Chapter 87 The shy Nan Lin Wang (1)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 87 The shy Nan Lin Wang (1)

A red muslin like a belt demanding her life went straight at Guli.

At this time, Guli’s chest was in an unbearable pain. Because she was busy dodging and because of the broken rib wasn’t treated, now the rib seems to have dislocated. It stabbed in her chest; so painful that it made her whole body full of cold sweats. Obviously, she saw the red muslin in front of her, but she wasn’t able to dodge it.

The red muslin wrapped around Guli’s left and right hand. Guli couldn’t unwrap it. Twice there was a ‘kacha’ sound. Guli’s wrist has been broken by the red muslin.

“Ah……,” a shrill scream almost made the people became deaf. Those who were timid simply covered their eyes and only peeked through their fingers.

Murong Qi Qi was not satisfied with only breaking Guli’s hands. The red muslin wrapped around Guli’s feet. Again a ‘kacha’ sound was heard twice. Guli’s ankles have been crushed by the red muslin.

Broken……Long Duo’s heart trembled. Guli’s limbs could be considered a waste now. From the sound, the bones were crushed into small pieces of bones. Even if they find the best doctor, he won’t be able to treat her.

Looking the horror on Guli’s face and the cold sweats on her forehead, Long Duo shook his head. Although this woman is domineering and have a bit of a vicious heart, but after all she’s Nan Feng’s citizen. Now, she became like this. Long Duo could only say Guli didn’t have eyes to have messed with a seemingly unremarkable, but in fact is hidden very deep woman.

However, the shock Murong Qi Qi brought Long Duo was bigger. Just now, he has been watching Murong Qi Qi and didn’t let go of any fragment. This Murong Qi Qi didn’t use any inner energy, but the moves she put out were so vicious. Every one of them was deadly.

Long Duo was keenly aware that Murong Qi Qi didn’t want to take Guli’s life so quick. No matter if it was the cat and mouse game at the beginning or the eye-catching dance later, if Murong Qi Qi really wanted Guli’s life, then the red muslin won’t fell on the slab next to Guli every time.

With her control over the strength of the red muslin, her accuracy should also be very good. This Murong Qi Qi wanted to continue play with Guli, exhaust her and then torture her.

Having these made clear, Long Duo couldn’t help but shudder. The eyes looking at Murong Qi Qi have a trace of fear. In his heart, he already determined that Guli lost and she lost very miserably. No matter if it was Murong Qi Qi who retreated first to stimulate Guli, made Guli sign the life and death agreement or the play of latter, she had Guli eating out of her palms. It’s just till now Guli still hasn’t woken up. Really sad……

Although in his mind, he made these things clear, but Long Duo didn’t intend to help. This is Guli and Murong Qi Qi’s life and death agreement. If he intervened, would It not be like offending Nan Lin wang? Moreover, they are both contestants. Without a Guli, is the same as one less competitor.

This time the imperial noble concubine took the tournament between the four countries very seriously. The reward is also very high. If they really win, would this not mean one more person to split the reward? Thinking till here, Long Duo continued to watch the play at a side.

“If you have the guts, then kill me! If you have the guts, then kill me!”

Big drops of cold sweat rolled from Guli’s forehead, but her eyes didn’t show cowardice because of this. Instead, she was like a poisonous snake full of hate.

“Letting me live, I’ll surely not let you off! I took a fancy on your man and won’t let go! Kill me, otherwise you’ll die!”

Guli’s sharp voice sounded extraordinary mournful on this cold duel site.

“I, Guli Nigula vow in the name of the ancestors, if I stay alive, I’ll definitely let this woman feel that living is more painful than death! Living is more painful than death!”

“Humph! Death is near at hand, you still have such a resolute mouth!”

Murong Qi Qi humphed once and the red muslin in her hand was like a red snake wrapping around Guli’s neck. She was just about to make her move, when she heard a shout “please spare the person!” followed by three plum dart going straight at Murong Qi Qi’s face.

“Qing Qing!”

Feng Cang shouted and then a big cloak protected Murong Qi. The cloak waved once, a strong wind came and go, the plum darts were knocked to the ground.

“Guli! Guli, how are you?”

A man in green raised Guli’s head. Only now, did he see that Guli’s wrists and ankles were broke.

“Young……young master, Guli fears that I won’t be able to participate in the tournament anymore!”

Guli took big mouthfuls of breath. Blood gushed from her mouth making her chest red.

Helan Lian Yi came, Long Duo of course couldn’t continue to hide. So, he also stepped forward.

“This miss, why did you need to use such a heavy hand on my people?”

After handing Guli over to Long Duo, Helan Lian Yi stood up. He turned and looked at Murong Qi Qi inside of Feng Cang’s embrace.


Murong Qi Qi’s answer was very frank. Her eyes have been scanning Helan Lian Yi.

Handsome. He looked like a clean and refreshing man. It’s just, don’t know how his personality is. Helan Lian Yi is Nan Feng’s imperial noble concubine Helan Min’s nephew. The special access pass of Nan Feng’s You Yun states is in this person’s hands.

From Xi Qi came the news that Ming Yue Chen disguised himself and hid among Nan Feng’s missionaries. He followed them back to Nan Feng. Presumably, he’ll take action one of these days.


Hearing Murong Qi Qi said that, Helan Lian Yi sneered once.

“Miss said it so high-sounding! It’s obviously you who hurt her, how could there be talk of self-defense?”

“It’s her skills who is less than others! That’s all.”

Seeing Murong Qi Qi being so rude, Helan Lian Yi still wanted to seek justice for Guli. Long Duo told him quickly what happened today.

“Agreement between life and death? Duel?”

Now Helan Lian Yi finally understood everything.

“I’m sorry! Just now I didn’t investigate the reason and blamed miss. I was too rash. I apologize to miss!”

While Helan Lian Yi was talking, he cupped his hands at Murong Qi Qi.

“It’s just, Guli is already seriously injured. In the future, she’ll also be a rubbish. Asking miss to have mercy and let Guli go!”

“Let go?”

Murong Qi Qi chuckled. Her fingers played with the red muslin. Her mouth revealed a devilish beautiful smile.

“Young master Helan should care about yourself. Just now, you attacked bengong. What kind of punishment should you have?”


Murong Qi Qi’s claim made Helan Lian Yi frown. He didn’t know what kind of superior person  Murong Qi Qi is. Long Duo quickly told him everything he (LD) inquired about Murong Qi Qi.

Princess Zhao Yang?! Xi Qi’s princes to form a marriage alliance with Feng Cang! Now that Helan Lian Yi understood, he somewhat regretted he took action. Even a fool could see Feng Cang’s protectiveness towards Murong Qi Qi. Even though, he didn’t hurt Murong Qi Qi, but after all, he attacked her. This is a troublesome matter……

“Guli signed an agreement between life and death with bengong. How forceful she was before, is how bengong pays her an eye for an eye back. So, this duel hasn’t ended yet. Asking young master Helan to back off. That’s first. Secondly, just now, young master Helan attacked me in public. Don’t know what the reason behind for that is? Between bengong young master Helan are no ill feelings, but young master used such vicious attacks on me; could it be that Nan Feng wants to destroy the marriage alliance between Xi Qi and Bei Zhou? Is that why you wanted to kill bengong? To block the matter? Or is it that young master has another motive for this trip?”

Ruyi at a side wanted to shout and applaud. Before, Jin Mo said this wangfei is a master at playing politics. He didn’t expect that with only a few words, she involved Nan Feng in this matter. Really a genius, ah!

At this point, Longze Jing Tian regretted so much, his intestines turned blue! Why, why did he let Murong Qi Qi go? Just now, those attacks of Murong Qi Qi; how could those be just learned a few tricks? To be able to turn a soft red muslin into a fierce weapon; how is this as simple as learned a thing or two from a master?!

Moreover, Murong Qi Qi’s performance and her communication skills showed that she’s a woman born for power! If he could get such a woman as wife, he’ll be more powerful than heaving an army! Longze Jing Tian now completely regretted! Therefore, the desire to get Murong Qi Qi became more intense!

Hearing Murong Qi Qi, Helan Lian Yi almost vomited blood. Obviously, it was a simple ‘saving person’, from Murong Qi Qi it became a problem between countries! This woman looked petite and demure, but she let people unable to belittle her.

“Princess! Just now, I was indeed rude. However, all what happened was because of my anxiousness to save people and didn’t find out the reason before taking action. It has nothing to do with Nan Feng and definitely doesn’t have the intention to break the marriage alliance between Xi Qi and Bei Zhou. Now princess didn’t suffer any loss and I know I was wrong. Asking princess to let this matter go!”

Helan Lian Yi bowed once again.

“What if I don’t let the matter go?”

Murong Qi Qi played with her jade like hand.

“I heard that young master Helan do business in the sixteen states of You Yun and the business is going very well!”


Helan Lian Yi didn’t understand why Murong Qi Qi suddenly pulled his business into this. So, he could only smile.

“It’s just all because of the mighty imperial grace!”

“Young master Helan said this matter doesn’t have anything to do with Nan Feng. Bengong doesn’t believe it. Why doesn’t young master Helan think for a moment and let bengong see your sincerity? Maybe then bengong will believe this matter has nothing to do with Nan Feng and that it is a misunderstanding.”

Shameless, ah! Ruyi bit his lips. He almost shouted.

Who said wangfei is gentle and pleasant, charming and virtuous?! Who said that?! That person’s eyes definitely have a problem! Their wangfei extorted Helan Lian Yi in front of so many people and is obviously threatening him. Very outrageous!

Ruyi finally understood that him always being respectful towards Murong Qi Qi was a right decision. Its’ difficult to raise a woman and vile character. Offending wangfei, such a little woman is the most frightening thing.

Helan Lian Yi became speechless. He has never seen a woman so shameless and who pester you so much. Is this not obviously intimidating him? Need to use money to seal her mouth, otherwise today’s matter will rise and become a matter between countries! Then it’s a diplomatic affair!

“Aiya, wangye, my chest hurt so badly! Certainly, it’s because I was frightened just now. I was so frightened I got heart disease!”

Seeing Helan Lian Yi hesitate, Murong Qi Qi’s legs suddenly lost strength. With one hand on her chest, she fell into Feng Cang’s arms.

Haha……Feng Cang’s mouth twitched, but he still played along.

“Qing Qing, what’s the matter? Servants, summon the doctor! Quickly!”

From Feng Cang’s point of view, if his woman wants to play, then let’s play! Even if she played till the other party dies, it doesn’t matter. There’s him to cover up. It’s the best for a woman to be arrogant and rude. If she’s obedient in front of other people, is that not obvious that she’ll get bullied?!

Now, Feng Cang simply loved Murong Qi Qi very much. He likes such a personality from her very much! In front of him, she has always been a white rabbit. In front of other, she’ll become a leopard who’ll bully others without blinking an eye. How come the more he looked at this woman, the more he likes her from the bottom of his heart?!

Although in his heart, he loved Murong Qi Qi very much, but his expression was very tense.

“Qing Qing, how do feel? Does it hurt very much? Rest assured, benwang will definitely let the culprit disappear without trace!”

Speaking till here, Feng Cang’s eyes swept coldly over Helan Lian Yi’s neck. A burst of coldness!

Helan Lian Yi swallowed his saliva with difficulty. In the past, he heard those stories about Feng Cang, but he himself didn’t know much about this demon wang. Now meeting him, only a gaze from the other party was enough to let his heart give birth to rush of cowardice. It seems that today, he must loss money to prevent a disaster.

Wangye, my chest hurts so much. To be able to cure this disease, not having hundred thousand golden teals, I fear it won’t do. Cough, cough……”

Murong Qi Qi continued to act. The cough make her face red. Eyes brimming with tears, looking very pitiful completely different from how she looked when she destroyed Guli.

“Hundred thousand,” Helan Lian Yi yelled. He knew this matter won’t pass easily, but he didn’t expect that the other party will have the appetite of a lion and wanted hundred thousand golden teals! This is not a small sum. This woman really dared to open her mouth to ask that!

“Cough, cough……I fear that if delaying a bit more, even hundred thousand won’t be enough to cure……. cough, cough…...wangye, if something happens to me, you must not let Nan Feng off. You must get revenge for me!”

Murong Qi Qi rolled her eyes and fainted in Feng Cang’s arms.

“Qing Qing! Qing Qing, how are you?! Why hasn’t the doctor arrived yet?! Servants, put all of them in jail! If something happens to benwang’s beloved consort, benwang will let Nan Feng go accompany her!”

At this point, Helan Lian Yi completely fainted. And the eagle troop outside, immediately rushed in and surrounded Helan Lian Yi’s group of people. They looked like they wanted to take them down.


Helan Lian Yi gritted his teeth.

“I was reckless and frightened princess. Before dark, a hundred thousand golden teals will definitely be send. Asking princess to accept it!”

The corners of Murong Qi Qi’s mouth, who was pretending to have fainted, revealed a smile of success. Oh, attack her? You dare to attack then I’ll let you bleed! Murong Qi Qi slightly squinted her eyes to threw a glance at Ruyi.

“There’s no proof with only talking. Asking young master Helan to sign an IOU!”

Ruyi was very willing to do errands for Murong Qi Qi. He put ink, brush and paper in front of Helan Lian Yi.

“Could it be that in front of so many people, I can back off!”

Seeing the other party being like that, Helan Lian Yi’s temper also came. He didn’t expect that the moment he finished speaking, at the other side Feng Cang will again shout: “Qing Qing, how are you feeling?”

Forget it! Today, he was too reckless and lost in in front of this couple! Helan Lian Yi didn’t want to let people expand this matter infinitely. Everyone knows Bei Zhou’s ‘ambition of a wolf’. If Feng Cang take this matter as excuse to send troops to Nan Feng, then won’t he be the condemned one in Nan Feng’s history!

Helan Lian Yi put the brush in the ink and wrote the IOU. He put his fingerprint on it.

“Is this alright?! Can I take Guli away now?!”

“Who said you can take her away?”

An elegant voice went through everyone’s ears. The Murong Qi Qi who fainted in Feng Cang’s arms, stood up. Ruyi immediately gave her the IOU to please little wangfei. Murong Qi Qi carefully looked at it once. When there was no problem with it, she let the ink dry. She carefully put away the IOU Helan Lian Yi wrote.

“You played me!”

Helan Lian Yi was speechless. Although in his heart, he knew Murong Qi Qi was acting, but the other party didn’t bother with that. Now, she’s standing very fine in front of him, making him lose hundred thousand golden teals for nothing and also let him become a joke in front of everyone.

“What young master Helan said isn’t right. It’s obviously you who attacked first. How is it bengong played you?! Bengong is helping you, ah. With only a hundred thousand golden teals, you let Nan Feng avoid disaster. Young master Helan is a big hero of Nan Feng, ah!”

Murong Qi Qi laughed and slowly walked to Helan Lian Yi.

“What do you want?”

Helan Lian Yi is now afraid of Murong Qi Qi; afraid that the other party will feel pain here and there and put all of them on him. Not waiting for Murong Qi Qi to be near him, he flashed to a side.


Murong Qi Qi saw Helan Lian Yi like that, she chuckled. She came to Guli’s side.

“Hey, are you dead yet?”

“You, you this poisonous woman, what do you want to do?”

The bloodstain on Guli’s mouth already became a bloodstream. After every word she said, she needed to pause for a long time. When she opens her mouth, blood will flow out. It seemed that her life won’t be long.

“Bengong came to tell you; you like men, bengong has nothing against it. Men can have three wives and four concubines and frequent brothels. Why should women keep their purity? Why should they abide to those morals and ettiquettes……However, you were wrong for liking bengong’s man. Everything that bengong cares about, even if it’s a clothing or a hairpin, bengong won’t let anyone take them away, let alone bengong’s man!”


When Guli heard Murong Qi Qi’s ‘men can have three wives and four concubines and frequent brothels. Why should women keep their purity?’, she laughed. She had a feeling she encountered an intimate friend. But unfortunately, it’s at such a place and such a time.

“It’s, it’s I who got my hopes high……got my hopes high……”

Guli’s chest went up and down fiercer, but she struggled to stand up with the help of her hand. Her eyes looked at the far away Feng Cang.

That man is white as jade, cold as frost. Only when looking at Murong Qi Qi, his gaze would transform into a gentle spring.

So, it turned out that when two people are in love is like this. Guli laughed bitterly once. Although she has many men, but those men being with her, either they were indulged in her beauty and wanted to have pleasure on beds, or they have been pressured by her. There was never a person who looked at her with such infatuated and gentle eyes.

“I, I take back that curse of before.”

Guli’s chest has been dyed red by the blood from her mouth.

“Feng Cang, you, you are the first man I couldn’t get……Today, dying at her hands, I deserve it. However, I don’t regret……it’s just……if in the future, you betray her, even in death I won’t let you off, this traitor!”

“Don’t need you to worry about that. My woman, I will use every effort to protect and love her.”

Feng Cang went forward and took Murong Qi Qi in his arms.


After saying this last word, Guli slowly fell onto the ground. Tears slid from her cheeks onto the ground. Her beautiful eyes were wide open. Even dying she looked infatuated at Feng Cang as if she had many regrets she couldn’t say.

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