Chapter 85 The duel of life and death (1)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 85 The duel of life and death (1)

Not waiting for Guli to get close, Feng Cang turned sideways and gave a kick, sending the beauty flying.

“Dirty……,” Feng Cang frowned in disgust. Ruyi standing behind Feng Cang immediately went forward and took the shoe from the foot that kicked Guli and changed it for a new shoe. The originally dirty shoe was directly thrown away by Ruyi.

Feng Cang’s flying kick hit Guli directly on her chest. The next moment, a ‘kacha’ sound was heard. Although the sound was low, but Murong Qi Qi heard it very clearly. Pitiful, infatuated flower. The fourth rib of the left chest was broken! That kick from Feng Cang wasn’t light. It seemed that this woman needed to lie down in bed for some time!

“Guli, are you alright?!”

Long Duo went forward and helped Guli up. Guli stood and felt a stab in her heart. Only now did she became aware of her broken rib.

“Good! Not bad!”

Guli gritted her teeth. She pulled out a cream and rubbed it on her chest, but her eyes were fixated on Feng Cang. This man is strong enough. She likes it! Those soft men who only knew how to follow couldn’t enter her eyes! Men need to be like Feng Cang. There should be enough flavor! She’s set on this man!

If Guli said her thoughts out loud, everyone would have vomitted. How come there’s such a woman? The more you oppress, the braver she becomes. Feng Cang’s kick awakened her will of fighting.

“Let me go!”

After applying the cream, Guli felt a lot more comfortable. She pushed Long Duo away and strode towards Murong Qi Qi. She raised her chin and looked contemptuously at Murong Qi Qi.

“Hey! You, I want to challenge you!”

After these words, the originally lively Cyclamen suddenly quieted down.

Ah, there’s a play to watch! Jia Lan smiled, poured wine in his cup and brought it to his lips. Guli certainly took a fancy to Feng Cang. Knowing that Feng Cang was too powerful, she picked another soft person to pinch. So, she started with Murong Qi Qi.

It’s just that, don’t know if this Murong Qi Qi would accept Guli’s challenge or not.  It's said that this princess Zhao Yang can’t do anything. What will she do now?

Wangye[1. Wang/wangye: prince of the first rank]……” Murong Qi Qi smiled while leaning against Feng Cang. Her voice was very soft, making the hearts of the people who heard it itchy.

“I’ve long heard that wangye’s skills are very good. Today, I saw it. Wangye is indeed powerful. Obviously, you kicked her chest, so why did her brain also become abnormal? Could this be the kungfu from the legends?”

The people who heard it immediately covered their mouths and laughed. This princess Zhao Yang is very cute! She actually said her brain was not good. Even making fun of people, she didn’t need to beat around the bush like this, ah!

“Whose brain did you say is abnormal?!”

The moment Guli heard that, she got furious and glared fiercely at Murong Qi Qi. The more she (G) looked at her (MQQ), the more she (G) felt that she’s (MQQ) a thorn in the eye.

“Ah, indeed abnormal. Doesn’t even know who I'm talking about. It seems that we need to quickly find a doctor to come take a look at you. If it’s too late, the brain will become crazy, then miss will be someone with big breasts but no brain.”

“Hehe…...,” It’s the first time Feng Cang encountered Murong Qi Qi’s poisonous tongue. Obviously, he’s very satisfied with such a Murong Qi Qi. Previously, he only knew that Jin Mo had a poisonous tongue. He didn’t expect his little wangfei[2. Wangfei: main wife/consort of first-rank prince] would also be this eloquent.

“You’re right, she’s indeed nuts.”

One sentence from Feng Cang shot Guli tightly. Now, Guli had finally become aware of a problem. That is, Murong Qi Qi’s position in Feng Cang’s heart was not trivial. Even if this woman was only ordinary, but she still occupied the heart of this man. This was a difficult problem.

However, Guli was self-confident. If there weren’t a thousand men who succumbed at her skirts, there would be eight hundred. What kind of hard-boned man hadn’t she gnawed? She didn’t believe that with her tactics, she wouldn’t be able to let Feng Cang surrender.

“Miss’s mouth is very powerful, don’t know if how miss’s kungfu is. Nan Lin wang is a dragon among people. Don’t know if miss has the ability to fit him! If you don’t have the ability, then don’t block my road. Today, I, Guli will put the words out there. I fell for Nan Lin wang at first sight. I want to pursue him. If you like, you and I can compete fairly and let everyone's presence be a witness!”

Guli’s eyes, full of possessiveness, made Murong Qi Qi chuckle. It seemed that this woman really didn’t want to give up. Humph. Even dared to covet her man, don’t she want to live anymore?!

Wangye, what should I do?! She’s really not pleasing to the eyes!”

Murong Qi Qi slipped her hand into Feng Cang’s arm. She put the left hand in Feng Cang’s palm, pressing down his anger that was about to burst.

This man wanted to come forward for her and was pampering her. Murong Qi Qi was very moved, but she stayed silent for a long time. It’s time to express herself to let those people see and get to know their place.

“She challenged me. If I don’t accept it, isn’t it like handing wangye over for free? Wangye, why don’t I tackle this difficult job and compete with her? If I win, of course wangye will get face. If by chance I lose, wangye also shouldn’t go away with any strange sister, yo! Especially those sisters who like to seduce. Who knows what kind of problems they have; for example, sexually transmitted diseases……”

Hearing Murong Qi Qi talk like that Feng Cang laughed charmingly. Before, Jin Mo mentioned that Murong Qi Qi was not as incompetent as she looked like. Jin Mo didn’t say the specifics and Feng Cang also didn’t ask further. However, Jin Mo saying that, Feng Cang believed Murong Qi Qi must have some things out of the ordinary which she kept hidden.

At this point, Murong Qi Qi became more eloquent and her gaze also became more penetrating, making Feng Cang couldn’t help but think back about the gaze Murong Qi Qi had at that time, when she had discovered someone next to her when she woke up.  How could someone weak without power have that kind of murderous aura? It seemed that this little woman had many secrets. Today, she took the initiative to announce it.

Murong Qi Qi’s ‘seduce’ forcefully wrote down Guli’s image. Although Guli and Murong Qi Qi were both dressed in red; but on Murong Qi Qi, it looked very lively and on Guli, it looked charming and full of temptation. It felt like those prostitutes in brothels.


Longze Jing Tian, who was sitting at one side drinking tea, spat his tea out. Sexually transmitted diseases? Murong Qi Qi knows about sexual transmitted diseases? Where did she, a lady, hear about this?!

Hearing ‘sexually transmitted disease’ from Murong Qi Qi, almost made everyone faint. This princess Zhao Yang is too direct……

However, her words made it like this was real, making everyone’s eyes lock onto Guli’s body. Zeze, the more they looked, the more she felt like a prostitute. The more they looked, the more she seemed to have a problem! In the minds of these imaginative people, appeared an image of Guli having pleasure beneath a man……

“What are you looking at?! If you continue to look, I’ll dig your eyes out!”

Aware of those unscrupulous eyes going up and down on her body, Guli ferociously swept around and used a strong lethal gaze to let everyone retreat.

If it wasn’t because Feng Cang was here, Guli wouldn’t be able to help herself from killing Murong Qi Qi. It’s just, this man was here. He would certainly protect her. She couldn’t let her image in Feng Cang’s heart turn bad just because of a bitch. So, she held her anger down.

“Good! Since you have accepted, then please!”

Guli made an invitation posture.

“Literary challenge or martial arts challenge, you can decide!”

Literary challenge was punching and kicking. Martial arts challenge was about using the inner energy.

“Let’s forget it today! You’re hurt. I can’t take advantage of you. When your injury is healed, then come look for me!”

Murong Qi Qi shook her head and was very sympathetic towards Guli, but she was directly rejected by Guli.

“It’s just a small injury, not a serious problem. But you, could it be that you’re afraid?!”

Guli was a contestant of Nan Feng. Naturally, she didn’t know the rumors about Murong Qi Qi. However, the citizens of Bei Zhou were now beginning to be worried for Murong Qi Qi. Everyone knew that this princess Zhao Yang didn’t know martial arts. If they really compete, then wouldn’t she definitely lose?!

Encountering such a thing, Murong Qing Lian was the happiest. Murong Qi Qi relied on Feng Cang’s love to act so arrogantly. She really should be taught a lesson! Thinking till here, Murong Qing Lian pretended to worry: “Big sister, you simply don’t have any martial arts. It’s better to give up on this challenge. Forget about it!”

Hearing Murong Qing Lian's words, Guli immediately understood. A rubbish with no martial arts? Just now, she was still so arrogant?! No wonder she didn’t want to compete. On the surface, she said such beautiful words and was thinking for Guli, saying it so high-sounding; when in fact, it’s because she's a rubbish and couldn’t get real with her (Guli)!

After knowing the ‘truth’, how could Guli let go of such a good opportunity? Although she was indeed injured, but dealing with a mere rubbish, it’s more than enough.

“Can’t! Just now, she already accepted. How could she go back on her words? Could it be Feng Cang’s woman is a liar and also incompetent?!”

Guli broke her brains trying to find the most insidious language that would dig at Murong Qi Qi. Originally, she thought that she would see a face full of fear from Murong Qi Qi after the truth was exposed. She didn’t expect that Murong Qi Qi would laugh.

Although her looks were ordinary, but have to say, Murong Qi Qi’s smile was full of sunlight like a warmth in the winter days, making the hearts of the people skip a beat.

“Since you insist, then I’ve no problem, but I have a request!”

“Say it!”

Murong Qi Qi accepting was beyond everyone’s expectations. It’s just a rubbish being sent to the door; to the mouth, how could it not be slaughter?!

“You want to insist. If I don’t give you your wish, then it’s looking down and bullying you. So, I need to give you this face.”

“However, in a few days, it’s the tournament of the four countries. Since you’re a contestant; if you waste your inner energy, won’t it let Nan Feng lose effectiveness in combat? Inevitably, people will gossip about my Bei Zhou then. So, for fairness, I feel it’s better to challenge in literary! Also, we need to sign an agreement indicating that this is a private duel and has nothing to do with the countries.”

Murong Qi Qi thought very thoroughly about it. Now, the four countries had already arrived at Yongzhou. If something happened to a contestant of Nan Feng, there might be people who would make a fuss about it. Feng Cang nodded as if approving Murong Qi Qi's words.

Guli had also considered what Murong Qi Qi said. This time, she came to get first place for Nan Feng. By then, not only would she be very well regarded; when she goes back, the emperor would also heavily reward her. If she now wastes her energy on this rubbish Murong Qi Qi, it’s indeed not worth it.

“Literary challenge is fine, signing an agreement is fine, but I want to sign an agreement between life and death!”

“Agreement between life and death!”

Bai Yi Yue couldn’t help herself from exclaiming. Murong Qi Qi didn’t seem surprised. She nodded and accepted.

Agreement between life and death. As the name implied, the parties won’t give up or stop the duel until one of them was dead. In ordinary duels, as long as one of the parties admit defeat, it would be alright, but an agreement between life and death meant that no one would stop until someone dies. Only one person can stay alive.

In everyone’s eyes, Guli’s condition was really too harsh. Murong Qi Qi didn’t even know martial arts, isn’t this like forcing someone?! Could it be she wanted to take this opportunity to kill Murong Qi Qi?

Feng Cang's red lips were now also in a tight line. Although Murong Qi Qi gave him an assuring gaze, he still couldn’t help but worry.

Even if the two signed an agreement between life and death, even if Murong Qi Qi couldn’t compare to Guli, saving her is an easy matter. However, knives don’t have eyes. If before this, Guli hurt Murong Qi Qi, then what should he do?

Feng Cang didn’t have any interest in Guli. She’s just a slut. Killing her would be as easy as trampling an ant. Feng Cang was only concerned about Murong Qi Qi. If she became injured, even if it’s only scratching the skin, he didn’t know how bad he would feel.

Wangye, it doesn’t matter. I’m fine.”

Sensing Feng Cang become worried, Murong Qi Qi’s small hand wrote the word ‘heart’ on his palm.

“Always, it has been wangye who protected me. I’m very grateful. But today’s matter involves wangye, I can’t hide behind wangye anymore. She’s being so aggressive, really looks down on people! Besides, my heart has wangye, I won’t surrender wangye freely to another. So, I won’t refuse this duel. However, wangye can be at ease. When I was in Jing Xin An, a master has taught me a thing or two. Although, it can’t be compared to those who have practiced for many years, but protecting myself is no problem!”

Murong Qi Qi said it very reservedly, but Feng Cang could see the intention to kill in her eyes. Suddenly, the tension in his heart relaxed by half.

Could it be that his little wangfei had been enduring because nobody forced her too much?

Murong Qi Qi saying that she won’t surrender him freely to another, made Feng Cang heart feel as sweet as eating candied fruit. It seemed, she did it for him, ah! This little woman’s possessiveness was really strong. If it wasn’t because Guli forced her today, presumably she would have continued to pretend to be a small white rabbit! He had long wondered why the little white rabbit Murong Qi Qi would occasionally have the gaze of a leopard. It seemed that she even kept it from him!

“Qing Qing, I believe you.”

Feng Cang let people prepare ink and paper. He personally wrote the agreement and handed it to Murong Qi Qi.

“Qing Qing, sign your name!”


Seeing Feng Cang like this, Longze Jing Tian blocked loudly and stood up.

“Nan Lin wang, princess Zhao Yang doesn’t how to use martial arts and also doesn’t know martial arts. You obviously know this, so why do you still push her out to duel with somebody? Isn’t this equal to letting her go die?!”

Before, when Longze Jing Tian saw Feng Cang’s and Murong Qi Qi’s interaction, his heart choked badly. Obviously, the one standing at her side should be him, why did it now change to Feng Cang? Why?!

Whenever he thought about before, when Jin Mo let Longze Jing Tian misunderstand Murong Qi Qi and let him write the 'break off engagement' letter, he would get very annoyed. And then after remembering Jin Mo was Feng Cang’s subordinate, this matter probably had something to do with Feng Cang; the question that had troubled Longze Jing Tian finally got an answer.

Why was Jin Mo at Xi Qi’s capital Xiliang at that time? Why did Jin Mo pretend to be Lian gongzi[3. Gongzi: young master] and went to treat Duanmu Yi Yi? Could it be that the one behind it was Feng Cang?! Longze Jing Tian’s mind was rapidly turning at this moment. If all of these was ordered by Feng Cang, then what motive did Feng Cang have? Could it be just to let him break off the engagement and get Murong Qi Qi?

However, time didn’t allow Longze Jing Tian to think more about the motive. Seeing Feng Cang let Murong Qi Qi sign the agreement, Longze Jing Tian couldn’t hold it in any longer. He stood up to protest fairness for Murong Qi Qi.

In Longze Jing Tian’s eyes; at this time, Murong Qi Qi needed someone’s protection the most.

What 'learned a thing or two from a master'? Could that thing or two be compared to Guli?! Others may not know about this Guli, but Longze Jing Tian knew.

This woman’s name was very infamous in Nan Feng because of her unrestrained behavior. She liked men and her methods were very vicious. She had been given the nickname ‘witch Guli’.  Whichever man she took a fancy to, she would use all methods to get him. If she couldn’t get him, she’d kill him in a cruel manner. Today, she had set her eyes on Murong Qi Qi. Murong Qi Qi is obviously at disadvantage, ah!

Now letting Murong Qi Qi duel with Guli, was it not like an egg touching a stone?!

“Qi Qi, do not participate in this duel!”

Longze Jing Tian stood between Murong Qi Qi and Feng Cang. He glared at Feng Cang.

“Nan Lin wang, my Xi Qi sent princess Zhao Yang with the sincerity to form a marriage alliance. But you repeatedly made things difficult for princess Zhao Yang. Now, you’re pushing princess Zhao Yang into a pit of fire, what does your Bei Zhou mean by that?”

“If you don’t want to form a marriage alliance, you can just say so. We’ll certainly bring princess Zhao Yang back. Why do you need to push princess Zhao Yang onto the road of death?! Letting princess Zhao Yang duel with a contestant of the tournament of the four countries, a duel between life and death at that; could it be that Nan Lin wang is borrowing someone else's sword to kill?!”

Longze Jing Tian said those words very righteously, but it made Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi frown.

In Murong Qi Qi’s point of view, this Longze Jing Tian’s brain definitely went into water and has problems to be saying those strange words. Did he regard himself as the wearing underwear on the outside Superman?

Putting on a morally stern face. She wasn’t a princess who fell into the mouth of a monster and waiting for a knight to come save her. She didn’t need Longze Jing Tian to speak out for her. And what is borrowing someone’s else sword to kill? These words were very hard to listen to! Really giving a dog a bad name and then hanging him.

  • Giving a dog a bad name and then hanging him: ruin someone’s reputation and they will never be able to re-establish themselves. 

And Feng Cang, the vinegar jar in his heart had just been knocked over.

  • Eating vinegar in Chinese means getting jealous.

From the moment Longze Jing Tian appeared, he (FC) felt the way this man looked at Murong Qi Qi was very different. As a man, meeting a woman he liked and how he looked at her, Feng Cang had already experienced it. So, he understood.

Although Li Yun Qing’s gaze was also not right, but he didn’t express it. Longze Jing Tian looked like someone who had their favorite toy taken away and was now feeling regret. There’s a strong predatory taste. It’s a gaze of when a hunter encountered a prey! Could it be that he regretted it? However, now Murong Qi Qi was his wangfei. This shameless person. He wanted to incite disharmony in their relationship!

TL note: At first, I thought a literary challenge was like competing with poems or something like that. But it turned out that literary challenge was also about fighting. The only difference is that literary challenge doesn't use inner energy and martial arts challenge does.

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