Chapter 238: Yu Wanrou’s Desires Fulfilled

Demoness's Art of Vengeance

Qin Lingyu had called upon Yu Wanrou in the middle of the night under the cover of an Invisibility Talisman. It was only when Yu Wanrou opened the door to her room that he finally removed the Invisibility Talisman on her body.

“You…how come it’s you?” Yu Wanrou’s face stiffened up slightly, and the smile that was originally on her face subsided quickly.

“What’s the matter? Not willing to see me now? That’s to be expected. You’ve ‘received’ several people here over the last few days, huh? People come and go unceasingly. You must be a busy person, aren’t you?” Qin Lingyu responded contemptuously.

Qin Lingyu had laced the word “received” with so much contempt that it was evident he was implying that Yu Wanrou had invited several men for some behind-the-scenes action.

Yu Wanrou’s heart of solitude was immediately replaced by that of a burgeoning fire, and her eyes flickered brightly as she glared back at Qin Lingyu, “Are you jealous?”

“Jealous? Hah!” Qin Lingyu took one step forward and grabbed Yu Wanrou around the waist and forcefully lifted her chin. Yu Wanrou drew a deep breath, and her eyes were momentarily filled with melancholy and a plaintive look.

Qin Lingyu had not caused Yu Wanrou any pain. However, she knew that this was one of the ways in which she could incite the sympathy of a man’s heart.

Qin Lingyu squinted his eyes. It was clear that Yu Wanrou was in his embrace right now, and she had even presented herself with a look that made it clear that she was ripe for the picking. That said, Qin Lingyu’s mind had subconsciously wandered to another pair of eyes.

It was another pair of eyes that were far brighter and filled with an unwavering determination and an unflappable spirit. There was once a time where that pair of eyes had only been filled with his own image; but now those pair of eyes only looked at him with disdain and frigidity.

Qin Lingyu found that it was as though he had been split into two right now. One half was mesmerized by Yu Wanrou’s body, while the other half was still lingering with thoughts of his ex-fiancée – perhaps he might have cut his ties with her too soon.

“Ling…Lingyu?” Qin Lingyu had delved into his own thoughts for far too long, and Yu Wanrou could no longer keep her pretenses. Most importantly, she knew that she could not see her own reflections in Qin Lingyu’s deep and profound eyes right now.

It was as though Qin Lingyu was looking at her, but his heart and mind had drifted off elsewhere.

She had thought that Qin Lingyu had come looking for her so late at night because he had had a change of heart. But now, she was beginning to suspect whether Qin Lingyu was only here to mock and ridicule her! The indignation in Yu Wanrou’s eyes were slowly burgeoning into an aggrieved fury.

Qin Lingyu was jolted back to his senses by Yu Wanrou’s call, and his eyes immediately fixed itself back on Yu Wanrou’s body.

It had to be said that Yu Wanrou’s body was incredibly alluring. At the very least, having been separated with Yu Wanrou over the last few days, he felt that his body had not had a good release for some time now. Even though he had visited the brothel and called upon a prostitute, he had not managed to derive the same sensual pleasure and ecstasy that he previously experienced with Yu Wanrou.

Whether body or mind was more important to a man was an extremely difficult question to answer. Some men would prefer the former, while others would say that it was the latter. The only silver lining for Qin Lingyu right now was that he was not in a position where he presently had to make the choice between the two at this point in time.

He lifted Yu Wanrou’s chin slightly higher and stared straight into her eyes as he articulated each worth with clarity, “If you can please me tonight, I’ll bring you to the Limitless Sect.”

“Wha-…what?!” Yu Wanrou’s eyes widened. She had never expected the opportunity that she had always coveted would present itself right before her very eyes just like that.

Qin Lingyu did not say anymore. He continued to embrace Yu Wanrou as he took a step into her room and shut the door with a bang.

Very soon, Yu Wanrou’s moans and groans began to resound from within the room.

After one round of tussling, Qin Lingyu pushed Yu Wanrou aside and sat sullenly by the bed with a dark expression on his face.

I’ve just tasted Yu Wanrou once more, but why didn’t I experience the same kind of ecstatic feeling as before? It felt as though something was missing…could it be those drugs?!

Qin Lingyu knew that Yu Wanrou had drugged him that night, but he did not know exactly what drugs she had used. If it were truly the drug that was the missing ingredient to his ecstasy…

Qin Lingyu immersed himself in his own thoughts, and a dark expression flickered across his eyes.

Yu Wanrou’s heart felt rather unsettled. Qin Lingyu’s appearance had been far too sudden, and she did not have the opportunity to feed the Mesmerizing Blossom Pill to Qin Lingyu at all.

Yu Wanrou knew that Qin Lingyu coveted the ecstatic feeling that was generated by the Mesmerizing Blossom Pill when making love. Yu Wanrou did not feel good thinking about these things, but Qin Lingyu’s actions made it clear to her that these were his thoughts right now.

To think that I actually believed that he’d knocked on my door because he’s had a change of heart. Yu Wanrou thought in a self-deprecating manner. She liked Qin Lingyu, and she naturally hoped that Qin Lingyu would be fond of her as well.

“Where’s the drug?” Qin Lingyu spoke suddenly with a frigid tone.

“Wha-…what drug?” Yu Wanrou was slightly taken aback, and her eyes widened as she did her best to appear astonished in her response.

However, the fleeting panic in her eyes had betrayed her, and Qin Lingyu had just confirmed his suspicions that the abnormality over the last few days must have something to do with the medicines that Yu Wanrou had used.

“You know full well whether you’ve drugged me that night. I don’t intend to pursue this matter anymore either.” Qin Lingyu calmly explained, “I only want to know what drug this is.”

Yu Wanrou bit down on her lower lip, and she looked at Qin Lingyu with an indistinct expression in her eyes. She knew that there was no longer any point in finding an excuse because Qin Lingyu would no longer believe that no drugs had been involved. In fact, she knew that if she continued to refute his allegations, Qin Lingyu might very well in a fit of rage employ some unconventional measures in order to elicit a truthful response from her.

By then, Qin Lingyu might no longer find it within himself to forgive her even if she provided him with the drug.

Yu Wanrou thought for a moment, before she decided to compromise to a certain extent as she disclosed, “I did drug you, but it’s no use even if I reveal the name of the drug. You’ll never be able to find that drug.”

Qin Lingyu’s eyes grew colder, “Why’s that?”

“That drug is the same as the spirit spring waters in my Interspatial Ring. It’s something that I’d chanced upon, and it’s also something that you won’t be able to find or purchase at the marketplace.” Yu Wanrou pretended to remain calm as she explained.

Qin Lingyu squinted his eyes and grew sullen and taciturn for a moment. Then, he chuckled coldly, “So, without a thought on whether the drug would be harmful to my body, you threw caution to the wind and still drugged me regardless, hmm?!”

“It’s got no harmful effects!” Yu Wanrou knew that Qin Lingyu was on the brink of a major outburst, and she hurriedly sought to pacify him, “It…it’s only got the effects of causing a person to become mesmerized and impassioned with desires so that one would truly experience ecstasy and rapture!”

Yu Wanrou had no choice right now – she knew that she had to reveal the effects of the medicinal pill she had used. However, she was still reticent to divulge the name of the medicinal pill for fear that Qin Lingyu would guess her ulterior motives for using these drugs.

“Mesmerized…?” A notion flickered past Qin Lingyu’s mind quickly, but he failed to latch onto it.

Yu Wanrou was afraid that Qin Lingyu would press further with his queries, so she tactfully added, “Besides, you like that kind of feeling, don’t you? Otherwise, you wouldn’t have called upon me tonight.”

When she said this, Yu Wanrou’s heart felt a pang of frustration and vexation echo throughout her body.

She gritted her teeth, before once again retrieving another Mesmerizing Blossom Pill from her Interspatial Ring. Then, she presented the Mesmerizing Blossom Pill to him and lifted her head as she added, “Do you want to give it another shot? You like that feeling of rapture, don’t you? Lingyu…”

Yu Wanrou’s body coursed with the Fox Clan’s blood, and she could naturally imbue her voice with an irresistible charm whenever she spoke. The final sentence spoken by her was laced with an enchanting allure.

Qin Lingyu lowered his head and looked at the medicinal pill in Yu Wanrou’s hands.

After a moment’s hesitation, he received the pill and consumed it. Qin Lingyu wanted to know for himself how such a small, harmless looking pill could give rise to such powerful effects that were still lingering in his mind to this date!

Besides, Qin Lingyu firmly believed that Yu Wanrou would never have the guts to even think about hurting him with these medicinal pills.

Once the Mesmerizing Blossom Pill melted in his mouth, a wave of invigorating heat began to course through his entire body. It was somewhat akin to the feeling that he got while he was meditating, yet it was ostensibly different in other ways.

Very soon, he could no longer hold himself back. In one fell swoop, he pressed himself onto Yu Wanrou’s body and began to “plow” vigorously once more.

Yu Wanrou’s body temperature gradually rose with the heat of the moment as well, but her heart remained cold and frigid. As expected, Qin Lingyu was after nothing more than the effects of the drug that she had used. Apart from that, there was nothing else he coveted.

With a grimace on her face, Yu Wanrou mocked herself – Haven’t I done enough for Qin Lingyu? If not for the spirit spring waters in my Interspatial Ring, how could Qin Lingyu have broken through to the secondary-tier Foundation Establishment stage of cultivation in such a short time?

How could Qin Lingyu be such a heartless person?!

Several questions began to surface in Yu Wanrou’s mind about that person undulating vigorously above her. Yet it never once crossed Yu Wanrou’s mind that Jun Xiaomo had in fact sacrificed and done so much more for Qin Lingyu, whether in her previous life or in the present life. Even then, Qin Lingyu had thoroughly turned his back and cut off all ties with her.

Besides, Yu Wanrou was the one who had instigated Qin Lingyu to betray Jun Xiaomo to begin with. If Qin Lingyu could betray Jun Xiaomo, then naturally he could certainly find it within himself to betray Yu Wanrou as well. If anyone was to blame, Yu Wanrou could only blame herself for being overconfident in her own charms and allure.

As she turned her mind towards the “promise” Qin Lingyu had made earlier that night, Yu Wanrou gritted her teeth and pushed aside Qin Lingyu whose rationality had been substantially consumed by the effects of the Mesmerizing Blossom Pill, and she panted as she asked, “Is your promise still valid? If I please you tonight, will you bring me to the Limitless Sect?”

Qin Lingyu had returned to his senses slightly as a result of the pause in their actions. He gazed straight into Yu Wanrou’s eyes for a moment, before a mocking smile crept up the corner of his lips, “I naturally am a man of my word.”

Even though Yu Wanrou had pleased him using the effects of the medicinal pill, it was still as Yu Wanrou had said – he had still experienced the ecstasy and rapture that he so desired!

As to what Yu Wanrou would become after she entered the Limitless Sect, this would no longer form part of his considerations. After all, he could hardly care less about a woman who would go through so much trouble just to scheme against himself.

Qin Lingyu contemptuous gaze pierced straight through Yu Wanrou’s heart, causing her to feel as though she had stumbled viciously.

It was evident that Qin Lingyu viewed her as nothing more than a warm body in bed. Yet the irony of all that was that this “warm body” had always thought that Qin Lingyu had possessed deep affection for her.

Qin Lingyu saw Yu Wanrou bite down on her lower lips as she remained taciturn. Moments later, the Mesmerizing Blossom Pill’s effects surged once more, and he threw himself onto Yu Wanrou’s body again.

Yu Wanrou had already grown used to Qin Lingyu’s warm breath in bed. Under the manifestation of Qin Lingyu’s passion, her body grew weak and limp, and she gave up all forms of “resistance”.

I’ll let it be…

As she gazed into the slightly swaying bedframe and experienced the heat burgeoning within her body with that slight tingling, pleasurable sensation emanating from her body, Yu Wanrou began to moan and groan in harmony with the tempo of Qin Lingyu’s actions. At the same time, a twisted smile crept up the corner of her lips.

Regardless of what happens, I’ve achieved my goals, haven’t I? After tonight, I’ll be able to go to the Limitless Sect and tap into the vast pool of delectable male cultivators there!

So what if Qin Lingyu doesn’t love me? Once tonight passes, he will no longer be able to extricate himself from the ecstasy and rapture accompanying the Mesmerizing Blossom Pill. At that time, I’ll whittle him down one pill at a time, until he finally submits to me fully. 

At that moment, Yu Wanrou’s disposition had become as sharp and incisive like a poisonous snake that was poised to strike as it slowly curled its body into a trap, waiting for its prey to fall in and accompany her to the depths of the abyss of degeneration.

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