Chapter 250: Someone More Shameless Than Qin Lingyu

Demoness's Art of Vengeance

Two more weeks passed in the blink of an eye. Over the last two weeks, Jun Xiaomo had slowly adjusted herself to life in her new Sect.

Truth be told, Jun Xiaomo found that there was hardly any difference between her life in the Zephyr Sect and her life in the Dawn Sect. She had always enjoyed quietness and solitude to begin with. Furthermore, given the Heavenly Peak’s current predicament where they were surrounded by enemies on all four sides, Jun Xiaomo sincerely wished there was more than twenty-four hours in a day. Apart from practicing her cultivation each day, she spent almost every other part of her waking hours studying the thick manuscripts that Tong Ruizhen had handed over to her.

Tong Ruizhen was incredibly pleased with his disciple’s diligence, yet he never failed to remind her to do all things in moderation.

Jun Xiaomo would smile back at him but remain taciturn in tacit agreement. That said, she continued to devote most of her time to learning and her cultivation.

Tong Ruizhen was among the best in the spiritual world in terms of his proficiency with his formation arrays and talismans. There were enough people seeking to be his disciple that if they lined up in a long line, that line would be able to surround the entire Inferno Kingdom three full times. Despite all that, Tong Ruizhen’s requirements for accepting one as his disciple was incredibly high. Including Jun Xiaomo, he had only taken five personal disciples to date. Furthermore, the personal disciples prior to Jun Xiaomo had already graduated with a certain level of proficiency, and most of them had already left the Sect to make a name for themselves in the rest of the world. Therefore, Tong Ruizhen only had Jun Xiaomo by his side at this moment.

Make no mistake – this was not a bad thing for Jun Xiaomo. After all, the more people there were, the higher the likelihood that Jun Xiaomo would have to deal with the buzz in the background and navigate complex human relations. Jun Xiaomo knew that not everyone within the Sect would behave in as united a manner as her Heavenly Peak disciples.

The pavilion overlooking the lotus pond that Jun Xiaomo chanced upon on her first day at the Zephyr Sect had left an indelible mark in Jun Xiaomo’s heart. She had thought that there would be many people who enjoyed going to that place. After all, she was “fortunate” enough to have chanced upon the two First-Seat Disciples of both Peaks on the very first day that she had been there. She even bumped into Princess Linglong who hailed from the Greenwich Kingdom.

Unexpectedly, after dropping by to that tranquil place on several occasions thereafter, Jun Xiaomo discovered to her surprise that that few people would pass by the lotus pond. From time to time, she would see several disciples walking hurriedly past the lotus pond as they rushed back from outside the Sect, but they would never pause to take a break at the pavilion.

In fact, this stood to reason. Although the lotus pond was close to the main gate of the Zephyr Sect, it was in fact quite a distance away from the heart of the Sect’s grounds. Generally speaking, none of the disciples would intentionally make their way over and hang around at the lotus pond.

That being the case, whether the three important Zephyr Sect disciples had chanced upon or intentionally crossed paths with Jun Xiaomo was something that was only privy to the three of them.

After learning that she was the only one among all of the Zephyr Sect’s disciples who enjoyed hanging around the lotus pond, Jun Xiaomo heaved a sigh of relief and decided to change her favourite studying spot to the little pavilion by the lotus pond.

Then, after visiting the pavilion for a few days and confirming that it was as peaceful and tranquil as she had hoped, Jun Xiaomo finally let her guard down. The matters within the Dawn Sect were already complicated enough, and she sincerely did not wish to be further embroiled within the tension between the two Peaks in Zephyr Sect.

That evening, just as the sun began to set and dusk fell over the lands, Jun Xiaomo was still seated at the pavilion by the lotus pond with no intention of returning to her room just yet. She was almost done with the thick manuscript that she held in her hands, and she just had a little bit more to go. Her intention was to power through and finish the last bit before heading back to her abode.

The thick manuscript contained the fundaments of formation arrays, and it was etched with the words – “Elementary Formation Arrays”. This was none other than the manuscript that every single budding array master would have to study and understand. Logically speaking, with Jun Xiaomo’s abilities, this manuscript should do nothing more than tell Jun Xiaomo what she already knew. However, Jun Xiaomo would never grow complacent and neglect something just because it felt “simple” to her. After all, every skyscraper required a commensurately strong and firm foundation. Jun Xiaomo appreciated the fact that it would get increasingly easier to slip up in future without a strong and firm foundation in the discipline of formation arrays.

In her previous life, Jun Xiaomo had also studied a manuscript that was similar to the one she was reading right now. The only difference was that it was hardly as comprehensive. As she pored through the present manuscript and studied it in detail, she constantly found herself gleaning something new from it.

Finally, she finished the entire manuscript. She shut the manuscript and rubbed her slightly aching temples.

She had been seated by the lotus pond since the morning, and that meant that she had been reading this book from dawn till dusk. When she got hungry, she would munch on some dry rations; and when she got thirsty, she would sip on some tea which she had earlier prepared within her Interspatial Ring. Despite her immense mental prowess, even she found herself completely worn out and drained right now.

As she continued to rub her temples, Jun Xiaomo’s fingers suddenly slowed to a halt.

“Who?! Who’s over there?!” Jun Xiaomo suddenly stood up, and her eyes were filled with a frigid and cold gleam.

It was that feeling again – that feeling of being stared all over, as though something sticky and gooey were being drizzled all over her. It was incredibly uncomfortable.

A rustling sound rang out, and a person stepped out from behind a tree some distance away. The sky was not completely dark yet. In the faint glow which remained, Jun Xiaomo was barely able to make out the uninvited guest’s appearances.

“Martial brother Zou?”

Jun Xiaomo had already had a vague inkling of who the person staring at her might be. After all, she had on her first day at the Zephyr Sect also experienced the exact same kind of gaze from Zou Zilong.

That sticky, gooey gaze that crept all over her body, just like how a snake would stare at and gaze at its prey.

The only problem was that Jun Xiaomo simply couldn’t fathom what it was that she possessed that caused Zou Zilong to covet and scheme against her as such. Thus, after she returned to her abode on the first day, she shelved that incident to the back of her mind and forgot all about it, attributing it to no more than an illusion or oversensitivity on her part.

But as it turns out, what she experienced on the first day was hardly an illusion or an oversensitivity on her part. In fact, Zou Zilong’s gaze on the first day was still somewhat discreet and covert. But at this point in time, he was undoubtedly openly gazing at Jun Xiaomo and sizing her up. The faint smile that he wore on his lips particularly gave Jun Xiaomo the creeps.

Jun Xiaomo tensed up her spirits and took a step back. Then, she lowered her eyes and did her best to remain calm and polite yet distant as she remarked, “Pardon me, martial brother Zou. Your younger martial sister had earlier been unaware that martial brother Zou was here, so she may have used a slightly harsher tone of voice. Kindly forgive me.”

Zou Zilong took a few steps towards Jun Xiaomo, and he only stopped when he was extremely close to Jun Xiaomo.

Jun Xiaomo was intensely apprehensive right now. If she could, she wanted to leave this place immediately.

“Martial sister Xiaomo doesn’t have to be so nervous. Your martial brother Zou has always been magnanimous, and he would never get angry with martial sister Jun over such a small thing.” Zou Zilong spoke with a cajoling tone of voice. However, that only caused Jun Xiaomo’s hair to stand on ends.

She had not forgotten how Zou Zilong presented himself with a stern and somber appearance on the very first day that they had met. Who could’ve thought that he would present himself with a completely disposition this time?

Could it be that all of the disciples in the Zephyr Sect enjoy changing their appearances and dispositions this much? Or was it only the First-Seat Disciples that enjoyed it so? Jun Xiaomo was subconsciously reminded of Ye Xiuwen once more. From her memories, whether of her past life or her present life, Ye Xiuwen had never played such games and toyed with her feelings; he had always been frank, candid and straightforward.

Jun Xiaomo drew a deep breath and suppressed the frustrations swelling up from the depth of her heart. She discreetly tightened her fists, looked up and responded, “Thanks for your understanding, martial brother Zou. It’s getting late. I should go back now.”

“Wait a minute.” Zou Zilong lifted his hands and prevented Jun Xiaomo from leaving. A meaningful smile crept up the side of his lips, and he leaned even closer towards Jun Xiaomo, “If you’ve got the time, why not have a nice little chat with your martial brother?”

Jun Xiaomo found his advances a little bit too close for comfort. She took a few steps back and increased the distance between them, “I wonder what martial brother Zou wants to talk about?”

A furtive expression flashed across the depths of Zou Zilong’s eyes. He curled up his lips and responded, “I’m sure martial sister knows exactly what martial brother here wants to talk about, don’t you?” As he finished speaking, he began to draw closer towards Jun Xiaomo once more.

“Martial brother Zou, please have some self-respect!” Jun Xiaomo’s back had already bumped into the table, and she no longer had any room to retreat. Thus, she could only lift her head and caution Zou Zilong with a fiery intensity in the depths of her eyes.

Zou Zilong had made his advances clear as day. Jun Xiaomo would be a fool if she did not know what he was trying to do. Yet at the same time, she sincerely hoped that she was wrong.

“With martial sister Xiaomo’s smarts, I knew that she would understand exactly what her martial brother Zou is talking about.” Zou Zilong selectively ignored Jun Xiaomo’s infuriation. In his eyes, only the ladies that required some coercing would end up tasting more flavorsome.

Jun Xiaomo was completely maddened by now. Back in the Dawn Sect, she had been surrounded by a bunch of martial brothers, and her martial brothers had habitually addressed her as “martial sister Xiaomo”. However, that term of reference had never made her feel as nauseated as she presently was.

The disgust must have emanated from the person calling my name, right?

Jun Xiaomo retorted with fury, “Zou Zilong, don’t forget that you’ve still got a marriage arrangement with the Princess!”

Zou Zilong chuckled with some measure of exasperation, “So what if there’s a marriage arrangement? That’s nothing more than an agreement. Furthermore, compared with the unruly, headstrong and unreasonable Princess, I’m personally far more interested in martial sister Xiaomo.” Zou Zilong’s last statement sounded very much like something a person said to tease a street-calling prostitute.

Jun Xiaomo had never seen such a thick-skinned and shameless person who would openly admit to turning his back on his marriage arrangement. Even Qin Lingyu would know how to cover up and conceal these shameful deeds. Zou Zilong completely disregarded any forms of concealment in this regard. In fact, he even glorified his despicable acts and made them sound brilliant as though they were an achievement.

Jun Xiaomo glared straight back into Zou Zilong’s eyes as she barked with emphasis, one word at a time, “You. Absolutely. Disgust. Me!”

Zou Zilong’s expressions darkened immediately. Even though not all of the previous ladies that he had made advances to had caved in within moments, they would nevertheless give regard to the identity of his master and leave his pride intact. After all, he was the First-Seat Disciple of a Peak. How could he have known that a little brat like Jun Xiaomo would trample all over his pride like that?

“Hmph. Disgust?! Then, let me show you just what ‘disgust’ means!” As Zou Zilong spoke, he charged straight towards Jun Xiaomo. Jun Xiaomo couldn’t react in time and was struck squarely by Zou Zilong!

Zou Zilong had set his sights on Jun Xiaomo on the first day that she arrived at the Zephyr Sect. A young lady at the tender age of seventeen meant that she was at the age when she was the most tender and delicate. Her striking red garments accentuated her curvaceous figure and brought out all the right lines. Jun Xiaomo even inherited her parents’ best features and possessed beautiful and exquisite facial features.

When she silently sat at the pavilion and gazed into the lotus pond, the solitude and faint sorrow within her eyes made her seem like a gem that was embedded into an ink portrait. Then, when she lifted her head and glanced about at her surroundings with vigilance, the aura surrounding her body would flourish, and her eyes would gleam with brilliance.

Having been covertly peeking at Tong Ruizhen’s new disciple, Zou Zilong was immediately taken aback when he saw Jun Xiaomo. His eyes immediately lit up with passion and a fiery gaze.

Zou Zilong’s marriage arrangement with Princess Linglong had never once deterred him from sneaking a few “side dishes”. In fact, Zou Zilong thoroughly enjoyed preying on the beautiful and attractive female disciples from within the Zephyr Sect, and there were many of them had suffered from his advances before.

Some of them had caved in and obsequiously agreed to be his secret lover, while others had been so whittled down by Zou Zilong’s incessant threats that they had no choice but to compromise as well.

However, no matter what the female disciples did, all of them invariably ended up with a tragic end. Princess Linglong’s jealousy was not something that a normal person could stand up against, to say the least. Furthermore, Zou Zilong was always very circumspect in terms of the female disciples he picked on. He would never make any advances against female disciples who had a strong backing behind; on the other hand, he would freely threaten those whom he perceived not to have any backing at all.

For instance, someone like Jun Xiaomo who came from a small and insignificant place.

“My dear martial sister, you’ll come to enjoy this kind off “disgusting” feeling in no time.” Zou Zilong’s eyes were filled with lust as he embraced Jun Xiaomo and began to lay his hands on her.

Jun Xiaomo was on the brink of tearing apart Zou Zilong’s nauseating face. He didn’t care about his pretenses anymore, so what was the point of leaving his face on him?! However, the harder she struggled, the tighter Zou Zilong embraced her, and the deeper the fiery intensity of covetousness that burned in the depths of his eyes.

No! I can’t panic. I have to think of something!

Jun Xiaomo had spent the better part of her previous life battling with other cultivators, so there was no reason for her to stumble on a small predicament like what she was facing right now. Very soon, she calmed her heart down, and her mind was spinning quickly as she contemplated various possible countermeasures.

Zou Zilong discovered that Jun Xiaomo was no longer struggling, and he thought that she had finally learnt to accept her fate. His heart was immensely pleased with how Jun Xiaomo seemed to have tacitly consented to his advances, and he plastered a vile smile on his face as he motioned closer to her face.

In his passion, he failed to realize that Jun Xiaomo had already freed one of her hands from his grasp and she was already holding onto a talisman in the palm of her freed hand.

Jun Xiaomo coldly glared at the depraved Zou Zilong, and she primed herself to slap the Thunderbolt Talisman in her hand directly onto his face – if Zou Zilong truly dared to get any closer to her!

However, a furious scream disrupted Zou Zilong’s advances.

“What in the world are you doing?!”

As it turns out, someone had surreptitiously alerted Princess Linglong, who had in turn arrived just in time to catch them “in the act”.

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