Chapter 328: Zhang Shuyue’s Enervation; Zhou Zilong’s Passion

Demoness's Art of Vengeance

The exuberance of life filled the room as the couple moved to the passion of their emotions. Outside the room, Zhang Shuyue lay listlessly on the ground as her heart continued to seethe with rage. Her beautiful, almond-shaped eyes were now consumed by jealousy and humiliation. Where was the warmness and softness in her eyes with which she had previously entreated Ye Xiuwen with?

“Miss Zhang, what happened to you?” A voice filled with genuine concern rang out overhead. Zhang Shuyue had been so immersed in her own thoughts that she had completely failed to notice when Zhou Zilong had arrived just beside her.

Zhou Zilong had regained consciousness approximately one hour ago.

The other Heavenly Peak disciples began searching for Zhou Zilong as soon as they had discovered his disappearance. Then, after some time, they found him unconscious on the floor in Jun Xiaomo’s courtyard. At the same time, they realized that Jun Xiaomo and Ye Xiuwen were both missing. Worried that a mishap might have occurred to the both of them, they immediately roused Zhou Zilong back to his senses.

As soon as he regained consciousness, Zhou Zilong remorsefully came clean to his martial brothers about everything that had transpired, leading up how he had been knocked unconscious by Jun Xiaomo. Then, overwhelmed by concern that Jun Xiaomo would do something rash or reckless in the heat of the moment, he chased after Jun Xiaomo.

Apart from Zhou Zilong, the other Heavenly Peak disciples also tagged along. They were worried that the conflict between Jun Xiaomo and Zhang Shuyue would escalate to an altercation, and they all thought to follow along to see if they could help mediate the situation in any way.

Truth be told, all of the other Heavenly Peak disciples thought in their hearts that what Zhou Zilong had done was unkind and dishonest. After all, despite knowing that Ye Xiuwen and Jun Xiaomo were already an item, he still went ahead to separate the couple just so that Zhang Shuyue could meet with Ye Xiuwen alone. Wasn’t this something deserving of rebuke? Even if Zhang Shuyue posed no ill intentions towards Ye Xiuwen, such a furtive rendezvous would still cause Jun Xiaomo to feel ill at ease, and it would most certainly strain the relationship between Ye Xiuwen and Jun Xiaomo.

However, the Heavenly Peak disciples all knew that Zhou Zilong had inextricably fallen into the trappings of Zhang Shuyue’s charms. As an outsider to their relationship, all of the knew that it was not in their place to say anything about it or castigate him. Thus, as soon as Zhou Zilong recounted the entire incident to the rest of the Heavenly Peak disciples, all of them decided to deal with the more pressing issue at hand and follow Zhou Zilong as they headed into the woods.

Then, as soon as they arrived at their destination, the first thing that caught their eye was how Zhang Shuyue was lying motionless on the ground. Her body was covered with innumerable wounds and grievous injuries, and there were even traces of blood strewn all over the floor. It was a blood-curdling sight.

Zhou Zilong immediately rushed forward and squatted helplessly beside Zhang Shuyue. He thought to help her up, but he immediately capitulated, for fear that he would only aggravate her injuries by doing so.

However, all of the other Heavenly Peak disciples remained a good distance away with an awkward look plastered all over their faces, because they had discovered that Zhang Shuyue was barely clothed at this moment. The only thing that Zhang Shuyue was wearing was an extremely thin undergarment that covered her privates, leaving her exquisite collar, svelte shoulders and slender legs completely exposed. If they didn’t know any better, they might have likened her to a street caller of the mortal world.

“What are you all doing here?!” Zhang Shuyue glared at Zhou Zilong with gritted teeth.

Her body was completely petrified right now, and she was resigned to laying in the courtyard sporting an incredibly tragic state. The fact that there were onlookers present only served to rub salt into her wounds – it was a completely hateful situation.

“I…I’d worried that something untoward might happen to Miss Zhang if Martial Sister Xiaomo came here. Thus, we’d all chased after her and found our way to this place.” Zhou Zilong stammered as he explained.

Zhang Shuyue was so infuriated and frustrated right now that she felt as though a swathe of blood had lodged itself within her throat – this was not what she had meant by her exclamation!

To begin with, she had set up countless formation arrays sequestering these parts of the woods so that none of the Heavenly Peak disciples would stumble upon this place accidentally. That way, she would be able to thoroughly enjoy her blissful union with Ye Xiuwen with a complete peace of mind.

She could overlook the fact that Jun Xiaomo had managed to avoid the layers upon layers of formation arrays and enter the sequestered zone – all of that could be attributed to pure, dumb luck for finding the right way to circumvent the formation arrays. But even if that were the case, how could it possibly explain how the rest of the Heavenly Peak disciples had entered this part of the woods as well?!

How could Zhang Shuyue ever have known that it would take her much more than this just to keep Jun Xiaomo out? At the very least, she would have to rely on her own abilities and incapacitate Jun Xiaomo in frontal clash. After all, if she were able to keep Jun Xiaomo down with just some simple formation arrays, wouldn’t Jun Xiaomo’s three hundred and thirty years within the Proving Grounds have been completely in vain?

Zhou Zilong had earlier rushed to Zhang Shuyue’s side, thinking to shower her with some concern and affection. Yet to his dismay, all Zhang Shuyue had done was to glare disdainfully at him and give him an unwelcoming gaze, sending all of the words he had thought to say to her back down to where they came from.

Hate one, hate all. Zhang Shuyue thoroughly despised Jun Xiaomo and Ye Xiuwen right now, and the ambit of her disdain and contempt naturally extended well beyond the couple to include the rest of the Heavenly Peak disciples as well. Seeing Zhou Zilong’s concern and compassion for her hardly brought a single trace of joy to her heart. Instead, she had thought to take out all her hatred and anger and frustration against Jun Xiaomo and Ye Xiuwen directly onto Zhou Zilong.

However, just as she were about to let loose a verbal assault of contemptuous words, she capitulated and forcibly repressed the urge to do so.

No. I’m not their opponent right now. Master will only be arriving in two days. Until then, I’ll need to secure myself some life-preserving measures.

As soon as Master returns, all of these people are going to get their just desserts!

With these thoughts bouncing about at the back of her mind, Zhang Shuyue reined in her roiling emotions and collected herself. Within moments, her eyes grew red and puffy, and she finally looked back up at Zhou Zilong, choking up as she muttered, “I don’t want to live anymore. I’d merely wanted to have a sincere, heart-to-heart chat with Brother Ye to draw the curtains on these hopes of mine. But as soon as Sister Xiaomo appeared, she immediately attacked me without asking, and she even stripped me of my clothing and cast me out here, saying that she would embarrass me in front of all of you…wu-wu-wuu…I’ve never been so embarrassed in my entire life…”

Zhou Zilong had initially been incredibly remorseful for what he had done to separate Jun Xiaomo and Ye Xiuwen to give Zhang Shuyue such an opportunity to be alone with Ye Xiuwen. But now, having heard everything that Zhang Shuyue had just said, a sense of fiery indignation began to burgeon in his heart.

This fiery indignation was directed straight at Jun Xiaomo. As far as he was concerned, his Little Martial Sister had crossed the line this time!

“This…Little Martial Sister wouldn’t do something like that, right?” Fortunately, some of the Heavenly Peak disciples managed to keep a rational mind, and not all of them believed Zhang Shuyue off the cuff, “Even though Little Martial Sister has a temper, she’s never been one to overstep her boundaries or do anything outrageous. Martial Brother Zhou, don’t let others drag you by the nose like that.”

Zhou Zilong furrowed his brows. He was never one to contemplate the fine nuances of human interaction to begin with. Now that he was personally embroiled in such a difficult situation, he was utterly confused as to whose side he should be taking – Jun Xiaomo was his Little Martial Sister after all, and she had even saved his life; yet on the other hand, Zhang Shuyue was the lady who had stolen his heart, and he also owed her his life as well. He was well and truly caught between a rock and a hard place. No matter whose story he chose to believe, his heart would never feel at ease.

That said, there was still another Heavenly Peak disciple who had been convinced by Zhang Shuyue, and he began to advocate for her, “But, come to think of it, Little Martial Sister does have a pretty bad temper. Do you still remember the Secondary Inter-Sect Competition? It was precisely because the daughter of the Eternal Summit Sect’s Grand Elder had stepped on Little Martial Sister’s toes that she ended up being tormented so ferociously.”

In other words, there was the possibility that Jun Xiaomo had dealt these grievous wounds to Zhang Shuyue in a fit of rage.

The Heavenly Peak disciple who had just spoken up was one of the martial brothers who had tagged alongside Zhou Zilong and Zhang Shuyue when they went out of the valley to procure herbs and tonics from Jun Xiaomo just a little while ago. He had adjudged that Zhang Shuyue possessed a wholesome personality and character from his limited interactions with Zhang Shuyue, and he therefore took the view that his Little Martial Sister could possibly be the perpetrator who had overstepped her boundaries in this very instance.

“Alright, we’ll discuss who’s right and who’s wrong later on. Aren’t Martial Sister Xiaomo and Martial Brother Ye inside the room over there? We’ll know once we check in with them.” Chen Feiyu coolly concluded the pointless discussion at hand.

The other Heavenly Peak disciples immediately ceased their chattering as well. None of them had a bad impression of Zhang Shuyue to begin with. That said, such a fact had to be balanced by the countervailing consideration that their relationship with Jun Xiaomo ran far deeper than that of a stranger whom they had only recently met. Thus, none of them could refute their Martial Brother Chen’s conclusion that all their conjectures were pointless until they could fully assess the situation.

As soon as he finished speaking, Chen Feiyu began to walk towards the room where Jun Xiaomo and Ye Xiuwen were located. It had to be mentioned that the door and the windows to the little room were all shut tightly, giving off a peculiar, strange vibe about it.

Chen Feiyu started out with large strides towards the room. However, as he drew closer and closer, he began to slow down substantially, evidently bogged down by some measure of hesitation.

Just then, he began to hear faint traces of light moaning sounds, as though someone were fiercely repressing a particular sensation.

A notion flashed across Chen Feiyu’s heart, and he immediately stopped where he was.

“Mm…ungh…mar-…martial brother…don’t…”

This was Jun Xiaomo’s voice; but it was laced with a slightly different tang from her normal voice. Her present voice sounded slightly hoarser, and it seemed to be laced with a slight, sobbing intent, and it instantly caused Chen Feiyu to be overwhelmed by a sense of awkwardness.

He finally understood what Martial Brother Ye and Martial Sister Xiaomo were up to inside. How could he have expected Martial Brother Ye to be so formidable? After all, it still felt like it had been just yesterday that he and Martial Sister Xiaomo had just confirmed their feelings for each other, yet in the blink of an eye, they had already completed the last step of intimacy with each other.

What kind of speed is this?

Most importantly, Jun Xiaomo had just beaten up Zhang Shuyue and left her in the lurch outside the room. Yet, without any ostensible trace of sympathy for Zhang Shuyue, Ye Xiuwen went on to indulge in their thunderous, resounding passion for each other. Was this really appropriate?

At this moment, Chen Feiyu was simply flabbergasted – he didn’t know whether to admire the godly rate at which Ye Xiuwen’s relationship with Jun Xiaomo had progressed with; or whether he should simply be castigating them for picking the worst possible time and place to do the deed.

Truth be told, he had never expected Martial Brother Ye to be so impassioned and impatient given the nature of his cool and composed character.

When they noticed Chen Feiyu returning to the rest of them, the other Heavenly Peak disciples immediately surrounded him and asked, “Martial Brother Chen, are Martial Sister Xiaomo and Martial Brother Ye not in the room? Why didn’t you go in there?”

Chen Feiyu rubbed his nose awkwardly as he replied, “They’re in there alright. But…”

“But what?”

“But Martial Brother Ye and Martial Sister Xiaomo appear to be ‘busying’ themselves. It would be best if we didn’t disturb them.”

With that, all of the Heavenly Peak disciples immediately understood what Chen Feiyu was trying to convey to them. However, they still couldn’t help but exclaim in their hearts – Who could’ve thought that someone as cool and composed as Martial Brother Ye would be so brazen?!

Everyone immediately revealed an awkward, embarrassed expression on their faces.

Zhou Zilong overheard Chen Feiyu’s account of his observations as he fed a recovery pill to Zhang Shuyue. Instantly, the already fiery indignation in his heart exploded into a raging inferno!

I don’t care if Martial Sister Xiaomo and Martial Brother Ye dislike Miss Zhang; how can they insult Miss Zhang’s dignity like that?! How could they leave Miss Zhang outside to brave the elements while they pleasure and immerse themselves with reckless abandon inside?!

Is this all calculated? Are they doing all of this to spite Miss Zhang?!

The more Zhou Zilong thought about it, the more infuriated he got. Finally, he set down Zhang Shuyue and began to take large strides towards the room where Ye Xiuwen and Jun Xiaomo were both located –

Who cares what they’re doing?! They’d better have a good explanation for all of this! 

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