Book 26, Chapter 10 - Hellwind Golems

Desolate Era

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Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The three mighty World Gods flew through the air like three meteors, moving straight for Ji Ning at high speed. Although they were millions of kilometers away, they were able to arrive right next to Ning in a single breath’s worth of time.

“Bold.” Arroyo looked at Ning.

“You seem quite confident.” Fukai’s eyes were narrowed as he stared in a cold, weighing manner at Ning.

As for World God Boneplate, he quietly stood next to Arroyo.

Ning himself had reached the speed of a Samsara Daolord. Ning could tell at a glance that although these three were quite fast, he would be able to easily shake off any pursuit by them without even needing to use his Thunderlight Wings. Although the surrounding space had been locked down, preventing any teleportation, Ning’s speed alone ensured that he could attack whenever he wished and leave whenever he wished. The initiative was with him.

Arroyo and Fukai never would’ve imagined that Ji Ning would vastly surpass them in speed as soon as he became a World God. For now, they were both filled with tremendous confidence.

“Hand over the Eternal blood,” Arroyo said. “We’re willing to trade treasures for it.”

Fukai stared intently at Ning as well.

This was part of their agreed-upon plan. They wanted to first try and get Ji Ning to voluntarily hand over the Eternal blood. If they were able to acquire it by simply buying it from him instead of fighting for it, that would be ideal. They had many treasures and they didn’t fear anyone below the Samsara Daolord level, but they weren’t completely confident that they would be able to slay Ji Ning!

If Ji Ning completely focused on escaping… Arroyo and Fukai weren’t certain if they would be able to catch him and bar his path.

But of course… if Ji Ning was unwilling to hand the blood over, the only option would be to kill him!

“You are willing to use treasures to trade for the Eternal blood?” Ning swept them with his gaze. “And what do you have to offer?” Ning couldn’t even be bothered to deny he had the blood. No one here was an idiot, after all. They all knew the truth.

“We have treasures that are worth tens of thousands of cubes of chaos nectar. We’re willing to use it to trade for your Eternal blood. You should be satisfied by this price.” Fukai frowned.

“Ahahah… how generous!” Ning laughed.

“You are forcing us to fight.” The killing intent within Arroyo’s eyes began to strengthen. In the end, they were still just World-level cultivators. Although they had many treasures, for them to be able to produce tens of thousands of cubes worth was already quite impressive. What, were they supposed to hand over their Eternal weapons as well? Only a fool would be willing to hand over his trump card treasures.

“Cut the crap, you running dogs of the Aeonians.” Ning’s face turned cold as he snapped at them.

The faces of both Fukai and Arroyo tightened.

“You are the running dog of the Aeonians!” Arroyo immediately snapped back.

“What, we’re members of the Aeonians just because we want the Eternal blood?” Fukai laughed coldly. “Not even the formation-spirit of the Allgod Estate would dare to claim that we are Aeonians. You, however, are quite audacious. How dare you sully us with such wild rumors!”

Neither of them would admit it, not even if it cost them their lives.

True Aeonians were all at least at the Samsara Daolord level of power, and they had auras that were completely different from the auras of normal Samsara Daolords. They could be recognized at a glance. However, the descendants and progeny of true Aeonians looked just like ordinary cultivators did. So long as they were not Awakened, there was no way to recognize them and there was nothing special about them.

Aeonians were mortal enemies of the Dao Alliance! Thus, any Aeonian slave who dared enter the territory of the Dao alliance would immediately be surrounded and attacked by all parties, once it was verified that they were indeed servants of the Aeonians. They were the common enemies of all cultivators!

As for Daolord Allgod, he absolutely detested the Aeonians. If the members of the Allgod Estate felt certain that Arroyo and Fukai were Aeonians, the Goldeye Golem and the other formation-spirits would’ve immediately attacked them and killed them. However, because there was no way to prove it, they had to follow the instructions left behind by Daolord Allgod prior to his death.

“The two of us were simply coerced by others to acquire this Eternal blood, that’s all.” Arroyo said coldly, “Hurry up and hand the Eternal blood over. Otherwise, today will be the day you die.”

“Oh? Will it?” Light suddenly flashed from Ning’s hands as sharp, icy sword swords suddenly appeared within them. This was a set of Dao weapons which Ning had acquired from the Grove of Monoliths, and it was one of the many Dao weapons he had plundered from that place.

This set of Dao weapons included six swords in total, each of which was a top-grade Dao weapon. They were incredibly sharp and perfectly suited for cultivators of the Dao of Water. These swords all seemed to be created from freezing cold ice, and thus Ning had decided to simply name them the ‘Frostice Swords’.

Ning believed that the six Frostice Swords were most likely weapons that had belonged to World-level cultivators. Of the Dao weapons Ning had found within the Grove, these six swords were the treasures which Ning liked the most. Not just anyone would be worthy of forcing Ning to use his Eternal weapon, after all. On the other hand, Ning wasn’t arrogant enough to try to fight Arroyo and Fukai barehanded either.

The faces of Arroyo and Fukai instantly turned cold and forbidding as well.

“Kill!” A fierce light flashed through Arroyo’s eyes as a total of eighteen golden golems appeared around him, each of which emanated with an aura of incredible power.

“Kill him!” Arroyo roared.



The eighteen golden golems suddenly transformed into a giant black-and-white tornado that moved incredibly fast as it charged towards Ning. The gigantic black-and-white tornado began to cause all sorts of strange phenomena in the surrounding area.

“There were actually eighteen of them?” Ning was rather startled, as Arroyo had merely used nine of the golems when he was fighting in the Samsara Grinders. Now, it appeared obvious that Arroyo had been limited by the rules of the trials back then. There were actually eighteen golems in total, nine of them Yang-aligned and nine of them Yin-aligned. When they joined together, they were able to cause tremendous disruptions to the surrounding fabric of space. In addition, each golem had the power of a master-class World God. Upon joining together into a formation, they were strengthened and would each have close to the power of a supreme World God.

When all eighteen of them fought together, they would be able to easily kill most supreme World Gods!

“Father bestowed this set of Hellwind Golems upon me. They are invincible against anyone below the Samsara Daolord level of power. Even though I’ve broken through to transcend past the supreme World God level of power, I’d still find it quite hard to battle these Hellwind Golems.” Arroyo was extremely confident in his golems.

“Careful!” Fukai suddenly shouted loudly.

“What?!” Arroyo turned pale.

Ning had manifested six arms and was wielding six of those Frostice Swords. He transformed into a white blur and was able to easily charge out of the encirclement of those eighteen golden golems, then charged straight towards Arroyo who was located the closest to him. In doing so, he clashed with two of the golems and actually knocked both of them flying backwards!

Ning’s eyes were filled with an utterly terrifying sword-intent and killing intent.

Arroyo held those two enormous scimitars in his hands, a dark look on his face. “What marvelous sword-arts.” He had to admit that in terms of intricacy, his saber-arts were inferior to Ji Ning’s sword-arts. Still, it made sense. Swords were more nimble and agile weapons than sabers to begin with. Sabers were weapons that focused on dominance and raw power. They were two completely different weapons.

Arroyo was still completely confident in his saber-arts. Those saber-arts had allowed him to transcend past the supreme World God level of power, after all!

“Die.” As Ning charged towards him, Arroyo suddenly chopped out with both of his enormous scimitars, unleashing two streaks of blade-light.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Two criss-crossing streaks of blood-red light appeared in the air, filled with auras of absolute dominance. They hacked straight towards Ning with an aura of simply terrifying power.

“Soleheart stance.” A black hole suddenly appeared in the skies, and both of those two terrifying streaks of saber-light were drawn into the black hole, the power of the black hole completely dispersing the two attacks.

Ning was simply too strong now. His sword-arts were clearly inferior to his foe’s saber-arts, and Ning was clearly using just Dao weapons while his foe was wielding a pair of Eternal weapons, but Ning had the benefit of possessing as much physical strength as ordinary Samsara Daolords did. This was what allowed Ning’s Soleheart stance to take these two streaks of saber-light head-on.

Whoosh! Ning borrowed momentum from the shockwave of the clashing attacks, shooting straight towards World God Boneplate who was standing quite close to Arroyo.

“Careful!” Arroyo’s face tightened.

Although Ji Ning was already quite freakishly strong as an Elder God, Arroyo truly had not imagined that Ning would become THIS powerful as soon as he became a World God. Just like that, the freak of an Elder God had become a transcendent World God as well? Alas, it seemed as though this newly ascended World God was indeed just as powerful as Arroyo himself.

In their original plans, World God Boneplate actually served a special purpose. However, given how powerful Ji Ning actually was, World God Boneplate was now of limited use in this battle. The problem was that everything had simply happened far too quickly. World God Boneplate simply didn’t have a chance to hide, and Ning’s own speed was far faster than Boneplate’s.

“No!” World God Boneplate was badly shocked as well.

Slash! Sword-light flashed as it pierced through the skies and pierced through Boneplate’s forehead. Ning yanked his sword downwards, causing World God Boneplate’s body to bisected into two halves. Despite that, Boneplate hadn’t died yet.

“Get over here.” A rope suddenly appeared out of nowhere and twisted itself around Boneplate.

Ning was actually quite surprised by what had just happened. He mused silently to himself, “He didn’t even have a suit of Dao armor? His protective divine ability was quite weak as well.” Ning actually hadn’t expect his strike to go straight through the man’s body. If the man had been wearing a suit of Dao armor or had learned a half-decent protective divine ability, not even someone as strong as Ning wouldn’t been able to slice through his body with such ease.

Alas, Arroyo had quite a few servant and Boneplate was one of the weaker ones. Thus, he wasn’t given access to many decent treasures.

“Shit.” A look of fury could be seen on Arroyo’s face. Although Boneplate was originally one of his weaker slaves, right now he was his only remaining slave.

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