Chapter 237: He Finds it Lacking

Demoness's Art of Vengeance

Ever since the day he argued with Yu Wanrou, Qin Lingyu gradually began to realize that there was something amiss with his body.

He had initially thought that that incident marked the end of his relationship with the tasteless, worthless lady Yu Wanrou, and he would then be able to focus wholeheartedly on his preparations to smoothen his transition to the Limitless Sect. Unexpectedly, every time night fell and darkness enshrouded the lands, he would subconsciously begin to think about the ecstasy and rapture that he experienced with that night and day of passion with Yu Wanrou.

Something’s amiss. Something’s truly amiss. This was not the first time that they had experienced a night of passion together. That said, his previous experiences with her had never given rise to such longing for more on his part.

Was this the aftereffects of the drugs that Yu Wanrou had used, or did this feeling of longing simply arise because he had developed feelings for her?

Qin Lingyu’s eyes darkened. Thus, he decided to think of a way to test his theories.

Today, after reporting to He Zhang, he left the Dawn Sect and headed straight into a small city belonging to the mortal world a few hundred miles away from the Dawn Sect.

The female cultivators within the cultivation world all possessed a sense of pride and self-worth, and they would rarely use their own bodies as a bargaining chip for any form of transaction. This was vastly different from the brothels in the mortal world which were filled with subservient ladies, some of whom were forced by circumstances, while others were captured and forced into submission.

Qin Lingyu had always looked down on the prostitutes of the mortal world. However, he was soon about to become a disciple of the Limitless Sect, and he knew that it was far more important that the present issue with his body did not cause any trouble for him.

Thus, bearing in mind that the female cultivators within the Sect were practically untouchables, the only way he knew how to experiment and test his theories would be to look for these ladies who sold themselves within the mortal world.

Qin Lingyu walked into a building that was designed exquisitely and looked relatively more dignified, before he spoke to the madam there, “Madam, bring me your best product here.”

“Ah! Right away!” The Madam’s eyes had already lit up when Qin Lingyu first entered the brothel. She had worked in that place for such a long time now, and she had personally seen and witnessed all sorts of people come by. That said, this was the first time that she had seen someone with such charms and dignity, clothed in top-quality goods from top to toe to boot.

“Oh yes, have her clean herself more thoroughly. I don’t want her body smelling of cosmetics. It’s hard on the nose.” Qin Lingyu added.

It was only with this that he would be able to forget that this was a prostitute from the mortal world. Otherwise, how could the pride in his heart allow him to hug and embrace her to begin with?

The Madam was slightly taken aback with the request as she stammered, “This…”

This was the first time she had encountered someone so picky – If he can’t stand the smell of our cosmetics, then what’s the point of looking for a pleasurable experience here? Unreasonable!

Qin Lingyu glanced back at the Madam, before he retrieved a mid-grade spirit stone from his Interspatial Ring and tossed it to her, “Hurry up.”

The Madam hurriedly caught the spirit stone. Her eyes constricted and she immediately replied obsequiously, “Ah, yes! Certainly, I’ll be right back!”

So, he’s someone from the cultivation world. No wonder he appears to be so prideful. But no matter what, I’ve got to get Scarlet to attend to this master well. The Madam made up her mind and smiled radiantly as she left the room.

There were various classifications to the ladies at the brothels like this one as well. Those that were beautiful with a charming disposition and a masterful craft to top off their way with people would undoubtedly rise through the ranks and command top respect in such places.

As demand for their services grow, the top ladies of each brothel would naturally also develop a sense of pride accompanying the fact that they had risen to the top of their game. Thus, they would generally be accorded the privilege of picking and choosing the customers that they serviced according to their whims and fancies.

This brothel was no exception either. Just a little while ago, she had personally rejected a rich yet irascible customer. Now that the Madam had just informed her that the present patron had several requests, and even detested the smell of the cosmetics on her body, she was on the brink of also rejecting this man as well.

“Lady, go serve him, please. This master hails from the cultivation world.” The Madam explained.

“Cultivation world?” The top lady’s eyes gleamed brightly.

“That’s right. If you treat him well, perhaps he might even take you along with him.” The Madam firmly believed that having one foot in the cultivation world like that was arguably even better than becoming a concubine to the king in the capital city.

These were the top lady’s exact thoughts as well. Thus, she shelved her displeasure from before and washed herself thoroughly. Then, she put on the most alluring silken wear that she had in her wardrobe, checked herself in the mirror, before she daintily made her way towards the room where Qin Lingyu was located.

As soon as she opened the door and took a glance at Qin Lingyu’s face, the top lady’s face immediately flushed red – Such a handsome-looking man! She had never seen such a charming and dignified appearance man in these parts before. Compared with Qin Lingyu, all of her other customers in the past could only be described as ugly buffoons!

He truly lives up to his reputation of being from the cultivation world. Her heart thumped vigorously as she thought to herself. At this moment, she had made up her mind that she absolutely had to win this man’s heart right now.

“Come here.” Qin Lingyu glanced at the lady that had just entered his room with a dark gaze as he called out coldly.

What a coincidence. The silken garments worn by this top lady was almost akin to that which was worn by Yu Wanrou on that fateful night, and it reminded Qin Lingyu about that incident once again.

It was a terrible feeling. It was as though he could not even control the thoughts of his own mind.

Qin Lingyu’s expressions grew frosty and cold, and the aura emanating from his body made the prideful top lady cower timidly.

After all, to a frail and defenseless woman like the top lady, even a well-built mortal man would be able to crush her, much less a cultivator from the cultivation world.

“Why aren’t you coming over yet? Do I have to personally escort you here?” Qin Lingyu looked with displeasure at the lady still standing motionless by the door.

The Madam behind the top lady gave her a gentle nudge into the room as she whispered in her ears, “Treat this master well. Don’t be willful!”

As she finished speaking, the Madam looked bashfully at Qin Lingyu and smiled, before she closed the room door with much “consideration”.

Even though there was some trepidation on her heart, the top lady nevertheless mustered all of her courage and walked over towards Qin Lingyu. The closer she drew to Qin Lingyu, the more she found herself mesmerized by Qin Lingyu’s chiseled looks.

How great would it be if I could charm this man and win his heart? An unrealistic thought crossed the top lady’s mind.

“I’m in your hands.” Qin Lingyu glanced at her from atop as he instructed.

“Yes, master.” Scarlet bowed slightly and spoke with a soft voice

There was no need for Qin Lingyu to remind her – she would do all she could to please this man.

The ladies from this brothel had been specially trained in their crafts, and their abilities to please their customers were practically top notch. Within moments, she had already got Qin Lingyu’s blood boiling as they tumbled onto the bed. Then, Scarlet did all she could to pleasure Qin Lingyu with the sole aim of making him fall head over heels in love with her.

However, after tussling in bed for over six hours, Qin Lingyu cast aside the weak and drained little lady to the side of the bed and began to put on his clothes once more.

“Master…” Scarlet tugged gently at Qin Lingyu’s sleeves, hoping that he would stay.

She realized that she had truly become fond of this man, and she sincerely hoped that this man would also stay behind for her.

However, Qin Lingyu simply retrieved three mid-grade spirit stones from his Interspatial Ring and tossed them onto the bed, “Take them.”

After speaking, he adjusted his clothes and left the brothel without turning back.

As he left, the heartbroken lady clutched gingerly at the three mid-grade spirit stones and buried her head in her hands, sobbing.

Qin Lingyu was hardly pleased by the release of his frustrations over their six hours of tussling. In fact, his spirits only grew sullener as he left the brothel.

It’s still not enough. The top lady’s crafts had clearly been far more masterful than Yu Wanrou’s abilities, yet he still found it lacking in some strange way. He simply did not get that ecstatic feeling that he got from Yu Wanrou. Could he truly have fallen for Yu Wanrou?

Qin Lingyu found the prospects of such thoughts disdainful. After all, he had always felt that relationships were nothing more than a burden, so what reason was there for him to have fallen in “love” with someone?

Furthermore, Yu Wanrou was simply too similar to himself – they were both people who would resort to any means to achieve their own goals. He would never fall in love with such a selfish person like her!

Thus, Qin Lingyu’s conclusion was that he had fallen in love with Yu Wanrou’s body.

If it’s her body, then so be it. I’m not at the losing end of this deal anyway, right? Qin Lingyu’s eyes grew hazy as he thought about it, but the entanglement in his heart had dwindled substantially.

Seems like I’ll have to look for Yu Wanrou and have a good chat with her.

Just as Qin Lingyu had grown jittery over the last few days, Yu Wanrou was similarly vexed with her predicament. She had initially thought that the use of one such Mesmerizing Blossom Pill would be sufficient to capture Qin Lingyu tightly within her grasp. How could she have known that before she could tighten the shackles around him, he would instead turn tail and leave in a fit of anger?

Yu Wanrou maintained a fairly decent reputation around the Dawn Sect. Over the last few days, the “cold war” between Qin Lingyu and Yu Wanrou had been far too obvious. As a result of that, several people thought that Qin Lingyu had discarded Yu Wanrou after thoroughly having his way with her.

Thus, many people began to believe in their hearts that Qin Lingyu was a scumbag through and through. That said, nobody spoke their minds on account of the fact that Qin Lingyu was the Sect Leader’s First-Seat Disciple. Who could afford to cross his path?

Naturally, it was also a by-product of such thoughts that Yu Wanrou began to find herself being comforted and consoled by several male disciples from different Peaks. These were all male disciples who were secretly fond of Yu Wanrou, and they finally thought that they would have a chance with her now that Qin Lingyu was out of the picture.

They firmly believed that this was a prime opportunity to set themselves up for the rebound love and earn this beauty’s love through the soothing of her hurts and pains.

On the other hand, Yu Wanrou welcomed these male disciples’ advances with a smile on her face, yet her heart was so frustrated that she was on the brink of throwing up blood – these male cultivators could hardly hold a candle to Qin Lingyu. How could she possibly fall for them?

In particular, just two days ago, Yu Wanrou had gone out to the markets to distract her mind and ventilate her frustrations, and she happened to come across a group of people belonging to the Heavenly Peak. Jun Xiaomo was among that group as well. She sat in the middle of the group like a glistening, precious gemstone. That radiant smile of hers was incredibly harsh on the eyes no matter how she looked at her.

There were several passers-by on the market streets who couldn’t help themselves but glance at Jun Xiaomo as they passed her by. At the same time, the group of Heavenly Peak disciples had bought several things from the markets and stuffed them all into Jun Xiaomo’s hands.

Why are the heavens so unfair to me? Why can Jun Xiaomo get her hands on everything she wants without even asking for it?

Yu Wanrou was so jealous of Jun Xiaomo that she was on the brink of going mad. She wanted so much to trade places with Jun Xiaomo so that Jun Xiaomo could experience for herself what it felt like to be a commoner like her.

On the other hand, Jun Xiaomo was completely oblivious to the fact that her birthday celebration could so seriously trip up Yu Wanrou and cause her jealousy towards Jun Xiaomo to burgeon so much.

That’s right. The reason why Jun Xiaomo and the Heavenly Peak disciples would take a stroll around the marketplace was precisely because it happened to be her birthday, and her martial brothers were taking the opportunity to celebrate her birthday with her.

Furthermore, several martial brothers had received olive branches from the Greater Sects over the last few days as a result of the Heavenly Peak’s outstanding performance during the group battles in the Secondary Inter-Sect Competition. In order to show Jun Xiaomo their gratitude, these martial brothers had decided to buy her gifts on her birthday.

Yet Yu Wanrou only knew what she saw. Thus, she had thought that Jun Xiaomo had always obtained what she wanted without any effort on her part, and she resolved in her heart that she was going to take any shortcuts available to her.

That said, this did not mean that Yu Wanrou was doomed to a life of failure – she succeeds on occasion as well.

Just like tonight, after several nights of jitters, Qin Lingyu finally knocked on the door to Yu Wanrou’s room once more.

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