Chapter 92: Inferno Kingdom’s Second Prince, Rong Yebin

Demoness's Art of Vengeance

Ye Xiuwen noticed Yao Mo’s aberrant expressions, and his gaze darkened considerably. He took two quick strides and arrived at Jun Xiaomo’s side. Then, he quickly placed his hand on her shoulder and softly called out, “Little Mo.”

Jun Xiaomo immediately felt that warm sensation on her shoulder. Gradually, she left behind those haunting memories of her previous life and attempted to refocus her attention on the present reality.

She hung her head low, concealing the still-roiling hatred in the depths of her eyes.

That’s right, the matters of her previous life had already passed. This was a fresh, new start for her, and the things which had happened in her previous life had not occurred in this life. Therefore, there was no reason for the nemeses in her previous life to affect her this much.

That said, the death of her child in her previous life was an incident that carved an eternal void in Jun Xiaomo’s heart. Even though she could still bear another child in her present life, it was never going to be the same as the one she had lost.

She was even unaware of the identity of the child’s father! And all of this was the result of the schemes of one single person – the dignified looking man seating in the inn, Qin Lingyu!

Put another way, the thread of fate that tied her child to her been irreversibly severed, and there was no way she could ever reunite with that child of hers in the present life once again.

This was one of the main reasons why Jun Xiaomo’s heart would always explode with overwhelming hatred whenever she encountered the people who had caused the death of her child in her previous life!

Her hatred was not only for these people. She hated herself – she hated the fact that she fell into the traps of these schemers; and she hated the fact that she could not even protect her own child!

The firm arm on her shoulders tightened once more. Ye Xiuwen could tell that Yao Mo was still deeply shaken and agitated, and she had not managed to compose herself yet.

“Just what’s going on out here?!” The commander questioned with a frigid voice as he cast an incensed look at Jun Xiaomo.

The second prince, Rong Yebin, was the crown prince and future king of the Inferno Kingdom. In the commander’s eyes, the fact that Jun Xiaomo assaulted the second prince was tantamount to contempt against the entire Inferno Kingdom! As a commander of the Inferno Kingdom’s troops, this was behaviour which could not be tolerated.

Even if this young man was a person who had been invited to capture the most wanted fugitive in Inferno Kingdom, he had to account for his crimes!

Rong Yebin batted his eyelids flirtatiously before he gestured towards the commander, instructing, “It’s fine. This was just a misunderstanding. We didn’t even know each other before this encounter, so how could he and I have any form of animosity against each other? Little Mo, am I not right?”

The commander furrowed his brows. He was still dissatisfied with the fact that Yao Mo had made an attempt at the second prince’s life.

Ye Xiuwen also furrowed his brows. How could this second prince Rong Yebin address Yao Mo as “Little Mo” this, and “Little Mo” that, when they didn’t even know each other? Wasn’t this term of endearment a little bit too chummy or intimate for him?

However, no one could tell Ye Xiuwen’s expressions right now due to the obfuscation of his veiled conical mask.

Jun Xiaomo gradually managed to pull herself out of the mires of her memories and return to the present. Then, she lifted her head, looked at Ye Xiuwen. Despite the fact that she could not see Ye Xiuwen’s expressions right now due to his veiled conical hat, she knew that she had caused Ye Xiuwen to worry about her.

Therefore, she sought to placate Ye Xiuwen, “Brother Ye, don’t worry. I’m fine.”

Then, Jun Xiaomo made a polite fist and palm salute to each of the commander and the second prince, Rong Yebin, as she apologized with a doleful expression, “I’m sorry. I’ve been too hotheaded earlier, and I mistook the second prince for somebody else.”

The young man’s delicate eyelashes quivered ever so slightly, as though he had been appalled by the incident. His pale face even made him look weak and frail.

At this moment, several fantasies crossed the second prince’s mind and his heart tingled with stimulation. He walked closer to Yao Mo and lifted his hand, motioning for Yao Mo’s face. However, Ye Xiuwen immediately blocked his hand as he saw this.

“I’m sorry, second prince. Please be respectful.” Ye Xiuwen coldly cautioned.

The second prince raised his eyebrows with a curious look on his face. He was a cultivator, and his abilities were not too shabby either. Who would have thought that this slim and unassuming man possessed the ability to block his hand – and effortlessly at that.

Could it be that this man’s cultivation level was above the tenth level of Qi Mastery? The second prince thought to himself, as he quickly exercised restraint and reached for Jun Xiaomo’s shoulders instead of her face. Then, he patted Jun Xiaomo’s shoulders, remarking, “Don’t look so worried. I’m not some kind of monster. If I’ve said that I won’t blame you, then I won’t blame you at all. Don’t worry, hmm?”

As his hand landed on Jun Xiaomo’s shoulder, her body quivered involuntarily. But this was not out of fear – it was fury!

She felt extremely disgusted to have been “teased” by the nemesis of her previous life. Furthermore, the second prince would one day become one of Yu Wanrou’s lackeys, and who knows when this man was going to be inextricably entangled with that woman?

As these nauseating thoughts crossed her mind, a strong urge swelled up within her to cast off the second prince’s hand from her shoulder right that instant!

As she fervently suppressed the swelling urge in her heart, Jun Xiaomo tilted her body and shrugged off the second prince’s hand. Then, she raised her head and muttered with an expressionless look on her face, “Thank you, second prince, for your understanding.”

As the young man’s crisp and clear voice resounded and strummed gently on his eardrums, Rong Yebin’s ears quivered slightly as though they had just been tickled lightly by the young man’s voice.

Rong Yebin once again swelled with the urge to have a taste of Yao Mo’s sweet, cherry lips! Even if that young man did not have a good impression of him to begin with, the existence of a challenge made the object of his fascination seem only more desirable to him!

Yes, that’s right. The Inferno Kingdom’s second prince, Rong Yebin, was a person who devoured both men and women alike. Ever since he was old enough to appreciate carnal relationships, he had always kept a constant stream of his “objects of fascinations” by his side – both women and men.

When Jun Xiaomo had hastily dashed out of the inn to look for the owner of the Blood Jade, the second prince had already noticed her presence. Then, when that “young man” clumsily ran into his bosom and he had a first taste of his soft and tender body, ripples immediately surfaced on the second prince’s heart. He even took a closer look at this young man’s features – red lips, white teeth and expressive eyebrows. It was the complete package of an adorable and innocent young man.

Furthermore, when the young man collided straight into him, his sharp nose rammed straight into the second prince’s stout and sturdy chest, and this caused the young man’s nose to turn slightly pink and his eyes to well up with tears. When that young man looked up to see what he had collided into, he presented a teary-eyed face that looked somewhat pitiful and somewhat adorable at the same time.

At that time, Jun Xiaomo had indeed rammed into the second prince so hard that her nose felt sore and pain. She rubbed the tip of her nose as she lifted her head, intending to apologize to the person she had collided into. Unexpectedly, the first thing she saw was the face of one of the archnemeses of her previous life! That sight rendered her completely flabbergasted and at a loss of how to react. Therefore, she could only stare at the person before her eyes in a daze.

When Rong Yebin saw the young man’s dazed look, he thought that the young man looked even more adorable than ever. That was also when he decided that he was going to bring this young man back to his chambers and thoroughly and dearly express his carnal affection for him.

Rong Yebin was used to obtaining anything that he had set his eyes upon. His father, the king, thoroughly loved his mother. Furthermore, he was one of the rare few among the royalty who were talented in cultivation, and he even possessed a mutated water-based spirit root. As a result, he had been earmarked as the next king of Inferno Kingdom ever since he was a young boy. Therefore, whenever he desired something, his subordinates would always serve it up to him on a silver platter. As for those objects that he could not have immediately, he would then use various ways and means to seize those objects and make them his own.

Inferno Kingdom’s nobility and officials were all well aware of the fact that the second prince devoured both men and women – especially young men and young women who looked exquisite, beautiful and pure. Therefore, these nobles and officials would spare no effort in sourcing out the greatest beauties from all four corners of the world and deliver them to the second prince’s residence, just so that they could worm their way into his good books. As a result of that, the second prince’s residence was filled with all sorts of beauties. Most of these beauties had willingly thrown themselves at the second prince, while the remaining small portion of them had been snatched and seized by the second prince for his own pleasure.

Right now, the second prince’s grand eunuch stood behind him silently and discreetly, almost as though he formed part of the second prince’s shadow.

Having followed the second prince, Rong Yebin, for such a long time, this grand eunuch already thoroughly understood his master’s psyche. If it were anybody else who had collided into the second prince like this, his master would already have made a meal out of this. If the second prince had been in a good mood, he might have decreed a light punishment of severing the nerves within that person’s limbs. If not, he would even dish out heavier punishments, including breaking that person’s four limbs, rendering the perpetrator no more than a cripple for the rest of his life. Therefore, the second prince’s magnanimity and good-natured reaction in the present circumstances was clearly an anomaly. The second prince had even actively assuaged and consoled the young man who collided into him!

The second prince must have set that young man in his sights.

But at the same time, the grand eunuch was concerned by the fact that the young man immediately sought to duke it out with the second prince the moment he saw his face. Could it be that the young man already knows the second prince for somewhere?

The grand eunuch didn’t think that Yao Mo was truly after the second prince’s life. Rather, he thought about another possibility. The grand eunuch sighed in his heart – this young man must have been someone whom the second prince had a fling with. The second prince must have led him on and then left him hanging dry. That must be why the young man is so mad right now.

Indeed, apart from the harem of beauties residing within Rong Yebin’s residence, he would often have flings with people whom he met out on his travels as well. He would always entangle himself with these people in the dead of the night. Then, when dawn breaks, the object of the fling would invariably discover that the warm body from their night of passion would have completely vanished without a trace.

There were even instances of beauties showing up at the royal residence demanding an audience with the second prince, asking the second prince to take responsibility for his actions. In such instances, these beauties would invariably find themselves being taken into the second prince’s residence.

After all, the second prince had always been a person who welcomed all with open arms, as long as they were qualified to be called beauties by his books. He would keep these beauties within his residence so that he could look for them from time to time for a night of passion.

Jun Xiaomo was unaware that his actions had been completely misinterpreted by the grand eunuch standing behind the second prince. But even if she knew, this would only disgust her a little bit. Even then, she did not see the need to explain herself to inconsequential people like the grand eunuch.

Besides, these people were never going to know the real truth which had perished together with her previous life.

At this moment, the only thought running through Jun Xiaomo’s mind was to get away from the second prince of the Inferno Kingdom, because she found his flirtatious gaze towards her was extremely nauseating.

It was that disgusting impassioned gaze that was filled with anticipation. She had seen such looks on many occasions in her previous life, and she would always thoroughly teach these lechers a lesson whenever she encountered one. In fact, the most severe punishment that she had dished out was to completely cripple the lecher’s cultivation and his limbs before leaving him at the doors of a brothel.

Didn’t he enjoy looking at beauties? He can gander all he wants at the beauties in the brothel!

But the present Jun Xiaomo did not have the ability to teach the Inferno Kingdom’s second prince such lessons. Therefore, she only wished to depart this place so that she would no longer have to receive Rong Yebin’s goosebumps-inducing gaze.

The commander was a candid and straightforward person, so he did not appreciate the fact that the second prince had already set Yao Mo in his sights. He only noticed that the dispute had been resolved rather amicably, and therefore decided not to pursue the matter against Yao Mo for assaulting the second prince as well.

“Honoured second prince, let me make the introductions. This is Dawn Sect’s disciple, Ye Xiuwen. And this is his friend, Yao Mo. They’re part of an entourage that’s headed to the Mystic Woods to perform their Sect’s missions, and they happened to pass through the Inferno Kingdom’s Xingping County. When they learned that we needed help from experts like themselves, they graciously accepted our task as well.” The commander made introductions to the second prince.

“So, the two of you are experts personally invited by the commander. Then, I’ve been too disrespectful, too disrespectful.” The second prince folded the fan in his hands and gestured courteously with a fist and palm salute to Jun Xiaomo and Ye Xiuwen.

Even though Rong Yebin feigned the appearances of civility and paid lip service to Jun Xiaomo and Ye Xiuwen, the gaze in his eyes never once left Yao Mo’s body. In fact, it only grew more and more impassioned and lustful as time went by.

Evidently, the fact that Yao Mo was a cultivator made him seem even more desirable to Rong Yebin.

At this moment, the grand eunuch coughed twice lightly, before walking over to the second prince’s side and whispering into his ears.

The second prince’s eyes immediately brightened, and his lips curled into a radiant smile as he nodded his head.

Then, the second prince turned towards Jun Xiaomo and Ye Xiuwen and suggested, “Since you’re all experts who have been invited by the commander and you’ve come all this way, then we must treat you properly as guests. As the second prince of the Inferno Kingdom, it wouldn’t be right if I neglected your presence here. How about this, I’ve got an exclusive private room within this inn. Let me buy you all dinner in this private room of mine. What do you say?”

Jun Xiaomo immediately thought of flatly refusing the second prince. But after several moments, she could not find any reason to turn him down.

Furthermore, her window of opportunity to think of a reason to reject Rong Yebin was very quickly shut down by the commander who promptly responded on their behalf, “That’s great! I sincerely thank the second prince for granting us this great honour. Second prince, apart from these two experts, there are over ten other experts who had travelled together with them. These experts are all seated within the great hall right now. Shall we ask them to join us?”

“But of course. I only wonder if…the two experts here would also agree to such an arrangement?” The second prince looked over at Jun Xiaomo and Ye Xiuwen as he inquired again.

Ye Xiuwen gently patted Jun Xiaomo’s head, tacitly telling her not to fret over this too much.

Jun Xiaomo deliberated for a moment, before nodding in agreement, “Then we’ll have to thank the second prince in advance for your hospitality.”

It’s just a meal anyway. I don’t believe that the second prince would dare make any move against me!

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