Book 26, Chapter 11 - When He’s Ill, Go For the Kill!

Desolate Era

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Arroyo was enraged, but Fukai was shocked.

Arroyo was quite powerful. When he exchanged blows against Ji Ning, the difference in power between the two wasn’t that great. However, Fukai was merely a supreme World God and was much weaker by comparison. A shocked, angry look was now on Fukai’s face. “How could this be happening? How could this freak of an Elder God be so powerful after breaking through to the World level? It appears as though even Arroyo is slightly inferior to him! Those eighteen Hellwind Golems aren’t able to stop him at all.”

“Come out.” Fukai immediately produced his jade green globe.

Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh…

One tiny jade green globe after another began to fly out of the first one. As they flew out, they quickly increased in size and began to release enormous, powerful bugbeasts. These bugbeasts all had auras of tremendous might and had the power of master-class World Gods. More than fifty of the bugbeasts appeared in the blink of an eye.

Even Ning was rather surprised upon seeing this. “What a fellow!”

Arroyo was a tough cookie. Apparently Fukai was no pushover either! It must be understood that although the Grove of Monoliths had held over a hundred bugbeasts, the number that had truly reached the master class could be counted on one hand.

Now, over fifty such master-class World God bugbeasts had appeared before Ning. Even supreme World Gods would be forced to flee or perish before such an onslaught of bugbeasts. Most likely, even Arroyo would be put into a very tough situation.

“On one side, we have a eighteen golems that are part of a set. On the other side, we have over fifty bugbeasts that are master-class World Gods in power.”

Ning suddenly grinned. “Excellent. What fine treasures for the picking.” Ning wasn’t worried in the slightest.

“Kill him!”

Fukai pointed at Ning from afar and howled angrily, “Kill!”


The awe-inspiring army of bugbeasts charged towards Ning at the same time, their auras blasting outwards.

As for the eighteen Hellwind Golems, they surrounded Ning and furiously began to assault him once more. A look of delight appeared on Arroyo’s face when he saw this. “Fukai finally pulled out his bugbeasts. When they work together alongside my golems, they should be more than strong enough to trap this freak.”

Fukai’s father was a member of the Aeonian Kingdom who specialized in rearing bugbeasts for them. Arroyo’s father was also an Aeonian, but his skill lay in the art of golems.

Fukai and Arroyo were both considered Aeonian descendants. In fact, both were two of the most outstanding descendants of the Aeonian race.

It must be understood, however, that the price to forcibly Awaken any descendant of the Aeonian race was a staggeringly high one, so high that not even the Aeonian Kingdom could pay it with impunity. This was why they repeatedly sent their descendants to take on these danger-filled challenges!

Both sets parents would do everything they could to ensure that their progeny would win the chance to be Awakened, and thus they had each prepared special killer weapons as well.

Fukai’s killer weapon was his horde of bugbeasts. Arroyo’s killer weapon was his powerful formation of Hellwind Golems.

“That really is a lot of bugbeasts.” A pair of wings suddenly appeared on Ning’s back, flashing with electric light. It was the Thunderlight Wings! Ning’s insights into the Dao of Lightning were now higher than before, with his insights into the Dao of the Sword having improved even more dramatically. As soon as he activated his wings they allowed him to stab through the air like a sharp sword, moving much faster than before.


Ning was already quite fast to begin with. Now, he was being assisted by the Thunderlight Wings! He left behind a beautiful, solitary streak of light in the skies as he easily evaded both the fifty-five bugbeasts as well as the nearby Hellwind Golems.

And then… he charged straight towards Fukai!

“What?!” Fukai’s face turned pale.

“How is he this fast?” The smile froze on Arroyo’s face as he saw this. Ji Ning was too fast, far faster than the two had imagined! It must be understood that although these bugbeasts had the power of master-class World Gods, they were quite lacking in terms of technique. They had incredibly powerful bodies, and a number of incredibly fast avian bugbeasts were amongst their ranks, but Ji Ning was even faster!

This was because Ning’s raw speed and strength were both comparable to that of newly ascended Samsara Daolords! This was a completely different level of power. Now that he had activated the Thunderlight Wings, the Hellwind Golems and the bugbeasts were only able to stare in a daze.

If they couldn’t keep up with him, there was nothing they could do to him!

“Careful, Fukai!” Arroyo sent frantically. Although they had started out as rivals, Ji Ning was simply too formidable a foe. If Fukai died, his bugbeasts would lose their master. In fact, it was entirely possible that both they and the jade green globe would fall into Ji Ning’s hands!

“Go!” Fukai willed it.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Three more bugbeasts appeared. These three bugbeasts were all incredibly muscular and covered with golden fur. Fukai then produced a metallic plate that was covered with many golden runes. He poured his Immortal energy into this Dao-seal, activating it.


A globe of golden light that was thirty meters long suddenly appeared, covering Fukai within it.

“Stop him!” Fukai ordered his three bugbeasts, then turned tail and began to flee.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The three bugbeasts were almost instantly knocked flying as a streak of lightning snaked past them towards the fleeing Fukai.

Prior to this, Ning had actively dodged past the many bugbeasts and golems. However, since there were now just three bugbeasts Ning didn’t even want to bother avoiding them. In fact, if he wanted to he could’ve quickly killed all three of them. As Ning saw it, however, if he could kill Fukai and seize the jade green globe then all of these bugbeasts would fall under his control.

“I’ll be owning these bugbeasts shortly. I can’t bear to kill them.” Ning was clearly filled with confidence.

“He’s too fast.” Although Fukai was fleeing in terror towards Arroyo’s direction, Ning was quickly able to catch up to him. Fukai turned his head to look back at Ning, a horrified look on his face.


A streak of sword-light came hammering down upon him.

[Quintessence Sword-Intent], second stance – Allgod stance!

The Allgod stance and the Horizon’s End were attacks of equal power when Ning was using other weapons. Only when Ning used Violetjewel was there a significant difference in power between the two.

The Horizon’s Edge technique focused on speed. As for the Allgod stance, it focused on explosive and furious power!

It was as though an enraged dreadwyrm had appeared in the skies, slamming down with tremendous, earth-rending force towards the golden globe of light around Fukai. The golden globe of light shuddered and turned slightly dimmer, but Fukai was able to borrow from the momentum of the strike to flee even more quickly.

“I wasn’t able to break through?” Ning frowned slightly when he saw this.

“What?! He was able to consume 20% of the power of my Dao-seal with just one blow?” Fukai shuddered in his heart. “My Dao-seal is capable of withstanding a full-strength blow from a Samsara Daolord, yet a newly ascended World God was actually able to destroy 20% of its energy with one strike.”

As Fukai was fleeing in terror, Arroyo was flying straight towards him. “Leave him to me. Use your bugbeasts to help me tie this freak down.”

“Alright.” Fukai understood that they had to work together in perfect unison if they wanted to kill this terrifying freak. Given how fast Ji Ning was, if he wanted to flee he would’ve fled long ago. Clearly, he felt absolute confident in his chances to win.

Ning watched as the many bugbeasts and golems surged towards him. As for Arroyo, he charged straight towards Ning with both giant scimitars held at the ready.

“That all you have?” Ning manifested [Three Heads, Six Arms], wielding a sword in each of his six arms.


Every streak of sword-light that shot out was filled with terrifying levels of power and moved at incredible speed. Arroyo was immediately driven to the defensive. He did his best to block the attacks with his two scimitars, but he still forced into a rather ungainly position.

It must be understood that every single sword-strike Ning delivered was slightly stronger than Arroyo’s strikes. The thing was, Ning had six swords while Arroyo merely had two scimitars. As the saying goes, it is hard for two fists to defend against six hands! Arroyo found it extremely hard to defend against the attacks, and his saber-light continuously surrounded him as he completely focused on defending against the oncoming streaks of sword-light. He wasn’t able to fight back at all.

“Quick, quick, quick!” Arroyo frantically ordered his Hellwind Golems to hurry up.

“Move faster, Fukai!” Arroyo was yelling at Fukai as well.

He truly had begun to panic. As the saying went, if you focused exclusively on defense you would eventually lose. He felt as though he was walking on a tightrope, treading the fine line between life and death. Ning’s swords were simply too fast, and Arroyo felt as though he might slip up and fail at any moment.


Just before the Hellwind Golems and the bugbeasts arrived, Ning finally managed to land a streak of sword-light against Arroyo’s waist. Arroyo instantly turned pale as he was knocked backwards by the force of that blow.

Boom! Boom! Boom! As the saying went, when he’s ill, go for the kill!

When experts fought, victory or defeat could be determined by the slightest of things.

Ning already held the upper hand to begin with, and he was so fast that his foes wouldn’t have any chance to recover from any mistakes. He sent out several furious sword-strikes on succession, each one landing directly against Arroyo. Arroyo was like a moth that had been swept into the raging waves of the sea, completely unable to resist whatsoever.

“N-n-no…!” Arroyo furiously did his best to fight back, but his two scimitars had been completely suppressed to the point that he wasn’t even able to chop out with them. Just at this moment, a black serpent suddenly appeared.

Generally speaking in a duel of experts, when one person was at a disadvantage that person would immediately flee.


Arroyo wasn’t as fast as Ning. There was no way he would be able to escape.

The black rope quickly slithered forward like a viper, wrapping itself around Arroyo’s body. It quickly bound Arroyo up tightly, causing a look of despair to appear on his face.

He was finished!

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