Book 25, Chapter 10 - An Avatar

Desolate Era

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When the cultivators of the Badlands Court saw these two emerge, they all felt quite proud. See? Daolord Badlands of our Badlands Court is also capable of flying in this everworld!

“Daolord Badlands really lives up to his reputation.” Ji Ning stood next to Daolord Solesky, simply watching this all happen. He was secretly quite surprised Solesky himself had said that weaker Daolords wouldn’t be able to fly in this everworld. Daolord Solesky truly was a formidable figure who was capable of controlling an entire territory.

“Oh?” Daolord Solesky glanced at the beautiful lady in surprise. “Little sister Yan’er, you reached the Daolord level as well? Congratulations, Badlands! You don’t even know how many of our old friends envy you two Dao-companions.”

“I just broke through recently.” The beautiful lady smiled. “And I’m merely at the first step. I’ll be happy if I can one day have even a fraction of your power, big brother Solesky.”

“Yan’er loves to waste time on random things. I’m amazed she even managed to become a Daolord.” The azure-robed man smiled as he looked towards Ning. “This is a member of your Vastheaven Palace?”

“Yes, he’s a brother of Vastheaven Palace.” Daolord Solesky nodded.

“Ji Ning greets you, Daolords.” Ning immediately greeted the two respectfully.

Everyone in the Badlands Territory knew that the Badlands Court was run by Daolord Badlands. Who would’ve thought that his Dao-companion would also become a Daolord?



How wonderful it would be if he could journey through the vast universe alongside Yu Wei? Solesky’s words were correct; countless cultivators felt envious of Daolord Badlands and his Dao-companion.

“A brother of Vastheaven Palace?” Daolord Badlands gave Ning a second look, as did the beautiful woman next to him. Both felt that this Ji Ning fellow truly was quite lucky. It must be understood that for anyone wandering the primordial chaos, a powerful backer was of paramount importance. Generally speaking, anyone who heard the words ‘a brother of Vastheaven Palace’ would be terrified and unwilling to launch an attack.

All members of Vastheaven Palace viewed each other as brothers. They were a truly united force!

Thus, only a truly crazed, insane individual would dare to attack a member of Vastheaven Palace. The only reason the three Wujiao Godbeasts had dared to do so was because their greed had truly overwhelmed them…and it was also because they knew that World God Northrest didn’t have any clones! If he had left a clone at Vastheaven Palace, the three Wujiao Godbeasts would have never dared to attack him under any situation.

To be a brother of Vastheaven Palace meant far more than merely being a disciple of the Badlands Court.

The disciples of the Badlands Court could do whatever they pleased in the Badlands Territory! Not even God Emperor Blacklotus or the Starlord of Fogstone would have dared to do anything to one of them. However, in the other territories of the Endless Territories, the Badlands Court was a much less imposing presence.

In addition, the disciples of the Badlands Court were clearly delineated in status based on their strength. The life of an Elder God or Ancestral Immortal was naturally valued much less than that of a World-level experts!

However, Vastheaven Palace treated all of its members equally. The life of every single member was incredibly precious, and actually joining Vastheaven Palace was extremely difficult. Once one succeeded in joining it, one would instantly be protected by its mighty aura and reputation.

In addition, the Badlands Court was overall weaker than Vastheaven Palace. Daolord Solesky of Vastheaven Palace was a Daolord who was on the Verge of the Daomerge, while Daolord Warlord was quite close to him in strength. Now that it had given birth to a third Daolord, it had only become still more powerful.

However, the only formidable figure the Badlands Court possessed was Daolord Badlands himself.

“Eating and drinking isn’t the main reason I came this time. There’s something I need to trouble you with, Badlands.” Daolord Solesky turned slightly more serious as he spoke.

“Oh? Come, come. Let’s sit and talk it over,” Daolord Badlands said hurriedly.

Whoosh. Whoosh.

Daolord Solesky led Ning while Daolord Badlands led his wife. The four flew into a secluded residence within the Badlands Court. The entire Badlands Court was merely a hundred thousand kilometers or so in size, but it was filled with quite a few mountains where the disciples of the Badlands Court had set up homes. Daolord Badlands had chosen a location which was the most quiet, secluded location within the entire region.


Inside this thatched cottage, there was a long wooden table. Daolord Badlands and his wife sat down on one end of the table, while Daolord Solesky led Ning to sit down on the other end.

Daolord Badlands personally poured two cups of fragrant wine.

“Big brother Solesky, what do you need my aid with? So long as I can help you, I will definitely do my best,” Daolord Badlands said.

“Warlord is now in control of Vastheaven Palace, while brother Brightfish has also broken through to become a Samsara Daolord. I no longer have anything to worry about, and so I can now focus on my Daomerge.” Daolord Solesky said slowly, “But…I’m still not completely confident in being able to succeed in it. The main reason I came to the Badlands Territory is because of the Waveshift Realm!”

Ning was listening to this discussion carefully.

The Waveshift Realm?

This was the most dangerous and mysterious place of the entire Badlands Territory! The Badlands Territory had quite a few dangerous regions within it. Some were naturally formed from the primordial chaos itself while others were ruins left behind by deceased Samsara Daolords.

The Waveshift Realm, however, was the personal estate of the ancient power who had established the Badlands Everworld itself. It was filled with both incredible dangers as well as countless treasures.

Elder Gods and Ancestral Immortals who entered it were absolutely guaranteed to die.

The majority of World-level experts who entered it would perish as well.

“You acquired the talisman?” Daolord Badlands asked.

“I paid a visit to the Windsource Ruins and acquired a talisman, yes.” Daolord Solesky smiled.

“Oh?” Daolord Badlands was surprised. “I entered that place as well, but when I performed a bit of divination, I predicted that I could very well perish if I tried to force my way through it. I ended up leaving.”

“Ahahaha! You live up to your reputation, Badlands! In terms of Numerancy divinations, you rank amongst the top three Daolords! Even my brother Warlord is a bit inferior to you.” Daolord Solesky sighed. “Your prediction was quite accurate. Daolord Windsource died, but he still wanted to ensure that others wouldn’t profit from his death. That final, cataclysmic attack he unleashed…thankfully, this old man is extremely skilled in staying alive. Other experts on my level who specialize in other areas may have very well died.”

“Mm.” Daolord Badlands nodded. “My own divination told me as well that I would probably die if I tried to force it.”

Daolord Solesky was extremely famous. The reason why Vastheaven Palace was such a powerful organization was primarily due to Daolord Solesky’s personal might, and he was famous for being incredibly hard to kill! If you weren’t able to kill him, he would eventually come seek revenge upon you. Thus, most of the other ancient powers were unwilling to make an enemy out of him. This was also why Daolord Solesky was confident enough to force his way through the Windsource Ruins.

“Now that you have the Talisman of Eternity…big brother Solesky, you can go to the Waveshift Realm.” Daolord Badlands nodded.

“I’m not familiar with that place. No one is more familiar with that place than you, Badlands. That’s why I’m hoping you can help me out,” Daolord Solesky said. “Send one of your avatars and accompany me in my journey through the Waveshift Realm. Of course, I’m not asking you to do all this for free.”

As he spoke, Daolord Solesky took out an estate-treasure and handed it over.

Daolord Badlands accepted the treasure, pondered for a moment, then nodded. “Fine. I’ll send my avatar to accompany you to the Waveshift Realm, big brother Solesky! But I’ll need a bit of time. Give me three years to prepare.”

“I’m in no rush.” Daolord Solesky relaxed slightly after seeing Daolord Badlands agree. Avatars were incredibly important to Daolords, and the chances that Daolord Badlands’ avatar would survive the trip to the Waveshift Realm were quite low. That was why Daolord Solesky not only had to pay a high price, he also had to see if Daolord Badlands was willing to give him face.

Fortunately, the two were good friends.

There was no way he could’ve forced Daolord Badlands to do this. First of all, Daolord Badlands was extremely powerful, on par with Daolord Solesky himself. Secondly, if Badlands didn’t whole-heartedly wish to help him and instead wanted to scheme against him, it wouldn’t be too hard for Badlands to cause trouble with skewed divination.

“The Water Curtain Home is located quite close to my place, and nobody is staying inside it. Big brother Solesky, why don’t you stay there for now along with my young friend Ji Ning?” Daolord Badlands said.

“Very well! Badlands, no need to send us off. We’ll go by ourselves.” Daolord Solesky immediately led Ning to depart from this place.

Daolord Badlands and the beautiful woman remained seated in the lotus position.

“Milord husband.” The beautiful woman was rather worried. “The Waveshift Realm is filled with many dangers…and as you know, the place which Daolord Solesky is travelling to can be considered part of the core region.”

“I know.” Daolord Badlands nodded. “Although it isn’t easy to create an avatar, if I spend three years in a spatial treasure I should be able to recreate a slightly weaker avatar. My true body will remain here as well, slowly empowering it and strengthening it. Big brother Solesky gave me enough treasure to create two avatars, with a little to spare.”

“Alright.” The beautiful woman nodded, but she remained somewhat unhappy.

A powerful avatar was incredibly important, both to Daolord Badlands himself as well as the entire Badlands Court.

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