Chapter 387: Consequences of One’s Actions, Zhuang Lenghui’s Plight

Demoness's Art of Vengeance

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief when they finally learnt of Ye Xiuwen’s return. This was especially the case for Chi Jingtian. After all, with each and every day that passed, he would have to look after Jun Xiaomo closely, ensuring that she did not jump in after Ye Xiuwen. Thus, his mind and spirit had been incredibly worn out after all this while, and Ye Xiuwen’s safe return naturally also meant release for him.

However, this hardly meant that he was pleased to see Ye Xiuwen appearing by Jun Xiaomo’s side again either. Love rivals naturally scrutinized each other’s actions. Chi Jingtian was unable to agree to what Ye Xiuwen had done in the past which led to Jun Xiaomo losing her memory. If not for the fact that Ye Xiuwen holds a strong foothold in Jun Xiaomo’s heart, Chi Jingtian might well have simply requested his great-grandfather to kidnap Jun Xiaomo, leaving Ye Xiuwen behind all on his own.

That’s right. Chi Jingtian had the desire to ask his Old Man Chi to crush and repel his love rivals because he was personally unable to defeat Ye Xiuwen. It was a helpless situation.

At the same time, Old Man Chi was somewhat displeased with his quasi-great-granddaughter-in-law. Everything would still be alright if Jun Xiaomo was not pregnant with Ye Xiuwen’s child. But now that Jun Xiaomo was pregnant with Ye Xiuwen’s child, the fact that his great-grandson was still lingering about by her side caused his heart to feel incredibly bitter.

It was as though he could see his great-grandson being made a massive cuckold right now.

On the other side, Jun Xiaomo’s heart was thoroughly loosened and at ease from Ye Xiuwen’s return, and her spirits were much better. Furthermore, given the fact that she had consumed the Rainbow Lotus Flower’s seeds now, her body’s rejection of the fetal energy in her body had somewhat been resolved and shelved for the moment. Thus, her disposition grew increasingly better, and colour had once again returned to her cheeks.

“That’s right, where’s Wei Xingping and Zhuang Lenghui?” Ye Xiuwen had been looking after Jun Xiaomo over the last few days, and he had completely forgotten about the people from the Zephyr Sect as a result of this.

“They’ve been locked up in a place that nobody can find.” Old Man Chi snorted, “How dare they harm my great-grandson? They’re courting death!”

Chi Jingtian clenched his fist and coughed dryly at the side. To his mind, being spoilt like a child in front of Jun Xiaomo was somewhat embarrassing.

“Won’t the Zephyr Sect members come looking for them? Quite apart from the ordinary disciples of the Zephyr Sect, Wei Xingping and Zhuang Lenghui are particularly weighty existences within the Zephyr Sect. One is a Peakmaster, while the other is the daughter of the other Peakmaster.” Ye Xiuwen explained his concerns.

“Hmph. This old man hardly deigns to care about such an insignificant Zephyr Sect.” Old Man Chi snorted, “They’ve made several attempts at a rescue, but I’ve rebuffed their efforts each time.”

Ye Xiuwen was slightly taken aback. Then, after pondering about the situation for a little bit more, he finally understood the situation.

Even though the Zephyr Sect was a Greater Sect and held a reasonably esteemed position within the cultivation world, the Chi Clan had an even stronger foundation than them. After all, the Chi Clan was one of the top Hidden Clans within the demonic cultivation world. It was an existence that was comparable to the eight great sects of the spiritual cultivation world.

If not for the fact that Old Man Chi had been standing guard here all this while, perhaps Jun Xiaomo might never have been able to survive the relentless barrage of attacks from the Zephyr Sect or escape completely unscathed.

Having thought about these things, Ye Xiuwen’s eyes were filled with ripples of emotions.

“Old Man Chi, I’d like to visit Wei Xingping and Zhuang Lenghui. I wonder if arranging something like that would be convenient?” Ye Xiuwen bowed politely to Old Man Chi.

Old Man Chi snorted lightly in response, “Go on, go on. Just don’t make any trouble in there. Cleaning up is the difficult part.”

Old Man Chi couldn’t find it within himself to treat his great-grandson’s love rival cheerily.

“Alright. Much thanks, Old Man Chi.”

“Martial Brother?” Jun Xiaomo happened to walk in on their conversation, and she overheard Ye Xiuwen saying that he wanted to visit Wei Xingping and Zhuang Lenghui. Thus, she looked at him with some measure of bewilderment.

“That’s not a place that’s suitable for someone like you. Wait here. I’ll be back shortly.” Ye Xiuwen patted Jun Xiaomo’s head, before turning around to address Chi Jingtian, “I’ll have to trouble you to look after Xiaomo.”

“Hmph. Do you even need to instruct me in this regard? I’ve been the one looking after her while you were gone to begin with!” Chi Jingtian snorted in a very similar fashion to Old Man Chi. No wonder they were great-grandfather and great-grandson.

Ye Xiuwen chuckled lightheartedly. Then, following the lead of a Chi Clan’s clansman, Ye Xiuwen made his way towards where Wei Xingping and Zhuang Lenghui were being held.

Inside a dark and dank dungeon, Zhuang Lenghui lay on the ground with her hair completely disheveled. Her frigid eyes were transfixed on the ground, as though she were trying to create a layer of frost if she stared hard enough. Wei Xingping was located in a cell adjacent to Zhuang Lenghui. His condition was far worse than hers. After all, he was still suffering from the backlash of the cultivation-boosting pills when he was struck by Old Man Chi’s powerful blows. Ever since then, he had been lying on the ground clinging onto the final threads of life within him.

Zhuang Lenghui glanced at Wei Xingping hatefully, cursing at him in her heart – How could a Peakmaster be so disgracefully weak? How could such a person be even standing on equal footing with my father in the fight for the position of Sect Master?!

Just then, the door to the dungeon swung open, letting in a bright beam of light from outside. Zhuang Lenghui’s heart skipped a beat, and she immediately glanced towards the main door – there was not a single moment that passed when she wasn’t eagerly anticipating the appearance of the Zephyr Sect’s members.

The beam of light was so bright in contrast to the dark dungeon that Zhuang Lenghui was forced to squint her eyes. Then as her eyes slowly acclimatized to the brightness of the light, she discovered to her dismay that the person entering the dungeon was not here to rescue her at all.

Why aren’t the Zephyr Sect members here to rescue me yet?! Father can’t have remained still for so long after learning of my capture!

It had never crossed Zhuang Lenghui’s mind that this was not because the Zephyr Sect members were unwilling to rescue her, it was simply that they were unable to do so. She didn’t truly understand the balance of power in the spiritual cultivation world, much less a Hidden Demonic Clan like the Chi Clan. Even though they were a clan of demonic cultivators, the Chi Clan had always maintained a very low profile. Thus, Zhuang Lenghui naturally wouldn’t have heard anything about the Chi Clan to begin with.

Finally, Zhuang Lenghui managed to see the appearances of the person who had just entered the dungeon, and she exploded with a shrill shriek, “Why are you here?! Aren’t you already dead?!”

A cold grin crept up Ye Xiuwen’s lips, “I apologize for the disappointment, but I’m not dead. That’s right, you’d been thinking of killing with a borrowed knife all this time just so that you could obtain the Rainbow Lotus Flower’s seeds smoothly, haven’t you? Unfortunately, your plans didn’t come to fruition this time.”

Zhuang Lenghui’s eyes quivered slightly as she barked back coldly, “I don’t understand what you’re trying to say.”

“Since you ‘don’t understand’, then let me make things clearer.” Ye Xiuwen calmly explained, “Back then, when Zou Zilong mistreated my Little Martial Sister, I’d only severely wounded him. However, his life was never at risk. I’d even personally returned him back to the members of the Zephyr Sect. Logically speaking, there’s no reason he would die. As long as his wounds were treated in a timeous fashion, he might in the worst-case scenario sustain a fall in his cultivation level. In fact, I do recall you swearing on oath that the Zephyr Sect was at fault for that incident, and the matters would lay where they lie. Yet, in the blink of an eye, news of Zou Zilong’s death spread to the Zephyr Sect, causing Zou Zilong’s master to come seeking revenge on me. Zhuang Lenghui, do you think nobody’s aware of the schemes you’re playing at?”

“Hmph. So what? As long as I can achieve my goals, who cares about the process?” Zhuang Lenghui chuckled coldly, maintaining that there was nothing wrong with her intentions.

“That’s right, but you didn’t achieve your goals in the end, did you?” Ye Xiuwen responded placidly. The reminder of the plight she was in caused Zhuang Lenghui to swallow her pride as she glared back at Ye Xiuwen, completely taciturn.

“Besides, you were the one who had killed Zou Zilong, weren’t you?” Ye Xiuwen gazed dispassionately at her as he continued, “I’m fully aware of how harsh I was with my actions. Zou Zilong’s injuries only look serious, but they were hardly life-threatening at all. If he really perished, then the only possibility was that he had perished in your hands.”

“Ye Xiuwen, don’t slander me!” Zhuang Lenghui’s heart skipped a beat as she glanced guiltily at Wei Xingping in the adjacent cell.

“I’m not slandering you. You know full well what you’ve done, don’t you? There were several other Zephyr Sect disciples around at that time as well. They would be eyewitnesses as to whether Zou Zilong’s injuries were life-threatening or not. There’s even the possibility that they’ve personally witnessed you killing Zou Zilong in front of them, isn’t there?” Ye Xiuwen continued to explain as his ink-black eyes stared straight at Zhuang Lenghui, as though staring straight through her soul. Plagued by her guilty conscience, Zhuang Lenghui found herself unable to refute Ye Xiuwen’s allegations.

Ye Xiuwen glanced placidly at Wei Xingping. Even though he was lying on the ground completely motionless, Wei Xingping’s fingers had twitched slightly when Ye Xiuwen first mentioned Zou Zilong earlier.

It was evident that he had heard the exchange between Ye Xiuwen and Zhuang Lenghui.

Nobody liked being schemed against. Ye Xiuwen was no exception to this either. After all, Zhuang Lenghui’s schemes had even almost cost Jun Xiaomo her life.

Since Zhuang Lenghui liked scheming so much, she should have a taste of her own medicine too.

Ye Xiuwen curled his lips up into a faint, wicked smile as he retrieved a medicinal pill from his Interspatial Ring. With a light flick of his finger, he tossed the medicinal pill into Wei Xingping’s cell.

This was done incredibly discreetly, and Zhuang Lenghui failed to notice all of this.

Since Wei Xingping was already at the end of the line, Ye Xiuwen had decided to lend him a hand and offer him one final chance to exact vengeance for his dear disciple.

After doing this, Ye Xiuwen turned around and left the dungeon. Behind him, Zhuang Lenghui continued to stare daggers into his back with a gaze filled with hatred.

As she continued to stare at Ye Xiuwen, Zhuang Lenghui failed to notice Wei Xingping’s movements in the adjacent cell. Slowly, Wei Xingping’s hands shifted slightly to pick up the medicine that Ye Xiuwen had tossed to him, placed it in his mouth, and swallowed it.

After leaving the dungeon, Ye Xiuwen squinted his eyes against the light. Moments later, he sighed with resignation.

He was not a person who liked scheming against others either. Unfortunately, Zhuang Lenghui had crossed his bottom line this time, so he had no qualms giving her a taste of her own medicine.

“Martial Brother Ye.” A clear, crisp voice rang out beside his ear.

“Xiaomo, why have you come here?” Ye Xiuwen looked at Jun Xiaomo in bewilderment.

“You looked a little bit strange and uncertain in your disposition earlier. I was worried, so I’d decided to come after you to check on you.” Jun Xiaomo smiled warmly.

Ye Xiuwen’s heart was filled with a sense of warmth, and he patted Jun Xiaomo’s head and responded, “Let’s go. This isn’t a place we should dally at.”

Jun Xiaomo nodded and left together with Ye Xiuwen.

Not long after they left, a powerful wave of spiritual energy fluctuations rang out from the heart of the dungeon, before everything faded into quietness once more.

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