Chapter 388: Chi Jingtian’s Persuasion, Ye Xiuwen’s Relief

Demoness's Art of Vengeance

As soon as Ye Xiuwen and Jun Xiaomo returned to where everyone was, they discovered an unexpected person waiting for them.

“Brother Rong?!” Jun Xiaomo was momentarily unable to suppress the sudden surge of joy in her heart, and she immediately ran towards Rong Ruihan.

Ye Xiuwen gazed at Jun Xiaomo’s back as she ran towards Rong Ruihan. His eyes were filled with a complex swathe of emotions right now.

Rong Ruihan also noticed Jun Xiaomo at the same time, and he, too, took large strides forward towards her. Before Jun Xiaomo could stabilize her footing before Rong Ruihan, he pulled her into a tight embrace.

“Rong…Brother Rong?” Jun Xiaomo’s body stiffened up instantly at the embrace.

It was in this instant that she finally realized that the sight of Rong Ruihan being alive and well had caused her to shelf everything else for the moment, and she had even left Ye Xiuwen behind her.

How would Martial Brother Ye feel witnessing me being pulled into a tight embrace right in front of him like that? He must be displeased and upset, isn’t he?

Even though Jun Xiaomo was overjoyed to see Rong Ruihan alive and well, she still didn’t want to disappoint Ye Xiuwen.

After all, Ye Xiuwen had only lost his mind due to the spirit tool’s controlling influence over his mind. Jun Xiaomo sincerely didn’t want Ye Xiuwen to fall prey to the demons in his heart again.

Thus, Jun Xiaomo struggled, thinking to break free of Rong Ruihan’s tight embrace.

However, Rong Ruihan refused to let go of Jun Xiaomo. Instead, he only hugged her tighter, and his arms even began to tremble.

“Brother Rong?” Jun Xiaomo was slightly taken aback.

“It’s good that you’re alright.” Rong Ruihan finally spoke. His voice was slightly hoarse.

Jun Xiaomo’s heart was embittered, and tears began to swell up in her eyes. She could hear the concern and fear in Rong Ruihan’s voice.

Was there truly ever a moment when she was not worrying for Rong Ruihan’s safety either? Ever since she regained her memory, she would wake up abruptly to a nightmare every night without fail. In these nightmares of hers, Rong Ruihan had perished in her arms within the spirit tool, while she continued to be battered and mutilated by the innumerable fireballs hovering about her.

In fact, there were a few instances when she personally witnessed Rong Ruihan melt into nothing more than a puddle of blood and water, yet she remained completely helpless. It was under the intensely stifling sensation of despondence that she woke up from these nightmares.

If not for the fact that Ye Xiuwen had informed her that Rong Ruihan was still alive, she might never be able to interact so harmoniously with Ye Xiuwen ever again.

Rong Ruihan’s death would have built an insurmountable barrier between their hearts, keeping their hearts separate for the rest of their lives.

Furthermore, Jun Xiaomo’s mind would be filled with other thoughts – if Rong Ruihan didn’t die after being released from the spirit tool, then what happens next? When Ye Xiuwen’s rationality succumbed to the vile energy from the spirit tool, he made the conscious decision to cut off all forms of contact with the rest of the Heavenly Peak disciples. Thus, he was naturally unsure of whether Rong Ruihan managed to recover from all of his injuries afterwards or not.

Truth be told, Rong Ruihan had undeniably sustained grievous wounds from the spirit tool, and they were in a dangerous predicament given their status as escapees. Thus, it was very much an unknown whether they would be able to remain alive. At the very least, things were hardly optimistic in Jun Xiaomo’s assessment of the matter.

That said, these concerns of hers were not things that she could freely express at all times, for fear that she would trigger the demons in Ye Xiuwen’s heart again.

Right now, she was truly and thoroughly relieved. Yet, amidst the joy and elation, her rapture was also laced with trace amounts of worry and constraints.

She knew that Ye Xiuwen would never be able to accept Rong Ruihan’s existence by their side. However, having gone through so much together, could she really bear to break off all contact with Rong Ruihan just like that?

Jun Xiaomo knew that this was something she could never do. Jun Xiaomo was unsure of when exactly it began, but Rong Ruihan’s foothold in her heart had slowly but surely become weightier and firmer. In fact, it was so secure right now that even Jun Xiaomo was unsure the extent of feelings she had for Rong Ruihan.

Besides, whether in her last life or the present, Rong Ruihan had always staked everything on the line for her, to the point that he was even willing to sacrifice his own life for her. While she didn’t want to put her beloved martial brother in a difficult spot, she similarly didn’t want the tall burly man in front of her to reveal that heart-shattering expression of despondence ever again.

Jun Xiaomo shut her eyes and fervently suppressed the tears in her eyes and struggle in her heart.

Ye Xiuwen stood not far away, silently watching Jun Xiaomo and Rong Ruihan as they continued to be locked in a deep, profound embrace. He had thought that he would feel incredibly bitter about the situation. Yet, to his surprise, apart from some mild feelings of being stifled, there weren’t any other intense emotional fluctuations in his heart.

Perhaps it was because he had already expected something like this to happen sooner or later. Thus, he was hardly affected by it when it actually happened.

Just then, someone patted Ye Xiuwen’s shoulder, and Ye Xiuwen heard a long-drawn sigh echo from beside him –

“Sigh, us two are really destined to be impoverished in love…”

Ye Xiuwen turned around and discovered that Chi Jingtian had already made his way over to his side.

Chi Jingtian also liked Jun Xiaomo, so there was technically nothing wrong with describe himself as a person “impoverished in love” either. That said, there was hardly any disappointment in his expression at all.

“But can we really blame Jun Xiaomo for being so lovable? I guess this indirectly proves that we’re also men of good taste, doesn’t it?” Chi Jingtian patted Ye Xiuwen’s shoulder chummily.

Ye Xiuwen: ……

Truth be told, he had never been able to understand the logic running through Chi Jingtian’s mind. If Chi Jingtian didn’t like Jun Xiaomo, he would never have done so many things for her. But if Chi Jingtian truly loved Jun Xiaomo, how could he possibly seem so unaffected by the fact that she seemed so inextricably intertwined with other men?

Chi Jingtian had even expressed his heartfelt joy and affection towards the child in Jun Xiaomo’s wombs despite the fact that it was a child of another man. These emotions of his were no mere pretension – they were undeniably genuine and from the bottom of his heart.

Thus, Ye Xiuwen found himself unable to comprehend what went on in Chi Jingtian’s mind. To Ye Xiuwen’s mind, matters of the heart were not matters to be shared. If they were shared, they were no longer pure and genuine.

Almost as though he heard the contemplations on Ye Xiuwen’s mind, Chi Jingtian sighed briefly and patted Ye Xiuwen’s shoulder once more, “Come with me. I’d like to have a chat with you.”

Ye Xiuwen glanced at Jun Xiaomo and Rong Ruihan once more. After deliberating for a moment, he decided to follow Chi Jingtian to the side.

“Truth be told, I envy you and Rong Ruihan.” After making their way to a cooler, shaded area, Chi Jingtian plonked his bottom onto the floor and gazed at the distant clouds in the sky as he began to chatter with Ye Xiuwen.

After pausing for a moment, Ye Xiuwen sat down beside Chi Jingtian as well.

“Why do you envy us?”

“Both of you have been through so much with Xiaomo. It’s evident that both of you have found your way into the depths of Xiaomo’s heart. Both of you are existences that are incredibly important and crucial to her – perhaps equally so as well.”

Chi Jingtian revealed the truth to Ye Xiuwen in an instant, yet Ye Xiuwen was hardly pleased by it.

He was the one who had known Jun Xiaomo for the longest time after all. How could he be pleased by the fact that someone else had appeared midway through her life and taken residence in her heart as well?

“I don’t know what happened between Brother Ye and Xiaomo, but I’m personally aware that Brother Rong and Xiaomo have been through a lot. After all, Brother Rong is my great-grandfather’s disciple, and he can also be somewhat considered a martial brother to me. Truth be told, he’s really done a lot for Xiaomo, and these are things that you won’t be able to see. Even I, as a love rival, can’t help but exclaim and be astonished by the things he’s done. After all, not everyone is able to love with such abandon and sacrifice.”

“What are you trying to say?” Ye Xiuwen furrowed his brows, “If you’re asking me to leave Xiaomo’s side because Rong Ruihan has done a lot for her, I can’t do it.”

Chi Jingtian glanced back at Ye Xiuwen as though he were an alien, before rolling his eyes as he responded, “Who’s asking you to back off? If even you have to back off, then shouldn’t I already be packing and be on my way by now?”

Chi Jingtian hardly concealed his envy for Ye Xiuwen’s place in Jun Xiaomo’s heart.

“Then, what are you trying to say?”

“Have you ever thought about it? Will you be able to protect Xiaomo properly with your abilities alone?” Chi Jingtian plucked up a stalk of Sweetgrass and put one end of it into his mouth as he continued, “Xiaomo has managed to offend quite a number of powers over the last few years. To make matters worse, the Heavenly Peak has already been slapped with the charge of harbouring demonic cultivators. In other words, you can consider the entire spiritual cultivating world your enemies right now. If you’re bent on living alone with Xiaomo, are you certain that you’ll be able to protect Xiaomo under the concerted attacks from the powers within the spiritual cultivating world? Put differently, are you going to insist that Xiaomo be exclusively yours even if this means that you’ll have to expose her to innumerable risks and dangers?”

Ye Xiuwen grew sullen.

If he were still under the control of the spirit tool, he would undoubtedly have chosen the latter – that is, to make Jun Xiaomo exclusively his even if that meant that he would see Jun Xiaomo perish with his own two eyes.

However, he was in full control of his rational mind right now, so he knew full well that Chi Jingtian’s words were logical and reasonable. In fact, if Chi Jingtian had not called in reinforcements from the Chi Clan in the nick of time, he would never have been able to protect his Little Martial Sister from the relentless waves of assailants with just his master alone. In fact, they might well have perished to Wei Xingping there and then.

They managed to escape with their lives this time, but what about next time? Did he really have to see his beloved Little Martial Sister perish before his very eyes?

Ye Xiuwen’s heart grew vexed and stifled – he understood the logic behind those words, but was it really that easy to accept these circumstances? After all, was there really anyone willing to share his loved one with others?

“I know you’re not willing to share Xiaomo with others, but it’s evident that Brother Rong exists in the depths of Xiaomo’s heart as well, isn’t it? Why don’t you leave the choice entirely to Xiaomo? Besides, Xiaomo is already pregnant with your child. While the Rainbow Lotus Flower’s seeds are temporarily able to halt the deterioration of her body’s condition, it doesn’t get to the root of the problem, and there’s always a risk that her condition will worsen at any time. Since that’s the case, what’s the harm in having more people protect Xiaomo and your child? Isn’t there safety in numbers?”

In fact, Chi Jingtian’s voice grew ostensibly bitter when he spoke of the child in Jun Xiaomo’s womb, “Besides, she’s already got your child, while Brother Rong and I have never even come close to even touching her body before. So, why would you even feel threatened that Xiaomo’s heart would be seized by other men to begin with?”

Chi Jingtian’s arguments essentially implied that Ye Xiuwen was the principal, while they were the secondaries. Hearing this, Ye Xiuwen chuckled lightheartedly. His heart was no longer plagued by its earlier distress.

Perhaps Chi Jingtian is right. Rather than distressing myself over this kind of things, why not focus on the child in Xiaomo’s womb right now? No matter what, Xiaomo’s health and safety is of the utmost importance. Everything else can wait, and we can let nature take its course.

“Thanks.” Ye Xiuwen patted Chi Jingtian’s shoulder, before clambering to his feet and making his way back to the great hall.

Given the expression of release on Ye Xiuwen’s face as he departed, Chi Jingtian knew that Ye Xiuwen had finally thought things through.

As soon as Ye Xiuwen’s back disappeared into the main door of the great hall, Chi Jingtian spat out the stalk of Sweetgrass in his lips and murmured aloud, “No need for thanks. How else could I possibly remain by Xiaomo’s side so brazenly if you can’t think things through this way?”

So much for being a “caring little brother”. This was the true reason why he had done what he had done.

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