Book 32, Chapter 9 - Calamitous

Desolate Era

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“Timedream!” King Gorsch let out a furious howl.

“Gorsch, you can forget about leaving with the Voidsea Jadeseal!” Sectlord Timedream was filled with the desire to kill as well.

Right at this moment, another squad of Daolords arrived in the area. This was a squad of eight Daolords, and their gazes instantly turned towards the enraged King Gorsch.

“King Gorsch has the Voidsea Jadeseal on him,” Sectlord Timedream sent mentally to them.

Redgem’s four companion Daolords shouted frantically from afar, “King Gorsch has the Voidsea Jadeseal!”

“Let’s join forces to kill him!”

“Right. Let’s swear lifeblood oaths to work together and not to attack each other. As for who will end up with the Voidsea Jadeseal after King Gorsch is dead, it’ll be up to whoever is the fastest!”

“Agreed.” The twelve Daolords didn’t hesitate at all, immediately joining together into a new alliance. They understood that Sectlord Timedream was using them, but they didn’t mind being used, because they did indeed want to acquire the Voidsea Jadeseal! Once they did, they would immediately flee. Daolord Redgem had a shot at escaping, and he had only died because he had been trapped inside a formation. This type of trap formation treasure was extremely rare; if they were lucky, they’d be able to escape without encountering another one.

“Damn.” King Gorsch found the situation tricky as well. For twelve second-tier Daolords to join forces against him… they would indeed pose a huge threat.

“I need to leave as soon as possible and flee as far as I can. I can’t waste time here.” King Gorsch knew that if he spent too much time here, more and more Daolords would arrive and attack him. There were ‘only’ twelve now, but if he delayed any further there might be twenty or even fifty.

Swoosh! While fighting back, King Gorsch continued to flee and strive to pull away from them.


Time continued to pass, one day at a time. King Gorsch’s movements were all fully tracked by the heartworld projections, but just tracking him was of no use. The Waveshift Realm was simply too vast, and it was filled with many dangers! It would take time for others to move towards him, making it difficult for anyone to stop him!

King Gorsch had long ago thrown off the pursuit of the first twelve Daolords. He had suffered seven more attacks along the way, and in his frenzied struggles he had slain six Daolords.

“These Daolords have all gone mad. When they realize they can’t beat me, they immediately start to use their most precious treasures.” King Gorsch had suffered severe injuries and was forced to rely on spirit-pills to recover.

Normally, these supreme Daolords would only use their life-preserving treasures in true life-and-death situations. But now, they were using their most important treasures without any hesitation at all! This caused even King Gorsch to be put in a precarious situation.

“King Gorsch.” A deep, rumbling voice rang out from afar.

King Gorsch was startled. He stared up ahead, only to see a man dressed in heavy gray armor whose eyes glowed with green light. The man said in a low voice, “I’ve been chasing after you for a full day. I’ve finally caught you.”

“You’ve caught me? Then you can die now.” The crimson flames surrounding King Gorsch exploded wildly, instantly reaching out towards the heavily-armored man. The crimson flames crackled around the man, but he seemed to completely ignore them as he strode forward, moving lightning-fast through the skies and causing space itself to shudder around him.

“Die!” King Gorsch waved his right hand, sending a blow of incredible power towards the heavily-armored man.


The heavily-armored man didn’t pull out any weapons at all. All he did was just lower his head and smash right into the palm.

Thud. A deep and low sound could be heard. King Gorsch’s palm-strike hit the heavily-armored man on his neck, but the man’s body just trembled slightly as he continued his headlong charge. King Gorsch himself was sent flying backwards by the terrifying shockwave generated from the collision.

“What?!” King Gorsch immediately turned pale. “Not only did he easily take my full-strength strike head-on, he’s still continuing his charge?”

His attacks were legendary for their dominating nature, but he had already been put on the defensive with the first clash.

“Die.” A giant warhammer suddenly appeared in the heavily-armored man’s right hand. The warhammer was pitch-black in color, and he sent it smashing straight towards King Gorsch.


King Gorsch had been tied down. After fleeing nonstop for nine days, he had finally been forced to stop, and the person who stopped him was known as Daolord Tigrone.

King Gorsch did his best to struggle, going so far as to set alight his Aeonian blood. He even used up one of his most valuable life-preserving treasures, but he still wasn’t able to shake off Daolord Tigrone. All he could do was flee as the latter continued the chase. The repeated assaults from Daolord Tigrone, however, ensured that King Gorsch’s escaping speed was dramatically lessened.

“King Gorsch has been tied down.”


Sectlord Timedream, Winesage, and the other Heartforce Cultivators all felt relieved. They were simply too far away from King Gorsch, and there was no way to stop him merely through their heartworld projections.

“This Daolord Tigrone is quite powerful. He seems to be even stronger than Gorsch.”

“The supreme Daolords who prefer to live low-key lives have all shown up here. It won’t be easy for anyone to acquire a Voidsea Jadeseal.”

“The two in the ninth layer will be comparatively easier. The other three are in the tenth layer.”

The Heartforce Cultivators continued to chat mentally to each other. Actually acquiring a seal was just the first step; escaping with it was what really mattered. In addition, escaping from the tenth layer would be much harder than escaping from the ninth layer. Escaping with the first two seals would thus be comparatively easier, while escaping with the final three seals would be murder.


Ning, Ninedust, and the others aboard the black vessel all let out sighs of relief as well.

“Daolord Tigrone is incredibly powerful. His protective divine ability seems to be even more powerful than mine; King Gorsch’s attacks aren’t injuring him in the slightest,” Ning said. “And his weapon is a heavy warhammer. Each time King Gorsch blocks the warhammer head-on, he’s knocked flying backwards. Daolord Tigrone is clearly stronger than even King Gorsch.”

“Where did he even come from?” The Ninedust Sectlord muttered, “How can he be this strong?”

“Supposedly, he’s an Aberrant special lifeform. He had always been quite low-key amongst the Aberrants; who would’ve thought that he had actually reached an incredible level of strength?” Ning was conversing with the other Heartforce Cultivators and so knew quite a bit.

It was guaranteed that this battle would propel Daolord Tigrone to the heights of fame as his name spread throughout the Endless Territories.

Time continued to pass, one day at a time. King Gorsch continued to run, while Daolord Tigrone continued to pursue and attack! Every so often, other Daolord squads would also appear, and all of them sought to kill King Gorsch! In his madness, King Gorsch actually managed to kill another two Daolords.


The frenzied pursuit went on for more than seven months.”

“Daolord Tigrone, if you are willing to spare me, you can ask for any treasure you want. In fact, I’ll give you all the treasures I have, save for the Voidsea Jadeseal!” As King Gorsch continued to flee, he frantically tried to dissuade Daolord Tigrone from causing him trouble. Daolord Tigrone’s constant interference made it so that he was fleeing much more slowly than before, allowing Ning’s squad and Winesage to slowly draw closer and closer to him.

If this continued, sooner or later he would be completely surrounded.

“The only thing I want is the jade seal.” Daolord Tigrone completely ignored his offer.

“I’ll give you all of my treasures as well as a billion cubes of chaos nectar. When I get back to my race’s kingdom, I’ll immediately prepare a billion cubes for you!” King Gorsch was frantic. “I can immediately swear a lifeblood oath if you stop causing me trouble!”

He wasn’t able to beat the man. Flee? In truth, Daolord Tigrone was actually a bit slower than King Gorsch, but Sectlord Timedream was continuously using his heartworld projection to suppress King Gorsch, preventing him from speeding up and ensuring that he wasn’t able to shake off Daolord Tigrone.

“Hahaha… King Gorsch, long time no see.” A dazzling streak of light suddenly appeared off in the distance, looking as though a sun had suddenly arisen.

‘Eh?” King Gorsch’s face turned ashen when he saw who it was. It was a white-robed youth who had dazzling long golden hair and handsome features. “The Radiant King.” King Gorsch’s heart shook.

Daolord Tigrone was already tough enough to deal with. Now, the Radiant King had come as well? The Radiant King had once ranked in the top three. Although he had been shoved down to the fourth spot due to Daolord Dreamlore, he was still terrifyingly powerful and the fastest of all Daolords. If King Gorsch wasn’t even able to shake off Daolord Tigrone, there was no way he would be able to shake off someone like the Radiant King, the fastest person in this entire realm.

“Hand over the Voidsea Jadeseal. You are no longer able to keep it.” The Radiant King slowly walked forwards, seeming to move slow but in truth moving far faster than the other two.

“N-no… this Voidsea Jadeseal is mine!” King Gorsch let out a low growl.

BOOM! His aura once more exploded as a bloody pattern appeared on his face, his eyes filled with madness.

“Those who bar my path will die!” King Gorsch had gone mad. He had decided to first kill the Radiant King.

Daolord Tigrone’s protective divine ability was the most terrifying protective ability King Gorsch had ever seen! No other Daolords, not even Winesage, would dare to allow King Gorsch to strike them with impunity, but Daolord Tigrone did… and he wasn’t injured at all!

The Radiant King was incredibly fast, but his defenses were much weaker by comparison.

“Hmph.” The Radiant King let out a cold laugh. Whooooosh. Instantly, a dazzling amount of light was released from him as countless Radiant Kings appeared in the skies.


One hour later, a shocking bit of information spread throughout the Waveshift Realm. King Gorsch… had been killed!

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