Chapter 93: Yu Wanrou’s New Target

Demoness's Art of Vengeance

While Ye Xiuwen dashed out of the inn after hearing the loud bang, the other members of his entourage all remained seated at the table. None of them had any intention to leave their seats to take a look at what had happened. After all, Yao Mo was nothing more than an outsider to them, and they couldn’t care less whether something happened to him at all.

Evidently, these disciples had already forgotten that their safe arrival at Xingping County had been largely contingent on the fact that Yao Mo had disposed of the Demonvine earlier. Otherwise, who could be sure whether they would be able to escape from the Demonvine’s pursuit with life and limb intact?

That said, Yi Hong and Di Yue did cast their gaze over at the doors to the inn. Several people seemed to be gathered around, watching a commotion of sorts, but they couldn’t tell what was going on exactly from where they were. However, they knew that Yao Mo was a cultivator with peculiar abilities. Logically speaking, the mortals who would be able to hurt Yao Mo were few and far between. Furthermore, their martial brother Ye had gone out to check on Yao Mo as well. With martial brother Ye’s protection, what kind of danger could Yao Mo possibly be in?

Having contemplated these things, Yi Hong and Di Yue also continued to remain seated in the great hall, together with the rest of the disciples from Dawn Sect.

At first, they thought that Ye Xiuwen would return very quickly. Unexpectedly, it was only after most of the dishes they had ordered earlier had arrived at the table did Ye Xiuwen and Yao Mo return. They even brought along with them an entourage led by a man dressed in blue garbs who exuded an air of nobility about him. The mere fact that over twenty armed guards followed this man was testament to the extent of his unusual stature.

“This is…” Qin Lingyu stood up in a modest fashion as he asked politely.

“This man here is the Inferno Kingdom’s second prince. Second prince, these formidable guests are the experts whom we’ve invited to assist in the capture of the Inferno Kingdom’s most wanted fugitive. The man standing right there is Qin Lingyu. He’s the leader of this group of people, and he’s also the First-Seat Disciple of Dawn Sect’s Sect Leader.”

The commander had walked behind the second prince deferentially when he had returned to the inn. Then, when they arrived at the table, the commander took a few steps forward, and took the initiative to make introductions to everyone present.

“So, it’s the second prince of the Inferno Kingdom. It’s an honour to meet you.” Qin Lingyu respectfully made a fist and palm salute to him.

The second prince immediately folded his fans and returned the gesture, commending him, “The Dawn Sect Sect Leader’s First-Seat Disciple is truly young and outstanding. The honour is all mine.”

After having exchanged pleasantries with each other, the second prince remarked, “The great hall is far too noisy, and this place is not suitable for hosting such distinguished guests as yourselves. How about this – I’ve got an exclusive private room within this inn. Would these honourable guests mind if this prince hosted you there instead?”

“This…the dishes here have just been served.” Yi Hong was slightly stunned by the second prince’s suggestions, and in his muddle-headedness, he pointed towards the neatly presented table of food as he stammered.

“It’s fine. My subordinates haven’t eaten yet, so we can let them have those dishes.” The second prince waved his hands as he casually responded.

“Thank you, second prince.” The second prince’s subordinates immediately raised their hands and gave the second prince a fist and palm salute at the same time as they thanked the second prince in unison.

When the deep voices of over twenty men resounded in unison within the small, confined space of the great hall, the resultant response was naturally amplified, giving off a certain sense of grandeur.

Several guests eating in the great hall immediately stopped moving as they looked over at the entourage of people in awe.

The second prince had already grown used to such looks of admiration from the others, and he was unfazed by all the attention he was getting. On the other hand, it was the disciples from Dawn Sect who seemed slightly unsettled when they realized they had just become the center of attention.

“Then, on behalf of all the disciples from Dawn Sect, I thank the second prince for this gracious reception.” Qin Lingyu once again gestured to the second prince courteously. It was neither overboard, nor insufficient. Qin Lingyu displayed just the right amount of dignity which anyone would expect these reputable sects to possess.

If one ignored the schemes and plots that were constantly being woven in Qin Lingyu’s heart, the solemn and dignified manner in which Qin Lingyu usually carried himself was in fact truly deceiving.

With that, the second prince made another polite gesture to the disciples, directing them to follow one of the inn’s attendant, who promptly led them towards the second prince’s exclusive private room.


The second prince’s subordinates remained at the great hall as they partook of the table of dishes which had already been served. The only ones who joined the second prince at his exclusive private room were the Dawn Sect disciples as well at the commander who had made introductions earlier.

The Cloudguest Inn was the largest inn within Xingping County, and the room they were in was an exclusive private room permanently booked out by the Inferno Kingdom’s second prince. Naturally, the room was extremely exquisite. From the design of the layout to the furnishings and the ornaments around – everything was a far cry from the comparatively ordinary look of the rest of the inn. Even the walls of this room were inlaid with several spirit stones as mere accessories.

To put things into perspectives, spirit stones were such treasures to commoners that that they would even go through the trouble of breaking a single spirit stone into two or more pieces just so that they could use them in separate occasions. Therefore, the present sight of this room was completely unfathomable to these commoners.

In fact, even the Dawn Sect disciples were astonished by the extravagance of this room. They sighed as they exclaimed in their hearts – There’s truly no basis for comparison. Even though we take pleasure in the fact that we lead a comfortable life, our wealth is still hardly worth a fraction of what this second prince possesses!

Yu Wanrou silently sized up the second prince in her heart. Then, she immediately clutched tightly at the small scarf that was in her hands, suppressing the excitement in her heart.

Truth be told, she had always fantasized about a day when she would be able to encounter in her travels a prince charming who possessed all the wealth and status she could desire in the world. However, given how uneventfully the earlier days of their travels had been, she began to lose hope in these dreams of hers. To make matters worse, she found that her relationship with Qin Lingyu had only seemed to grow more distant and strained.

So what if she had by her side someone ever so diligent in his attempts at earning her approval? Ke Xinwen had never been part of her consideration to begin with. She had only drawn closer to Ke Xinwen because she had intended to use Ke Xinwen to provoke Qin Lingyu. In the end, not only was she unable to achieve that goal of hers, she was even relegated to the sidelines where she could only silently watch on as that unsightly Zhong Ruolan stuck to Qin Lingyu and employed all forms of seduction techniques on him. Oh, how she wished to tear Zhong Ruolan’s beautiful appearances to shreds!

Could it be that my charms have weakened? When the dark night enshrouded the lands in its stillness, Yu Wanrou would always find herself questioning the extent of her charms time and again. Despite that, she would never be able to find a satisfactory answer to her questions.

She had almost given up all hopes for achieving any of her goals during these travels. However, just when she was about to be resigned to all these, she unexpectedly encountered a twist of fate and met with the prince charming of her dreams, the second prince of the Inferno Kingdom! The second prince was handsome and suave, and he was hardly inferior to Qin Lingyu in any respect.

Furthermore, she had even heard on the grapevine that the second prince had been earmarked as the future king of the Inferno Kingdom!

Yu Wanrou bit down on her lower lips as she thought excitedly – I cannot let this opportunity slip away!

As Yu Wanrou began to deliberate about how she would win over the second prince of the Inferno Kingdom and make him her lackey, the second prince casually flicked open his fan and sized up the entire group of disciples around him.

Naturally, this was not because he felt threatened by any of their presence. Rather, he did so because this was how habitually searched out potential preys.

It could not be understated that there were rarely ugly people in the cultivation world. This was because as cultivators accumulated spiritual energies or demonic energies to refine their meridians and Dantian, they naturally transformed the constitution of their bodies in that process as well. As a result of that, cultivators naturally possessed better looks and auras about them than mere mortals.

The second prince tapped his palm with his folded fan as he sighed with admiration in his heart. Dawn Sect is indeed filled with handsome men and beautiful ladies!

However, he wasn’t interested in those large and burly disciples seated in front of him. Even though he enjoyed devouring both men and women alike, his preferences included only the weak and tender-looking young people like Yao Mo. Therefore, among all who were present, only Zhong Ruolan and Yu Wanrou caught his eye.

Zhong Ruolan and Yu Wanrou both had their fair share of secret admirers within Dawn Sect – this was testament to their attractive good looks and the charming manner in which they each carried themselves. When Rong Yebin’s gaze swept over the two of them, his eyes had indeed flashed with a trace of astonishment and admiration. He even paused ever so slightly to consider them – how excellent would it be if he could invite these two exquisite beauties to his residence to live with him.

In particular, when Rong Yebin set his gaze upon Yu Wanrou, her face momentarily flushed with a pink hue, before she lowered her head bashfully.

Her bashfulness was partly genuine, and partly a pretense. Rong Yebin’s good looks were attributable to the fact that he had inherited the best traits of both his parents. He possessed an attractive pair of eyes which seemed to be filled with boundless sentiments and emotions. When he curled the ends of his lips with a coy smile and gazed deeply into a person’s eyes, few people would be able to resist the electrifying charms that he exuded. Yu Wanrou was no exception to this – she could even hear her own heart thump with an accelerated tempo as she locked eyes with him.

The second prince is mine! When it occurred to Yu Wanrou that she was now presented with the opportunity to become the queen of an entire kingdom, her heart was immediately filled with ambition.

Tsk tsk, she’s a beauty through and through. But she’s no different from the other beauties in my residence. They’ve got the same few expressions and the same old responses……

Yu Wanrou would never have thought that the foolproof seduction tactics that she had always employed against other male cultivators had instead backfired against her, causing Rong Yebin’s interest in her to dwindle instead.

Then, Rong Yebin passed his gaze over the two beauties and fixed his eyes once again on Yao Mo.

This young man is still the most adorable one of them all. That pair of glossy, tear-stained eyes that I witnessed earlier makes me want to tie him up in bed and “punish” him so severely that he would put on an even more pitiable and adorable expression.

Jun Xiaomo felt a goosebumps-inducing gaze land on her body, and she immediately looked up to see where that gaze had come from. Then, she discovered that the second prince was gazing meaningfully at her body, and a peculiar smile even crept up the corner of his lips.

Jun Xiaomo glared back at him viciously, before tilting her body slightly, using her martial brother’s body to obscure the second prince’s vision of her.

She did not wish to see Rong Yebin’s nauseating looks ever again.

On the other hand, that young man’s glare made Rong Yebin find him even more adorable than ever. It was akin to the aggrieved glare from a cat after its whiskers had just been tickled.

If Jun Xiaomo could hear what Rong Yebin was thinking at that instant, she would most certainly have thrown up in disgust. She was completely disinterested in Rong Yebin’s all-embracing, promiscuous attitude. Besides, Rong Yebin was even the archnemesis from her previous life!

The second prince had been plotting how he could get Yao Mo to sit beside him at the table. Unexpectedly, Yu Wanrou made the first move instead. She smiled softly at the second prince as she asked coyly, “Second prince, it’s truly an honour to get to know you. May I sit here?”

Rong Yebin looked back at Yu Wanrou with a slightly ambivalent gaze, before promptly responding, “Since this exquisite beauty has made a request, this prince naturally cannot reject you. Please.”

Yu Wanrou thanked him with a tender voice, before taking her seat with gratitude.

Ke Xinwen’s eyes were filled with fury. He had thought that Yu Wanrou’s object of affection was himself. Was that not why she had elected to join his team in the first place?

What does this mean?! Could martial sister Wanrou have had a change of heart with just one glance at that detestable second prince?

Qin Lingyu also squinted his eyes slightly as he glanced over casually at Yu Wanrou. His fondness for Yu Wanrou had always been relatively shallow at best. Therefore, it did not affect him as much when he noticed Yu Wanrou’s sudden change of heart.

Jun Xiaomo took a gander at the brilliant and varied expressions displayed by these few people, and she snickered in her heart –

Who would have thought that she would have the fortune of seeing Yu Wanrou’s lovers display their jealousy all at the same time? That said, Yu Wanrou is still a rather mysterious person. After all, how did Yu Wanrou manage to subjugate all these men in Jun Xiaomo’s previous life, to the extent that they were even willing to live harmoniously together and share one woman? Could it be that sharing their object of affection with others made their “love” more meaningful?

As Jun Xiaomo thought about how that scene might potentially look, she involuntarily shuddered in disgust.

Perhaps I shouldn’t think much more about it. The minds of these irrational people aren’t something that I would be able to understand.

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