong Qi Qi once again collected a lot of dead branches, making the fire very big. Then she took off Feng Cang’s clothes.

When they went out, she didn’t bring the medicine case. Fortunately, she's used to carrying some silver needles on her, which was now useful.

After sterilizing the silver needles, Murong Qi Qi’s hands traced Feng Cang’s body in search of the gu……

When Jin Mo arrived, he saw the scene of Murong Qi Qi putting needles inside Feng Cang. He immediately shouted: “Stop!”

His whip flew out. Just when it’s about to hit Murong Qi Qi’s hands, it got seized by Murong Qi Qi.

“What are you doing?!”

Jin Mo’s heart raised to his throat. When he saw Feng Cang’s appearance, he panicked. In the end, the disease still acted up! It actually acted up in such a ghost-like place!

“Go away! Let me!”

Just the thought of Murong Qi Qi bringing Feng Cang out and that’s why Feng Cang became like this, Jin Mo’s expression turned bad. He pushed Murong Qi Qi away and put down his medicine chest. He took out the silver needles. After sterilizing, he stuck them into Feng Cang’s body.

Feng Cang’s appearance also scared Ruyi. Fortunately, they saw the thick smoke lit by Murong Qi Qi and rushed over here in time.

What surprised Ruyi was that Murong Qi Qi seemed to not have been scared by such a wangye.[1. Wang/wangye: prince of the first rank] If it wasn’t because of Murong Qi Qi’s signal, don’t know where they would have been searching now. So to say, they needed to thank Murong Qi Qi. Otherwise, they don’t know what kind of trouble might have happened.

“Thanking wangfei!”[2. Wangfei: consort of the prince]

Ruyi went to Murong Qi Qi and bowed in front of her. Not waiting for Murong Qi Qi to speak, Ruyi went to find dead branches to let the fire go more higher. Such a cold day, it’s not good to let wangye get a cold! Murong Qi Qi didn’t speak and stood beside Jin Mo. Looking at him using the needle, she stood nearby, acting the supporting role.

Jin Mo was concentrating very hard and didn’t notice that the person next to him was Murong Qi Qi. When he finished with the acupuncture on Feng Cang, Jin Mo wiped away his sweat. He turned his head and saw that the person beside him was Murong Qi Qi. Jin Mo’s temper came again: “What are you doing here?”

“How long did wangye had the gu poison? How long did he have the cold poison? What kind of poison is the fetal poison?”

Murong Qi Qi expression was very serious. She didn’t seem to see the disrespect coming from Jin Mo.

Murong Qi Qi pointing out all the problems of Feng Cang at once, startled Jin Mo. Thinking back to the treatment of just now, Feng Cang’s body seemed to be a lot warmer. He definitely took some kind of medicine. Thinking about it more, it’s certainly Murong Qi Qi who had fed him that. Jin Mo’s mood turned a little better.

“No comment!”

Jin Mo put the clothes on Feng Cang.

“Princess only needs to be good to wangye. Next time, don’t be so willful and go to such a remote place!”

Murong Qi Qi could understand Jin Mo’s attitude towards her. Living together for a time, Murong Qi Qi could see Jin Mo’s loyalty to Feng Cang. This person has a sharp tongue but a soft heart. Although every time, he complained that Feng Cang didn’t cooperate well with the treatment, but every time he will treat it extremely serious. Besides, just now Murong Qi Qi saw Jin Mo’s acupuncture skills. His skills are not bad. No wonder master often praised this eldest senior brother.

However, now he's concealing Feng Cang’s case from her, which made her unhappy. Very unhappy.

“I’m asking you, when was wangye poisoned with the gu? When was the cold poison put in his body? What kind of poison is the fetal poison?”

“No comment!”

The moment Jin Mo’s voice fell, on his neck was a cold dagger.

“Say! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

Murong Qi Qi’s expression had never been so serious. She had never thought that Feng Cang would be ill like this. Outsiders only knew about this Nan Lin wang’s fame, how would they know that he is so pitiful? Murong Qi Qi couldn’t imagine what taking bitter concoctions for more than ten years is like. She couldn’t imagine what kind of torture it’s to him to bear such a pain every month!

This man had always been tender and considerate to her. He always had been pleasant and never said a bad word. He had been holding her in the palm of his hands, but she didn't even know he had such diseases. Murong Qi Qi blamed herself very much. They obviously stayed together day and night and she's also a doctor, but she didn’t know he was so ill!

Jin Mo never seen such an expression on Murong Qi Qi before. He saw her self-blame very clearly. It’s just, what point does it have to blame herself now?

Jin Mo humphed coldly. He seized Murong Qi Qi's wrist and threw her hand off.

“Princess, don’t cause more trouble!”

Not waiting for Jin Mo to turn around, he got kicked down by Murong Qi Qi. He fell onto the ground and ate a mouthful of snow.

“Say! Or die…...”

Now, Murong Qi Qi was different from usual. Her whole body emitted coldness. The tone was also no longer gentle. It became more tough. And her foot stepped on Jin Mo’s back. Not light nor heavy, but that strength made him unable to get up or move.

“Hehe, didn’t expect that princess also knows martial arts…...,” Jin Mo laughed. It turned out, she lied to wangye! She's not a weak woman. She hid it so well! Fancy that wangye treats her like a treasure and she didn’t even reveal her real self to Feng Cang. In the end, is it that this woman is very good at scheming or is she not Murong Qi Qi, but has been replaced with the real Murong Qi Qi and was actually a powerful figure hiding at Feng Cang’s side?

Thinking till here, Jin Mo shouted once and kicked at Murong Qi Qi. He stood up and moved to the other side.

The wind blew past. Jin Mo’s thin lips were held tightly together. His eyes looked sharply at Murong Qi Qi.

This woman changed appearance. She was no longer the cowardly and lazy person. The aura exuding from her body was something no one could ignore. How could such a woman be the ‘rubbish’ from the rumors?!

“Who the hell are you?”

Jin Mo’s blue robe was blown up by the wind. His black hair fluttered with the wind.

“What’s the matter with wangye? Don’t let me ask for the third time!”

“Does princess really care about what’s wrong with wangye? Since princess is really worried, why don’t you confess what your true identity is? Otherwise, Jin Mo will think that princess stayed at wangye’s side with ulterior motives and will get rid of princess as a spy!”

Jin Mo slowly raised his hand. He actually picked up some branch as a weapon.

“Jin Mo has never used his hands on women. Today, I will make an exception for princess! Princess, flash your weapon.”

Ruyi just came back from picking up firewood. He didn’t expect to see the scene of Jin Mo and Murong Qi Qi confronting each other.

“Sire, you are……”

“She knows martial arts. She is Xi Qi’s spy!”

Jin Mo used two sentences to put out his judgement of Murong Qi Qi. The moment Ruyi heard that Murong Qi Qi was harmful to Feng Cang, he immediately put down the firewood. He rushed to Feng Cang’s side and pulled out his sword. He looked guardedly at Murong Qi Qi.


Murong Qi Qi never expected that Jin Mo’s prejudice towards her was so deep. Since it’s like that, it’s time to teach this senior brother a good lesson to let him know how to take care of his junior sister.

Murong Qi Qi’s foot hooked a branch. Her mouth revealed a dreamy smile.

“I don’t like seeing blood. Since that’s the case, I also choose a branch. But, I only compete with you for three strokes. If you lose, you need to tell me about wangye’s disease!”

“You’re too confident!”

After hearing Murong Qi Qi’s words, Jin Mo humphed coldly.

“So sure. Could it be that you are expecting that when wangye wakes up, he’ll come protect you? No need for three strokes, one stroke is enough to get rid of you!”


Jin Mo’s words let Murong Qi Qi laugh out loud.

“Alright! Let’s try…...”

A ‘try’ wasn’t finished yet, when Murong Qi Qi already disappeared in front of Jin Mo. When Jin Mo found out that something was beside him, Murong Qi Qi’s palm wind was already close to his temples and cut off a few strands of hair.

“One stroke!”

Not waiting for Jin Mo to attack, Murong Qi Qi went back to her place.

Everything happened so fast as though nothing had happened at all. The palms of Ruyi were full of sweat. He was level seven and didn’t see how Murong Qi Qi attacked. How many more secrets did this wangfei have? If she really was harmful to wangye, then what should they do?

Jin Mo was also frozen. Her wind palm was very terrifying. He had never seen anything like it before. This woman was not simple as only knowing martial arts, but she was actually a top master! Just now, she acted so just to give him a lesson. If she really wanted his life, he would've been a corpse now.


Murong Qi Qi spread her palm and showed Jin Mo the few strands of hair she cut just now. While she was at it, she blew the few strands of hair to let them fall to the ground. Murong Qi Qi’s eyes were full of provocation. The smirk on her mouth was very obvious as if to say: “Look, you’re just so-so!”

Sure enough, being stimulated by Murong Qi Qi like this, made Jin Mo angry!

The body and hair are the parents. Murong Qi Qi actually treated his hair like that, making Jin Mo furious. His teeth made grinding noises. The eyes looking at Murong Qi Qi were full of coldness. Just now, he was careless and fell into this woman’s trap. Now, he would not be like that!

“I’m going to kill you!”

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