Chapter 86 The duel of life and death (2)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 86 The duel of life and death (2)

Not waiting for Longze Jing Tian to say more nonsense, Feng Cang gave him who was standing in the middle, a kick and pulled Murong Qi Qi into his arms. He used action to show ownership of this woman.

“Jing wang, please mind your words a bit. First of all, princess Zhao Yang is benwang’s wangfei. This fact will never change. Benwang will cherish her like how I cherish my eyes. Don’t need you to worry about it. Second, this is princess Zhao Yang’s and Guli’s duel. Benwang as princess Zhao Yang’s husband will wholeheartedly support and believe her. Benwang won’t doubt any decision princess Zhao Yang makes. Third, no matter how benwang is, Jing wang can’t control it. She is benwang’s wangfei. Jing wang, please remember your identity.”

Feng Cang’s words were overbearing and arrogant. Immediately, Longze Jing Tian’s expression turned bad. However, what can he do? It’s him who gave up on Murong Qi Qi. It’s he who personally pushed Murong Qi Qi to others. All fault lay on him and has nothing to do with others.

It’s just, he couldn’t accept it, he just couldn’t accept it!

The strange atmosphere between the two wang’s spread out. A smoke of a fight will break out made the whole scene exceptionally quiet. Everyone stared at Feng Cang and Longze Jing Tian.

These two, one is Bei Zhou’s Nan Lin wang; the other is Xi Qi’s Jing wang. Their relation became so troubled, was actually because of princess Zhao Yang, making everyone’s gaze once again fell onto Murong Qi Qi.

Features are ordinary, medium pretty. What does she have to let two of the world’s most outstanding men have a dispute because of her? Could it be that now the taste of men changed? Now they like the ones like Murong Qi Qi?

The people at the scene have heard about the matter of Murong Qi Qi being rejected. It’s this Jing wang who wrote the breaking engagement letter. But now looking at him, could he has regretted? However, in the world there’s no medicine for regret! Not to mention, everyone could see the love in Feng Cang’s and Murong Qi Qi’s eyes. What did Longze Jing Tian mean by this? Want to slander Feng Cang’s reputation to get the beauty’s heart? This thing is not easy to handle!

The atmosphere became awkward because of the two’s dispute. Just as when everyone was waiting to see how Longze Jing Tian will continue to ‘protect’ Murong Qi Qi, Murong Qi Qi kowtowed slightly at Longze Jing Tian: “Thanking Jing wang for your care! It’s just I accepted this duel willingly and has nothing to do with wangye. Asking Jing wang to not misunderstand wangye because of me.”

Murong Qi Qi’s attitude was very clear. Every sentence was protecting Feng Cang. The tangling hearts of the commoners were now completely relaxed. That’s right! No matter how good Jing wang is, how could he be better than their wangye?! Princess Zhao Yang has good eyes!

Everyone forgot about those rumors of Feng Cang. To the people, this is a battle for princess Zhao Yang’s hand between Bei Zhou’s and Xi Qi’s wangye. As Bei Zhou’s citizens, naturally they hope Feng Cang wins. This is now related to the nation’s sense of honor. And now, Murong Qi Qi’s resolute attitude made the good feelings people have for her went to a level higher!

The battle between the two men ended with Feng Cang winning the beauty! The couple, Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi, already got the recognition of the people. And this, made Guli extremely upset. She couldn’t help but knock on the table with the hilt of her dagger.

“Hey, hey, hey, are we still dueling or not? Don’t waste my time!”

“Duel,” Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi said at the same time. Murong Qi Qi signed her name and put a thump print on the life and death agreement. Then she handed the agreement at Guli. Guli swept over it once and humphed coldly. She also wrote her name and put her print on it.

“Let’s go out and duel. Here, there are too many people and the place is too narrow. It won’t be good if we injure an innocent person.”

After saying that, Murong Qi Qi walked to the outside. Guli has no requirements for the site, so she also went out.

Princess Zhao Yang and Nan Feng’s participant would duel spread throughout Cyclamen and the surroundings shop. Everyone flicked to the streets to watch. looking at the two women in red, the commoners began to talk about them.

“I heard princess Zhao Yang doesn’t know martial arts. Now she signed the agreement between life and death, what will she do later? Is there now not only death waiting for her?”

Wangye finally encountered a woman he loves, how would he let something happen to her?! Rest assured, wangye will certainly help her!”

“Although princess Zhao Yang is not as beautiful as that prostitute, but she’s more pleasing to the eyes. I still hope princess Zhao Yang wins!”

Guli’s hearing is not bad. Obviously, the evaluation the people has for Murong Qi Qi was higher than hers. Also, there were some people wishing for Murong Qi Qi to win. This point let her particularly not happy. How could she lost to a rubbish?! Absolutely impossible!

The streets were covered with a thick layer of snow. Murong Qi Qi and Guli were only ten meters apart. Both were in red. However, Guli looked hot and seductive, while Murong Qi Qi looked like a red flower in the snow with a very noble aura.


A long voice let all the onlookers quieted down. The duel was about to begin. Everyone’s heart was like in their throats and wanted to see what the result of this duel will be. Although everyone hoped for Murong Qi Qi to win, but the reality was not controlled by people’s mind.

Guli’s weapon is a two-edged sword which was black without a trace of decoration. It’s a very good sword. And Murong Qi Qi’s weapon was just a red muslin.

When Murong Qi Qi took out her weapon, everyone was startled.

The opponent is using a good sword, why did Murong Qi Qi came out with a red muslin? Can this soft muslin be able to withstand a sword?


Seeing Murong Qi Qi’s ‘weapon’, Guli laughed.

“Lady, this is a duel and not a dance show. You came up with a muslin; is it that you are half-heartedly having this duel or is it that you’re playing a joke on me?”

“Just now, I said your head has a problem, it indeed has a problem! Being halfhearted or playing a joke, is this not in your advantage?!  Dealing with you, a big breasted without brain milk cow, I only need to think with my toes. Taking a weapon out will be like lifting your level up!”


Murong Qi Qi’s poisonous tongue let Guli choke.

“Very well! I will see if you’ve real ability or not!”

A breeze passed. Guli like a red frog stepping on the snow, went up at Murong Qi Qi. That black sword against the snow background truly have a cold aura. The first attack was already explosive strong. Everyone’s heart temporarily stopped beating. This is bad! This time princess Zhao Yang be ruined!

Everyone was worried about Murong Qi Qi’s safety, but this woman didn’t move a bit. She stood quietly on the snow as if she isn’t aware of the danger.

“Be careful…...,” Li Yun Qing couldn’t help but shout. It’s just that his voice just fell, Guli was already in front of Murong Qi Qi.

“Ah……,” Seeing that Murong Qi Qi still didn’t dodge, Guli laughed evilly. Like this, she will get her head with one stroke! Let this arrogant woman go meet the king of hell.

“Go die!”

Not waiting for Guli to finish, Murong Qi Qi moved sideways and went through Guli’s empty left hand to Guli’s back. The person who was in front of her just now, suddenly disappeared made Guli’s heart startled. Then she felt pan at her butt. Murong Qi Qi directly kicked at her rounded butt. This kick was extremely neat and the power was violent. Guli staggered and fell on the ground with her face down.

“The first strike, kick the evil dog!”

Murong Qi Qi clapped and put her hands on her waist. Her appearance looked cute as if she didn’t see Guli’s embarrassment.


Guli fell very tragically and the name Murong Qi Qi gave this strike was extremely funny. The people whose heart was originally hanging, laughed out loudly. Immediately, the atmosphere eased down.


Li Yun Qing laughed while shaking his head. How could he has forgotten that this girl’s kungfu on kicking people is very good? In the past, she kicked Duanmu Yi Yi in the lake. He didn’t expect that now she will resort to this at her first stroke.

It’s just, is that stroke really that simple? At that moment, they were so close. She flashed to Guli’s back with such a speed and also used such a strength to kick the other side; is this Murong Qi Qi really someone who doesn’t even have the strength to trust a chicken? The doubts in Li Yun Qing’s heart once again expanded. The way he looked at Murong Qi Qi became more profound.

“Cough, cough, cough!”

Guli drank a mouthful of blood. She stood up and immediately spit it out. However, the face because of the violent collision with the ground, became very red. It looked like there was a red biscuit hanging on her face. It looked very funny and her appearance reduced with five points. And at her naval cavity, she felt two stream of warmth. The next moment, two rows of nosebleed sprayed out tainting her lips and chin.

“Are you really a contestant of Nan Feng? How come you are so useless? You didn’t use bribery to become a contestant, right? You bragged so much, but in fact you are not much, ah!”

Murong Qi Qi took the opportunity to be sarcastic at Guli, making Guli so angry her whole body trembled. She wiped the blood on her nose, pulled two clothes to plug in her nose. The sword in her hand once again raised.

“Bitch! I’m going to kill you!”

Guli jumped. The sword in her hand stabbed in the direction of Murong Qi Qi. She looked like a red arc in a painting, rushing at Murong Qi Qi. However, she didn’t get near to Murong Qi Qi yet, when Murong Qi Qi turned, stepped on the snow and left the dangerous place.

Murong Qi Qi’s posture was very light. The jump looking like a running deer in the wilderness. The murderous aura in Guli intensified. That red figure chased after Murong Qi Qi, pressing harder and harder.

Two red dots like a race, chased in the snow. Murong Qi Qi didn’t fight, so Guli could only chase. Murong Qi Qi seemed to be deliberately teasing Guli. She went around a circle in the snow repeatedly. She only dodged. From time to time, in the air came the laughter of Murong Qi Qi with was like music as if this wasn’t a life and death duel but a play of catch me if you can.

“Till when do you want to dodge?! If you have the guts, then duel with me!”

Although Guli practice martial arts and she has a good condition, but after running in a circle for a dozen times, she was sure Murong Qi Qi was playing with her. She’s clearly delaying time and didn’t want to fight with her!

After ten laps, plus the fact that her rib was broken by Feng Cang, Guli’s breathing obviously became a lot shorter. She kept breathing and the chest also felt painful because of this. Despicable! Looking at the not far away laughing Murong Qi Qi, Guli cursed in her heart. She (MQQ) obviously knew her rib was broken and need a quick fix, but Murong Qi Qi didn’t fight with her. Instead, she (MQQ) consumed her (G) physical strength. Really too despicable!

The tactic that was despicable in Guli’s heart, when they entered Feng Cang’s eyes, it became appreciation.

Waste the other party’s strength. When the other party is so exhausted, kill her with one move. This is indeed the best way. Feng Cang didn’t expect that Murong Qi Qi will use the tactic on chess in an actual duel. Really a smart little woman! The way Feng Cang looked at Murong Qi Qi became gentler.

Now, Guli was panting. Every time, she breathed, her chest will be badly in pain. Really a despicable villain! Guli gritted her teeth and looked at Murong Qi Qi.

Seeing the expression of wanting to eat someone on Guli’s face, Murong Qi Qi laughed.

“Yo, what’s the matter? Exhausted? Just now who wanted to duel with me so much? How come now, we haven’t even warmed up, you’re already tired? How can this be, ah?! I still have one hundred and eighty strokes which I didn’t show yet! You need to stay alive till that time, ah!”

“Cough, cough!”

Ruyi stood behind Feng Cang and almost choked. Who said wangfei is gentle and pleasant, dignified and virtuous? Such a poisonous tongue, even going beyond Jin Mo. Who has taught wangfei such eloquence?!

“F**** your mother!”

Finally, Guli burst out foul language.

“The one who will die here today, will be you! I took a fancy on Feng Cang! When you’re dead, I will serve Feng Cang in your place! No man will like those like you without butt and without breast! I will certainly serve him well till he’s happy and let him immediately forget about you!”

Long Duo at a side saw Guli lose control like that, he frowned. How come Guli is so easily angered? Could it be she doesn’t know that being angry is the biggest taboo of a duel?! Although Murong Qi Qi still didn’t show her ability, but someone who knows to delay time, how could she be the rubbish from the rumors?!

“Go quickly and find young master Helan! Say something happened to Guli and is waiting for young master to come and help!”

Long Duo ordered the subordinate next to him. That man immediately flew away from the duel site.

Guli said so many big words to anger Murong Qi Qi and let her give up on running into circles to fight with her. She didn’t expect that Murong Qi Qi truly stopped and walked step by step towards her (G).

It’s just, why did Guli feel now that Murong Qi Qi is somewhat different? She changed her laughing expression. Her whole expression turned cold and the cold aura emitting from Murong Qi Qi made Guli very shocked. Such an aura, could she really be an ordinary person?

Originally, Murong Qi Qi wanted to play a bit more with Guli and exhaust her. Then take her life. She didn’t think that she’ll (G) pull Feng Cang inside this, made Murong Qi Qi very unhappy. Her man can only be hers, Murong Qi Qi’s! The other party not only want her man, but also want to take her position. This was something Murong Qi Qi couldn’t tolerate.

Guli didn’t know she touched Murong Qi Qi’s bottom line. Seeing Murong Qi Qi coming at her, she also prepared to fight. She intended to take down Murong Qi Qi’s head. She didn’t expect Murong Qi Qi to leap up and the red muslin in her hand waved. She was like the ninth fairy coming down at earth in front of her (G).

“Guli, dodge!”

Only when Long Duo’s voice reached over, did Guli awaken from the surprise. She was too late to dodge. So, she could only fell sideways on the ground and rolled to a safe place.


The red muslin hit the ground. The snowflakes splashed, revealing the original black paving slab.


The slab cracked.


The crack became bigger and the whole stone crushed into powder.

Shock! Everyone looked foolishly at that aloof woman. Only a red muslin was able to burst out such a powerful force? If it fell onto a person’s body……everyone couldn’t help but look compassionate at Guli. Fortunately, this woman dodged fast, otherwise, she would’ve been seriously injured.

The breaking of the slab also let Guli shiver. What kind of horrifying force is this? Her (MQQ) didn’t have any inner energy. How come she has such a powerful force to actually crush the slab of the road? The thought that if it wasn’t because of Long Duo’s reminder, all her bones would’ve been crushed, Guli’s whole body shivered. Her vigilance also increased to the highest level.


Murong Qi Qi didn’t give Guli the opportunity to breathe. That red muslin seemed to come to life in her hands. It danced in the sky. And Murong Qi Qi’s feminine body was enveloped in the red muslin. On the white snow, a beauty in red danced with the red muslin. Dancing as if she came from a beautiful painting in front of everyone.

Very beautiful……Li Yun Qing was dazed. He couldn’t help but take out his jade flute and played the song <Three lanes of Plum Blossom>.

Murong Qi Qi followed the music and danced with the beat. In the sky, the long red muslin make a beautiful picture. The next moment, the red muslin fell next to Guli. Like the previous time, the stone slab cracked and crushed into powder. The gentle and beautiful scene was gone and revealed a sharp murderous aura.

Guli dodged in a sorry state on the snow. The red muslin in Murong Qi Qi seemed to have wings and repeatedly flew at her. No matter where she falls, the red muslin will chase immediately. Not a bit at a side, it just hit the place where she was standing, making it so she couldn’t help but ‘escape’.

Suddenly it began to snow. This little bit of white made the woman dancing in the snow livelier. Her face had a gentle smile and danced a moving dance on the snow, but the force in her hand didn’t lessen a bit. She pressed harder and harder, making it so that there’s no way for Guli to escape anymore.

The people forgot that this is a duel between life and death. Everyone was immersed in Murong Qi Qi’s wonderful dance. White snow, red soul and that essence of the red soul is that dancing woman.

She looked like a fairy who fell into the mortal world. Because of the greed for the earthly good, she forgot to return to heaven. She danced and used that piece of red muslin to tell her fondness of the world. What a wonderful woman! Inside everyone’s heart rose such a thought. They all looked quietly at Murong Qi Qi and didn’t dare to make a sound as if, if they made a sound they will alert that fairy.

The only person who felt bitterness was Guli. The eyes of the people were gentle and pure. The fairy like Murong Qi Qi was a demon in her eyes. This woman didn’t intend to leave her a wat of life. Everywhere, where she stood has been hit by the red muslin in Murong Qi Qi’s hand. All those slabs turned into pieces. How brutal is this force? How terrifying!

To be able to operate such a soft muslin and using this soft muslin to burst such a force, is this woman really the rubbish who doesn’t know martial arts from the rumors?!

At this time, Li Yun Qing’s sound of the flute became higher. And the red muslin in Murong Qi Qi’s hand suddenly exuded a ferocious murderous aura.

This is bad! Guli was shocked.

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