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Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 147: A suspicious figure

“River Bend Academy five nil against Vigilante Academy, obtain their first victory without any accident. Freshman Queen last year, Chaos Valkyrie Sullie and her mysterious variant bloodline challenge Audrey for the title of the strongest female student!”

“Golden Stag will purportedly use an all-substitute lineup against Snow Wolf, their main five members won't show themselves for the first match.”

In the fifth day of the greatest annual congregation in Eichemalar, the Hegemonical Cup of Starry Sky Braves, Breith Magazine's headlines were as eye-grabbing as ever.

“Sullie was definitely not a match for Audrey last year, but this year, it's hard to tell who'd win and who'd lose if they were to fight.”

“Team Golden Stag is truly arrogant.”

In front of a small inn, people from Iron Forest Academy and Divine Shield Academy sat in a dining room and ate breakfast, casually chatting while reading the new issue of Breith Magazine fresh from the oven.

“Charlotte! Ivan! Ferguillo!”

All of a sudden, they heard a warm and familiar shout.


Seeing the figure...

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