Chapter 92 Shaking the heart moving the soul (2)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

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Chapter 92 Shaking the heart moving the soul (2)

Murong Qing Lian always had such an ambiguous attitude, making Su Mei annoyed. Before, if it wasn’t because of Wanyan Kang meddling in, she would’ve long gotten rid of Murong Qing Lian. Now, seeing her going up against Murong Qi Qi again, Su Mei couldn’t hold it in anymore: “If you have the guts, say it once more! Do you believe that I’ll beat out a tooth from you!”

“Miss Murong, could you speak less?!”

This time, it was Longze Jing Tian, who once again opened his mouth.

“How come you can’t learn to be good?!”

“Yes, wangye!”[1. Wang/wangye: prince of the first rank]

Murong Qing Lian gritted her teeth and unwillingly bowed her head. Patience! Patience! No matter what, she needs to pass the knockout competition. By then, she can beat Murong Qi Qi honorably at the tournament. She will fiercely step on her (MQQ) proud face!


Seeing that her provocation was once again stopped by Longze Jing Tian, Su Mei let out a breath and rolled her eyes.

“It’s still miss who said everything right. If a dog bites me, do I have to bite back? There’s no need to reason with an animal. It's better to directly kill it and stew! Unfortunately, ah. She was actually saved, so boring!”

Su Mei’s words were full of thorns, making Murong Qing Lian so angry that she gritted her teeth even more. At this time, Wanyan Kang looked at Su Mei. The more he looked, the more his mood turned for the better. He couldn’t help but laugh loudly.

“Hahaha! Mei er,[2. Er: term of endearment] you truly are a small pepper! Too cute! I just love you being eloquent like this!”

“Pei! Who wants you to like?! Player!”

Here, the two were in a battle of the mouth. At the other side, Murong Qi Qi saw through the whole lay-out.

It seemed that the one who had come up with this problem was a true master. These sharp golden silk threads were arranged in an extremely clever way. If someone was careless, or if this person didn’t have the physical endurance or martial arts, and had a weak body, then the only ending for him was death.

“Little cousin sister, do you have a way to cross over?”

Li Yun Qing had been watching Murong Qi Qi. Just now, she remained silent with furrowed brows. She had been studying these golden silk threads at one side. Now, her brows had relaxed. Her smile was also happy. She had certainly found a way.

“Cousin brother, I just have a preliminary idea. However, if there’s no one to work with me, then I still can’t finalize the way to cross over.”

Li Yun Qing was surprised that Murong Qi Qi had a way to cross over. He became even more curious about this girl. They, with so many people, couldn’t find a way to cross over. How come she had just looked for a while and was able to find a way?

“If little cousin sister doesn’t mind, then I’m willing to cooperate,” Li Yun Qing smiled. He was still wearing a green robe. His hair was tied up with a bamboo stick. He looked like a blue-green jade bamboo in the mountain; fresh and green, tall and straight.

“Well then. Troubling cousin brother!”

Murong Qi Qi let Li Yun Qing tie his clothes together and also tie up his loose hair on his head. In a moment, the original handsome Li Yun Qing became capable for practicing.

“Cousin brother, do as I say. Su Mei, remember all the steps I say.”

“Young master Li, do you really want to go over? You believe her?”

Murong Qing Lian’s unable-to-disperse voice once again came between them.

“If you are trapped in the middle, then the one who will die is you!”

After listening to Murong Qing Lian, Li Yun Qing chuckled. The handsome features became even more charming.

“I put my whole life in little cousin’s hands. Of course, I’m assured. Let’s begin!”

Everyone looked at Li Yun Qing silently. On Murong Qi Qi’s palm also appeared sweat. Originally, she wanted to be the first to cross over. However, if she crossed over, then what about Su Mei and the others? That’s why she needed them to remember every step and method to cross over. Now, Li Yun Qing was willing to try. He really helped Murong Qi Qi out a great deal.

“Cousin brother, you must be careful. Don’t touch the golden silk threads. Also, trouble you to sprinkle these powders on the ground as you cross over. So, later we can follow this road.”


Li Yun Qing packed everything and took a deep breath. His gaze fell gently on Murong Qi Qi’s face.

“Little cousin sister needs to be attentive. I’m still young and haven’t married yet. Li family’s line still needs me to continue. If little cousin sister make a mistake, then I won’t be able to go back.”

Li Yun Qing was as humorous as always and made Murong Qi Qi’s nervous heart relax.

“Cousin brother, rest assured! I won’t let anything happen to you! I still need to see you marry cousin-in-law. I’m still waiting to carry a nephew! Hand it to me, don’t worry!”


After looking deeply at Murong Qi Qi once more, Li Yun Qing turned and walked to the golden silk thread web. If I can, I hope the one to be my bride is you. It’s just, this wish has now become a luxury. Since I can’t be the one at your side, then I’ll do something for you……

“Lift the left foot. One, two, fall. Slide with the left foot. One, two, stop. Roll on the ground. Stop. Turn to the left. Bow and arrow step, slide……”

  • Bow and arrow step: name of a dance step

Murong Qi Qi looked at the golden silk threads in the air. On her forehead was a thin layer of sweat. Li Yun Qing, under Murong Qi Qi’s ‘manipulation’, was like a gymnast, travelling back and forth on the golden silk web. Even his clothes didn’t touch a single golden silk thread. Li Yun Qing did as Murong Qi Qi ordered. He sprinkled the black powder on the ground. On the ground was now one black road.

Three very slow minutes passed. When Li Yun Qing waved at Murong Qi Qi on the stone stair, Wanyan Kang jumped excitedly.

“Crossed! Really crossed over! Cousin-in-law, you’re too awesome!”

Murong Qi Qi sighed of relief and wiped the sweats from her forehead. She also tied up her dress and her hair

“Su Mei, did you remember all the steps? Everyone, remember the steps! If you want to cross over, you must do it according to the steps.”


Not waiting for Murong Qi Qi to finish, Long Duo opened his mouth.

“Princess could’ve crossed over by yourself. You didn’t need to bother with us. Why do you give us the steps? Are we not competitors?”

Long Duo’s words were also the questions everyone wanted to ask. If Murong Qi Qi only passed the steps to Bei Zhou, it’s the best for her if only they crossed over. Then Bei Zhou would be the first place in the tournament of the four countries. Wasn't this first place something Murong Qi Qi wanted?

After hearing Long Duo’s questions, Murong Qi Qi didn’t explain any further.

“Those who want to cross over, follow the steps. Those who don’t want to, stay here.”

After saying that, Murong Qi Qi turned and entered the golden silk thread web.

Although just now, Li Yun Qing crossed over under Murong Qi Qi’s guidance, but all his movements were very stiff. He was barely able to get through. Now, seeing Murong Qi Qi move like running water, everyone couldn’t help but praise in their hearts.

“Too amazing!”

Wanyan Kang looked dazedly at how quickly Murong Qi Qi’s figure disappeared. He was very surprised.

“Cousin brother truly married a treasure!”

Wanyan Kang’s words were especially displeasing to Longze Jing Tian’s ears. Longze Jing Tian was now clearly aware of what kind of treasure he missed. He regretted it very much.

Su Mei, Ruyi and Wanyan Kang followed behind Murong Qi Qi and successfully passed through the golden silk thread web. Xi Qi’s people also successfully passed. Even Murong Qing Lian, who was jealous of Murong Qi Qi, at this moment also honestly did as Murong Qi Qi said. She bound her hair and did as how Su Mei guided her to reach the other side.

After the people of Nan Feng also crossed over, the people of the three countries were once again together. Also, those five people of Dong Lu were forced to cross over by Longze Jing Tian and the others.

“We finally passed the second level!”

Helan Lian Yi wiped the sweats on his forehead. Just now, when he was passing through the golden silk thread web, he was very frightened. Fortunately, he remembered all the steps and arrived safely.

“Thanking princess Zhao Yang!”

Longze Jing Tian led the others to bow at Murong Qi Qi. The others didn’t say anything, only lowered their heads and bowed at Murong Qi Qi. Everyone knew that at this second level, Murong Qi Qi could’ve ignored them. However, she didn’t hide it. She let everyone pass the second level smoothly and safely.

“You’re welcome! If you have something to say, wait until we pass all the five levels! Maybe, next time, we will all be competitors!”

Murong Qi Qi’s words reminded these people that there were five more levels! Five levels! Before, the first level was the attack of Dong Lu’s people. The second level was a battle with golden silk threads. Don’t know what the next five levels would be! Thinking about this, everyone’s hearts sank and they all went up to the third floor.

The moment they reached the third floor, everyone couldn’t help but shiver. So cold! They looked around. Everywhere was surrounded by a vast of white. Everywhere was covered in a thick layer of snow. There were also valleys and pine trees covered in snow. Everything was so life-like, as if they weren't in a pagoda. If it wasn’t because the roof was still built by stones and bricks, people would've thought that they were outside the Great Wall.

“Oh god! Truly magical!”

Murong Qing Lian began to exclaim.

“This time, Dong Lu truly put much effort (in terms of money), ah! These trees are actually real!”

As Murong Qing Lian was speaking, she also kicked the trunk.

“This snow……”

Li Yun Qing touched the snow on the ground and put it on his nose. He also tasted it.

“It’s real snow.”

“Truly too magical!”

As everyone entered the third floor, they curiously looked around. Everything was wrapped around a layer of white. No matter if it was the trees, the valleys or the snow, everything was real. Don’t know what kind of traps were hidden in this snow.

‘Sou, sou, sou!’

Just as everyone was searched for the traps to be on guard, three cold arrows came from the roof.

“Su Mei, follow me! Ah Kang, Ruyi, you two form a group. Remember to be careful!”

Murong Qi Qi shouted and then rolled into the snow. Su Mei followed behind Murong Qi Qi and also hid in the snow.

The other people also came back to their senses from the sudden attack. They also formed groups with their respective teams and also hid inside the thin layers of snow.

Su Mei’s weapon was a small bow and arrow. It’s good enough to carry in the left hand. Murong Qi Qi hid behind a valley, looking for the location where those sharp arrows had come from. It turned out to be a small black window.

Murong Qi Qi counted. There were four windows in total, respectively at the four directions; east, south, west and north. It controlled the whole third floor without letting go of even one corner.


A scream was heard. One of the people of Nan Feng had been shot.

“There’s poison on the arrows!”

Long Duo looked at the companion next to him, who had been shot with the arrow and their face had turned black. He screamed: “Really despicable! Everyone, be careful!”

With Long Duo’s reminder, the remaining people were particularly vigilant. However, the arrows didn’t stop there, but continued to shoot at the people hidden in the snow ground.

‘Shua, shua, shua……’

A row of black arrows landed next to Wanyan Kang’s feet, only half an inch from his toes.

“F***! Bastard! Fortunately, this master has a lucky life!”

Wanyan Kang rolled to another side and escaped the next attack.

“Really shameless. Do they want to test us or kill us, ah?! They even used the crossbows from the army! Damn Dong Lu, don’t let this master go out. If this master gets out, this master will destroy you! F*** them!”

Wanyan Kang said what’s in everyone’s hearts. The previous knockout competitions were also thrilling, but they were not black like this. Dong Lu’s people are truly vile! Thinking till here, everyone glared at those five still very alive Dong Lu people, scaring them so much that they shivered. One person didn’t pay attention and was shot by an arrow. He stumbled about and went to see the king of hell.

“Haha, he deserved it. Great satisfaction, ah!”

Wanyan Kang laughed. Su Mei couldn’t help but roll her eyes. Is this man stupid? At this time, he didn’t think about how to pass the level. Instead, he’s laughing at others. Really don’t know if he’s naïve or what.

“Miss, what should we do?”

Su Mei looked at the four black eyes at the top.

“Miss, I counted. Behind every hole, there are two people. They took turns to shot the arrows. Should we kill them?”

“Let’s look at the situation first.”

Murong Qi Qi narrowed her eyes.

The knockout competition Dong Lu brought this time was too surprising. There were surprises at every level of the pagoda. Just now, Murong Qi Qi discovered something; these four holes didn’t go against any particular party. Also, they didn’t let the people of Dong Lu off just because they were from Dong Lu. Could it be that they didn’t care about their own? Or could there be more secrets to this?

Although the arrows coming from the four holes were shot at the contestants of the four countries, but the focus was on the stairs to the fourth floor. The moment someone comes close to those stairs, all four pairs of people would shoot arrows at the same time. By then, there’ll be a gap.

It’s just, a bait is needed. After luring the four pairs of people, everyone needed to go up the stairs at the same time.

“Cousin-in-law, think of something, ah!”

Wanyan Kang and Ruyi ‘rolled’ towards Murong Qi Qi.

“Several people have already died. Cousin-in-law, if you still don’t think of a way, then everyone will die here!”

Wanyan Kang’s voice made everyone’s gaze fall upon Murong Qi Qi. Before, she was able to unlock the secret of the golden silk threads with no difficulty. Could she already have thought of a way out now?

Seeing that those people were counting on Murong Qi Qi, one of Su Mei’s eyebrows was raised.

“You, such a big man, can’t you think of a way with such a big head?!  How come you count on our miss for everything?! Could it be that, if my miss wasn’t here, then you will go die?!”

Su Mei’s words were very ugly to hear. Wanyan Kang smiled embarrassingly. Su Mei scolding Wanyan Kang like that; in fact she was scolding those people, who were waiting for others to solve the problem for them and have the thought to reap where they had not sown, through Wanyan Kang. There were some smart people, whose faces burned after listening to Su Mei. They immediately lowered their heads.

Murong Qi Qi didn’t care about how many people have died. After all, this was a tournament and also the knockout competition. Naturally, there will be death and injuries. Besides, the other three countries were their competitors. If everyone passed, then wouldn’t the finals take up several days to finish?

They were now in a time of the eight Immortals crossing the sea, each showing his own special talent. If they all passed, how could it then still be called the knockout competition?! However, the competition of this time was truly strange. How could this be an ordinary competition?! It’s like a purgatory test.

Now was not the time to fight between themselves. Although among these contestants, there were people she didn’t like and even hated, but there were also people she cared about and also her friends. Even if now she, Bai Yi Yue and Li Yun Qing were divided into different camps, but they’re still her friends. She didn’t want something to happen to them.

“Ah Kang, your qinggong[3. Qinggong: the ability to move swiftly and lightly at superhuman speed, and perform gravity-defying moves such as gliding on water surfaces, scaling high walls and mounting trees] is good. Go to the stone stairs to lure the enemy. Remember, don’t let those arrows touch you. Su Mei, Ruyi, you are responsible for the eyes on the east side. Jing wang, asking you and Qing Lian be responsible for the eyes of the north side. Cousin brother and miss Bai, be responsible for the eyes of the west side. Young master Helan, the south is for you guys. When Ah Kang reaches the stone stairs and lures all the arrows over, everyone take action at the same time and fight for the chance. The rest of the people will help cover up!”

No one had any objections. Just now, Longze Jing Tian had already found the problem. Her arrangement was also the best.

“Alright! Let’s do it like that!”

Longze Jing Tian opened his mouth, even if Murong Qing Lian had any objections, she could only humph coldly.

The rest, including the people of Dong Lu, didn’t have any other thoughts. Two of the six of them have already died. Now, the remaining four have long forgotten that their mission was to kill these opponents and get the first place. Now, from their point of view, the best way was to follow the group. Otherwise, they wouldn’t even know how they died.

After arranging everything, Murong Qi Qi closely watched the frequency of each archer behind the hole. After determining everything, Murong Qi Qi nodded at everyone.

“Ready! Ah Kang, go!”

Immediately, Wanyan Kang rushed like the wind to the stone stairs that lead to the fourth floor. The people behind the four holes became aware that there’s someone who wanted to sneak upstairs. All four directions pointed their arrows at Wanyan Kang.

‘Sou, sou, sou!’

“Aiyaya, grandchildren, your archery skills are just so so, ah! Be faster, more faster!”

Wanyan Kang shouted while his body escaped the arrows, extremely agile.

“Now is the time! Action!”

The moment Murong Qi Qi’s order fell, the people who were assigned with a task came to the four corners.


Su Mei’s small arrow accurately shot into the black hole.

“Ah……,” with a scream that person stopped shooting. However, behind him someone quickly took his place.


The dart in Ruyi’s hand also went through the black hole.


It seemed like someone fell. From the black hole at the east, no more arrows were shot out.

“We succeeded!”

Su Mei shouted happily. At the same time, the people at the other three places also began to move. In a moment, the people who were attacking them behind the black holes have been killed.

“Heh, heh, that was a close call!”

Wanyan Kang stopped and wiped the sweat from his face.

“I’m still alive, so good! This master is still alive!”

What Wanyan Kang was saying was also what the others were thinking. They had finally passed this level! At this time, the way everyone looked at Murong Qi Qi was particularly different. Even Helan Lian Yi, who had been cheated out a hundred thousand golden teals by Murong Qi Qi, was also full of admiration towards Murong Qi Qi.

If it wasn’t because Murong Qi Qi had thought of such an idea, they really didn’t know how many people would have died at this level! But coming back to this topic; if someone else had come up with this idea and wanted everyone to cooperate, others may not have listened to it.

Perhaps it’s because Murong Qi Qi had helped them for free at the second level, that’s why these contestants developed trust in her and also listened to her commands!

“Let’s go. It’s time for the fourth level!”

Murong Qi Qi went up the stairs.

At this time, everyone felt that their feet were unusually heavy. They don’t know what was waiting for them. Even the four remaining Dong Lu’s people’s moods were also very bad.

When they arrived at the fourth floor, Murong Qi Qi suddenly turned and looked at Dong Lu’s people.

“Who is that Jia Lan? Why are his tests so vicious? Aren’t you also Dong Lu’s citizens? Why did he let you come here to die?”

Murong Qi Qi’s words sank to the bottom of these people’s heart. When they had entered, they had fifty people. Now, only four were left. Forty-six people had died. All of them were their Dong Lu’s contestants, ah! They were lives, ah!

“Sir Jia Lan is……”

“Shut up!”

A black-clothed man was trying to say the identity of Jia Lan, but got scolded by a fat man next to him.

“Are the things of sir Jia Lan something we can talk about?!”

Being scolded by the fat man, the black-clothed man lowered his head and didn't speak any further.

Seeing that, Murong Qi Qi raised her eyebrows and sneered: “Now, it's we who are in the same boat. Since you want to keep secrets, then the following roads, you can go by yourselves. I won’t help anymore. By then, life and death are ruled by fate, riches and honor are in heaven. If you can leave the pagoda alive, then it’s your blessing! If you die, then don’t forget to thank your sir Jia Lan!”

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