Chapter 363: Jun Xiaomo’s Escape, Ye Xiuwen’s Fury

Demoness's Art of Vengeance

Ye Xiuwen decided to settle down in the inn for a while, seeing that Jun Xiaomo remained in a comatose state. In the day, Ye Xiuwen would leave the small town and head into the woods nearby to hunt for some spirit animals which he would then sell to the butchers or shops around in exchange for expenses for the future. At night, Ye Xiuwen would stay by Jun Xiaomo’s side, waiting expectantly for her to come to her senses. At times, he would even wait for the entire night by her side, just like that.

News quickly spread that a handsome man had taken up lodge within the inn, but he neither ate nor drank, nor did he even interact with anyone around. While the town was small in size, the number of people passing through the town each day were not few in number. That said, nobody had seen a man with better looks or disposition than Ye Xiuwen’s. Thus, the “inarticulate aristocrat” began to attract the attention of several young ladies looking for a potential suitor.

Unfortunately, the “inarticulate aristocrat” was far too reserved. Not only did he ignore them, he even consciously turned a blind eye to their existences despite their advances. He would invariably look straight past these women as though their existences were as transparent as air. This thoroughly infuriated the ladies.

These ladies had previously heard rumours that the man already had a lover who was residing within the same room that he had taken up lodging in. However, after patrolling about the vicinity and keeping watch for a period of time, none of the ladies ever noticed a lady appear beside the man at all. Thus, they concluded that the rumours were baseless, and they simply shrugged off the “misinformation”.

Ye Xiuwen seemed to be unaware that his existence had already attracted so much attention within the small town. Or, perhaps he already knew about it, yet he chose to turn a blind eye to it.

In his eyes, life right now was absolutely blissful. Even though Jun Xiaomo remained in a state of perpetual comatose, she still remained obsequiously by her side. He could never condone the appearance of a third party in their world. Thus, he was hardly in a rush to wake Jun Xiaomo up, and he would simply feed Jun Xiaomo with some recovery pills from time to time, ensuring that the wounds she had sustained within the spirit tool would heal properly.

Finally, on the morn of a cool, clear day, Jun Xiaomo came to once more. The warm morning light shone through the windows, dusting her cheeks with a faint, golden hue.

Her long lashes fluttered slightly, as though the wings of a butterfly. With that, she slowly opened her eyes.

Jun Xiaomo scanned the foreign surroundings. Her mind drew a complete blank, and her eyes looked dazed and glazed over.

Ye Xiuwen was a light sleeper. As soon as Jun Xiaomo opened his eyes, he immediately detected the faint movement around him and snapped out of his slumber as well. He immediately turned towards Jun Xiaomo and gazed at her with his pair of ink-black eyes. He was ostensibly wide awake once more.

Jun Xiaomo sensed a pair of eyes staring at her, so she glanced around, before resting her gaze on Ye Xiuwen’s body.

Furrowing her brows, a bewildered expression began to surface on Jun Xiaomo’s face.

“Who are you?” Pupils constricting slightly, Jun Xiaomo asked after sizing up Ye Xiuwen.

“You’ve forgotten who I am?” Ye Xiuwen walked over towards Jun Xiaomo’s bedside and leaned over, placing a hand on her bed as he asked.

Ye Xiuwen’s characteristic cool and distant disposition had vanished completely. Instead, there was an air of tyranny around him right now, almost as though he were intent on trapping and shackling Jun Xiaomo within a prison cell, preventing her from leaving his sights.

His gaze was transfixed on Jun Xiaomo’s face. He was evidently intent on not letting a single flicker of emotions slip past his eyes.

Jun Xiaomo knitted her brows together even more. For some strange reason, this man exuded a sense of familiarity, but this sense of familiarity was also laced with a shred of heartache which was barely noticeable, yet also undeniable.

But, if she knew this person, why couldn’t she remember a single thing about him?

“Should I know you?” Jun Xiaomo asked, evidently plagued with bewilderment, “Who are you?”

The vile energy in the depths of Ye Xiuwen’s eyes began to stir once more. He gripped onto Jun Xiaomo’s lower jaw and coldly muttered, “You’ve actually forgotten who I am?! Then, who can you remember? Rong Ruihan, hmm?!”

“Rong…Ruihan?” Jun Xiaomo’s eyebrows remained tightly knit together. Her temples and her heart suddenly began to throb with a splitting pain, “Rong Ruihan? Who’s he? I knew him before…but…who is he?”

Jun Xiaomo began to struggle in pain. She wanted to extricate herself from Ye Xiuwen’s tight grip, but Ye Xiuwen simply tightened his fingers around Jun Xiaomo’s lower jaw even more.

“You’ve forgotten me, and you’ve forgotten Rong Ruihan? That’s fine. This way, we’ll be able to create memories that belong exclusively to us once more.” Ye Xiuwen chuckled coldly as he bent over and bit down on Jun Xiaomo’s lips, abrading them with his teeth.

“Ungh…ungh…let go of me!” Jun Xiaomo cried out in pain. Her lips were clamped down so hard that she could barely make out a few words, so she furiously pushed Ye Xiuwen away from her.

Yet Ye Xiuwen refused to allow her even the opportunity to struggle. He restrained both of Jun Xiaomo’s flailing hands with one of his own, and he forced Jun Xiaomo’s neck up with his other hand, forcing her to accept a deeper and more intense kiss from him.

Jun Xiaomo was hardly pleased by this impassioned kiss. Instead, she began to feel stifled and swamped by the intense pain and fear of having lost her memory. The sense of familiarity that this man exuded just moments ago had vanished completely, and he had become as foreign and estranged as any other – so incognizant that she began to feel a sense of dread and unease swell from the depths of her heart.

Finally, Jun Xiaomo bit down furiously, leaving a deep impression of her teeth parks on Ye Xiuwen’s lips.

Ye Xiuwen finally backed off, and a faint stench of blood began to spread from his mouths immediately. At the same time, Jun Xiaomo’s lips were also incredibly red and swollen as a result of his furious abrading with his teeth earlier.

Ye Xiuwen was hardly infuriated by the fact that Jun Xiaomo had just bitten him. In his eyes, Jun Xiaomo’s struggle was futile. She would never be able to escape from the palm of his hands, and there was naturally no need for him to take her resistance to heart.

Ye Xiuwen stretched out his hands and let his fingers linger on Jun Xiaomo’s lips for a little while more, before he softly added, “It’s fine. We’ve still got plenty of time in the future. Even if you can’t accept me now, you’ll slowly learn to accept me in time to come.”

Jun Xiaomo’s breathing grew ragged and heavy. Turning her eyes back to Ye Xiuwen, she hardened her heart and asked once more, “Just who are you? What relationship do we have?”

The vile energy was still swirling intently in the depths of Ye Xiuwen’s eyes, and his lips slowly drew out into a thin smirk. In that instant, Ye Xiuwen appeared to exude an intense aura of malice.

“We’ve already kissed so passionately, so what kind of relationship do you think we’re in?”

“You!” Jun Xiaomo burst out in exasperation, “You’d forced that onto me!”

Ye Xiuwen’s eyes grew cold and frigid once more as he mocked contemptuously, “So I’d forced that kiss on you? Then, tell me – whose kiss wouldn’t be considered as ‘forced upon you’? Rong Ruihan’s?”

“Rong Ruihan?” This was the second time that Jun Xiaomo had heard that name ever since she came to her senses. She couldn’t locate any memories of the person known as “Rong Ruihan” within her mind. Yet, for some strange reason, her heart would wrench in pain whenever she heard that name.

It was as though Rong Ruihan was an existence which had previously occupied an incredibly important part of her memory. Unfortunately, these memories had ostensibly vanished into thin air.

Jun Xiaomo’s stupor was interpreted as a form of tacit acknowledgement by Ye Xiuwen. Thus, a swathe of fury instantly surged from the depths of his heart, manifesting in actions in the very next moment.

“I won’t allow you to think about him!” Ye Xiuwen gripped Jun Xiaomo’s lower jaw tightly once more, “I won’t allow you to look for him either! If you dare, I’ll break off all your limbs, and you’ll have no choice but to remain by my side forever!”

Jun Xiaomo was taken aback. Ye Xiuwen’s disposition right now was incredibly fearsome and dreadful. Yet at the same time, she felt pangs of heartache and bitterness as well.

Something told her that this man did not use to be like this. Gradually, she began to contemplate another possibility – Could this person have become like this because of me?

Isn’t this why I would feel upset, and perhaps even remorseful?

“Alright, I won’t go looking for him.” Jun Xiaomo shut her eyes and did her best to suppress the feelings that were roiling in her heart, including pain, bitterness, and remorse.

Moments later, Ye Xiuwen released Jun Xiaomo in a huff. He took his seat at the side of the bed, and the vile energy began to subside once more.

“Don’t worry. It’s fine that you’ve lost your memory. Some things aren’t worth remembering anyway.” Ye Xiuwen remarked enigmatically. His tone of voice had become placid and indifferent once more, as though he were expounding on the truths of life.

Jun Xiaomo smiled to herself bitterly, choosing not to respond to his remark.

It’s fine that I’ve lost my memory? That’s easy for you to say. Right now, apart from a hazy recollection of her name and her identity, everything else was nothing but a blur to her.

This was a different kind of despondence – a feeling which left her feeling stifled and uneasy all the time.

Could this man really understand what I’m going through right now? Probably not.

As Jun Xiaomo thought about these things, her heart sank, and she her heart began to be overcome with hopelessness and dread.

Just like that, Ye Xiuwen and Jun Xiaomo’s private life continued for some time. Apart from the fact that Jun Xiaomo was now awake, nothing much else had changed.

No, there was one other difference. Back while Jun Xiaomo was still in a state of comatose, Ye Xiuwen would always watch over her by her side, refraining from doing anything overboard towards her. But, as soon as Jun Xiaomo regained her consciousness, it was almost as though something within Ye Xiuwen’s heart snapped.

Jun Xiaomo had lost her memories, but her primal survival instincts were very much still intact. As soon as she noticed that Ye Xiuwen’s gaze at her was growing increasingly intense, meaningful and impassioned, the fear and dread in her heart also began to escalate.

Even though Ye Xiuwen had time and again reminded her that they were lovers, and they had even done the deed between married couples, she couldn’t help but feel an increasing sense of disdain and revulsion for Ye Xiuwen’s freneticism.

Furthermore, Ye Xiuwen was presently being controlled by the demons in his heart, and he was growing colder day by day. Right now, his heart was completely preoccupied with thoughts of restraining Jun Xiaomo in order to keep her by his side, and he had never once considered Jun Xiaomo’s feelings in this regard. Naturally, Jun Xiaomo’s heart began to drift further and further away from Ye Xiuwen.

Finally, this very night, Jun Xiaomo bought a small packet of drug and spiked Ye Xiuwen’s tea with it. As soon as Ye Xiuwen passed out onto the table, she began to carry out her own plans.

Truth be told, having lost her memory, Jun Xiaomo didn’t know where she could possibly run towards. However, her heart told her that escaping throughout foreign lands without a destination in mind was still undoubtedly better than remaining by Ye Xiuwen’s side for the rest of her life.

As soon as Jun Xiaomo leapt out of the window and departed from the inn, Ye Xiuwen immediately opened his eyes and straightened his body once more.

Looking out of the window, a cold, vicious smile crept up the corner of his lips. The vile energy within the depths of his eyes began to swirl once more, filling his eyes and consuming his mind.

Seems like the disobedient lover has to be taught a lesson after all…

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