Chapter 93 The strike of the beauty (1)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

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Chapter 93 The strike of the beauty (1)

Outside the pagoda, Feng Cang has been frowning. One hour already passed. Although it’s only an hour, why did his heart feel so empty?! It felt like as if Murong Qi Qi left for a long time…….

Wangye[1.Wangye/wang:prince of the first rank], this subordinate did as you ordered and deployed the troops over here. Now, even a fly can’t fly out of this Buddha temple!”

Ji Xiang held a black umbrella to shelter Feng Cang from the wind and snow.


Feng Cang’s gaze has been staying on the pagoda in front of him. From the moment Murong Qi Qi entered the pagoda, it began to snow. The snow was like a goose feather, flying everywhere. Originally Ji Xiang wanted for Feng Cang to go rest in a room of the temple, but he insisted on waiting here till Murong Qi Qi comes out.

The layers of layers of black stones are the basement of this towering pagoda. Because the age was somewhat old, mottled moss grew on those black stones. They were like traces left through all these years and engraved deeply in the pagoda. Now, on the snow, the pagoda became hazy. It was as if the pagoda wore a mysterious coat, making people unable to see its trueness.

It’s said that this pagoda was built by the last emperor of the former Qin. The pagoda took twenty years to build. Originally, it wasn’t called pagoda to drive away evil spirits. It’s just,  when in the harem of the former Qin appeared a nine-tailed fox demon, the former Qin’s emperor invited a master to catch the fox demon and sealed the fox demon in this pagoda. So, that’s how it got the name pagoda to drive away evil spirits.

However, it’s only some legend. How could there be fox demon in this world?

Later, the former Qin was destroyed in one night. All the treasures of the former Qin’s palace disappeared. At that time, there were people who said the fox demon took those treasures. After that, the Buddha temple was baptised after suffering fire of the war.

Everyone searched in the Buddha temple but didn’t dug out any treasure. Also, they didn’t find the so-called fox demon. Later, the matter was settled by leaving it unsettled. The whereabouts of those treasures stayed unknown and the Buddha temple deteriorated.


A burst of sound of the snow reached over. An old monk with a crooked back swept the snow on the ground with an old broom. Although the Buddha temple dropped to the bottom from the peak of its time, but this temple kept some monks. Not much, only a dozen. They were mostly old people.

This monk’s gray eyebrows touched at the corner of his eyes. His gray beard also hung on his chest. He has a thin stature and an ugly face. His clothes were worn out. There were patches here and patches there. The patches were somewhat roughly done. His hands were like dead branched, clenching the broom.


Quietly the broom pierced in the snow.

When the monk, while sweeping the snow came to Feng Cang’s side, he slightly raised his head. He looked at Feng Cang once, but didn’t say anything.


Feng Cang to a step back to make way for the monk and stood at the other side. The monk didn’t say a word. He kept his head down and continued to sweep and carefully cleaning the ground.

“Ji Xiang, when we go back let someone sent some food, vegetable and eggs to the Buddha temple. Also, let someone send some clothes over and also some cotton. Soon, it’ll be new year! Let the monks at the temple also have a good year!”

“Yes! This subordinate will remember this.”

The old monk heard Feng Cang’s voice very clearly. He didn’t say thanks and didn’t stop. He continued to sweep the snow and slowly left.

Wangye is kind-hearted!”

Jia Lan laughed and stepped on the clean ground to Feng Cang.

“It’s seems that the rumors are false. Although demon wang Feng Cang has a cold face, but also has a warm heart.”


Hearing Jia Lan using ‘demon wang’ to call Feng Cang, Ji Xiang shouted angrily. She was about to pull out her sword, but has been stopped by Feng Cang’s raising his hand.

“You have something to say?”

Feng Cang’s gaze didn’t move. It still stayed on the pagoda. He wished his gaze could penetrate through the thick black stones and see Murong Qi Qi. Don’t know which floor she reached now. Don’t know if she’s still safe or injured?

“I just came to ask wangye why the eagle troop surrounded the Buddha temple?”

No matter how the other party is, Jia Lan still kept an unchanging smile. Sometimes it could make people so angry their teeth clattered and they would wish they could punch that handsome face.

Feng Cang’s reached out and clenched a snowflake at his fingertips. He looked sideways at Jia Lan and revealed a smile that could tempt the whole world.

“If something happens to benwang’s [2. Benwang: I, this king used by the prince of first rank] beloved consort, benwang will let everyone go accompany her in death, including you……”

Feng Cang’s smile was very much devilish beautiful, making Jia Lan lost his soul. When he came back to his senses, Feng Cang already turned back and continued to look at the pagoda.

Devil! This is Jia Lan’s evaluation of Feng Cang in his heart.

He arrived at Yongzhou for some day and also saw Feng Cang a few times. In the past, Jia Lan would feel that those rumors were false. He saw that there was no killing aura on Feng Cang. Jia Lan was somewhat doubting Feng Cang’s title of ‘demon wang’. He felt that the people exaggerated.

But that smile of just now and that glimpse, Jia Lan finally felt that Feng Cang’s reputation is not in vain.

So, the highest realm is not always emitting dangerous aura that made people fear and be in awe. Breaking through the strong realm, achieving the ‘peace’ realm, then the aura could be freely manipulated. The more still and quiet the breezes and waves are, the more it is a warning that the rainstorm is approaching. Like this man in front of him; when he’s angry, he may not be really a danger. However, such a calm him will let people’s heart go cold…….

Following Feng Cang’s gaze, Jia Lan also looked at the pagoda.

Don’t know if that person who let Nan Lin wang be deeply worried, will truly be able to carry the title of Nan Lin wangfei[3. Wangfei: main wife of the prince of first rank] and has the qualification to stand next to Feng Cang.

The seven level pagoda Misha set is not as easy to break though as imagined. Penglai island has so much high skilled people as the clouds in the sky. However, there were very few people who passed the seven level tests. Inside, it’s a battle of people’s heart. There are many many tests to test the human nature. If there’s truly someone who could pass the seven floor pagoda, then this person’s mind must be very powerful……

Inside the pagoda, the fourth floor is not quiet as the second floor and also not as bright as the third floor. It was dark as night.

There was no light. The whole floor was like a bottomless black hole with an open mouth waiting to swallow all these people. This endless black made people be afraid. Inexplicable, fear rose in their hearts.

“You go!”

Long Duo pushed that fat Dong Lu’s person who didn’t want to tell them the truth.

‘Zhi, zhi, jiji……’

After a burst of sound, a series of scream could be heard.

“Save me, ah! No! Save me! I don’t want to die! Save me……”

The voice of the fat man brought chill to people’s bones. What is it exactly? What happened to him?

“Fatty! Fatty, what happened?”

Long Duo stretched his head, wanting to take a good look inside. However, no matter how, he couldn’t see through this blackness.

“Fatty, if you’re still alive, answer, ah! Fatty!”

For a long time, no sound came out. Long Duo swallowed.

“He must be dead.”

“I brought a fire stick!”

Murong Qing Lian volunteered to take out the fire stick. She lit it and threw it inside.


A group of black things rushed past and extinguish the fire. The whole floor became dark again.


Bai Yi Yue pointed at somewhere. Following where she pointed at, everyone saw one after another gorgeous red gems. They blinked like stars in the sky.


One of Nan Feng’s contestants reached out his hand to touch them. Immediately he was drowned into blackness. He wasn’t even able to make a sound.

“So frightening……”

Losing one contestant again, Helan Lian Yi’s body turned cold.

“What is it?”


Murong Qi Qi’s answer lifted everyone’s doubts. Seeing that everyone was looking at her, Murong Qi Qi took a deep breath.

“If I didn’t guess wrongly, this whole floor is full of rats. If we enter, we’ll become rat food.”

“What? Rats?!”

Hearing this, Murong Qing Lian began to get mad. She has always hated these nauseous animals, especially rats.

“No way! This Dong Lu is too perverted. They actually came up with so many rats? Really perverted, ah!”

Wanyan Kang’s shout wasn’t over yet when the fourth floor finally lit up.

A chain as thick as a baby’s arm led to the stairs of the fifth floor. Below the chain was a pit. Ten thousand of rats gathered inside the pit. Those rats jumped and bounced, wanting to get out of the pit. The height with they jumped was just to chain.


Seeing such a scene, Murong Qing Lian vomited the digestive fluids of her stomach.

“Really disgusting! Ou……”

“Tsk, tsk, I thought that fourth miss was afraid of nothing! I didn’t think that fourth miss is afraid of rats!”

Seeing Murong Qing Lian like that, Su Mei immediately seized the opportunity to ridicule her. That she wasn’t able to let Murong Qing Lian suffer, already made Su Mei very unhappy. Now she finally got the chance, how could she let it pass?!


Murong Qing Lian didn’t have the strength to fight with Su Mei. Those bouncing rats even let her have the heart to die.

“These rats went hungry for many days.”

Murong Qi Qi looked at the rats. She admires the person who came up with these tests even more. She didn’t expect that in this era, there’s still someone with such flexible brains. These simple rats are not the frightening thing. Presumably this test isn’t so simple!

Murong Qi Qi’s guess has soon been verified. A red flame extended from the stairs at the other side. When the people got nearer did they discover that under this chain, a stove was placed. Inside the stove was covered with pine oil.

Because of the fire, the rats scattered for a while. However after a moment, they tried to climb up more stubbornly. One after another, they jumped to the chain.

“Are the rats not afraid of the fire? Why do they still dare to jump to the chain? Later when the chain got hot, then what……”

Helan Lian Yi frowned while looking at this scene. And his words reminded everyone; how should they go over when the chain is hot?

“Because this chain is coated with things they like! Yi Yue, you’re injured. You go first!”

Murong Qi Qi pushed Bai Yi Yue to the chain.

“I’ll follow behind you!”

Knowing that Murong Qi Qi gave the opportunity to her, Bai Yi Yue was touched. She’s also afraid of rats. At this time, her feel also lost strength. Standing in front of the chain, looking at the jumping rats, she was somewhat frightened.

“Don’t be afraid. Nothing will happen. Look forward. Don’t look down and also don’t listen to the sounds! I’ll be behind you! If you don’t go now, later, there won’t be time anymore! When the chain gets hot, no one will be able to cross over!”

Murong Qi Qi took out something and put it in Bai Yi Yue’s ears. With Murong Qi Qi’s encourage, Bai Yi Yue stepped on the chain and ‘run’ to the other side.

“Good qinggong[4. Qinggong:the ability to move swiftly and lightly at superhuman speed, and perform gravity-defying moves such as gliding on water surfaces, scaling high walls and mounting trees]!”

Murong Qi Qi praised and also embarked on the chain.

At this time, the chain already has some temperature. Murong Qi Qi was surprised. While she flew to the other side with the help of the chain, she reminded the other people: “Everyone, be careful. The chain is getting hotter! Cross over one after another. Grab the time very well!”

That Murong Qi Qi was able to cross smoothly, made Longze Jing Tian secretly surprised.

The light and graceful figure of Murong Qi Qi just now, made him dazed. This woman obviously knows martial arts! She knows martial arts! She hid it from everyone! Even Murong Tai didn’t know! They all have been ‘deceived’ by Murong Qi Qi’s façade!

A feeling of being deceived entered Longze Jing Tian’s heart. Thinking back about that matter of annulling the marriage, could this also have been planned by Murong Qi Qi? Could it be that she didn’t want to marry him? She was willing to bear those bad reputations to get the letter of breaking the engagement from him?!

This woman actually played him like a monkey! Could it be that he looks like an idiot?! Longze Jing Tian clenched his fist and mercilessly hit the wall. Until when the stone scrape his skin and he began to bleed, did he felt pain.

Wangye, are you alright?!”

Murong Qing Lian  endured the vomit and shouted: “Wangye, you’re bleeding!”

“I’m fine!”

Longze Jing Tian gritted his teeth. His gaze followed Murong Qi Qi. Good, very well! You actually played me and had me eating from your palms! You actually amused yourself with me! Murong Qi Qi, since you want to escape me like this, then I’ll get you. I’ll punish you and let you become my slave!

“Let’s go!”

Helan Lian Yi and Long Duo already crossed the chain. Now, only Xi Qi’s people and the three people from Dong Lu were left.

“You go first!”

At this time, Longze Jing Tian emitted a strong cold aura, making people couldn’t help but shiver. The three people from Dong Lu saw Longze Jing Tian like that, they went on the chain while trembling.


The rats in the pit under the chain shouted livelier. One mouse jumped to a person from dDng Lu’s foot. It opened its mouth and bit.


That man felt pain. He didn’t stand firm and fell into the pit full of rats.

All the rats swarmed and surrounded this man. White sparkling rat’s teeth gnawed on that person’s body. That person struggled to stand up. His whole body was covered with black rats. One mouth opened its mouth and dug out one of this person’s eyes.


The man’s miserable scream spread to the other people’s ears. Bai Yi Yue closed her eyes. She couldn’t bear to see such a tragic scene.


Seeing the rats eating a raw living person, Murong Qing Lian once again held onto the wall and vomited. Now she vomited all that she could vomit. Tears streamed down her face. She looked particularly pitiful.

“Yun Qing, you go first! Miss Murong, come. Go up my back!”

Longze Jing Tian squatted and patted his shoulder at Murong Qing Lian.

Murong Qing Lian froze. She didn’t understand Longze Jing Tian’s meaning.

Wangye, you?”

“I’ll piggyback you!”

“This, this……”

“Quickly! Otherwise, a bit later, we won’t be able to cross anymore!”

Longze Jing Tian grabbed Murong Qing Lian’s hand and put it on his shoulder. He stepped on the chain. The heat spread from his soles to his feet.

This is bad! The chain is nearly getting flaming hot!


Longze Jing Tian ran as fast as flying on the flaming hot chain.

Pu, pu, pu! It’s rare that the Murong Qing Lian lying on Longze Jing Tian’s back was quiet. She was well behaved like a rabbit. Don’t know if her face was red because the hotness of the chain or because she was shy.

Longze Jing Tian’s shoulder is very strong and also very wide. Moreover, the smell on his body is very good to smell. A faint fragrance of ambergris, a faint fragrance of a man’s odour……Murong Qing Lian didn’t know why, when Longze Jing Tian crossed over with her, those places in her heart filled by Feng Cang has been replaced with Longze Jing Tian.

You’re able to see people’s true heart in difficult times! Only Longze Jing Tian was still thinking about her at this time and also helping her. She was able to see that such a man is what a true man should be!

Just while Murong Qing Lian was in the clouds, Longze Jing Tian reached the stairs.

Wangye, how are you?”

Li Yun Qing saw that Longze Jing Tian’s face didn’t look good and his forehead was full of sweat, he immediately went forward to care for him. Also, Li Yun Qing’s voice pulled Murong Qing Lian back from her fantasies. She quickly came down and looked concerned at Longze Jing Tian.

Wangye, how are you?”

“Is your feet burned?”

Murong Qi Qi’s voice reached over. The medicine in her hand was also handed over,

“Your soles must be burned. First apply the medicine and then bandage your feet. Otherwise, it’ll be troublesome if your feet become infected.”

Seeing that Murong Qi Qi was standing so ‘strongly’ in front of her, Murong Qing Lian was very furious. Why does this woman need to meddle in every time, making her feel useless? She was just about to reject Murong Qi Qi’s good intentions, Li Yun Qing already took over the medicine from Murong Qi Qi.


Longze Jing Tian sat down. He gritted his teeth and took off his shoes. When he crossed over, his soles have been burned by the chain. Even his socks were burned. On Longze Jing Tian’s feet were full of thumb sized blood blisters. Seeing these blood blisters, Murong Qing Lian’s tears fell.

“I’m sorry, wangye. It’s all because of me!”

If Longze Jing Tian crossed by himself, per the weight of an ordinary person plus the qinggong, he would only come in contact with the hotness superficially and wouldn’t have hurt his feet. Also, when Longze Jing Tian crossed, the chain was already burned so much it turned red. Besides, on his back was one more person. The weight has increased. That’s why, he was burned like this.

Murong Qing Lian carefully applied medicine for Longze Jing Tian. While applying the medicine, she cried. Have to say, Murong Qi Qi’s medicine was excellent. When applying, that burning feeling disappeared and it was a lot cooler.

“Thank you!”

Longze Jing Tian looked at Murong Qi Qi across the people. Just now, he hated this woman very much, but now he couldn’t help but appreciate her. If it wasn’t because of her medicine, then his feet may be in trouble. Maybe his feet would have been finished if his wound was infected. This woman is very hateful, but also made people unable not to not love her. Very contradicting……

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