Chapter 385: Jun Xiaomo’s Memory, Ye Xiuwen’s Injuries

Demoness's Art of Vengeance

The assailants rushed towards Ye Xiuwen. At the very same moment that they began their charge, they also saw Ye Xiuwen shoot out a Wind Blade, slicing off the Rainbow Lotus Flower’s seeds and pulling them into his grasp.

“Damn! We were too late. He’s already obtained the seeds!” Zhuang Lenghui gritted her teeth as she immediately brandished her sword and rushed towards Ye Xiuwen.

Ye Xiuwen had just seized the seeds. How could she stand idly by and not do a thing to stand in his way?

Ye Xiuwen attempted to store the Rainbow Lotus Flower’s seeds within his Interspatial Ring before fighting his way out of the encirclement. Yet, to his dismay, his Interspatial Ring appeared to reject the existence of the Rainbow Lotus Flower’s seeds altogether. It was as though there were an invisible barrier preventing the seeds from entering the Interspatial Ring.

Having no other choice left to him, Ye Xiuwen was relegated to holding the Rainbow Lotus Flower’s seeds in one hand while fending off the encirclement of assailants with his other hand.

Right now, amidst all the chaos, it was evident that Ye Xiuwen had finally been pushed onto the backfoot. Not only did Zhuang Lenghui’s men go straight after his jugular, even the other cultivators who had coveted the Rainbow Lotus Flower’s seeds were unwilling to see Ye Xiuwen seizing all the seeds for himself. Thus, in the blink of an eye, Ye Xiuwen became the target of all concerted attacks all at once.

As the saying goes – even ant bites can kill an elephant. Even though Ye Xiuwen was already in the advanced-tier Nascent Soul stage of cultivation and his cultivation level were well above that of the assailants, he had already expended an incredible amount of spiritual energy and mental fortitude on voiding the contract with his spirit tool earlier before rushing over without any rest or recuperation. If there were only a handful of assailants, he would most certainly have been able to deal with them all on his own. However, he was faced with an entire encirclement of relentless assailants. Thus, it didn’t take long before wounds and injuries of all sorts began to appear on his body.

Wei Xingping had charged straight towards Ye Xiuwen as soon as he wounded the sprightly old man. His eyes were already bloodshot to begin with. With an impassioned battle cry, the aura around his body flourished impressively, sending a number of the surroundings assailants flying, some of whom even passed out immediately.

Those who managed to retain their consciousness glanced at Wei Xingping’s fiendish disposition and immediately understood that he was a man none of them could afford to cross. Thus, everyone immediately scattered and scrambled away.

Ye Xiuwen was originally surrounded and concealed by a large encirclement of assailants. But now, with some injured and others scattering in all directions, Ye Xiuwen could finally be seen again.

“Ye Xiuwen, return my disciple’s life!” Wei Xingping bellowed as the energy about him flourished, and he threw a vicious palm strike at Ye Xiuwen.

Wei Xingping’s palm strike was imbued with an immensely chilling energy, and frost immediately formed on Ye Xiuwen’s chest the moment he was struck by it. In the very next moment, Ye Xiuwen felt an intense chill creep through his bones and marrows, spreading through his limbs. Then, an electrifying pain surged straight through his mind. It felt almost as though his body were being torn apart, inch by inch, and it was completely debilitating.

With that, Ye Xiuwen passed out and fell straight into the depths of the lotus pond.

“No!!!” Jun Xiaomo’s mind drew a blank in the instant she saw Ye Xiuwen fall into the lotus pond. Gentle ripples of water echoing out where Ye Xiuwen had been just moments ago.

An immense pain shot straight from the depths of her heart into the trenches of her mind where all of her locked memories were buried. In an instant, all of her lost memories came surging back to her like a fierce tidal wave.

“Ungh…” Jun Xiaomo cried out with a muffled groan. Her knees buckled, and she nearly collapsed to the ground.

“Xiaomo!” Chi Jingtian held up Jun Xiaomo anxiously. He was both upset and infuriated as he cursed in his heart, wondering why there were no signs of his clansmen just yet.

That’s right. Chi Jingtian’s reinforcements were none other than the members of the Chi Clan. Logically speaking, his clansmen should have arrived in the blink of an eye as soon as he released the call for help. That said, it had been quite some time now, yet not a single person was to be found yet – Just what in the world is going on?! Are they lost?!

Wei Xingping waited for a short while. When he noticed that Ye Xiuwen remained completely submerged in the depths of the lotus pond, he immediately concluded that Ye Xiuwen was finally dead.

That’s right. There’s no way he could survive with such heavy injuries, after falling straight into the depths of the pond.

Zhuang Lenghui glared hatefully at the surface of the pond which was tranquil once again. It was as though she couldn’t suppress the desire to dry up the pond all at once at this moment – Damn it! How could Ye Xiuwen have held onto those Rainbow Lotus Flower’s seeds to the very end? Where am I going to go about looking for these seeds now that they’ve vanished into the depths of the lotus pond now? Do I really have to start fishing for Ye Xiuwen’s corpse?

On the other hand, Wei Xingping was hardly interested in the Rainbow Lotus Flower’s seeds that Ye Xiuwen was holding in his hands to the bitter end. He was only interested in exacting revenge for his dear disciple.

As soon as Ye Xiuwen vanished, he turned around, and his gaze landed directly on Jun Xiaomo some distance away.

There once still one more perpetrator. Once he kills this other perpetrator, he would have exacted revenge for his dear disciple.

Wei Xingping began to march slowly towards Jun Xiaomo, step by step. Jun Xiaomo’s existence was already no different from that of a dead person in those bloodshot eyes of his.

Chi Jingtian took a step forward and stood directly in front of Jun Xiaomo.

Wei Xingping smiled disdainfully. In his eyes, a mere cultivator at the advanced-tier Golden Core stage of cultivation was an existence he could crush with his fingers given the extent of his abilities right now.

“Martial Brother Ye…” Streams of tears began to roll out of her eyes and fall into the soil underfoot.

Jun Xiaomo could finally recall her memories. The pain accompanying the inflow of memories caused her to feel almost nauseous. That said, no amount of pain could compare with the excruciating pain tearing apart her heart right now.

Rong Ruihan’s “death” had dealt her such a heavy blow that she had even lost her memories. Naturally, Ye Xiuwen’s “death” was hardly going to be any easier on her heart.

Having just regained her memories, the pain in her heart was so intense that Jun Xiaomo couldn’t suppress the urge to perish in the very next moment.

“Xiaomo, hang in there. Our reinforcements will be arriving soon.” Chi Jingtian knew that Jun Xiaomo’s condition right now was incredibly concerning, and he immediately turned around and placed his hand reassuringly on Jun Xiaomo’s shoulder.

Jun Xiaomo shook her head as she muttered, “Jingtian, leave me. I don’t want you to sacrifice yourself for me like that.”

“What are you talking about?!” Chi Jingtian exploded, “You were the one who had saved my life to begin with. How can you spout such nonsense at a time like this?”

Jun Xiaomo grimaced slightly, “Little Packie, I’d rescued you back then because I wanted you to continue living a good, long life, not so that you would make such a meaningless sacrifice for me.”

“You…you’ve regained your memories?” Chi Jingtian’s eyes widened.

Jun Xiaomo lifted her head and gazed straight into Chi Jingtian’s eyes, “Jingtian, will you give me your word that you’ll continue to live well?”

Chi Jingtian was taken aback. He could see the suicidal despondence in Jun Xiaomo’s ashen eyes.

Gritting his teeth, he responded, “Don’t you have any modicum of will to live on anymore? Death is a reprieve for you, but what about the child in your womb? He wasn’t even given a chance to see the world yet. Are you going to cut him off and seize his rights to enjoy the world just like that?!”

Chi Jingtian had never wanted to castigate Jun Xiaomo like that. However, the dispirited gaze in the depths of Jun Xiaomo’s eyes had caused his heart to grow incredibly anxious.

“Child…” Jun Xiaomo muttered softly as she placed her palm gingerly on her lower abdomen.

“Hmph, have you all finished saying your last words? Once you’re done, I’m going to make my move.” Wei Xingping grinned viciously. Lifting his hands, he began to congeal a massive amount of energy in the heart of his palms once more.

He intended to destroy both Jun Xiaomo and Chi Jingtian in one fell swoop.

Chi Jingtian stood valiantly in front of Jun Xiaomo once more, while Jun Xiaomo shut her eyes with resignation.

At this very moment, despondence was the only thing that engulfed their hearts.

Then, in the very moment that Wei Xingping was about to shoot the congealed energy straight at Jun Xiaomo and Chi Jingtian, an intense bright light burst out in the surroundings, and everyone around immediately shut their eyes reflexively.

Jun Xiaomo and Chi Jingtian must be dead, right? Several people thought in their hearts.

Then, when the light faded away and everyone opened their eyes once more, they immediately glanced towards Jun Xiaomo and Chi Jingtian – they had originally thought that they would be greeted by no more than two lifeless corpses. Unexpectedly, Jun Xiaomo and Chi Jingtian were standing perfectly fine where they had been all this while. Furthermore, there was now yet another old cultivator standing right in front of them – an old man with frazzled hair and a somewhat young countenance.

“Great-Grandfather!” Chi Jingtian immediately exclaimed when he saw the old man.

The old man turned around and glared at him resentfully as he barked, “You’re causing trouble again! If not for the fact that Great Grandfather had arrived in the nick of time, you’d be nothing more than a pile of ash by now!”

The old man was naturally the overprotective Old Man Chi, clan head of the Chi Clan, Rong Ruihan’s master as well as Chi Jingtian’s great-grandfather.

Wei Xingping had practically depleted all of his spiritual energy with this last attack of his. He had initially thought that Jun Xiaomo and Chi Jingtian would be utterly crushed by this final attack of his. Yet the unexpected occurred, and an interloper interfered with his plans, even blocking off his powerful strike all at once.

Incensed by the sudden turn of events, the anger and hatred in his chest roiled so intensely that Wei Xingping suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood.

At this moment, the three pills which he had swallowed to increase his cultivation level had finally begun to show signs of wearing off, giving way to the intense backlash of the side effects. Just like that, Wei Xingping staggered backwards several steps and nearly collapsed to the ground.

His body was now incredibly weak and feeble.

However, the manifestation of the intense backlash from the medicine’s side effects hardly meant that Old Man Chi was going to let Wei Xingping off the hook just like that. Truth be told, the Chi Clan members were renown in their own rights for being overprotective. How could they simply let a man intent on killing the dear great-grandson of their clan off the hook just like that?

Old Man Chi snorted and struck Wei Xingping with three successive palm strikes. These three palm strikes appeared incredibly slow to the eyes, almost as though they were but weak, gentle taps on Wei Xingping’s body.

However, it was evident from Wei Xingping’s expressions that the three palm strikes were far more than meets the eye. With every strike, Wei Xingping’s eyeballs would bulge that much more – and his eyeballs appeared almost as though they had fallen right out of his sockets after the third and final strike.

“Pfft!” Wei Xingping spat out a large mouthful of blood as he collapsed into the ground.

Old Man Chi flicked his sleeves before looking up and surveying everyone else who was watching the battle unfold at this moment.

The onlookers immediately quivered in fear, and the surroundings were filled by pin-drop silence.

In their eyes, Wei Xingping was already incredibly powerful. With the appearance of yet another master who dwarfs Wei Xingping in comparison, everyone immediately knew better than to provoke him unnecessarily.

Who would have thought that the seeds of the Rainbow Lotus Flower would attract such incredible contenders? At this moment, there was not a single cultivator who still harboured any thoughts of seizing the Rainbow Lotus Flower’s seeds for themselves. After all, even if they managed to lay their hands on the seeds, they might not even live long enough to be able to consume it.

Old Man Chi glanced back at the Chi Clansmen behind him and instructed, “Go. As long as they are members of the Zephyr Sect, capture them. If they resist, kill them. Especially that young lady. She must never be let off the hook.”

Old Man Chi wagged his finger at Zhuang Lenghui’s silhouette in the distance as he instructed his clansmen. Immediately, his clansmen responded with a united front, “Yes, Clan Head.” Then, they scattered, pursuing every last remnant of the Zephyr Sect disciples and rounding them up.

The Zephyr Sect disciples were easy to spot since they were all wearing their uniform.

In the blink of an eye, the entire situation had been reversed. The hunter became the hunted, and the prey became the predator.

Ignoring the situation around him, Old Man Chi walked over towards the sprightly old man as he snorted disdainfully, “You old fogey. To think that I’d see you like this one day.”

“Don’t be cocky. Hurry up and give me a few recovery pills. I’ve still gotta go check on my disciple.” The sprightly old man barked discourteously back at Old Man Chi.

“Great-Grandfather, you know Brother Ye’s master?” Chi Jingtian’s eyes widened slightly.

“Hmph.” Both old men snorted at the same time.

Aiyah, don’t snort at me! How do you know each other? Chi Jingtian’s curiosity was piqued.

Finally, Old Man Chi explained, “How could I not know that old fogey? He was the one who eloped with my dear sister years ago! I’ll never forget his face even when I turn to ash!” Old Man Chi barked as he glared daggers at the sprightly old man.

Eloped with Great-Grandfather’s sister? Chi Jingtian stared at the sprightly old man in disbelief – Then, isn’t he my…Great-Granduncle-in-Law?

Having discovered yet another layer of connections between the two old man, Chi Jingtian found himself a little bit dumbstruck by the situation.

Distracted by these incidental details, none of the bystanders noticed Jun Xiaomo stumbling about clumsily as she found her way to the side of the pond, collapsing onto the ground by its side.

“Martial Brother Ye…” Jun Xiaomo clenched her fists tightly as she gazed into the depths of the lotus pond with puffy eyes, doing all she could to search for that familiar silhouette that she knew all too well.

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