Chapter 94: Drinking; Drunk

Demoness's Art of Vengeance

Yu Wanrou was undeniably a beauty through and through. Her soft and tender tone of voice thoroughly pleased the second prince. Therefore, even though he found it rather regrettable that he had been denied the opportunity to coax the “young man” to sit next to him, the second prince quickly shelved his desires for Yao Mo, and he devoted his full attention towards enjoying Yu Wanrou’s tender loving care.

On the other hand, Jun Xiaomo could barely stand that nauseating, goosebumps-inducing gaze from the second prince! Therefore, when Yu Wanrou inadvertently diverted Rong Yebin’s attention away from Jun Xiaomo and towards herself, Jun Xiaomo heaved a sigh of relief in her heart. Seeing that the second prince’s gaze was no longer trained on her, she quickly helped herself to a large piece of roasted meatloaf and took a large bite out of it. Instantly, the rich juices of the meat enveloped her taste buds, and Jun Xiaomo puffed up her cheeks involuntarily as her taste buds danced in delight.

The delicacies of this world are the best! Jun Xiaomo couldn’t care less about the second prince anymore. After all, Jun Xiaomo had been cooking so much wild game over the last few days that she had started to grow sick of that smell of smoked meat over a fire.

Yao Mo’s expressions attracted the attention of two people. The first person was Ye Xiuwen; and the other was the second prince.

Ye Xiuwen picked up some vegetables with his chopsticks and set it down on Jun Xiaomo’s bowl as he spoke, “Don’t just eat meat. Have some vegetables.”

Jun Xiaomo obediently nodded her head in response. Then, she set down the half-eaten piece of meatloaf and stuffed the vegetables into her mouth. As the second prince looked on curiously at how that “young man” pursed his luscious lips slightly as he ate, nefarious thoughts once again ignited in his heart and flourished with passion.

At the same time, the second prince also found the interactions between Yao Mo and Ye Xiuwen rather curious.

“Brother Ye and brother Yao seem to have quite a good relationship with each other.” The second prince pointed out meaningfully.

Ye Xiuwen raised his head slightly and responded coolly, “Little Mo is my benefactor, and he’s also younger than me. It’s natural that I should take care of him. In fact, I treat him as a younger brother of mine.”

“Ah, is that right? That’s pretty good.” The second prince glanced coquettishly at Jun Xiaomo again as he responded.

Are you sure that he’s just a younger brother to you? This atmosphere seems to suggest otherwise, hmm? The second prince mocked in his heart.

The second prince was a person who devoured both men and women alike, and he treated Ye Xiuwen as a person who walked the “same path” as him.

Even then, he did not mind it even if Ye Xiuwen had such intentions towards Yao Mo. After all, precious things were often coveted and contested by many. Conversely, the second prince even perceived that things would be rather dull if not for that element of competition.

When Yu Wanrou first encountered Rong Yebin in Jun Xiaomo’s previous life, she already had several suitors and secret admirers by her side. Therefore, Rong Yebin perceived Yu Wanrou as an important target and pursued her actively. As things turned out, Yu Wanrou eventually came out on top of it all when she managed to subjugate Rong Yebin and made him one of the key characters within her following of men.

But right now, Yu Wanrou only had one suitor beside her, Ke Xinwen. Furthermore, Ke Xinwen had not actively wooed Yu Wanrou lately because he had been so preoccupied with the existence of Qin Lingyu’s poison within his body. Therefore, Yu Wanrou was rated nowhere near a coveted, precious object to the second prince at this moment.

Rong Yebin had never rejected anyone who presented themselves to him for his pleasure. That said, it took much more to pique his interest and draw his attention. After all, Rong Yebin never treasured things that could be easily obtained.

Little did Jun Xiaomo know that things would be so different in her present life. How could she have known that the relationship between Rong Yebin and Yu Wanrou would develop so differently now?

However, even if Jun Xiaomo were made aware of such matters, perhaps the difference would hardly matter to her in any event.

Midway through their feast, the second prince suddenly retrieved several bottles of spirit wine in his euphoria as he proclaimed to everyone, “Attention please! To think that I’d actually forgotten about something as important as this. Distinguished guests, it’s truly our honour that you have come from afar and made time just to assist us in capturing the fugitive who made an attempt at my father’s life. Therefore, it’s only deserving that I host you with these bottles of good wine.”

“You’re too kind, second prince.” Qin Lingyu politely returned the second prince’s commendations with a fist and palm salute.”

“Eh, this is the truth, not just some mere pleasantries. Besides, good food always tastes better when paired with some good wine. It’s no wonder I had that niggling thought that something was missing earlier. This important detail must’ve slipped my mind because I’d been too worried and anxious about my father’s condition.”

As the second prince spoke, he waved his hand gently, and the bottlecaps of the wine bottles all opened on their own.

Instantly, the scent of the spirit wines wafted into the air and filled the entire room with its fragrance. Several disciples who appreciated a good wine every now and then even involuntarily curled up their eyes into squinches and smiled with delight as they indulged themselves in the aroma of the spirit wines.

When Jun Xiaomo heard the second prince’s words, she mocked him secretly in her heart – Hmph, what a filial son the second prince is. Despite his grieving and “muddle-headedness”, he still never forgets to delight in beauties. Tch. However, when the second prince opened the spirit wine bottles, Jun Xiaomo’s thoughts were immediately enraptured by the fragrance of the spirit wine that filled the room.

Apart from the delectable food in this world, Jun Xiaomo loved her wines too.

“Seems that Little Mo finds the spirit wines rather satisfactory too, huh?” The second prince suddenly chuckled and poured out a cup of spirit wine and presented it to Jun Xiaomo as he prompted, “Would you like to try some?”

Jun Xiaomo wanted to roll her eyes when she heard the second prince address her as “Little Mo”. However, she knew that everyone was watching her right now, and doing so would only invite trouble to herself. After all, only her martial brother Ye would stand on her side if things went downhill.

And besides, the spirit wine’s fragrance was truly tempting. Jun Xiaomo reflexively stretched out her hand to receive the cup…

Then, a long, slender arm held Jun Xiaomo’s hand, pulling it back.

“Little Mo’s still too young to be drinking wine. Second prince, please excuse him.” Ye Xiuwen rejected the second prince with a calm voice. Yet at the same time, his voice seemed to carry traces of intransigence.

“I’m not that young…” Jun Xiaomo muttered in objection.

In fact, her soul was already a few hundred years old – this was well over ten times of Ye Xiuwen’s present age.

Ye Xiuwen heard Jun Xiaomo’s complaint, but he remained taciturn as he patted Jun Xiaomo’s head. Despite that, Jun Xiaomo knew what Ye Xiuwen’s gesture meant – Be good and listen to me.

However, Jun Xiaomo continued to stare intently at that cup of wine – as though her eyes could drill holes into that opaque cup at this moment.

She truly wished to drink that cup of spirit wine…

The second prince chuckled lightly as he added fuel to fire, “Sixteen years isn’t too young either. After all, this prince has already had a taste of the royal palace’s strongest wine when he was only thirteen years of age. Besides, the alcohol content of this spirit wine isn’t too high at all. I believe that brother Yao should be able to hold his liquor.”

Jun Xiaomo immediately turned her head towards Ye Xiuwen and looked at him expectantly with her bright, gleaming eyes.

Ye Xiuwen sighed helplessly. He somehow felt that the second prince seemed to have an ulterior motive for all of this. Therefore, he was reticent to allow Yao Mo to take the second prince’s bait and let the second prince reel him in.

Jun Xiaomo knew the extent of Ye Xiuwen’s concern from that sigh of his, and her heart swelled with warmth. Even then, she looked over towards Ye Xiuwen and mouthed to him – You don’t have to worry about his schemes. I can hold my liquor, and my Interspatial Ring contains several treasures that can be used to dispel poisons. I’m not afraid even if he poisons me.

After she finished “speaking”, she continued to stare pleadingly into Ye Xiuwen’s eyes as she blinked a few times.

Ye Xiuwen found it hard to argue against Jun Xiaomo’s puppy eyes, and he relented.

Immediately, Jun Xiaomo’s eyes brightened and she smiled radiantly at Ye Xiuwen. Then, she promptly received the exquisite looking cup that contained the spirit wine from the second prince. She brought it close to her nose and took a strong whiff at it.

This spirit wine truly possessed the ability to gladden the heart and refresh the mind. Just that one whiff of the wine seemed to send intoxicating tingles across every fiber of Jun Xiaomo’s body, causing her body to feel as though it were floating with euphoria.

She stuck out her tongue and licked a little bit of the wine. The biting astringency of the liquor danced about on her palate momentarily before it quickly subsided, and then in its place, a refreshing fragrance of wine permeated every corner of her mouth, instantly seizing her mind and rousing her spirits.

“Such good wine!” Jun Xiaomo couldn’t help but exclaim in astonishment as she curled up her slightly intoxicated looking eyes in delight. She had not tasted wine for too long! Towards the end of her previous life, she had been locked up in that dank and dark dungeon without access to any form of alcohol. Then, when she was reborn in the young and tender age of sixteen years-old, her mother Liu Qingmei naturally disallowed her to touch a single drop of alcohol.

“Haha, brother Yao is truly a fellow connoisseur of wine. Since that’s the case, let’s all drink to our heart’s content tonight! We won’t stop till we’re drunk! Brother Qin, what do you say?”

The second prince’s final statement was directed at Qin Lingyu because he knew that Qin Lingyu was the decision maker in this group of people, and the second prince naturally had to show respect by seeking his approval first.

Naturally, Qin Lingyu did not have any objections to this. After all, spirit wine was greatly beneficial to cultivators. To begin with, it was their fortune that the Inferno Kingdom’s second prince was willing to host them with such precious and valuable spirit wines. Since that was the case, why would he possibly reject the second prince’s kind gesture?

Ye Xiuwen curled up his index finger and rapped Jun Xiaomo gently on the head as he cautioned with a stern voice, “Don’t go overboard.”

Jun Xiaomo stuck out her tongue and responded, “I won’t get drunk. I swear!” As she said that, she even curled up her lips with a mischievous smile as she added, “I’m quite a heavyweight in this regard. Don’t worry, brother Ye.”

Ye Xiuwen looked at Yao Mo helplessly. Somehow, something told him that Yao Mo’s last statement ought to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Forget it. If things go south from here, I’ll just have to take care of him. I can’t just leave him here after all.

Jun Xiaomo was extremely confident in her ability to hold her liquor because she had not gotten drunk no matter how much she drank in her previous life. However, there was one small detail that she had missed out – her current physical body was only that of a sixteen years-old, and this physical body had never touched a single drop of alcohol prior to this, much less precious, aged spirit wine like the present one. Therefore, Jun Xiaomo started to show signs of intoxication after consuming only five cups of spirit wine.

“I…I still want to drink! Let me drink!” Jun Xiaomo knitted her eyebrows as she tried to snatch the cup of wine from Ye Xiuwen’s hands. However, Ye Xiuwen easily avoided each of her attempts.

“You have to stop drinking. You’re getting drunk.” Ye Xiuwen felt truly exasperated by this little drunk kitten in front of him.

“Pfft. I…I’m not drunk! I’m so clear-headed! Brother Ye…I want to drink…” Jun Xiaomo once again lunged towards Ye Xiuwen with both of her arms. Then, with just one move, Ye Xiuwen avoided Jun Xiaomo’s grasp and restrained both of her arms and held Jun Xiaomo tightly.

“Hahaha, Little Mo looks pretty adorable when he’s drunk, doesn’t he?” The second prince licked his lips and ran his finger along the edge of his cup as he commented. Even then, he continued to gaze intently at Yao Mo as she continued to be restrained by Ye Xiuwen.

That young man’s eyes had turned slightly hazy as a result of his intoxication, as though they were covered with a thin gloss of tears. His cheeks were glowing with a tinge of red hues, as though he had just applied a layer of blusher on his face. Yao Mo’s lips had even turned slightly puffy from the alcohol’s irritation – as though it were beckoning and inviting someone to…

The second prince’s eyes were now burning with fiery passion. Anyone, apart from fools, would be able to understand what that gaze meant.

Yet this only caused Yu Wanrou to bite down on her lips viciously. How could she accept the fact that she had lost out to a “man” right now?! What kind of a joke was this?! Are things kind of relationships even tolerable in ancient times?

Ye Xiuwen was even more displeased right now. A cold gaze swept over the second prince’s body as a frigid voice rang out, “Second prince, Little Mo has clearly succumbed to the strength of the wine. Please excuse me as I escort him back to the inn.”

“Ah-ah-ah, wait a moment. Don’t be so hasty.” The second prince gestured for Ye Xiuwen to hold on as he added, “Little Mo’s only a little bit drunk. He doesn’t seem to be in any form of discomfort either. So, what’s the rush? Let him stay around for a little while longer, hmm? Besides, brother Ye hasn’t had any spirit wine yet either. Could it be that you despise the spirit wine that I’ve brought out?”

“Second prince sure has a good sense of humour. However, that’s not the case – I’m just not great at holding my liquor.” Ye Xiuwen replied with indifference.

“Come on, just because you’re not good at holding your liquor doesn’t mean that you can’t drink at all. If brother Yao can’t hold his liquor anymore, then I invite brother Ye to drink in his place! How about it? Let me make a toast to you first!” As he said that, the second prince poured out a cup of wine for himself and drank it all in one gulp. Then, he showed Ye Xiuwen his empty cup as a sign of respect to Ye Xiuwen.

Ye Xiuwen raised the cup in his hands slightly as he looked at the second prince smiling right back at him.

After deliberating for a moment, Ye Xiuwen drank the spirit wine in his cup all in one gulp as well. Then, in a similar fashion, he showed Rong Yebin his empty cup, reciprocating the respect shown to him earlier.

“Splendid! Brother Ye is truly forthcoming! Another round! Come, everyone, let’s drink together!” As the second prince exclaimed, he instructed the commander to fill everyone’s cup with spirit wine, before making a toast to everyone again.

Even though the alcohol content of this spirit wine wasn’t too high, but its aftereffects were nevertheless apparent. After several more rounds of toasting, most people had succumbed to the strength of the spirit wine’s aftereffects and collapsed on the table. Finally, there were only three who remained sober – Ye Xiuwen, Qin Lingyu and the second prince.

The second prince’s initial plan was to incapacitate Ye Xiuwen and Yao Mo with the spirit wine, before bringing Yao Mo back to his own abode to do as he pleased. Unexpectedly, despite inundating Ye Xiuwen with several rounds of spirit wine, Ye Xiuwen seemed to remain completely impervious to the effects of the spirit wine!

Tch, the aftereffects of this wine are formidable – I don’t believe you will be able to hold out till the end! The second prince chuckled coldly in his heart as he glanced over at Ye Xiuwen. He was extremely confident in his ability to hold his liquor, and under the pretext of all types of toasts towards Ye Xiuwen, he continued to ply Ye Xiuwen with cup after cup of spirit wine.

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