Chapter 384: Ye Xiuwen’s Predicament, Zhuang Lenghui’s Delight

Demoness's Art of Vengeance

I knew something was amiss when Ye Xiuwen was nowhere to be seen. Look! Isn’t he trying to slip in and take advantage of the situation here? He must have been lying in wait and observing the situation for a long time before making his move when everyone’s attention is captivated by the Spirit Koi! Zhuang Lenghui thought resentfully to herself. Her mind spun furiously, contemplating any and every possible countermeasure she could come up with – there was no way she was letting Ye Xiuwen seize the Rainbow Lotus Flower’s seeds just like that!

Truth be told, Zhuang Lenghui had misunderstood Ye Xiuwen’s intentions. Ye Xiuwen had never thought so much about the situation to begin with. As soon as Ye Xiuwen successfully voided the contract with his spirit tool, his rationality immediately returned to his mind.

When he recalled all the things he had done while under the influence of the spirit tool, he sincerely wanted to beat himself up over and over again.

Moments later, Ye Xiuwen recalled what the sprightly old man had said – they absolutely had to get their hands on the Rainbow Lotus Flower’s seeds if Jun Xiaomo were to safely deliver her child. Thus, the first thing he did as soon as his rationality returned to his mind was to rush straight back to the lotus pond. Incidentally, the moment he arrived was also the moment when the Spirit Koi was locked in the heat of battle with the rest of the cultivators around.

Just like that, Ye Xiuwen shot straight towards the center of the lotus pond without much thought. The only thing on his mind was naturally the seeds of the Rainbow Lotus Flower.

Unexpectedly, the Spirit Koi was still keeping a keen eye on the Rainbow Lotus Flower’s seeds despite having been slowly worn down by the cultivators around. Thus, as soon as Ye Xiuwen drew close to the Rainbow Lotus Flower’s seeds, the Spirit Koi went berserk!

Everyone surrounding the Spirit Koi was instantly thrown back by the massive surge in the Spirit Koi’s energy. To make things worse, the exploding wave of energy was laced with innumerable beads of waters that shot out at an incredible speed, sufficient to penetrate and puncture a person’s body.

Those who were lucky found their bodies punctured in several locations, and they began to bleed profusely. Fortunately, those wounds were hardly life-threatening. Unfortunately, there were also a handful who were much less fortunate, and they were instantly turned into a sieve by these beads of water pellets. Within moments, several cultivators collapsed to the ground, completely motionless.

Pools of blood began to spread all over the ground. It was a blood-curdling, macabre sight.

Zhuang Lenghui’s heart shuddered as she thought – It’s a good thing I didn’t rush in earlier. I’d earlier thought that the Spirit Koi was already at the end of its road. Who could’ve thought that it still had such a powerful attack at its disposal?

The Spirit Koi had expected everyone around it to be sent flying by its powerful attack. After all, that last strike had depleted two-thirds of all of its remaining strength. Unexpectedly, there was still one man who remained floating in mid-air, completely unharmed. It appears that this man had completely avoided the Spirit Koi’s previous attack.

This man was none other than Ye Xiuwen. Having already voided the contract with the spirit tool, Ye Xiuwen’s gaze on the Spirit Koi was incredibly placid right now. In fact, it was calm and tranquil, completely devoid of any ripple of anxiety.

He was able to avoid the Spirit Koi’s earlier attack not merely because his cultivation level was high – he was also aided by the immeasurable combat experience he had gleaned from the countless battles in the depths of the Death’s Gorge.

The Death’s Gorge was lacking in everything – everything save for spirit and demonic beasts. This was precisely why Ye Xiuwen was able to maintain cool and composed despite facing such a vicious Spirit Koi and its devastating attacks.

The Spirit Koi had been living in the lotus pond for the last fifty years in eager anticipation to devour the Rainbow Lotus Flower’s seeds. It had been a long and arduous wait, but its goal was undoubtedly in front of it right now. Unfortunately, it was being impeded by innumerable insignificant beings that even ended up injuring it. Thus, it was naturally so infuriated that it could no longer repress the desire to swallow everyone up!

As the intense fury roiled in the depths of its eyes, the Spirit Koi slapped the surface of the pond with its tail and instantly leapt out of it with its mouth gaping wide open. Its target? The man who was hovering in mid-air – Ye Xiuwen.

Some distance away, Zhuang Lenghui watched the battle ensue with a bright, vicious gleam in her eyes. It would be ideal if the Spirit Koi could devour Ye Xiuwen once and for all. That would eliminate one of the greatest obstacles standing between her and the Rainbow Lotus Flower’s seeds.

As for the Spirit Koi, Zhuang Lenghui sincerely believed that she would be able to slowly torment it to death in a battle of attrition, especially given the arduous battles it had already been through.

As the Spirit Koi drew closer to Ye Xiuwen with its mouth wide open, Ye Xiuwen remained completely still where he stood, almost as though he were waiting for the Spirit Koi to devour him.

“This man is crazy. Why isn’t he avoiding it?” An injured cultivator on the ground exclaimed as he stared at Ye Xiuwen in disbelief, coughing out a few mouthfuls of blood.

Indeed, in the eyes of most people around, the fact that Ye Xiuwen had remained completely rooted to the ground was akin to a death wish. After all, so many people had already perished to the Spirit Koi. It was evident just how vicious and unrelenting the Spirit Koi was.

That said, they had all underestimated something – Ye Xiuwen’s speed. The Spirit Koi was indeed blazing fast to the normal person. However, Ye Xiuwen’s speed was even faster!

Just as the Spirit Koi was about to shut its mouth, Ye Xiuwen suddenly shifted. Under the effects of his Windwalk ability, he immediately dodged to the Spirit Koi’s side and plunged his sword straight into the Spirit Koi’s eye.

The Spirit Koi had never expected Ye Xiuwen to be so crafty and cunning, so it was completely unguarded. In an instant, a shower of blood sprayed everywhere, and the Spirit Koi was blinded in one eye.

The Spirit Koi fell into the water in pain, sending a massive tidal wave sweeping across the surface of the lotus pond. As it continued to convulse in pain underwater, the surface of the water was very soon dyed a deep, red hue by its blood.

That said, Ye Xiuwen didn’t pause to give it a chance to catch its breath. He immediately dove straight after it, making the best of the opening he was presented with. Another slash of the sword later, the Spirit Koi’s other eye was cut through and completely blinded as well.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye. Just as everyone around thought that Ye Xiuwen was about to be swallowed by the Spirit Koi, everything changed, and the entire situation was reversed within moments.

Everyone began to cast looks of admiration on Ye Xiuwen – Why didn’t we think of it earlier? The Spirit Koi’s scales have the effect of repulsion, but its eyes would naturally be its weakest points. As long as we blind both its eyes and take away the sense of sight, it would no longer have the ability to fight against us anymore!

Ye Xiuwen no longer cared about the Spirit Koi floundering in the depths of the water. Instead, he skimmed straight across the surface of the lotus pond, stopping right where the Rainbow Lotus Flower’s seeds were located. There, propped gingerly atop the lotus leaves were seven seeds – exactly what the child in Jun Xiaomo’s abdomen needed.

Ye Xiuwen’s eyes gleamed warmly, and he reached out towards the seeds…

Just then, a shrill shriek resounded from afar, “You imbeciles! Don’t just focus on Jun Xiaomo anymore. That person over there is Ye Xiuwen. He’s the culprit who killed Princess Linglong and Zou Zilong. Jun Xiaomo is a mere accomplice!”

The person screaming was none other than Zhuang Lenghui. It finally dawned on her that she had dallied for far too long as soon as she noticed that Ye Xiuwen was about to obtain the seven lotus seeds. After all, she had never expected Ye Xiuwen to possess the ability to dispose of the powerful Spirit Koi. Thus, as soon as Ye Xiuwen reached out for the seven lotus seeds, she immediately resorted to killing with a borrowed knife once more.

This was one of the main reasons why she had called in the cavalry to begin with. She was well aware that she would never be able to kill Ye Xiuwen given her own abilities, and she knew that she would have to borrow the strength of the Greenwich Kingdom and the Zephyr Sect in this regard.

With Zhuang Lenghui’s shrill shriek, several assailants immediately paused in their attacks against Jun Xiaomo and Chi Jingtian and rushed straight towards Ye Xiuwen.

In fact, they were not the only ones who charged towards Ye Xiuwen. Wei Xingping immediately joined in the fray as soon as he heard Zhuang Lenghui’s shriek. After all, he could still remember vividly Zhuang Lenghui’s description of how Ye Xiuwen had tormented his dear disciple in the missive she had sent back to the Zephyr Sect!

Wei Xingping cried out in rage, and he retrieved a pill bottle from his Interspatial Ring, poured out its contents and swallowed it immediately.

This type of medicinal pill was something that temporarily increased a cultivator’s abilities for two hours. However, its side effects were equally immense. After the medicinal effects wore off, the person who consumed this medicinal pill would experience weakness for a period to come, which may range from several months to even several years.

One single pill would enable a person to increase his abilities by fifty percent. Wei Xingping had swallowed three of these pills at once, meaning that his cultivation level naturally experienced a surge of one-hundred and fifty percent. In other words, there was no longer a single person around that was his match right now.

Wei Xingping would naturally have to pay a commensurate price as soon as the medicinal effects wore off, given how incredibly harmful its side effects were to a cultivator’s body. However, Wei Xingping didn’t mind this one bit – his only goal right now was to kill the person who had murdered his disciple!

Wei Xingping’s cultivation was initially slightly lower than the cultivation of the sprightly old man. However, his abilities exploded as soon as he swallowed the medicinal pill, and even the old man couldn’t stand in his way any longer.

Just like that, Wei Xingping sent the old man flying with one simple palm strike, causing the old man to slam heavily into the ground, spitting out a huge mouthful of blood.

The old man’s age was showing. Given the injuries of all sorts that the old man had sustained in his protracted stay within the Death’s Gorge, he no longer had the stamina and resilience for a long, drawn-out battle. Now that Wei Xingping struck him squarely with a powerful palm strike, his mind was immediately sent spinning, and his vision began to fade away. He was practically unable to pick himself up again.

“Disciple…careful…” The old man thought to warn Ye Xiuwen. Unfortunately, apart from the breathless, raspy sounds escaping from his lips, nothing else came out.

Wei Xingping shot straight towards Ye Xiuwen. On the other hand, Ye Xiuwen was already struggling to fend off the concerted attacks of the assailants around. Thus, one could only imagine how grave the situation was for Ye Xiuwen as soon as Wei Xingping appeared.

“Xiaomo, where are you going?!” Chi Jingtian noticed that Jun Xiaomo was about to rush out of the spirit tool, and he could help but hold her back.

“I’m going to save him!” Jun Xiaomo turned around and yelled.

She couldn’t understand why her heart was so incredibly anxious seeing Ye Xiuwen in such a predicament. In fact, she had initially thought that her heart was still mad at Ye Xiuwen for keeping her restrained all this while. However, as soon as she noticed Ye Xiuwen in imminent danger, her heard began to constrict with intense pain.

The only explanation she could come up with was the fact that Ye Xiuwen had landed himself in this predicament because of her, so she couldn’t bring herself to see Ye Xiuwen suffer for it.

Chi Jingtian grew anxious, and he immediately added, “Xiaomo, given how you are right now, going out would spell certain death for you. Please wait a little while more, alright? If you can do just that, an opportunity for a reversal might arise soon.”

Reversal? Where is the reversal going to come from? Jun Xiaomo didn’t believe Chi Jingtian because she couldn’t see any prospects of a reversal lying anywhere.

In fact, Jun Xiaomo was not the only one who didn’t believe in the possibility of a reversal – Zhuang Lenghui was the same as well.

As soon as she saw Ye Xiuwen engulfed in a swarm of attacks, Zhuang Lenghui’s lips began to curl up victoriously.

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