Chapter 95 The seventh test (1)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

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Chapter 95 The seventh test (1)

“The red mystical star moved and got married.”

When Su Mei saw the smile on Murong Qi Qi’s face, she understood the joke in Murong Qi Qi’s words.

“Miss, you teased me!”

Su Mei blushed.

“Miss, you’re really bad!”

After Wanyan Kang heard Murong Qi Qi’s words, he got happy. He looked at Murong Qi Qi again and saw her affirmation towards him, his mood turned even better.

He took a fancy on Su Mei. It’s just he doesn’t know what Su Mei will think of it. Besides, Su Mei is Murong Qi Qi’s personal guard. Murong Qi Qi also needs to nod before this matter can turn into something. Now, cousin in law’s words seem to favour him, making him reveal a big smile. He turned back and gave Murong Qi Qi a big bow: “Cousin in law calculated the divination very well. Don’t know if cousin in law can calculate for me. This little brother is searching for a marriage partner!”

Hearing Wanyan Kang say that, Su Mei’s face turned redder. She humphed once and looked elsewhere.

“Alright! When we go out of this pagoda, come to Meixiang yuan[1. Yuan: part of a residence]. I will calculate for you!”

“Good! Then this little brother will wait!”

Finally, they arrived on the seventh floor. A burst of cold wind came towards them. When they entered, they found out that this seventh floor is the top of the pagoda. There were open spaces everwhere. So, the wind blew in with the snow, making the ground somewhat wet.

“Everyone, be careful! Look if there are traps!”

Longze Jing Tian was very tense. After experiencing all those perverted tests, this last test let everyone be more cool about the test. They need to be careful, must be careful, so not to fail at the last moment.

Longze Jing Tian’s reminder let the others got more nervous. Everyone looked carefully at this floor in fear of any change and in fear that maybe somewhere dangerous things were hiding and waiting for them.

“There’s no one here?”

After checking, Li Yun Qing was somewhat surprised.

“This seventh floor doesn’t have anyone? Then what is the test of this level?”

“There are ropes!”

Bai Yi Yue pointed at the ropes at a corner. Next the ropes, there was a wooden box. Bai Yi Yue wanted to open it, but has been stopped by Li Yun Qing.

“Be careful of traps!”

The word ‘traps’ made everyone become alert. When Wanyan Kang and Li Yun Qing exchanged a glance, the others scattered. The two opened the box at the same them with their swords.

“There’s a piece of paper!”

After waiting for a while and seeing that there were no movements, Wanyan Kang took out the paper from the box.

“Hey! You didn’t even check if there was poison on the paper and directly picked it up with your hands?!”

Su Mei saw Wanyan Kang like that, she quickly reminded him, scaring Wanyan Kang. He quickly threw the paper on the ground.

Seeing Su Mei like this, Murong Qi Qi smiled. Chaos caused by concern. Su Mei was in Moyu for so many years, how could she not know what has or doesn’t have poison?

Murong Qi Qi went forward and picked up the paper. She softly read it: “Congratulations on your success. It’s just the door at the bottom of the pagoda has already been sealed. Asking you all to go down with the ropes. This is also the seventh test, yo!”

After hearing that there was no other test, Murong Qing Lian jumped from happiness. She finally passed. Finally, there aren’t those frightening tests anymore!

“We passed! We passed!”

Murong Qing Lian leaned on the stone pagoda’s railing and shouted to the people beneath the pagoda: “We passed! We passed all tests!”

Hearing the sound from the tower, Jia Lan raised his head and saw Murong Qing Lian.

“Jinyu, who is that person?”

“Answering sir Jia Lan, that is Xi Qi’s contestant Murong Qing Lian.”

“Murong Qing Lian?”

Jia Lan frowned and looked at that person who was dancing from happiness in the pagoda. So, she’s the first one to arrive at the top of the pagoda? It’s just, are you that person sir Misha is looking for?

“Jinyu, I want all information about Murong Qing Lian from birth till now, everything!”


That there were contestants who appeared at the top of the pagoda also made Feng Cang very excited. When everyone stood at the top of the pagoda, Feng Cang finally saw Murong Qi Qi.

“Miss! Miss!”

When Su Yue who has been waiting for the results saw Murong Qi Qi and Su Mei, she jumped from happiness.

Wangye[2. Wangye/wang: prince of first rank], look, miss, it’s miss! Miss passed! Miss passed the knockout competition!”

Ji Xiang was also very happy seeing her little brother Ruyi. She only didn’t show it so obvious like Su Yue.

Wangye, fifth highness and Ruyi also passed the knockout competition!”


Across the snow, Feng Cang saw Murong Qi Qi’s small hand which was waving at him. He couldn’t help himself from also raising his hand and waved at her.

Feng Cang’s tense face finally relaxed and revealed a smile. Jin Mo congratulated Feng Cang: “Congratulations, wangye! Congratulations, wangye! Now wangye can finally be at ease!”

Being teased by Jin Mo, Feng Cang didn’t get angry. His face was filled with joy and pride.

“Jin Mo, you can be envious, jealous and hate me! I won’t care!”

“Envious, jealous and hate?”

This is the first time Jin Mo heard of this sentence. He found it new and odd.

“Learned from our family’s Qing Qing!”

Seeing that Jin Mo didn’t understand, Feng Cang had a face full of happiness and pride.

“Jin Mo, you are truly very sorrowful! Without the moisture of love, your mind has already been degraded to the era of apes!”

“Era of apes? You also learned this from princess? Wangye indeed has a more poisonous tongue now! I’m afraid it won’t take long before my title of the poisonous tongue will be passed to wangye!”

Jin Mo finally understood. It seemed that Murong Qi Qi has a big influence of Feng Cang.

The people beneath the pagoda were happy. At the pagoda, Wanyan Kang softly leaned against the wall.

“F***, f***, f***! No way!”

Just now, Wanyan Kang looked over the edge of the wall. Beneath was a vast expanse of white, making him dizzy.

“No way! So tall? Go down with the help of the rope? I’m afraid of height, ah! When I look, my head will get dizzy, my legs will go soft. What should I do, ah?!”

“What to do? Just admit defeat then!”

Su Mei pulled the rope and tied it to the pillar in the middle. She fiercely pulled twice.

“Miss, we can go!”

Jia Lan left four ropes for them. After tying the four ropes, Su Mei looked at Wanyan Kang: “Let’s go, fifth highness!”


Wanyan Kang backed to a side.

“No! Going down from such a high place, if something goes wrong, then we will be torn bodies and crushed bones. I’m still young. I don’t want to die!”

“What dying?! How can it be so dangerous?!”

Su Mei had a face full of disdain towards Wanyan Kang’s words.

“You don’t want to go, then we’ll go! By then we’ll go participate at the finals, then you can watch with craving at a side!”

The finals are indeed a good temptation. However, looking down and seeing that they were so high, Wanyan Kang’s legs truly went soft. In the present time’s words, it’s fear heights. Seven floors, fifty to sixty metres high, what should he do when he fell?

“No, I won’t go! I forfeit!”

Wanyan Kang looked beneath the pagoda once more. Those people beneath only looked like the size of a bean. He really couldn’t think about what will happen when he fell from here. A cold breeze passed. Wanyan Kang shrunk his neck. He was even more unwilling to look down.

“Won’t go. Even if you beat me to death, I won’t go!”

“Then what about beating you not to death?”

Su Mei with her hands on her hips stood in front of Wanyan Kang.

“Either, go down by yourselves. Everyone will follow you. Or, I’ll let you faint and threw you down. You choose.”


Seeing Su Mei glaring at him, Wanyan Kang clutched his head. His head had a burst of dizziness.

“Cousin in law, save me! I don’t want to die!”

Murong Qi Qi has realized that Wanyan Kang has fear of height. It’s just, this matter couldn’t be solved in a short time. It seems that she could only use other methods.

“Ah Kang, eat this pill and you’ll be fine!”

Murong Qi Qi took out a pill which will make people sleep and handed it over to Wanyan Kang.

“Sleep for a while. When you open your eyes, we’ll be on the ground.”

Now, Wanyan Kang believes everything Murong Qi Qi says. He immediately swallowed the pill. Not long after, he fell asleep.

Wangye, ah, Kang fears height. We three will escort him down. Can I trouble you to wait for the next opportunity?”

“No problem!”


Seeing Longze Jing Tian agree on Murong Qi Qi’s ‘unreasonable’ request, Murong Qing Lian was very unhappy.

Wangye, if they go down first, then won’t they be the winner? How can that happen?! The world won’t know that they won because of wangye’s modesty. They will only say that their Bei Zhou’s contestants are very powerful! This can’t happen!”

Murong Qing Lian’s pestering made Murong Qi Qi completely speechless. Li Yun Qing and Bai Yi Yue looked at Murong Qing Lian once. They felt very shameful for having such a teammate.

Before, if it wasn’t because Murong Qi Qi came up with a way, they would still be trapped down there. How would they be able to reach the top so smoothly?! Now, what’s the problem with letting them go down first? This woman obviously has the same father as Murong Qi Qi, why is her personality so different?

Wangye already put out the words. What qualification do you have to go against it, ah?!”

Su Mei couldn’t look anymore at Murong Qing Lian intervening with everything.

“Very strange! My family’s miss is so polite and amiable towards others, why does she has such an annoying little sister? Does the problem lie in the genetics?!”

Murong Qing Lian doesn’t know what ‘genetics’ is, but she is clear that Su Mei wouldn’t say good things.

Although Murong Qing Lian wanted very much to go forward and give Su Mei a slap in the face, but now she can’t offend Murong Qi Qi. Besides, she needed to leave a good impression on Longze Jing Tian. She couldn’t let him feel that she is narrow minded. So, Murong Qi Qi swallowed anger down.

“Ruyi, be careful! I and miss will guard at your side. We’ll go down together!”

Su Mei threw the rope at Ruyi.


  • In the book, it was add oil. However, I thought it’s a bit strange in English, so I choose the Korean version ‘fighting’. Chinese/Koreans say add oil/fighting when they want to cheer someone.

“Mm! Fighting!”

Ruyi pulled the rope a bit.

Wangfei[3. Wangfei: main consort of the prince of first rank], Su Mei, let’s go!”

The four fell down from the sky. Su Mei was at the left. In the middle was Ruyi with Wanyan Kang. On the right was Murong Qi Qi.

“They’re here! Miss!”

Su Yue excitedly came to the pagoda and wanted to receive Murong Qi Qi.

At the top, Murong Qing Lian was very upset. Her eyes have been fixed on Murong Qi Qi. Suddenly a dagger appeared in her hand.

“What do you want to do?!”

When Murong Qing Lian came to the ropes and was about to cut Murong Qi Qi’s rope, Bai Yi Yue sensed that something was wrong. She went forward and grabbed Murong Qing Lian’s hand.

“Murong Qing Lian, why are you so shameless?!”

Longze Jing Tian and Li Yun Qing were also surprised and very angry when they saw Murong Qing Lian wanted to cut the rope. Longze Jing Tian hit Murong Qing Lian’s hand which was holding the dagger. Murong Qing Lian felt pain. The dagger fell on the ground.

“She’s your biological sister!”

Longze Jing Tian has never seen such a vicious woman like Murong Qing Lian (TLNote: Uhm, Jing wang did you forget about MXL?). Why is she such a person? Not being able to win Murong Qi Qi, she would use dirty tricks? If the rope was cut, Longze Jing Tian couldn’t imagine what will happen if Murong Qi Qi fell from the air.

From Longze Jing Tian’s eyes, Murong Qing Lian saw disappointment. Her heart tightened. She didn’t want to lose Longze Jing Tian. She didn’t want him to misunderstand her. Although her motive was to kill Murong Qi Qi, but she can’t say that. She must find a reasonable reason and get rid of the disgust Longze Jing Tian has for her.

Wangye, if they lose, not only did we pass the knockout competition, but our Xi Qi will also be the only country which passed the knockout competition. By then we don’t need to go to finals. The title is already ours! Wangye, don’t you want the title of the tournament? Wangye, I did it for Xi Qi, ah!”

Originally it was ‘murder’, but coming from Murong Qing Lian, it became so dignified. The contempt Bai Yi Yue has for Murong Qing Lian become stronger. Li Yun Qing also frowned. His impression of Murong Qing Lian fell straight to the bottom. This woman’s heart is so vicious. When he got down the pagoda, he must remind Murong Qi Qi!

“I don’t need to use such dirty tricks to get the first place!”

Obviously, Murong Qing Lian’s retort hasn’t been approved by Longze Jing Tian. Instead, he felt very disgraced.

“Using such despicable ways as stabbing people in the heart, even if I win, I won’t have a peace of mind!”

Wangye, I really did it for you, for your own good!”

“Shut up!”

Longze Jing Tian turned and didn’t look at Murong Qing Lian anymore. This woman is obviously so hateful. She still dared to boast so shamelessly, saying those things more beautiful than singing.

“Su Mei said it very well. Princess Zhao Yang’s character is so noble, why does she has such a lowly little sister?! Benwang [4. Benwang: I, this king used by the prince of first ranks] doubts now very much if you’re the prime minister’s daughter. Why is the gap between you and princess Zhao Yang so big?! Very unimaginable!”

Longze Jing Tian ignored Murong Qing Lian. Li Yun Qing and Bai Yi Yue looked elsewhere. They showed their firm standpoint on Murong Qing Lian’s behaviour.

Looking at Longze Jing Tian’s back and thinking about his gentleness towards her when they crossed the chain, Murong Qing Lian’s felt bitterness and also felt wronged. Obviously, it is Murong Qi Qi who is the pretentious one. She is the one who is the falsest. Why is everyone’s impression of Murong Qi Qi so good? Why does everyone think that she is a good person? Even Longze Jing Tian’s voice will be particularly gentle when mentioning Murong Qi Qi. Why is it like this?

Murong Qing Lian felt injustice. She hates Murong Qi Qi; hate her for stealing everything from her.

Damned Murong Qi Qi. Why didn’t she die at Jing Xin An? Why did she come back? Since Murong Qi Qi came back from Jing Xin An, her (MQL) life changed. Originally, she was the dignified fourth miss of Murong household. Why is it that the moment Murong Qi Qi came back, daddy also doesn’t love her anymore? Everything she owned has been stolen by Murong Qi Qi! Now, even Longze Jing Tian misunderstood her. What should she do? What should she do?

It was like a pot with different kind of seasoning fell in Murong Qing Lian’s heart. She tasted different kind of tastes in her heart. Outside the pagoda, Murong Qi Qi’s group already ‘fell’ on the ground.

Murong Qi Qi loosened the rope first and then rushed to Feng Cang’s.


“Qing Qing!”

Feng Cang took big steps forward and hugged Murong Qi Qi. He deeply inhaled the fragrance of her hair.

“Qing Qing……”

Four very very slow hours. Feng Cang has never felt like this before. From the moment Murong Qi Qi entered the pagoda, his whole heart has been hanging in the air. He was very uneasy. Although on the surface, he still maintained his placid expression, but only Feng Cang himself know what kind of suffering that was.

Until, Murong Qi Qi appeared on the top of the pagoda, did Feng Cang felt relieved. Now, personally feeling her warmth in his embrace, Feng Cang’s heart completely settled down. Only embracing her and feeling her will he be completely at ease. So, this is love, ah!

At that side, Su Mei put a jade bottle under Wanyan Kang’s nose to let him sniff it in. Immediately, Wanyan Kang woke up.


Wanyan Kang vomited against the wall.

“Little Mei er[5. Er: term of endearment], what did you let me sniff? Ou……it really stinks! Ou……it couldn’t be poop, right……Ou……”

After Wanyan Kang finished vomiting, he realized they were already at the bottom on the pagoda. How did they come down? He didn’t have a memory of it. It seemed that Murong Qi Qi’s pill was indeed good.

“Does your highness feel a bit better?”

Murong Qi Qi saw that Wanyan Kang’s pace was very pale. His body is indeed good. in no time, he began to jump.

“Now you’re not afraid anymore?”

“Not afraid! Not afraid! Stepping on the ground feels so good! It’s still stepping on the ground of the earth that’s most secure! Cousin in law, your method was useful! Next time I still want to me like this!”

“Tsk… time, don’t know if you’ll still has such good life, having the three of us to escort you.”

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