Chapter 329: A Couple’s Confirmation, Zhou Zilong’s Interrogation

Demoness's Art of Vengeance

With an imposing air flourishing about him, Zhou Zilong marched over to the room. Then, when he finally arrived at the room and placed his hand on the room’s door, the tug of rationality began to return to his mind.

It’s Martial Brother Ye and Martial Sister Xiaomo in the room, and they’re “busying” themselves right now…

As this notion flickered across Zhou Zilong’s mind, he immediately pulled back his hand as though he had touched something scalding hot.

I…I think I’d still better wait for them to finish “busying” themselves before confronting them. There’s no rush after all. Zhou Zilong thought to himself with some measure of awkwardness in his heart. He had hesitated as soon as he considered the sight which he would be greeted with as soon as he barged into the room, as well as the cool, unwavering gaze from Ye Xiuwen’s eyes.

After all, Zhou Zilong couldn’t bring himself to barge in when he had begun to even hear the intermittent moaning and groaning sounds echoing out from the depths of the room. Thus, he immediately turned tail and returned to the rest of the group.

When she saw how Zhou Zilong had returned to the group without having achieved anything, a trace of disdain and disappointment flickered across the depths of Zhang Shuyue’s eyes – I knew that this man could never be entrusted with anything!

Yet, within the room, Jun Xiaomo did not particularly enjoy the experience as everyone outside had expected. In fact, she began to regret her decision almost immediately after giving her word.

Before she had given her word, Ye Xiuwen had still managed to forcibly hang onto the single strand of rationality remaining in his mind so that he would refrain from unduly hurting his Little Martial Sister. However, as soon as she gave her permission and agreed to the mutual pursuit of passion, Ye Xiuwen loosened his grasp of any modicum of rationality remaining in his mind, and he was instantly overwhelmed by the effects of the drugs instead. In turn, his primal instincts immediately sprung forth from the depths of his heart without restraint.

This was the first time Jun Xiaomo had engaged in such an act of intimacy in her present lifetime. As Ye Xiuwen continued to passionately kiss Jun Xiaomo, as though sucking the innocence out of her, Jun Xiaomo’s panting also grew more and more ragged. Then, finally, and without any warning, Ye Xiuwen penetrated her body.

That feeling which made her feel as though her entire body were being cleaved right in half…it was better not to describe these things in detail.

Jun Xiaomo felt such immense pain surge through her body that she immediately bit down fiercely onto Ye Xiuwen’s shoulder. Unfortunately, Ye Xiuwen could no longer care less about such minor sensations on the inconsequential parts of his body. Right now, there was only one thought on his mind – and that was to devour Jun Xiaomo and thoroughly make her his!

At the same time, right after she bit down on Ye Xiuwen’s shoulder, she almost immediately caught a whiff of the stench of blood coming from the bite mark she had just left. However, she could no longer care less about how much hurt she was causing to Martial Brother Ye either. After all, the electrifying pain coursing through her body was excruciating and nigh unbearable.

The matters that ensued left Jun Xiaomo both embarrassed and vexed. She was embarrassed by how she had finally taken this step of intimacy with Martial Brother Ye. At the same time, she was completely vexed by how Ye Xiuwen had neither bothered with any measure of foreplay, nor given her any caution or warning. That was what resulted in the immense, excruciating pain that was coursing through her body right now. In fact, pain was all she felt right now!

At the same time, Jun Xiaomo was completely unaware of the matters that were taking place just outside of the door to her room. After all, she was doing all she could to suppress the pain in her body. If she knew that her Heavenly Peak martial brother had suddenly arrived at this place and even overheard them doing the deed, she would be so overwhelmed by shame that she wouldn’t know how to face them in future!

Thus, Jun Xiaomo continued to experience the torment for what seemed to be an eternity. Perhaps it had been two hours; or perhaps it had been four. Whatever the case was, Jun Xiaomo had initially thought to give Ye Xiuwen the release that he needed quickly so that she could relieve herself from the pain of the experience. Unfortunately, how could she have known that a cultivator’s endurance in this regard could never be benchmarked by the endurance of mere mortals?

Then, as time wore on, she began to grow numb to the sensation of pain in her body. The protracted torment had caused a wave of weariness to wash over and overwhelm her body.

Finally, just as Jun Xiaomo was about to pass out completely from the weariness, Ye Xiuwen chanced upon a sensitive spot of sorts, and an electrifying, numbing sensation immediately surged through Jun Xiaomo’s spinal cord, shooting straight through to her head.

“Ungh-ahh…” Jun Xiaomo gasped lightly, and a particularly coquettish groan that she didn’t even know she was capable of echoed uncontrollably from her mouth.

Jun Xiaomo reflexively released her grasp on Ye Xiuwen and held her mouth. She opened her previously shut eyes once more as she stared straight back at Ye Xiuwen with widened eyes.

However, she was simply faced with an expression on Ye Xiuwen’s face that had passion and desire written all over it. Large droplets of sweat continued to roll off his forehead, across his chiseled cheeks, before landing on the part of the pillow just beside where Jun Xiaomo’s head was.

Jun Xiaomo’s eyes were filled with some measure of bashfulness and shame, yet it was also glistening and laced with a slight hazy stupor accompanying the electrifying sensation she had just experienced. This change in her disposition thoroughly excited Ye Xiuwen, reinvigorating his body and setting his passion ablaze once more. His actions grew even more vigorous, and he would from time to time brush against the sensitive spot within Jun Xiaomo’s body.

As though encouraged by Jun Xiaomo’s intense moans, Ye Xiuwen quickly matured from a young fledgling into a majestic bird – he instinctually learnt to seek out the sensitive spot to pleasure Jun Xiaomo, and he even began to adjust the tempo of his body to move in tandem and harmony with hers.

It was at this moment that Jun Xiaomo finally understood that there were other sensations apart from pain that one could experience from such tussles.

That said, such a conscious notion lasted but an ephemeral moment. Very soon, she was drawn into the whirlpool of pleasure that gradually drew her deeper and deeper in, and she no longer had the clarity of mind to bother with such concerns any longer.

In the end, after a long ordeal of pain and pleasure, Jun Xiaomo found herself passing out from the weariness of the entire experience. After all, she had not been doused with layers upon layers of drugs, and neither her physical nor mental endurance could hold a candle to Ye Xiuwen’s at this point in time. Thus, when push came to shove, her consciousness began to fade away until everything went black.

Before she passed out, the only notion that crossed her mind was simply that she should have found an easier, simpler solution to Martial Brother Ye’s problem earlier.

When Jun Xiaomo woke up once more, dusk was already setting over the lands. The sky glowed warmly across the horizon, bathing the lands with a brilliant, golden hue.

“You’re awake?” A familiar, gentle voice called out overhead. At the same time, she could tell that this voice had lost some of its earlier coolness to it, and it was now filled with much more warmth to it.

Jun Xiaomo’s heart constricted, and a wave of intense heat surged straight to her mind once more. She hurriedly shut her eyes in a feeble attempt to hide her embarrassment like an ostrich sticking its head in the ground. That said, the radiant, pink hues glowing from her cheeks were a telltale sign of the true emotions roiling in her heart right now.

Ye Xiuwen chuckled lightly, but he chose not to provoke the “ostrich” with her head in the ground right now. Instead, he simply continued to gaze meaningfully at her limbs and her collarbone that were exposed outside the blanket, and his eyes began to grow deep and abstruse.

Even though Jun Xiaomo had shut her eyes, her five senses were still incredibly sensitive, and she could tell without even releasing her divine sense that Ye Xiuwen was gazing at her body right now.

Thus, Jun Xiaomo bit down on her lower lip and fought against the urge, until finally, she could resist it no longer. She opened her eyes and glared back at Ye Xiuwen, barking, “What are you looking at! It’s not the first time you’ve seen me anyway!”

Rather than describing Jun Xiaomo as overwhelmed by impatience, it might be more accurate to say that she was overwhelmed by shame right now.

However, when she noticed how Ye Xiuwen’s indulgent smile was even laced with a hidden trace of satisfaction, her body stiffened up.

Ye Xiuwen remained taciturn, but she could tell that his eyes were already filled with the multitude of things he wanted to tell her.

Then, it suddenly dawned on her that she might be making a mountain out of a molehill. After all, what they had just done was simply to take their relationship to the next level, so was there really a reason to make a fuss over something like that? Besides, this was undoubtedly Martial Brother Ye’s first time as well, yet he was still able to remain completely steadfast after the incident!

Thus, Jun Xiaomo plastered a steadfast look on her face as she coughed dryly. Then, shifting her gaze away, she murmured, “I didn’t think that we’d dally for such a long time. My stomach is growling now. I think we’d best show our faces to our other martial brothers soon. Otherwise if they discover our disappearance, they might grow worried for us.”

Ye Xiuwen raised his hand and tousled Jun Xiaomo’s hair gently, “Wait here a while. I’ll go prepare some water for you to wash up first.”

Jun Xiaomo was slightly taken aback, before she finally realized that she was not quite in the state to meet people right now. Thus, she nodded her head and responded with an obsequious, “Mm.”

Ye Xiuwen knew that Jun Xiaomo was still trying to process everything that had happened in the heat of the moment, so he consciously allowed her the space and time she needed. After putting on his outer coat and adjusting his apparel, he turned around and planted a gently kiss on Jun Xiaomo’s forehead before turning to leave.

Given how ashamed and hesitant his Little Martial Sister looked right now, he knew that she needed some time alone.

Jun Xiaomo rubbed the part of her face that Ye Xiuwen kissed. Then, moments later, her eyes curled up, and a warm, blissful smile crept up the corner of her lips.

As soon as Ye Xiuwen opened the door to the room, he immediately noticed a group of people seated outside the room. From their expressions, he could tell that they had already waited for a long time now, and their patience had long worn thin.

Ye Xiuwen swept his gaze across the group of Heavenly Peak disciples, before finally landing his gaze on Zhou Zilong and Zhang Shuyue. Zhou Zilong was embracing Zhang Shuyue with an anxious and concerned gaze, and they were both located a reasonable distance from the room.

Several disciples noticed it when Ye Xiuwen opened the door and walked out of his room, and they immediately nudged one another to alert everyone to the fact that Ye Xiuwen was finally out. Thus, as Ye Xiuwen drew closer to them, everyone grew alert to his presence.

“Cough…Mar-…Martial Brother Ye.” Several disciples coughed dryly as they addressed Ye Xiuwen listlessly.

Ye Xiuwen shifted his gaze and nodded at them, before turning back to Zhou Zilong once more.

Zhou Zilong had initially intended to interrogate Ye Xiuwen and Jun Xiaomo as to why exactly Zhang Shuyue was lying outside in the courtyard with a plethora of injuries ridden all over her body. However, as soon as his martial brother’s intense gaze landed on his body, he found himself rendered completely speechless and lost for words.

An older martial brother was almost akin to a father. Ye Xiuwen was Jun Linxuan’s first disciple, and he was also the First-Seat Disciple of the Heavenly Peak. Even though he rarely castigated his fellow martial brothers, there was always an unmistakably intense and imposing air about him. Practically all of the other Heavenly Peak disciples would cower in awe and respect whenever faced with Ye Xiuwen’s dignified disposition.

Besides, Ye Xiuwen’s character and abilities have always been highly respectable, and all of the Heavenly Peak martial brothers naturally accorded him with the due respect that he so deserved.

Thus, Ye Xiuwen’s gaze landed on Zhou Zilong’s body, he naturally shrank back into his shell, and the words that he had prepared for such a long time found themselves completely lodged in his throat.

However, the fact that he remained silent did not necessarily mean that Ye Xiuwen would also remain taciturn either. Truth be told, Ye Xiuwen already had a good grasp on why he had fallen prey to Zhang Shuyue’s schemes, and why his Little Martial Sister had appeared in this place as well.

He only wanted to hear Zhou Zilong’s personal admission right now.

“Zilong, don’t you have something to account for to your Martial Brother?” Ye Xiuwen asked dispassionately; there was not a single ripple of emotions in his eyes.

However, it was precisely because these words were spoken with such lack of emotion that caused Zhou Zilong’s heart to be filled with incredible tension.

How could I have forgotten about that! I’d been the one who had lured Martial Brother Ye to this place to begin with. I guess it’s time to…face the music?

He knew that the placidity in Ye Xiuwen’s tone of voice was by no means any assurance that nothing had gone wrong. In fact, he was fully aware that there was something fishy about the entire situation.

That’s right. Before it was his turn to interrogate Martial Brother Ye, Martial Brother Ye had every first right to interrogate him. Zhou Zilong’s heart grew tense and anxious, and he stammered in response, “I…I…”

Everyone else exchanged sheepish glances with each other, and the same doubt filled their minds – Does this incident have something to do with Martial Brother Zhou to begin with?

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