Chapter 327: Ye Xiuwen’s Hesitation, Jun Xiaomo’s Resolve

Demoness's Art of Vengeance

As soon as Jun Xiaomo expelled Zhang Shuyue from the room, she shed her cold, vicious expression and immediately returned to the side of the bed. Then, looking anxiously at Ye Xiuwen, she asked helplessly, “Martial Brother, what happened to you? Don’t scare me, please. Was it Zhang Shuyue who made you become like this?”

It stood to reason that Jun Xiaomo was panicking. After all, despite her incredible proficiency in the disciplines of formation arrays and talismans, she was no better than a toddler in the realm of medicines. At best, all she knew were the basics that was common to all cultivators. Thus, she had no way of discerning what was wrong with Ye Xiuwen’s body right now.

Ye Xiuwen had been so tormented by the effects of the drugs that his eyes were completely bloodshot, almost as though he were a cultivator experiencing a demonic upheaval, and there was not a single bit of rationality left in the depths of his eyes.

He did not respond to Jun Xiaomo. Instead, he simply continued to stare at Jun Xiaomo, as though a frenzied beast that had just locked onto its prey.

Jun Xiaomo’s heart constricted. While she was concerned and anxious about Ye Xiuwen’s current plight, she also felt a flicker of danger for a fleeting moment.

Gritting her teeth, she stretched out her hand and reached for Ye Xiuwen’s wrist. Even though this was probably one of the silliest things she could do right now, she was completely at a lost.

She needed to know for herself whether Ye Xiuwen’s meridians and Dantian were showing symptoms of any problems.

Then, in the moment that her hand contacted Ye Xiuwen’s wrist, Ye Xiuwen suddenly grabbed her wrist instead and gave her a great tug, pulling her straight into the bed as he flipped around and pinned her onto the bed.

Before Jun Xiaomo could react to the situation, she felt herself slam into Ye Xiuwen’s chest. Then, in the very next moment, she felt the world spin around, and she ended up lying on the bed, pinned down by Ye Xiuwen.

Ye Xiuwen’s breath was slightly ragged, and the redness of his eyes only deepened and grew more abstruse.

“Martial Brother Ye, let me go. It hurts…” Jun Xiaomo wrist was locked in a peculiar position by Ye Xiuwen, and she was unable to wrestle her hand free no matter what she did. Thus, she looked up pleadingly at Ye Xiuwen, hoping that her bitter expression would jolt Ye Xiuwen back to his senses.

Unfortunately, Ye Xiuwen had been fighting back the effects of the drugs for far too long, and he was now suffering from an overwhelming backlash that was powerful enough to sweep away every last bit of his rationality.

The last thing that Ye Xiuwen saw just before he lost all rationality was how Jun Xiaomo had barged into the room like a fiendish war god hell bent on revenge.

At the same time, he might very well have let down his guard and ceased resisting the drug’s effects precisely because he knew Jun Xiaomo had arrived. After all, Zhang Shuyue would never be able to have her way as long as Jun Xiaomo had arrived.

Right now, Ye Xiuwen could no longer be described to be of “dignified appearances”. In fact, rather than describe him as a cultivator, he was far more akin to a frenzied beast that had been shackled and restrained.

As Jun Xiaomo struggled hard to free her wrist, she bit down fiercely on her lower lip. She hated the vixen, Zhang Shuyue; she hated how Zhang Shuyue had created a situation which rendered her completely helpless.

Finally, Jun Xiaomo managed to extricate her hand from Ye Xiuwen’s grasp. But when she looked up again, she was immediately faced with Ye Xiuwen’s bestial, expectant eyes.

Jun Xiaomo felt a swathe of rage lodged in her throat.

How could she possibly be unable to piece two and two together given the present circumstances? Jun Xiaomo cursed Zhang Shuyue in her heart once more as complicated emotions in the depths of her heart began to roil.

Should she be furious or relieved right now? Perhaps both?

She was furious that Zhang Shuyue would use such underhanded means to scheme against Martial Brother Ye; but she was also relieved that she had arrived just in the nick of time. Otherwise, given how the effects of the drugs were looking, Ye Xiuwen might very well have ended up doing something completely irreversible.

But, that said, how could she possibly deal with the effects of the drugs within Martial Brother Ye’s body now? Use a Heart Purging Pill?

Jun Xiaomo spaced out slightly as she filtered through her options. But, without any warning, a heavy object suddenly pressed on her body, and her entire vision was instantly occupied by Ye Xiuwen’s charming face.

“Martial Brother? Ungh…” Jun Xiaomo immediately felt a sharp pain coming from her upper lips – Ye Xiuwen had bitten hard on both her lips.

It was at this moment that it suddenly dawned on Jun Xiaomo how fearsome the present Ye Xiuwen truly was. The expression that she had just seen in the depths of his eyes was that of a person ready to devour, and her mind couldn’t help but wander to images of Ye Xiuwen devouring her, bite by bite.

Truth be told, even though Jun Xiaomo did have a child in her previous life, she was nevertheless extremely pure and innocent in such carnal matters. Her mind had been completely enshrouded by the effects of drugs when she and her child’s father had done the deed, and the entire process had been nothing more than a haze. Consequently, she hardly remembered a thing she did under those circumstances.

Thus, she was presently caught in a dilemma, and she was none the wiser as to whether it would be better to push Ye Xiuwen aside, or whether it would be better to let Ye Xiuwen continue with what he was doing. If she allowed Ye Xiuwen to simply continue, would she be able to live to see the light of the next day?

Fortunately, for some strange reason, Ye Xiuwen regained some measure of rationality as soon as he bit down on Jun Xiaomo’s lips.

This trace of rationality was incredibly weak, and it feebly exclaimed in his heart – It’s her. It’s undoubtedly her. Yet, it was precisely because of this still, soft voice in his heart that he had managed to restrain himself and cease whatever he was doing.

At this moment, Jun Xiaomo lay below Ye Xiuwen, completely pinned down. Trembling slightly, she gripped tightly onto his sleeves and gently shut her eyes.

She was both anxious and afraid.

Then, as though sensing the change in Jun Xiaomo’s emotions, Ye Xiuwen suddenly relaxed the strength in his body, bent over and gently planted a fleeting kiss just above her eyes.

It was a simple and plain kiss, yet it managed to achieve the effects of reassuring Jun Xiaomo that there was nothing to be afraid of.

It felt just like a feather that strummed lightly across her heartstrings, causing her to tremble slightly before setting her heart completely at ease.

Instinctually, Ye Xiuwen noticed the change in his “prey’s” disposition, and he began to slowly move down Jun Xiaomo’s face, first from the eyebrows, to the eyes, and then to the cheeks, planting gentle kiss after gentle kiss, causing Jun Xiaomo’s body to tremble lightly each time he did so.

This time, she was nervous, but no longer afraid. Her heart began to beat quicker and quicker.

Jun Xiaomo’s grip around Ye Xiuwen’s sleeves tightened, and she subconsciously held her breath – even she was unsure why exactly she was feeling what she was feeling right now. Was it a feeling of expectancy? Or was there something else in the mix?

Finally, Ye Xiuwen’s scalding hot lips found their way to Jun Xiaomo’s soft, luscious lips. Jun Xiaomo reflexively opened her eyes, and her eyelashes fluttered at him.

Her heart was still incredibly nervous, but her body had begun to relax itself, as though it had given up all thoughts of resisting his advances.

Then, after gently prying open Jun Xiaomo’s lips with his, Ye Xiuwen forcefully pressed his lips against hers. This time, he no longer did so cautiously. Instead, he went all out at it, as though he were doing his utmost to taste and experience Jun Xiaomo’s succulence through that orifice of hers.

This kiss swept Jun Xiaomo’s breath away, and her mind went completely blank. Almost as though she were no longer in control of her body, she feebly lay there as she permitted Ye Xiuwen to passionately devour her through the locking of their lips.

By the time Ye Xiuwen finally released Jun Xiaomo again, she was gasping for breath, and her face had flushed completely red from the kiss. It took her several moments of time before rationality returned to her mind again. Then, in the next moment, a wave of embarrassment and awkwardness immediately washed across her mind.

To her mind, Ye Xiuwen’s kisses had always been cool and fleeting, and they were more often than not a simple peck on her cheek or the lips. In other words, he had never displayed such passion in his actions of affection before.

But how could Jun Xiaomo ever have known that Ye Xiuwen had merely been restraining himself intentionally all this while? In fact, the only reason why Ye Xiuwen had refrained from making his advances too quickly was because he was afraid of scaring off Jun Xiaomo.

Right now, as the effects of the drugs washed away the inhibitions on his heart, the self-imposed restraints were all unlocked, and Ye Xiuwen naturally grew far more brazen with his actions.

Jun Xiaomo felt like her face was burning up. She didn’t need a mirror to know just how ashamed and embarrassed she looked right now.

At the same time, Ye Xiuwen also discovered that his rationality had somewhat returned after the intense, impassioned kiss. His originally dilated, hazy pupils regained some measure of clarity and focus once more, and his gaze immediately landed on the person in front of him. He noticed just how embarrassed she was as she bit down on her lower lips.

He could smell the familiar, gentle fragrance coming from Jun Xiaomo’s body, which was completely different from the choking scent of perfume which Zhang Shuyue wore.

Jun Xiaomo never enjoyed using perfume to begin with. Thus, the fragrance of her body was the most natural, clean and clear type of fragrance.

But it was also the recognition of this fragrance that whetted Ye Xiuwen’s appetite for more. In fact, it began to set his mind abuzz far more than any of the previous drugs his mind and body had been afflicted with.

He gently placed his hand on Jun Xiaomo’s cheeks. Then, mustering all of the strength in his body to suppress the basal urges and desires of his body, he uttered, “Little Mo, if you’re not willing to accept this, then push me away. I’ll think of something else.”

He was truly reluctant to take advantage of the situation and force it upon Jun Xiaomo. After all, even though he had barely regained control of his own mind, he neither knew when he would lapse into another spate of fanaticism, nor what would happen when such a time came. Thus, he was willing to remain in this state of abject suffering rather than cause Jun Xiaomo to fear and shun him as a result of this incident…

When all was said and done, Ye Xiuwen still saw Jun Xiaomo as the innocent and naïve little martial sister from the past, and having only made clear their feelings for each other recently, he felt that it was practically an impossibility to expect his Little Martial Sister to accept such intimacy with him.

Jun Xiaomo’s heart quivered slightly, and she gazed straight into Ye Xiuwen’s eyes.

Ye Xiuwen’s eyes were still as bloodshot as ever. However, beyond the haze of wild freneticism glazing over his eyes, she saw a profound warmth hidden within its depths.

Indeed, she did somewhat fear how Ye Xiuwen’s mind and body was being swayed about by the effects of drugs, because she knew that the mindless pursuit of carnal relations would never give rise to the true ecstasy built on the bliss of pleasure and joy. In fact, it might even end up being a painfully torturous experience.

However, she knew that the little bit of fear as to what might result from such an incident could hardly hold a candle to the amount of heartache and worry roiling within her heart as a result of Ye Xiuwen’s present predicament.

She was tormented from the inside out by the fact that Ye Xiuwen had once again fallen prey to Zhang Shuyue’s schemes, and he had even fallen to such a tragic state. At the same time, she was immensely concerned that Ye Xiuwen’s condition might even worsen and leave permanent, lasting consequences on his body.

Besides, it was not as though she loathed Ye Xiuwen. She was unable to put her finger on when exactly it was, but she was certain that her heart had already been inextricably intertwined with Ye Xiuwen’s heart.

Since that was the case, why should she fear such an incident? As long as they were mutually in love and invested in this relationship, then it was only going to be a matter of time before they shared such intimate moments with each other. Moreover, this was her dear Martial Brother Ye – he could never possibly do anything to hurt her.

As Jun Xiaomo gradually steeled her resolve, she began to motion closer to Ye Xiuwen and give him a light peck on the lips, signifying her decision.

Ye Xiuwen’s body trembled. Then, he tightened his arm around the back of Jun Xiaomo’s head and once again pressed his lips against hers, immersing themselves in a deep, passionate kiss.

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