Book 25, Chapter 9 - The Badlands Court

Desolate Era

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“An estate-world?” Ning was rather startled. He had already bound the painting to himself, but he had yet to discover any estate-world hidden inside of it.

Daolord Solesky began to laugh when he saw the look Ning’s face. “That’s why I said you don’t get it. Emperor Mirrorsnow left behind those ten sets of paintings with the intention of finding good disciples for himself. However, as an Emperor who had succeeded in his Daomerge and gained eternity, he naturally hoped for his disciples to be figures of great power. They had to at least be capable of becoming Samsara Daolords! How could he possibly be willing to take on an Elder God or Ancestral Immortal as his disciple? They are far too weak, and some have been alive for countless chaos cycles and will never become World-level experts. If someone this weak became his disciple, he would’ve wasted a legacy spot!”

“Thus, only World-level experts can sense the true mysteries hidden within the Mirrorsnow Paintings. Only they are worthy of being tested by it,” Daolord Solesky said.

“You have to be at least a World-level expert?” Ning nodded slowly.

“No, you have to BE a World-level expert!” Daolord Solesky explained, “If you were a Samsara Daolord, you still wouldn’t be able to enter. Samsara Daolords are too strong; they would be able to easily pass his trial. However, Samsara Daolords have already found their own paths and discovered their own Daos. His legacy would be completely useless to them!”

“It has to be World-level experts. Only World-level experts can use these paintings! Only World-level experts are worthy of becoming his disciples,” Daolord Solesky said. “Emperor Mirrorsnow’s Dao was the Dao of the Sword! You are quite a good fit, which is why I agreed to let you go to that island.”

“Oh…” Ning nodded.

No wonder.

No wonder Daolord Windsource had his disciple, World God Cavecry, spend his time meditating on the Mirrorsnow Painting. It could be said that he was actually treating his disciple quite decently by giving him this opportunity. Alas, this was a trial that had been set down by an Eternal Emperor who had succeeded in his Daomerge. One had to acquire and master all four paintings in order to become his disciple, while World God Cavecry hadn’t been able to pass the trial of even a single painting. If he had succeeded, Daolord Windsource would’ve viewed him in a different light and allowed him to live.

“I only have a single painting, and there’s only ten sets in total. Emperor Mirrorsnow scattered them throughout the territories…” Ning said worriedly, “Big brother, how am I supposed to get a full set?”

“Ten sets, forty paintings.” Daolord Solesky smiled merrily. “There are ten of each painting, so it’s not impossible for you to collect an entire set.”

Ning listened carefully.

“I really shouldn’t get involved. I should let you temper yourself and adventure for the paintings, but…my rashness damn near got you killed just now.” Daolord Solesky said, “So I suppose it would only be fair for me to give you something nice in compensation. It doesn’t make much of a difference anyhow.”

“Catch.” Daolord Solesky pulled out a jade slip and tossed it to Ning.

Ning accepted the slip.

“Memorize this,” Daolord Solesky said.

“Alright.” Ning immediately sent his Immortal energy into the jade slip as he began to read it.

A stream of information began to enter his mind.

“I swear on my very life itself…”

Ning immediately discovered a lifeblood oath within the jade slip. One had to swear a lifeblood oath in order to gain access to its contents. Ning read through the lifeblood oath. Simply put, it was an oath to never reveal the contents of the jade slip under any circumstances. If he discovered similar information from other sources, he could only reveal the part he had learned from other sources to others.

This oath wasn’t too stringent. Ning swore the lifeblood oath, then accepted the large amount of information that surged towards his mind.

“Emperor Mirrorsnow has a total of ten sets of paintings. We’ve discovered six ownerless sets of the first painting. The first is located in the third-level world of the ‘Lost Tower City’ of the Voidblue Territory…”

“We’ve discovered five ownerless sets of the second painting. The first is located in the Snowfall Territory…”

“We’ve discovered seven ownerless sets of the third painting. The first is located…”

“We’ve discovered three ownerless sets of the fourth painting…”

Ning stared speechlessly.

There were only forty paintings total, but there were records of twenty-one paintings here! They were scattered throughout the various territories, with the Badlands Territory holding merely two paintings.

One was the third painting, located in the core regions of the Windsource Ruins. Daolord Windsource had acquired it long ago. The core region was an incredibly dangerous place where Daolord Windsource had died. It was filled with many treasures but countless dangers. World-level experts who attempted to enter it would almost invariably perish.

The second was the first painting. It was located in the Allgod Estate. Daolord Allgod had acquired it long ago. Although it was merely in the inner region of the state, which wasn’t that dangerous, the Allgod Estate was a place which was easily entered but almost impossible to leave!

This jade slip even contained detailed information regarding the various dangers one would encounter within the Windsource Ruins and the Allgod Estate.

“Big…” Ning was truly shocked. Why did his big brother have such a detailed intelligence report regarding such an important treasure that was scattered across so many territories? In Ning’s eyes, this sort of valuable information was equal to an Eternal weapon in value! Without this intelligence, he wouldn’t have even known where to begin searching.

“Remember,” Daolord Solesky said solemnly. “You are not allowed to discuss it with any others.”

“Understood,” Ning immediately said.

“In the future, when you are strong enough, you can go and search based on the intelligence I just gave you,” Daolord Solesky said. ‘However, these places are all rather dangerous. The ones in easy-to-get locations have been picked up long ago.”

“As for the Allgod Estate…if you choose to challenge it, you must be careful,” Daolord Solesky said. “When Daolord Allgod was alive, he was an extremely dangerous Daolord. Even I wouldn’t have been a match for him.”

Ning was startled. Daolord Allgod was this incredible?

The Allgod Estate…

Ning had heard of this place before. It was another one of the ancient ruins located within the Badlands Territory, and it was said to be even more dangerous than the Windsource Ruins. Roughly 30% of the Elder Gods and Ancestral Immortals who entered that place would make it out alive.

“He was terrifyingly strong, far more so than Daolord Windsource. Even amongst Daolords, the Allgod Estate is not a place where many would dare tread!” Daolord Solesky let out a sigh. “Let’s go. I already have the talisman I need. Accompany me to the Badlands Court. We’re going to meet Daolord Badlands.”

“Big brother, we’re going to go meet Daolord Badlands?” Ning was puzzled.

“As I said, I came to the Badlands Territory because there are two places I have to visit,” Daolord Solesky said. “The first place was the Windsource Ruins. As for the second place…I’ll need Daolord Badlands to help me out with it.”

Ning nodded slowly.

Daolord Badlands…he was indisputably the number one cultivator of the entire Badlands Territory. His power was unfathomable.

Daolord Solesky led Ning out of the Windsource Ruins. They travelled to Sevenwater Star, then spent a hundred bottles of chaos nectar to travel to the Badlands Everworld.


A wind was blowing.

Daolord Solesky led Ning forward atop a cloud through the air.

“Flying…” Ning still hadn’t recovered from his shock. “Big brother, you are able to fly in the Badlands Everworld?”

“This everworld does indeed have certain restrictions placed upon it.” Daolord Solesky smiled. “Its laws were created by the ancient power which created this everworld…but since a person was able to create these laws, then another person would be capable of resisting these laws! This old man is just one step away from the Daomerge. If that ancient power came in person, he’d be able to suppress me, but he’s been gone for countless years. These empty laws cannot bind me.”

Ning nodded.

“This old man can fly, but weaker Daolords wouldn’t be able to.” Daolord Solesky had quite a smug look on his face. “Ah, there we are.” He pointed towards the front.

Ahead of them was an enormous lake that was at least a million kilometers in size. Ordinary mortals would describe it as a sea, but to cultivators it truly was nothing more than an inland lake. A large estate could be seen hovering above the lake, filled with countless buildings. In front of the great estate was an enormous stone stele.

The stele was three thousand meters high, and there was a single word engraved upon it – Badlands!

A vigorous, heroic aura spread out from that stele, shaking the world around it.

“The Badlands Court,” Ning murmured softly.

The legendary Badlands Court! In truth, a smaller ‘Badlands Court’ existed within Waveshift City as well. However, this place was the true center and foundation of the organization. This was where Daolord Badlands lived.

“Badlands!” Daolord Solesky led Ning downwards, sending their cloud soaring across the lake. His voice echoed throughout the region. “This old man has come here to eat your food and drink your wine!”

Quite a few figures in the Badlands Court raised their heads to look up. When they saw the ragged, barefoot old man flying through the skies with a white-robed youth in tow, all of them were quite speechless.

“He’s flying?”

“You can fly in an everworld?”

These were proud, arrogant figures. They were World Gods and Chaos Immortals who could all but do as they pleased in the Badlands Territory…and yet, all of their hearts trembled. They knew very well what it meant for someone to be able to fly in this everworld. They all quickly put on very friendly looks as they gazed at the figures in the skies.

“Ahaha! How wonderful that you’ve arrived, big brother Solesky! It wouldn’t matter even if you ate me out of house and home!” A booming laugh rang out as an azure-robed man and a beautiful lady walked out of a house together. They walked into the air, striding towards Daolord Solesky.

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