Chapter 251: Jun Xiaomo Suffers from Yue Linglong’s Wrath

Demoness's Art of Vengeance

Princess Linglong’s maidservant ran up to her clumsily as she reported that the new Zephyr Sect disciple was currently seducing her fiancé by the lotus pond. At that time, Yue Linglong hardly believed her servant at all. She had seen Jun Xiaomo before. As the princess of an entire kingdom, she had spent her formative years in the palace where internal strife, schemes and ploys abounded. No matter how well-loved she was, her ability to discern the people around her was still fairly decent.

Even though she disliked Jun Xiaomo’s sharp tongue and harsh words, she assessed that Jun Xiaomo was not a person who enjoyed being a third wheel and getting between people.

That said, Yue Linglong knew that it was not wise to judge a book by its covers. Thus, she still ended up following her little maidservant just to ascertain that her earlier judgment had been right.

As soon as she got to the lotus pond, she immediately noticed two people locked in an embrace at the pavilion. Her initial assessment of Jun Xiaomo immediately went up in smokes, and all that was left was a single label – Vixen!

“What in the world are you doing?!”

Zou Zilong reacted immediately when he heard Yue Linglong’s bellow. His spirits tensed up, and he immediately pushed Jun Xiaomo away forcefully.

Jun Xiaomo was still struggling to free herself from his embrace earlier. Now that Zou Zilong pushed her, her back slammed into the edge of the stone table behind her, and her face instantly contorted from the immense pain that spread from her lower back.

“Martial sister Jun, please have some self-respect. I have a marriage arrangement with the Princess!” Zou Zilong’s face immediately appeared stern and somber once more, and he chided Jun Xiaomo with a righteous and upstanding tone of voice. He was practically an entirely different person compared to how he was just moments ago.

Jun Xiaomo lifted her head in shock. She had never expected the perpetrator to pretend to be the victim and throw her under the bus like that!

If Jun Xiaomo were not the person being maligned right now, she might even have been fooled by Zou Zilong’s persuasive act right now.

She gritted her teeth in pain as she glared at Zou Zilong with an incensed look.

At this moment, Princess Linglong had already made her way into the pavilion. Under the faint glow of light from dusk, she was able to see that Jun Xiaomo’s pale face and her gritting teeth. She immediately interpreted Jun Xiaomo’s appearances as an expression of having her hand caught in the candy jar.

“Jun Xiaomo, your father is a Peakmaster. Even though you hail from a small Sect, you should still know basic propriety and manners. I’d never thought that you’d stoop so low to snatch someone else’s husband!” Yue Linglong barked in rage as she glared furiously at Jun Xiaomo as though she were prepared to shred her into pieces in the very next moment.

The pain emanating from Jun Xiaomo’s back had finally subsided substantially, and the colours on her face returned once more.

“Princess, why don’t you ask your fiancé exactly what he was doing a few moments ago? Don’t you think that by criticizing me the very moment you’re here, you’re being far too arbitrary with your judgment of this incident?” Jun Xiaomo chuckled coldly as she retorted. This evening’s incident had thoroughly enraged Jun Xiaomo and pushed her to her limits.

“My maidservant had just moments ago come running over to me informing me that you’re seducing my fiancé, and brother Zou has earlier asked you to have some self-respect as well. There are two eyewitnesses standing right here. Do you still intend to dispute the veracity of my judgment?!” Yue Linglong barked back with a fiery intensity surging from the depths of her eyes.

Jun Xiaomo clenched her fists, and her entire body began to tense up. Her frigid gaze swept across to the maidservant standing behind Princess Linglong. She was the one who had reported her “transgressions” to Princess Linglong. Jun Xiaomo’s gaze caused her to be completely taken aback in shock. Then, she continued to shift her attention and landed her gaze on Zou Zilong himself. There, she noticed the cold, mocking expression on his face.

By this time, she had already realized that it was not going to be an easy task to extricate herself from her present predicament.

Since Princess Linglong was unwilling to believe her, and she would rather believe the lies of the two schemers who stood behind her, Jun Xiaomo no longer had any qualms letting loose.

She chuckled coldly, “Hah, giving a dog a bad name and then hanging him? Princess, I pity you. Even though your fiancé is an invaluable treasure in your eyes, he’s nothing more than a lustful scumbag in my eyes!”

When Jun Xiaomo lashed out with her unbridled tongue, even old, crafty foxes like He Zhang could do nothing but succumb and wallow in infuriation, much less this tender and young Princess Linglong who had grown up knowing only praise and affirmation.

Jun Xiaomo’s words were derided two people in one fell swoop – she first mocked how blind Princess Linglong was; and then she also mocked and disgraced Zou Zilong.

Yue Linglong had never encountered a “love rival” with such a sharp tongue before. As the fury in her heart burgeoned, it also wiped our every single bit of her remaining rationality.

“Men! Tie up this woman! If this highness doesn’t show her a thing or two right now, she might still think that she’s still in her trash of a sect where she can do as she pleases!” Princess Linglong cried out in fury, and several shadows immediately flickered and shot out from her surroundings.

These shadows no longer masked the aura and killing intent from their bodies when they charged straight towards Jun Xiaomo.

It only took Jun Xiaomo one glance to ascertain that these men were at least in the Golden Core stage of cultivation. From their appearances, they were undoubtedly part of her palace bodyguards.

Who would’ve thought that the king of the Greenwich Kingdom would be so “extravagant”? He even has to send a whole bunch of clandestine agents to ensure her safety at the Sect. Jun Xiaomo chuckled bitterly to herself. She knew full well that if she were still unable to evade the attacks of Princess Linglong’s bodyguards, she would almost certainly have to suffer some hardship at her hands this evening.

That said, Jun Xiaomo would never give up so easily. As long as she could drag things out long enough, there would always be the hope that Tong Ruizhen would come looking for her and rescue her.

Jun Xiaomo’s spirits tensed up, and her entire being instantly became as sharp as an unsheathed spirit sword. The disposition around her body flourished.

Princess Linglong had already taken a few steps back from where the battle was taking place. As she glared at Jun Xiaomo, she also clung onto Zou Zilong’s arm as though she were proclaiming her right to do so. A disdainful smile crept up the corner of her lips.

You’re just a piece of trash that had come from a small, insignificant sect. So what if you’ve become Sect Elder Tong’s disciple? You want to oppose me? Maybe in your next life!

A vicious intent swirling in the depths of Princess Linglong’s eyes burgeoned, and her mind had already begun to think about how she was going to torment Jun Xiaomo once she had apprehended and restrained her.

She absolutely despised the female cultivators who attempted to snatch her dear Zou Zilong away from her. Thus, she swore in her heart that she was going to teach Jun Xiaomo a lesson she would never forget!

With a glint in his eye, Zou Zilong looked at Jun Xiaomo battle it out with Princess Linglong’s bodyguards. Nobody knew what ran through his mind right now.

The chasm between the sixth level of Qi Mastery and the Golden Core stage of cultivation was simply far too wide. Furthermore, Jun Xiaomo was not dealing with a single bodyguard at the Golden Core stage of cultivation; she was dealing with a group of bodyguards at the Golden Core stage of cultivation. To make things worse, these bodyguards had evidently been handpicked and put through years of arduous training to get to where they are right now. Thus, Jun Xiaomo was very quickly put on her backfoot under their relentless, coordinated attacks.

Fortunately, she still possessed some talismans within her Interspatial Ring.

The incredible might of her talismans temporarily prevented Princess Linglong’s bodyguards from getting close to Jun Xiaomo. In fact, they had each even sustained differing degrees of injuries. Princess Linglong hated the fact that Jun Xiaomo appeared to be so difficult to capture and restrain, and her fury burgeoned as she bellowed, “Are you all on a diet?! Why do you all need such a long time to capture a piece of trash that’s only in the sixth level of Qi Mastery? Are you asking for my father to punish you?!”

Princess Linglong’s threats were extremely effective. Everyone from the Greenwich Kingdom knew just how much the king loved and spoilt his only daughter. If she were to complain about them to the king, they would most certainly be sent to the Penal Hall by their leader. When that happened, all that awaited them was to be skinned and flayed alive, if not sentenced to death there and then.

Thus, the group of bodyguards began to unleash their attacks against Jun Xiaomo with even more vigor.

Before Jun Xiaomo left the Dawn Sect, she had already given most of her talismans to her martial brothers from the Heavenly Peak, leaving only a small stack for herself. After all, she knew that she could always prepare more for herself if there was the need to do so.

How could she have known at that time that she would encounter such trouble within the Zephyr Sect in such a short period of time?! Thus, the small stack of talismans within her Interspatial Ring began to deplete and run out.

As soon as the bodyguards discovered that Jun Xiaomo’s rate of using her talismans had decreased, the bodyguards immediately gave each other a knowing look, before swiftly surrounding Jun Xiaomo on all four sides.

Two incense sticks of time later, one of the bodyguards finally managed to connect a powerful attack against Jun Xiaomo, knocking her straight to the ground. A serpentine streak of blood seeped out from the corner of her lips.

At this moment, Princess Linglong walked up and looked contemptuously at Jun Xiaomo who now presented herself in a sorry state. Her lips curled into a smirk as she spoke dispassionately, “A pheasant would always be a pheasant. Even if you fly up to a low-hanging branch, you’ll never be a phoenix. Look, this is the result of your overconfidence. How about it? Do you finally admit that you’ve been seducing brother Zou?”

Jun Xiaomo wiped away the streak of blood by her lips. She lifted her head and stared straight into Princess Linglong’s eyes with a grimace, “My taste isn’t as unique as yours, Princess. I can’t bring myself to devour just any man.”

Princess Linglong’s face immediately twisted and contorted, while Zou Zilong’s expressions darkened as well. Both of them were used to look down on people from up high, and neither of them had ever been treated with such words of contempt before.

“Alright, since you’re not willing to admit it, then this highness no longer has any reason to be courteous and kind to you any longer. I was still going to let you off on account for Sect Elder Tong too.” Princess Linglong gnashed her teeth with infuriation. Her vicious expression had completely ruined her otherwise sharp and exquisite features, “Men! Have her kneel before me!”

“Yes!” Yue Linglong’s bodyguards held Jun Xiaomo on both sides, lifted her and then kicked her, causing her to kneel down heavily onto the ground.

Jun Xiaomo let out a painful groan.

She could had sworn that she had heard her kneecaps fracture. The excruciating pain emanating from both knees caused large beads of sweat to begin to run down her forehead.

Her clothes had already been soaked through with sweat, and the immense pain caused her to start quivering uncontrollably. However, she was still unwilling to conform and show weakness before Princess Linglong. Thus, she gritted her teeth and fought through all the pain.

Yue Linglong hated seeing the sight of people who were unwilling to admit defeat. She firmly believed that such conduct was an affront and a challenge to her pride and authority as a princess. Thus, she stepped forward towards Jun Xiaomo, grabbed a tuft of her hair and yanked hard, forcing Jun Xiaomo to lift her head.

Jun Xiaomo’s limbs had completely been restrained by the bodyguards standing to her side, and there was no way she could retaliate or struggle any further.

“Let this highness take a look at just what it is you have that allows you to seduce my fiancé!” Yue Linglong tugged hard at Jun Xiaomo’s hair and glared viciously into her eyes. The words that flowed from her lips were so frigid that they seemed almost completely frozen over like Thousand Year Frost, “Tsk tsk, indeed, you’re rather pretty. No wonder you dare to make a move against my man right here.”

Jun Xiaomo glared back at Yue Linglong and snorted. She puckered up her lips and grew taciturn.

Yue Linglong detested the expression on Jun Xiaomo’s face right now. It was as though everything she had done against Jun Xiaomo right now hardly fazed or affected her. Previously, all of the female disciples who had seduced Zou Zilong had invariably grown so afraid that they would voluntarily kneel on the floor and beg for their lives. As things were right now, Jun Xiaomo’s expressions were completely underwhelming. There were even traces of contempt and sympathy in the depths of her eyes.

Contempt? Sympathy? What a joke! I’m the Princess of an entire kingdom! Where’s the logic that I should be derided and pitied by a piece of trash from a small, insignificant sect?!

The more Yue Linglong thought about it, the more incensed she grew.

Pak! She gave Jun Xiaomo a tight slap across her face as she growled through her gritted teeth, “Slut.”

Jun Xiaomo’s ears rang from the slap, and she momentarily lost her auditory senses.

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