Chapter 94 The strike of the beauty (2)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

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Chapter 94 The strike of the beauty (2)

“You’re welcome!”

Murong Qi Qi slightly nodded as answer to Longze Jing Tian.

“Does Jing wang[1. Wang/wangye: prince of first rank] want to rest for a while or go to the fifth floor with us?”

Not waiting for Longze Jing Tian to answer, Murong Qing Lian stood up first. Tears were in her eyes, but the she looked angrily at Murong Qi Qi.

“Murong Qi Qi, wangye is already hurt like this. Could he walk?! What do you mean, ah?! Making wangye follow you, what if the wound on his feet got more serious, then what?”

Murong Qi Qi was somewhat baffled at Murong Qing Lian’s emotions.

“I asked wangye. Can you represent wangye?”


Murong Qi Qi’s words blocked Murong Qing Lian tightly. Indeed, who is she? She is nothing, let alone speak on Longze Jing Tian’s behalf.

“I’m fine!”

Longze Jing Tian bandaged his feet well and stood up.

“I’m Xi Qi’s leader. I must advance and retreat with everyone! I can do it!”


Murong Qing Lian was very furious that Longze Jing Tian ‘listened’ to Murong Qi Qi’s words like that.

Wangye, she asked deliberately. She obviously knows your feet is hurt……”

“I’m not crippled!”

Longze Jing Tian frowned.

“Let’s go! To the fifth floor!”

Murong Qing Lian had no way to object to Longze Jing Tian’s decision. She could only mutter and follow behind him.

After experiencing four tests, Bei Zhou still has four people. Xi Qi also has four. Only three were left of Nan Feng. Two were left of Dong Lu.

These tests were one more perverted than the other. They were also one more difficult than the other. The closer they got to the fifth floor, the more nervous they got. They don’t know what was waiting for them.

When they reached the fifth floor, it was all glittering, making people’s eyes hurt like as if there was a thorn in their eyes. When they got used by the golden light, they found out that here is a ‘paradise on earth’.

Everywhere was gold and jade in a glorious splendour. Everywhere were gold and silver jewelleries. There were men who likes treasured swords and daggers. There were also women who likes gold and jade. Aside from these, this fifth floor also has a big landscape that made people surprised. That was those men and women dressed in golden silk and silver satin.

“Beauty, ah…...”

When Long Duo saw a handsome man, his eyes almost fell out.

“Is here heaven?!”

“You’re right. Here is heaven!”

The man whom Long Duo took a fancy on, slowly walked towards him (LD). This man was incomparably handsome. His black hair hung loose on his shoulder. His eyes were full of temptation. When he arrived at Long Duo’s side, that man’s hand hooked Long Duo’s waist. The other hand raised his (LD) chin.

“Beauty, I’ve waited a long time for you……”

“Long Duo!”

Helan Lian Yi wanted to warn Long Duo, but he has been tangled by two women. One was pure and pleasant. The other was incomparably beautiful. One wrapped Helan Lian Yi at the left, the other wrapped him on the right and led him to a place to sit down.

“What, what do you want?”

Helan Lian Yi was also very nervous. He also felt that his breath increased. He also became ill at ease.

“Big brother, how come you didn’t come see Yu er[2. Er: terms of endearment] for so long?! Big brother, Yu er misses you very much!”

A sweet smile on a pure small face with a touch of sadness.

“Doesn’t big brother like Yu er anymore?”

Facing the sweet and beautiful girl’s ‘complaint’, Helan Lian Yi didn’t know what to say. He could only shake his head.

“Big brother, what do you like? I’ll go get them for you! Look, this is a treasured sword. Does big brother like it?”

The girl picked up a sword embedded with turquoise and red gemstones. She knelt in front of Helan Lian Yi.

Her clothes were just a few pieces of thin fabric. When kneeling, the body moved forward, two semi-circular objects appeared in front of Helan Lian Yi. Across the silver tulle, Helan Lian Yi was able to see the blooming red plums on the snow.

“Big brother, do you not like treasured sword? Then do you like this?”

The girl knelt there very well-behaved. While she was kneeling, she took a priceless opal. With both hands, she put it in front of Helan Lian Yi.  This position made the red plums on her chest more straight and stiff. Stimulus like never before collided in Helan Lian Yi’s brain.

Such a beautiful and pure little young girl made Helan Lian Yi unable to hold himself. He grabbed the girl’s hand and pulled her to him.

“Can I take everything I want home? Including you?”

“Heehee, I knew big brother will choose Yu er!”

The girl lay like a cat on Helan Lian Yi’s body. Loose soft hair fell on Helan Lian Yi’s chest. Her small chin was against Helan Lian Yi’s heart. Slender white tender finger circled on Helan Lian Yi’s body.

“Big brother, stay here, alright? Yu er feel very lonely being alone. Big brother, stay here to accompany Yu er. Don’t leave Yu er, alright?”


Under ‘big breasted’ young girl’s temptation, Helan has already forgotten the purpose he came here for. He immediately agreed. Hearing Helan Lian Yi agree, the girl sat up very happily. Her eyes showed that she was very touched.

“Big brother, you’re so nice!”

It turned out, the place where the girl sat on was the most sensitive place on Helan Lian Yi’s body. There, already became hard. The girl laughed. Helan Lian Yi blushed. As he was feeling very embarrassed, the girl’s pinkish lips reached over. Her little tongue entered Helan Lian Yi’s mouth.

“Can’t, there are others here!”

Helan Lian Yi suddenly pushed away the girl. His cheeks were red and he was panting.

“Big brother, look. They are also in happiness!”

The girl pointed at the surroundings. Only now did Helan Lian Yi discover, the people who came with them, were all scattered around. They lingeringly held onto jewelleries or weapons. Or they were doing with a beautiful man or woman the kind of ‘happiness’ that the girl said.

“Big brother, come!”

The girl once again jumped on him and kissed his lips.

At this side, Long Duo has already been tempted very much by the handsome man. His body didn’t even have a strand of clothes and he lay beneath the man.

“I love you! Oh, beauty!”

At that side, the three people from Dong Lu were surrounded by a group of beautiful women. The whole scene was in chaos.

“Very frightening!”

Wanyan Kang gritted his teeth and glanced around.

Indeed, wealth and beauty are the two things that all people in this world were pursuing. Soft jade in one’s embrace with a house full of gold and silver; who doesn’t hope for such a life?! The person who came up with this test caught the greed in people’s heart. That’s why he set up this level. It really trapped those people. Fortunately, he is a prince. He was born with a golden spoon and has long been used to seeing these. That’s why he won’t be tempted by these.

  • Chinese people like to compare people to jade because jade is white and smooth. Asians are obsessed with being white

“Cousin in law, let’s go!”

When the happy moans of those men and women reached over, Wanyan Kang showed a disgusted face.

“Let’s go to the sixth floor!”


Murong Qi Qi was thinking the same as Wanyan Kang. All the way up, every floor’s test was so unique and different. Really don’t know who came up with this test? Why could he grasp the human nature so accurately……

In the end, only Xi Qi’s and Bei Zhou’s contestants went to the sixth floor. A total of eight people.

Those gold and silver treasures, handsome men and beautiful women to an average person were indeed a lot of temptation. Among these people, they were nothing rare. Longze Jing Tian’s group were all born in riches. What have they not seen before? As for Su Mei and Ruyi, they are personal bodyguards. How could their will be compared to the average person?!

After passing the five floors, this sixth floor made Murong Qi Qi very curious. She opened the door. It was very bright. Looking again, the walls were covered with mirrors.

“What is this?”

Li Yun Qing stepped inside and looked at a mirror. Suddenly he froze there. Why, why did he see Murong Qi Qi in the mirror? Why was Murong Qi Qi smiling gently at him?

Li Yun Qing froze there, causing the other people’s curiosity. Everyone came in one by one. Didn’t expect that when everyone looked in the mirror, they all froze there.

“Little cousin sister, is it you?!”

Li Yun Qing walked to the mirror. His fingers touched the cold mirror.

“Little cousin sister, I was wrong! I shouldn’t have been so confident. I shouldn’t have let go so easily. Little cousin sister, if I found out about your beauty sooner, then would you have been my bride? Little cousin sister, I regretted it, alright? Tell me, is there medicine for regret in this world?”

At this side, Wanyan Kang was also looking dazedly at the mirror.

“Consort mother, why do you had to kill noble lady Wan? Is it because she got emperor’s father favor, you need to kill her? Consort mother, when have you become so cruel? So cruel even I can’t recognize you anymore! Those were very alive lives, ah! How did you have the heart to do it?”

“Also, princess Jing Yuan. You actually pierced her face with a dagger after she already died. Do you hate her face so much because she looked like that woman in emperor father’s heart? Because emperor father loves her? You’re not my consort mother. You’re a vicious woman! Just the thought about all those women you killed in the harem, I’ll feel you’re very frightening! Where did that gentle consort mother of the past go?”

“I became the emperor! Zhen [3. Zhen: I, used by the emperor]is the emperor!”

At the other end, Longze Jing Tian laughed loudly.

Zhen wants to crown Murong Qi Qi the empress and also pardon the whole world! Qi Qi, zhen will treat you well. Join hands with zhen. Stay at zhen’s side and expand the territory together with zhen! Zhen will make the whole mainland has Xi Qi’s banner. Zhen will make you the happiest woman in this world!”

Inside the mirror, Longze Jing Tian saw his long-awaited throne. He also saw his look when he dominates the world. At this time, he is happy. The beauty in his arm; the world became one. How good, how beautiful!

Just when Longze Jing Tian was repeatedly saying ‘Qi Qi, zhen’s empress’. Murong Qing Lian pasted herself in front of the mirror and cried: “I’m finally the empress! I’m the empress! Wangye, oh, no, no, your majesty, chenqie[4. Chenqie: your subject wife, used by the females of imperial family when talking to someone of higher rank] pays respect to your majesty. Your majesty, long live ten thousand, ten thousand, ten, ten, ten thousand years!”

Compared to the craziness of these people, Bai Yi Yue was crying silently.

“Father, is mother really only that girl’s substitute? Remember Yue (Yi Yue), Remember Yue (Yi Yue), could it be that father really can’t forget that woman called Ming Yue? Father, mother waited for you so many years. Why are you so heartless? This daughter actually hates the name Yi Yue, because this daughter’s……. heart aches for mother……”

  • Bai Yi Yue’s (白忆) name means remember() Yue (). The Yue is the same Yue as princess Ming Yue’s Yue.

At that side, there were crying and laughing. At this side, Su Mei knelt in front of the mirror.

“Miss, this subordinate being able to serve miss, is this subordinate’s biggest blessing in this life. Miss’s trust is the most precious thing in this world for this subordinate! This subordinate will be loyal to miss this whole lifetime!”

Wangye, our army has captured the enemy’s city. Asking wangye to give instructions!”

Ruyi stood very straight like a general and saluted in front of the mirror.

Wangye, this time, all credits are on the soldiers. This subordinate only did my duty. Being loyal to wangye is what this subordinate should do!”

What happened to all these people?! Murong Qi Qi looked with some panic at the seven people. Since the entered, they were like being possessed and talking to themselves. What is going one exactly? Why nothing happened to her?

“Su Mei, wake up! Wake up!”

Murong Qi Qi shook Su Mei. The other party was repeatedly saying: “Miss, to be able to serve you is this subordinate’s blessing!”

Unable to wake up Su Mie, Murong Qi Qi came to Wanyan Kang.

“Ah, Kang! Ah, Kang!”

“I don’t have such vicious mother consort! You don’t deserve to be a mother!”

Wanyan Kang gritted his teeth. His eyes were fierce.

‘Pa, pa!’

Seeing Wanyan Kang like that, Murong Qi Qi gave him two slaps. However, he still didn’t wake up. He continued to talk to himself and kept saying: Consort mother.”

Possessed! Possessed! Could this be the mind control from the legends? Why did all of them become abnormal when looking in the mirror, but nothing happened to her? Murong Qi Qi looked at these mirrors. It seemed that these mirrors are the culprits.

Must destroy the mirrors! Murong Qi Qi looked around. Not to mention a stone, there wasn’t even a pebble here. She wore very convenient clothes today with no extra jewellery. Looking again, Murong Qi Qi saw a pearl necklace on Murong Qing Lian’s neck.

Right! Use that! She looked just now, she could only break all these mirrors at the same time to be able to get rid of the ‘illusion’. On Murong Qing Lian’s neck was a necklace made from good pearls. Everyone one of them was a size of the first part of the middle finger. It’s the best choice.

Without hesitating any longer, Murong Qi Qi tore off Murong Qing Lian’s pearl necklace from her neck. With the pearls in her hand, she aimed at the mirrors.

‘Sou, sou, sou……’

The pearls crashed on the mirrors. The mirrors broken in pieces. Every mirror has been broken into pieces. Those seven people’s legs lost strength and sat on the ground.

“What happened to me?”

Wanyan Kang woke up and touched the tears on his cheeks.

“Why did I cry? Really strange!”

“Ah Kang, you don’t remember anymore?’

Murong Qi Qi looked carefully at Wanyan Kang.

“Don’t remember……”

Wanyan Kang shook his head. He then felt the burning pain on his face. He immediately got angry.

“F***, who hit me? Who hit me?! Who destroyed this master’s handsome face?!”

Wanyan Kang’s shout let those people who were still in daze wake up completely. Everyone looked at each other. They didn’t know what happened.

Seeing that those people has forgotten their state of just now, Murong Qi Qi also pretended to not know.

“What happened? My head is a bit dizzy. Su Mei, do you remember? What happened?”

“I remember entering, then, then, I don’t remember anymore!”

Su Mei scratched her head.

“How come I don’t remember anything?!”

“There’s definitely sorcery here. Let’s leave quickly!”

Murong Qi Qi’s proposal was recognized by everyone. Everyone stood up and left this strange place. On the seventh floor, Murong Qing Lian found out her pearl necklace disappeared.

“Who stole my necklace?! Who stole my pearl necklace?!”

Murong Qing Lian’s shout got Wanyan Kang’s contempt.

“Humph! Aren’t they just broken pearls? Losing them, then let them be lost! Besides, you said you wore a necklace, then is it that you truly wore a necklace? Could it be that you want to extort a necklace from someone?!”


Being talked like that by Wanyan Kang, Murong Qing Lian was very angry. After seeing the two palm prints on Wanyan Kang’s face, Murong Qing Lian sneered.

“Wearing two palm prints, you still have the face to teach people?!”

“Presumptuous! If you continue to talk to this highness like this, do you believe that this highness will punish you?! Don’t forget, you’re now stepping on Bei Zhou and not your Xi Qi!”

Wanyan Kang raised his head. The two red palm prints on his face are now more eye catching. Su Mei laughed and went forward to give Wanyan Kang a box of medicine.

“Your highness, it’s better that you apply some medicine to avoid later ‘not having a face to see people’.”

Being made fun off by Su Mei, Wanyan Kang immediately hid his original baring fangs and brandishing claws character and changed to all smiles. Wanyan Kang put his face in front of Su Mei.

“Good Mei er, help me apply it! I can’t see and also don’t know where the place is. I know you’re the best and also the most soft-hearted. Help me apply!”


Su Mei turned and let Wanyan face her back.

“Go find Ruyi! Men and women shouldn’t get intimate with each other. I won’t apply for you, you player!”

“Ruyi can’t! Ruyi’s hands are rough. This master is soft skinned and tender fleshed. He can’t ruin my face.”

Wanyan Kang once again got to Su Mei’s front side. His whole face looked very pitiful.

“Look, this master cares the most about this face! If this face is ruined, in the future no one will like me. By then if I can’t marry a wangfei[5. Wangfei: main consort of the prince of first rank], then I’ll stay at your home and not leave!”

Su Mei already experienced Wanyan Kang’s ‘shamelessness’, so she wouldn’t easily agree. Seeing that he couldn’t move Su Mei, Wanyan Kang walked pitifully to Murong Qi Qi.

“Cousin in law, since small pepper refuse to help others, I can only trouble cousin in law!”

Looking at Wanyan Kang’s naughty smile, Murong Qi Qi suddenly thought of those words Wanyan Kang said just now. So, the thing this person wished for the most is motherly love. However, consort De’s image in his heart is so bad, resulting in him crying while angrily saying: “You’re not my consort mother.”

It turned out that those smiles and playfulness were all a disguise. This prince isn’t like what you see on the surface.


Just as Murong Qi Qi was about to apply medicine for Wanyan Kang, Su Mei angrily came over.

“Miss, let me! Such a person like him is not worthy for miss to serve!”

Seeing Su Mei like that and seeing the proud smile in Wanyan Kang’s eyes, Murong Qi Qi smiled. It seemed there will be something, yo!

“Then, troubling Mei er!”

Not waiting for Murong Qi Qi to say something, Wanyan Kang stuffed the medicine in Su Mei’s hands.

“Quickly, here, here, really hurts! Later this master won’t have face to see people!”

“I know! Don’t talk! So noisy!”

While the two were bickering, Su Mei carefully applied medicine on Wanyan Kang’s face.

“So fragrant, ah!”

Wanyan Kang closed his eyes with a look full of enjoyment.

“Mei er, what kind of sachet are you wearing? When you have time also sew one for me, good? This fragrance is quite good. I like it!”

“Come on, fifth highness……”

After applying, Su Mei handed the cream to Wanyan Kang.

“You’re so noble and full of splendor. The ingredients of the fragrance you use, I haven’t even seen them (she mean she's too poor to see those ingredients). My fragrance is just made from sweet scented osmanthus. How could it enter your eyes?! Don’t amuse me just to pass time!”

“Osmanthus? Good, I want that! Deal, you will make a sachet for me. Otherwise, I’ll pester you every day!”

Not letting Su Mei object, Wanyan Kang turned and went to the seventh floor.

“Miss, look at him. He bullies people!”

Su Mei seeing Wanyan Kang like that, stomped and went to complain at Murong Qi Qi’s.


Murong Qi Qi saw the shyness in Su Mei’s eyes. Her mood was very good.

“Su Mei, last night I was bored and calculated your divinatory diagram. Do you want to know the result of the divinatory diagram?”

“Divinatory diagram? Miss, you also know that? How come I didn’t know, ah?! Then what was the result?”

All girls are interested in divining. Su Mei is no exception. The moment she heard Murong Qi Qi talk about that, she got interested. Even Wanyan Kang’s pace became a lot slower. His ears also became sharp.

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