Book 32, Chapter 10 - A Distant Finger

Desolate Era

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King Gorsch had died? The number one Daolord of the Aeonian race, King Gorsch, had actually died? This news swept through the Waveshift Realm and stunned all of the Daolords in it.

“King Gorsch fled for nearly eight months. During this period of time, Daolord Tigrone didn’t injure him all that much; he mainly served to tie King Gorsch down. The ones who truly hurt him and beat him down were the various Daolord squads that interrupted and attacked him throughout his flight. They knew that their chances were slim, and so virtually all of them used the most powerful treasures they had available. Those repeated attacks caused King Gorsch to suffer extremely heavy injuries.”

“The Radiant King and Daolord Tigrone fought him for a full hour. Eventually, King Gorsch’s ignition of his bloodline powers began to have aftereffects, resulting in him weakening. Right at that moment, the Radiant King used an incredibly powerful treasure to kill him with one blow,” Ji Ning said.

“I never would’ve imagined that the legendary King Gorsch would die, just like that.” Daolord Solesky shook his head and sighed.

“It is guaranteed that a large number of Daolords will die in the Waveshift Realm,” Badlands said. “Everyone knows that, but they still came rushing in.”

Swoosh. The black vessel continued its advance.

“A pity. We would’ve caught up to King Gorsch in roughly half a month.” Ning frowned. “Now that the Voidsea Jadeseal is in the hands of the Radiant King… catching up to him will be difficult!”


King Gorsch died. The Radiant King acquired the seal, then immediately began to flee. He was simply too fast; even though Sectlord Timedream used his heartworld projection to slow the Radiant King’s movements, the latter was still able to move more than a hundred times faster than the speed of light! There was no way for Daolord Tigrone to catch up. Daolord Tigrone used all the resources he had at his disposal, but the Radiant King did the same. The Radiant King quickly threw off Daolord Tigrone’s pursuit.

Flee! Flee! Flee! This was the only thing the Radiant King cared about. As for Ning and the other Heartforce Cultivators, they were able to clearly lock down upon his position and quickly spread the word to the other Daolord squads, who moved to intercept and attack.

The Radiant King ignored their attempts to stop him, avoiding them and fleeing whenever possible. His only goal was to throw off all pursuers as quickly as possible. When he was unable to do so, he would kill them at maximum speed while sparing no expense! The Radiant King’s three killer moves were all legendary for their speed!

In the blink of an eye, two years had gone by. Given the Radiant King’s terrifying speed, there were no Daolords capable of tying him down! Even though the Starking managed to intercept him, the Radiant King still threw him off! He spent two years to flee from the ninth layer to the eighth layer. Since he was returning via the same way he had come, he was able to avoid many of the dangerous regions he had previously scouted out.

By now, there were virtually no powerful Daolords in the eighth layer. After another half year, he made it back to the seventh layer… and by then there was no one capable of posing a threat to him.

“I didn’t expect that the first Voidsea Jadeseal would end up in the hands of the Radiant King.”

“He’s simply too fast. No temporal or dimensional teleportation abilities can be used in the Waveshift Realm, and so there is no one faster than him here. He held a huge, unfair advantage over everyone.” The other Daolords all felt quite helpless.

Emperor Waveshift had spent an enormous amount of time and effort creating and setting up this Grand Waveshift Formation. All dimensional and temporal abilities were sealed away here!

There were a number of supreme Daolords who had spacetime teleportation devices which were comparable to the spacetime disc which Ning had acquired from the Brightshore Hegemon, but there was no way to use them here. King Gorsch, the Radiant King… all Daolords who acquired Voidsea Jadeseal talismans would be forced to physically flee. If they escaped, the treasure would be theirs. If they failed, they would be doomed.


The Twelve Palaces of Brightshore. The Spacetime Palace.

Aside from Prince Greatjoy, the other dazzling genius the Spacetime Palace had recently produced was known as Gorho.

Gorho had been captured alongside Ning, but he was comparatively slower in his cultivation. He had just become a Daolord roughly ten thousand years ago, and had only recently become a Daolord of the Second Step.

“Eh?” Gorho was located within the ‘Spacetime Dreamrealm’ of the Spacetime Palace. He had been seated in the lotus position within a chaos planet and quietly meditating, but he suddenly opened his eyes.

“Father…” Gorho could sense something deep within his very bloodline tremble.

“Father… father…” Gorho’s eyes instantly reddened. “H-how could he have died…” After becoming a Daolord, he had created an avatar which had been stationed amongst the Aeonians. He naturally was amongst the first to receive word of King Gorsch’s death. He was the most promising descendant of King Gorsch, who cared about him greatly and had paved the way for him.

Gorho felt tremendous love and affection towards his father. His father was the most important person in his life.

“Radiant King!” Gorho’s eyes were blood-red but filled with tears. He howled, “Radiant King, I’m definitely going to kill you! I’m going to KILL YOU!”

In this moment, his world was filled with nothing but hatred.


Countless Daolords had worked themselves into a frenzy over the first Voidsea Jadeseal. In the end, the Radiant King left with it and successfully escaped, no longer taking part in any of the other battles that were to come. In truth, he himself had been terrified by this experience. When he had fled, he had been waylaid by one group of Daolords after another. He had previously held many of those Daolords in little regard, but when they joined forces they were still tremendously dangerous to him.

“Alas.” Ning and the others shook their heads and sighed. “All that chasing for nothing.” There was nothing they could do. They had been pulling closer and closer to King Gorsch, but the Radiant King had steadily pulled away from them.

“It’s fine. There are five of those Voidsea Jadeseals. That was just the first one,” the Ninedust Sectlord said. “We still have a shot.”

“But those two hunts were simply terrifying,” Daolord Solesky said.

“Yes, yes they were.” Ning shook his head and sighed.

Daolord Redgem.

Daolord Qianqing.

Fiendking Nobleguard.

All of them had been famous Daolords. Now, they were nothing. King Gorsch had slain nineteen Daolords during his flight, while the Radiant King had killed seven more after slaying King Gorsch and escaping.

In total, twenty-six Daolords had perished… and that wasn’t including King Gorsch! Of the twenty-six, there were twenty-four who had been on the same level as Kongsan! The other two were on the same level as Solesky and Clearwind.

“So many powerful Daolords have died in an incredibly short period of time. One of the top ten died as well!” The Ninedust Sectlord said heavily, “Of the four remaining seals, one is in the ninth layer while the other three are in the even more dangerous tenth layer. I really wonder how many Daolords will end up dying. Quite a few of the top ten will die, I think.”

Suddenly, a blurry streak of rainbow light appeared in the skies. Ning and the others all raised their heads, only to see a white-robed man’s figure slowly coalesce from the light.

“Realmsoul Polo.” Countless images of Realmsoul Polo had appeared within the Waveshift Realm, and each one of them stared down at a group of Daolords.

“The first Voidsea Jadeseal has already been taken away by the Daolord known as the Radiant King.” The realmsoul’s voice echoed throughout heaven and earth. “It seems as though there is no way any of the other Daolords will be able to take it from him. Thus… I’ll go ahead and make public the location of the second Voidsea Jadeseal.”

All of the Daolords immediately held their breaths. This was the second and final Voidsea Jadeseal within the ninth layer. After their previous experience, they all now knew how deadly the fight over it would be and how hard it would be to take it away safely. The weaker Daolords probably wouldn’t even dare to enter the tenth layer and seek out the seals there.

“The second Voidsea Jadeseal is the last one the vast majority of you Daolords will have a shot at acquiring,” Realmsoul Polo said. “This is because only the most supreme of Daolords have a chance at surviving the region where the final three seals are located. If weaker Daolords attempt to go there, they’ll definitely perish.”

“Definitely perish?” Ning and many of the others were shocked. The vast majority of them were second-tier Daolords or even weaker third-tier Daolords like Solesky and Patriarch Clearwind. Judging from what the realmsoul had just said, even second-tier Daolords would definitely perish if they entered. They wouldn’t even have a chance at the final three seals!

“Thus, Daolords… do your best if you want to earn the second seal. Once this opportunity is gone, you won’t have another one!” Realmsoul Polo seemed to want to cause as much chaos as possible. He waved his finger, then pointed directly towards Ning’s location. “The second Voidsea Jadeseal is right there!”

BOOM! A pillar of light erupted from behind them!

Ning, Ninedust, Solesky, and Badlands all turned their heads, only to see that the beam of light rising up from a nearby river. Obviously, the Voidsea Jadeseal was right inside the river!

“It’s right there!”

“We were that close to it?”

“It’s right next to us?”

Ning, Ninedust, Solesky, and Badlands were all stunned. The seal was incredibly close to them; they would probably be able to dive into the river in less than a second!

“Move, move, move!” Ning sent a frantic mental message to the others. “Be careful of the heartworld projection!” As he spoke, he immediately unleashed his nine novessence arts and also used his own heartworld projection to cover and protect his people. Based on what Ning knew, Sectlord Timedream would probably immediately use his heartworld projection to crush and suppress them. Him and Ninedust would be able to endure it, and Solesky would probably be able to just barely survive it thanks to his invulnerable aquaform, but Badlands’ avatar wouldn’t be able to endure it.

The Ninedust Sectlord immediately unleashed his Ripplewater art as well, then charged straight towards the river. “Do your best, everyone. Whoever is the first one to find the Voidsea Jadeseal will become its owner.”

“Let’s see who is the first to find it!” Ning, Solesky, and Badlands all flew towards the river as well.

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