Chapter 105: Lifting The Ban

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 105: Lifting The Ban

Ever since she was young, Zhu Xianyao had been treated like royalty - a pearl in their palm, so to speak.

She was used to everyone else revolving around her, used to being chased and envied by the gazes of others.

Although she was in confinement, Zhu Xianyao believed that it would only be temporary because she was valuable.

As long as she was valuable, she wouldn’t be mistreated too badly, and she would very quickly regain her freedom.

But now, her arrogant attitude had been shattered by a single sentence.

I don’t need you to make an exchange. A simple countermeasure of mine is enough to force the Zhu Clan to give up on everything.

They had underestimated Su Chen and the difficulty of executing their plan from the very beginning.

Because they were used to forcefully seizing things and killing people, they were not sure what to do when suddenly faced with an opponent who was willing to selflessly give knowledge away. When they tried to do things according to habit, they found themselves restricted and controlled by their opponent every step of the way.

Did they really think that they could have prevented Su Chen from spreading Kaihuang’s Heaven just by concealing his Dreamrealm notice?

Heavens, what an idiotic idea!

It wasn’t until this moment that she realized there was no point to this at all.

The spread of knowledge was completely different from stealing treasures. As long as Su Chen wanted to, there were simply too many methods for him to distribute Kaihuang’s Heaven. This was why the Zhu Clan had been used by Su Chen to eliminate the Six Great Clans.

In reality, the only reason Su Chen hadn’t done so yet was because it costed more to transmit the information in person, resulting in less profits, and there was a higher possibility others would come after him, unlike in the Dreamrealm where he could conceal himself better.

When she realized this, Zhu Xianyao began to regret her decisions.

They had tried to use tactics meant for stealing treasure to try and stop the spread of Kaihuang’s Heaven. Using the wrong method was bound to result in a tragic outcome.

Zhu Xianyao finally lost all of her previous arrogance. She mumbled, “So...... what do you want?”

“That’s the right tone,” Su Chen said with satisfaction.

He continued, “You know as well as I do that I don’t like people constantly trying to make trouble for me. But since I chose this path, trouble will probably find me for the rest of my life. Even if that’s the case, however, I will do everything I can to avoid trouble. Look, with this Imaging Disk I can prove that the members of your clan were mostly killed by the Six Great Clans and that Uncle Eleven was killed by the Immortal Temple. None of it has anything to do with me. As long as we preserve this situation, the matter is actually pretty easy to resolve.”

Zhu Xianyao was surprised. She gazed at Su Chen as she asked, “Do you really think that this Imaging Disk is enough to get you off scot-free?”

The Slyheart Zhu Clan had come here for Su Chen.

Even though Su Chen had removed his existence from the Imaging Disk, that could not change the fact that the Slyheart Zhu Clan had come here for Su Chen. As long as the Zhu Clan was persistent, they would send people here to investigate the scene again and very quickly deduce that Su Chen was the instigator.

In reality, this kind of trick couldn’t possibly trick the Zhu Clan.

The Imaging Disk’s real purpose was to pit the Zhu Clan, the Six Great Clans, and the Immortal Temple against each other, not to pull Su Chen out of the situation.

Su Chen nodded his head. “That would be a little hard with just the Imaging Disk. Thus, I need one more thing.”

“What thing?”

“I need you to write a letter back to your clan saying that after you arrived, you discovered that I had secretly been distributing Kaihuang’s Heaven and that continuing our cooperation was pointless. To stop the spread of Kaihuang’s Heaven, you decided to kill the Six Great Nobility Clans that had purchased Kaihuang’s Heaven from me.

Zhu Xianyao understood.

Su Chen’s tactic was actually to get Zhu Xianyao to endorse his version of the events, using this tactic to verify what had really happened at Red Pinewood Forest. This would cut off his relationship with what had happened at Red Pinewood Forest.

Su Chen continued, “This is not just to create an excuse for the battle at Red Pinewood Forest; I am also preparing for the mass propagation afterwards. The Zhu Clan will receive three letters in total. Yours will be the first, describing the cause of the Red Pinewood Forest Battle. The second will be the Imaging Disk that Yue Longsha and I will send under our names to inform them of the outcome of the battle. The third letter will be from you again, explaining to the Zhu Clan that even though you killed the Six Great Clans, unfortunately Kaihuang’s Heaven had still been leaked. You will say that there is no need for them to continue concealing Su Chen’s notice, and you will advise them to give up on their plans in order to conserve resources. Simultaneously, you will mention that something came up and that you will return to them shortly so that they don’t become worried.”

Zhu Xianyao sucked in a breath of cold air.

He didn’t even need to pay a price. Three letters were enough to resolve the whole situation.

Kaihuang’s Heaven would be disseminated, while the Zhu Clan would bear the brunt of the attack for Su Chen......

Zhu Xianyao was so angry that she itched all over. “Su Chen, in your idealistic dreams!”

“Plans should always be a little idealistic,” Su Chen replied. “Remember, I will not accept failure. I don’t care what tone you use to write the letter, and I don’t care about how you send the letter. All I need is for the Zhu Clan to believe everything you write. If they don’t believe it, then you will die! If they do believe it, then you are free to go in three months.

Su Chen’s expression hardened as he spoke, his tone demanding absolute submission.

The Zhu Clan would have to bear the brunt of the responsibility for this incident.

The Zhu Clan could not come to bother him either.

All of this depended on Zhu Xianyao.

If she was willing to say it, the Zhu Clan would believe her.

After contemplating about the situation for a moment, Zhu Xianyao began to laugh derisively. “Your plan is quite marvelous, but there’s a critical flaw.”

“What is it?”

“If I do return, your plan will be completely ruined! All of your efforts will have gone to waste. So, Su Chen, how are you going to convince me that you will let me return after this is all said and done?”

Su Chen replied, “Doesn’t the Zhu Clan have a memory-wiping technique?”

Zhu Xianyao stared at Su Chen, stunned. “You want to learn the Sorrow-Erasing Baptism?”

“I want to learn everything from the Zhu Clan!”


Using the Zhu Clan’s skills to deal with the Zhu Clan was Su Chen’s plan. Through this method, he would be able to escape from implication while simultaneously learning the Origin Skills of a Demonic Emperor Bloodline Nobility Clan.

As for what would happen after Zhu Xianyao’s memories were wiped, Su Chen had already prepared a narrative and cover-up for her.

After the Red Pinewood Forest Battle, Zhu Xianyao had only narrowly escaped, and she had happened to run into Yue Longsha. After sending the last letter, Zhu Xianyao and Yue Longsha had gone to retaliate against the Immortal Temple, but she had been injured during the battle and had lost her memory upon awakening.

This lie was not to trick the Zhu Clan, but rather to trick Zhu Xianyao after she had lost her memories.

The Sorrow-Erasing Baptism would only erase a certain portion of Zhu Xianyao’s memories. She wouldn’t lose any of her long-term memories, such as her identity, but she would definitely need an explanation as to what had happened during this period of time.

Saying that she and Yue Longsha had fought back against the Immortal Temple was a convenient reason. It would also remind her that her enemy was now the Immortal Temple.

After finishing this matter, Su Chen and the Zhu Clan would no longer have any ties to each other. Only the Six Great Clans and the Immortal Temple would trouble them because of the Red Pinewood Forest Battle, but none of that would have anything to do with Su Chen.

Zhu Xianyao didn’t take too long to agree.

At this point, she didn’t have much of a choice.

After agreeing to Su Chen’s conditions, Zhu Xianyao first wrote a letter to the Zhu Clan.

Although the Red Pinewood Forest Battle had already occurred, the Horizontal Mountain was incredibly far away, and they could not have possibly known the exact circumstances. Thus, the timing of the letter was not an issue at all.

A day later, the Imaging Disk was sent.

On the third day, the third and final letter was sent. At this point, Zhu Xianyao’s responsibilities were mostly finished. All that remained was for Su Chen to learn the Zhu Clan’s secret techniques from Zhu Xianyao.

Of course, he would also be analyzing the Zhu Clan’s bloodline.

Because Zhu Xianyao had cooperated with him somewhat readily, Su Chen didn’t subject her to much torment. All he did was draw some of her blood to use in chemical testing and Origin Substance analysis. He didn’t do anything else to her after that.

On the fifteenth day after the letter had been sent, Su Chen entered the Dreamrealm and was notified that the ban on Kaihuang’s Heaven had been lifted.

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