Chapter 362: Your World Can Only Have One Person

Demoness's Art of Vengeance

After listening to Chen Feiyu’s account of their entire experience leading up to their reunion with the rest of the Heavenly Peak, Jun Linxuan and Liu Qingmei couldn’t help but feel incredibly rueful and guilt-stricken.

Truth be told, if they had any say in the matter, they would naturally prefer to see Ye Xiuwen and Jun Xiaomo get together. After all, Ye Xiuwen was a child that they had personally nurtured and taught, and they knew that they could hardly find fault with his character and abilities. In turn, there was no doubt in their mind that Jun Xiaomo would be safe in his hands.

Unfortunately, they could also tell from Chen Feiyu’s recount of the matter that the other cultivator named Rong Ruihan also possessed feelings for Jun Xiaomo that ran incredibly deep. Otherwise, there was no way that Rong Ruihan would have done so many things for Jun Xiaomo, all of his own volition.

Most importantly, they could also tell that Jun Xiaomo did not necessarily have no feelings for Rong Ruihan at all. In fact, it was precisely because she couldn’t bring herself to cut ties with Rong Ruihan that they had gotten themselves into such a huge mess right now.

“My disciple Xiuwen has wronged your master. He should never have made a move against your master, much less reduce him to his final breath, when it was your master that had saved everyone present. Please accept my sincerest apologies on behalf of my disciple. In this regard, as a token of my apology, I hope that you’ll extend to us the opportunity of looking after your master until he fully recovers.”

The leader of the clansmen grimaced slightly as he glanced sullenly at Rong Ruihan. His chest was completely still and motionless right now, devoid of any traces of the heaving of his breath.

If he had a choice in this, the leader of the clansmen would most certainly be reticent to leave the safety of his master in the hands of outsiders. Unfortunately, the collective strength of the clansmen was far from strong. At the very least, he knew that they would be unable to defeat most of their enemies with their present abilities.

Thus, if they chose to go their separate ways, an enemy encounter might well spell the demise of what remained of their clan.

Instead, would it not be more prudent to accept the kind offer from the Heavenly Peak’s Peakmaster and tag along with them until they had fully recovered from their injuries? Furthermore, Jun Linxuan and the members of the Heavenly Peak were well-reputed for their upstanding character, so there was no fear that they would do something untoward them behind their backs.

“Alright, it seems that we’ll have to impose on the Heavenly Peak’s Peakmaster for now.” The leader of Rong Ruihan’s clansmen bowed politely to Jun Linxuan as he responded.

“It’s no trouble at all. It’s our responsibility to bear in the first place, given how Xiuwen had injured Brother Rong to such an extent.” Jun Linxuan added as he retrieved a bottle of sixth-grade recovery pills from his Interspatial Ring, “I’ve just checked on Brother Rong’s condition. Fortunately, his injuries are limited to surface wounds, so his cultivation isn’t affected. Furthermore, it’s a good thing that you’d fed to him some recovery pills in the nick of time, since his life is no longer at risk. This bottle contains some sixth-grade recovery pills. I hope that it will be helpful in expediting Brother Rong’s recovery.”

With that, Jun Linxuan presented the bottle of sixth-grade recovery pills to the leader of Rong Ruihan’s clansmen.

The loyal leader of the clansmen finally revealed a joyful expression on his face, and he bowed sincerely to Jun Linxuan once more, “I sincerely thank Peakmaster Jun for all your aid. We will never forget your magnanimity.”

Patting the leader’s shoulder, Jun Linxuan replied, “Alright, it wouldn’t be wise to dally any longer in this place. Our hideout isn’t far from here. We’ll bring you there right now. It’s much more conducive to rest and recuperate there as well.”

“Alright, thank you.”

With that, Jun Linxuan instructed the Heavenly Peak disciples to lead Rong Ruihan’s clansmen back to their hideout, while both he and Liu Qingmei intentionally fell behind the rest of the pack.

Watching the group of reunited Heavenly Peak disciples walking ahead of them, both Jun Linxuan and Liu Qingmei couldn’t help but feel an indescribable warmth swell up from the depths of their hearts.

“Linxuan, I’m still incredibly worried about Xiuwen and Xiaomo. I wonder how they’re faring right now.” Liu Qingmei finally revealed a vulnerable, worried expression to Jun Linxuan.

Even though Chen Feiyu had time and again assured them that both Jun Xiaomo and Ye Xiuwen currently possessed incredible abilities, there was still no doubt that their enemies were equally as strong, if not stronger.

After all, how many people were there in the spiritual cultivation world who were actively looking to claim the bounty on Jun Xiaomo and Ye Xiuwen’s heads? Furthermore, Jun Xiaomo had offended several powerful entities before her disappearance, including the Du Clan from the eight great sects. Liu Qingmei was naturally concerned that she would run into these people once more.

“Take heart. Our daughter has always been a person blessed by the gods. After all, she’s even been able to ‘come back to life’. She deserves our trust.” Jun Linxuan patted Jun Linxuan’s shoulder as he consoled her.

“I hope that’s the case…” Liu Qingmei continued to furrow her brows, unable to set aside the uneasiness in her heart.

It would be great if we could somehow get in touch with Xiuwen and Xiaomo…

Yet, could Jun Linxuan and Liu Qingmei truly get in touch with Ye Xiuwen and Jun Xiaomo? The answer was a resounding “no”.

As soon as Ye Xiuwen left with Jun Xiaomo, he immediately broke off all communication with the Heavenly Peak disciples. Thus, no matter how many times Chen Feiyu attempted to contact him through a Transmittance Talisman, the message would simply vanish into a wisp of smoke, as though he had just tossed a small pebble into a huge ocean.

Where has Martial Brother Ye brought Little Martial Sister to? Why does he have to break off all forms of communication with us? Chen Feiyu couldn’t understand what Ye Xiuwen was trying to do.

In fact, Ye Xiuwen’s change in personality was so earth-shattering that nobody could understand just what was going through his mind anymore.

Elsewhere, in an idyllic and tranquil place, a man with eye-catching appearances walked slowly along on the streets.

This man was tall and lanky, and he was both handsome and suave. His cool and dignified disposition caught the eyes of many, yet he also seemed so otherworldly that none dared approach him.

At the same time, the man appeared to be carrying a bloodied lady in his bosom. She presented herself in an incredibly tragic state. Notwithstanding that, the man continued to carry her gingerly as though he were carrying a precious object.

Given the outstanding and dignified appearances of the man, everyone was incredibly curious as to how the lady in his bosom looked like. Unfortunately, the lady’s face had all this while been turned towards the man’s bosom, and nobody could even catch a glimpse of her looks.

The man walked past all of the bystanders indifferently and made his way to a nearby inn.

“Innkeeper, I would like a premium room.” The man spoke placidly. Notwithstanding that, the innkeeper was so captivated by the man’s disposition that he immediately instructed his attendants to bring the man to an available room without even collecting a down-payment first.

After all, a mere mortal could hardly afford to offend anyone from the cultivation world, much less a person ostensibly possessed distinguished cultivation levels.

Within moments, the attendant showed the man to a premium room on the second storey and informed him that he could always call upon any attendant if he wanted hot water. Then, the attendant considerately shut the door behind him.

The man nodded slightly, before he proceeded to gently lay the lady down onto the bed.

Once she was lying comfortably on the bed, the man stretched out his hand and gently straightened out the lady’s disheveled hair, revealing the lady’s pale appearances. This lady was none other than the missing Jun Xiaomo, while the man beside her was none other than Ye Xiuwen. Both had departed from the valley some time ago using a Teleportation Scroll.

Perhaps it was a result of leaving that environment, or perhaps it was a result of stashing the spirit tool within his Interspatial Ring. Whatever the case was, the thick, vile energy that was originally swirling in the depths of Ye Xiuwen’s eyes had grown still and calm, and it was evident that Ye Xiuwen’s rationality had somewhat returned to him.

Naturally, this did not mean that the vile energy had waned or weaned from his body. The demons plaguing Ye Xiuwen’s heart were still lying dormant within his body.

Ye Xiuwen gently caressed Jun Xiaomo’s face. He ran his fingers along her eyebrows, past the eyes, down the sharp nose, before resting at her lips…

Ye Xiuwen’s mind was presently filled with the memories of their first kiss, which was also one of the only two times he had ever kissed Jun Xiaomo on the lips.

He leaned over, closer to Jun Xiaomo’s pale lips. Then, as soon as his lips touched a small part of her skin, Ye Xiuwen discovered to his horror that Jun Xiaomo’s lips were icy cold.

It was as though his lips had just touched a block of ice. This was not something that a living person should possess.

Ye Xiuwen’s eyes darkened, and he pried open Jun Xiaomo’s teeth and blew gently into it, as though hoping to breath the warmth of life back into her body. Unfortunately, apart from wafts of blood stench that diffused outwardly from her mouth, he drew no reaction from Jun Xiaomo whatsoever.

Jun Xiaomo’s injuries were far too serious – so serious that she remained in a comatose state even after a few days of rest. Ye Xiuwen had been plying her with more than sufficient recovery pills during this entire period of time. Yet, no matter what he did, nor how frequently he sent a thread of spiritual energy probing throughout her body to check on her body’s condition, Jun Xiaomo remained in a perpetual state of comatose.

Her wounds have already healed rather substantially by now, so why isn’t she waking up yet? The vile energy in the depths of Ye Xiuwen’s eyes began to stir slightly.

He desired for Jun Xiaomo to wake up. He wanted everything to return to how it had always been, when Jun Xiaomo would remain by his side, vulnerable and trusting. At the very least, he did not want things to remain status quo, with Jun Xiaomo lying motionless on the bed, showing no signs on exactly when she will come to her senses.

During this period of time, Ye Xiuwen had also contacted the aid of his master from the Death’s Gorge for the purposes of consulting his experience on why Jun Xiaomo remained unconscious all this while.

As soon as Ye Xiuwen made contact with his master, his master began to ramble on and on, complaining about how his disciple had forgotten all about his master as soon as he found himself a cultivation companion. Once he was done ventilating his frustrations, he heard Ye Xiuwen out and immediately grew sullen.

After pondering for a while, he made a rather accurate conjecture –

“Perhaps it’s not because of her injuries to begin with? Maybe she just doesn’t want to wake up?”

“She doesn’t want to wake up? Why?” Ye Xiuwen furrowed his brows.

Ye Xiuwen’s master gazed at his disciple meaningfully for a moment. Then, as soon as he noticed the slightly stirring vile energy in the depths of Ye Xiuwen’s eyes, he exclaimed in his heart.

It seems like this li’l kid has got demons in his heart! No wonder he seems to have grown dumber. Otherwise, he shouldn’t have a problem seeing something so obvious as this!

Ye Xiuwen’s master sighed slightly, “Why don’t yer ask yerself what ye’ve done to her to give her a reason not to wake up?”

“I haven’t done anything. The only thing I’ve done was to ensure that the only person she has in her life is me.” Ye Xiuwen explicated coldly. There was hardly a single ripple of emotions in his eyes right now.

This was the reason why he had left the valley with Jun Xiaomo to begin with – he did not want Jun Xiaomo to have any further interactions with any other person.

In other words, he was doing all he could to ensure that he was the only person in Jun Xiaomo’s life! After all, he sincerely believed that Jun Xiaomo only needed him and him only.

Ye Xiuwen’s master had already begun to notice that something was wrong with his disciple right now, and he hurriedly informed Ye Xiuwen through the transmission, “Yer condition ain’t good right now. Where are ye? I’ll go look for ye.”

Look for us?! Ye Xiuwen immediately furrowed his brows. The thought of another person appearing in their lives caused a wave of disdain and contempt to swell from the depths of his heart!

No! Nobody must be allowed to come between us ever again!

As his emotions came to a head, Ye Xiuwen tore up the Transmittance Talisman, leaving his master stomping his feet on the ground in fury – This damn disciple! Doesn’t he know he’s already being controlled by the demons in his heart?! Does he want to kill that young gal with him?!

Unfortunately, Ye Xiuwen was unable to hear the innermost cries of his master’s heart. He turned his attention back to Jun Xiaomo once more.

“Whether you wake up or not, you’re always going to remain by my side from now on.” Ye Xiuwen leaned over and planted a gentle kiss on Jun Xiaomo’s forehead as the vile energy continued to swirl intently in the depths of his eyes.

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