Chapter 106: Light and Dark

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 106: Light and Dark

The Dreamrealm was in an uproar.

Kaihuang’s Heaven had been placed in the most prominent location within the Hall of Information. Meng Lan had once again activated her advertising powers and given the technique a nine-star evaluation. This time, however, it wasn’t because she and Su Chen had made a deal, but because it really was worthy of that evaluation. A cultivation technique like this couldn’t be praised too much.

A hundred Dream Droplets for a cultivation technique to enter the Blood Boiling Realm without a bloodline.

Most people felt as if they had been struck in the back of the head when they read this.

Was there finally a complete technique that allowed people to reach the Blood Boiling Realm without a bloodline?

And it only cost a hundred Dream Droplets?

Could it be a scam?

That was the first thought that went through most people's minds.

However, it had been advertised for three days, and the nine-star evaluation confirmed that it was the real thing.

In addition, since it only cost a hundred Dream Droplets, they wouldn’t lose very much even if it was a scam.

When Su Chen entered the Dreamrealm again, he was greeted by a jaw-dropping sum.

Twenty-one thousand copies!

Yes, over twenty thousand copies of Kaihuang’s Heaven had already been sold in only one day,

This was the difference between the Adamantine Battle Body and Kaihuang’s Heaven. In the end, the Adamantine Battle Body was just an Origin Skill; even though its defensive capabilities were outstanding, not everyone needed it, and its under-the-table distribution further decreased its value.

But Kaihuang’s Heaven was different because it directly provided a way for cultivators to raise their cultivation bases. If they could reach the Blood Boiling Realm without a bloodline, they wouldn’t need to use a mixed-bloodline medicine while still in the Qi Drawing Realm.

Most importantly, this critical cultivation technique only cost a hundred Dream Droplets.

To Meng Lan, twenty thousand sales wasn’t much; rather, she felt that it was too little.

“The Castle Lady says that there should be more people surveying the situation. Though the price of just a hundred Dream Droplets caused many people to just buy the technique, there are also many who are worried that there is a critical flaw within technique, so they are waiting for other people to post reviews. The Castle Lady has already allowed people to provide reviews, so there should be some reviews very soon. At that point, this cultivation technique will really begin to take off,” Lulu said as she flew around Su Chen.

In fact, there were already quite a few reviews already.

Some people had already quickly looked through the technique. Although they had not used it yet, they confirmed the theoretical validity of the idea.

Some others who were already at the brink of reaching the Blood Boiling Realm had tried the technique immediately after buying it and had succeeded then and there. They had charged over to excitedly leave a rave review.

Of course, some others had failed. Although they hadn’t succeeded in reaching the Blood Boiling Realm, they had experienced the lack of side effects from Kaihuang’s Heaven, and they also came to leave reviews about it.

It had only been on sale for one day, and not many people had left reviews yet. Based on the preliminary reviews, however, the vast majority were singing its praises.

Naturally, those who had succeeded were ecstatic, and even those who had failed praised it. They all claimed that it was a technique that could change the course of human history, and they profusely thanked the seller, Cloud Bat, for providing it so generously.

The name Cloud Bat began to gain a reputation.

Of course, there were people criticizing it as well.

Some commented that Kaihuang’s Heaven was too elaborate because it incorporated Origin energy Patterns, forcing those who used the technique to have at least some understanding of Origin Energy Patterns. Otherwise, the success rate would decrease. In addition, cultivation techniques to reach the Blood Boiling Realm already existed, but they weren’t complete. Cloud Bat had only perfected it slightly, but it was still far off from shaping the course of human history. Cloud Bat was not the savior of the human race and was undeserving of that title.

Their reasoning was correct, but their tone was one of ridicule and they were clearly trying to demean this achievement. They were bitterly cursed out for it.

Su Chen didn’t mind. Right now, it was still just the beginning; pretty soon, more people would confirm the usefulness of Kaihuang’s Heaven, and it would reach its peak sales rate.

He said, “I need to thank the Castle Lady for her public support.”

“There’s no need to be so polite. You guys are friends, after all,” Lulu said, her hands on her hips. “The better it sells, the more the Castle Lady can glean from it. If you had been willing to raise the price more, you probably could have easily earned two million by now.”

Su Chen laughed, “I wasn’t selling Kaihuang’s Heaven to earn money anyways, but tell your Castle Lady that she doesn’t have to worry about it too much. I trust that sometime in the near future I will have some new Origin Skills to sell. At that time, I should be able to line the Castle Lady’s pockets a bit more.”

“Oh? Are you planning on creating some new Origin Skill?” Lulu asked excitedly.

“I’m still in the planning stages. I haven’t begun yet.”

“Only in the planning stages? Creating a new Origin Skill is not that easy,” Lulu said, tilting her head.

“But it’s not that hard either,” Su Chen laughed.

Yes, to Su Chen it really wasn’t that hard.

In the following days, just like Meng Lan and Su Chen had predicted, Kaihuang’s Heaven caused a massive commotion within certain circles in the Dreamrealm.

After confirming its effectiveness, a rarely-seen wave of sales occurred.

Within three days time, 230,000 copies of Kaihuang’s Heaven had been sold.

230,000 copies!

How many Origin Qi Scholars were there in total in the entire human race?

No more than twenty million, and there were around four million Qi Drawing Origin Qi Scholars alone.

Some of them were part of Bloodline Nobility Clans, so they had no need of this technique. Only roughly two million people needed a copy of Kaihuang’s Heaven.

Of those two million people, probably only half had access to the Dreamrealm.

One-fourth of the million Qi Drawing Realm cultivators without bloodlines had bought the technique. The general pattern of under-the-table distributions being more common had been completely shattered.

This didn’t even include any sales that might occur after these few days.

Based on this momentum, selling another hundred or two hundred thousand copies of Kaihuang’s Heaven wasn’t an issue at all, which meant that nearly half of the Qi Drawing Realm cultivators without bloodlines would end up buying the technique.

This greatly exceeded Su Chen and Meng Lan’s expectations.

The main reason for this was because these people felt some gratitude towards “Cloud Bat”.

The people buying Kaihuang’s Heaven knew why Cloud Bat would sell this technique at such a low price.

His intention in the first place was not to make money but rather to benefit the human race.

Because of this, the people benefitting from him were willing to pay a small contribution for this great purpose.

Some people were even willing to buy the technique directly from the Dreamrealm even though they could have obtained it for cheaper within the real world merely to thank Su Chen, to thank Cloud Bat!

This was the human race.

Perhaps they were not so grand and perhaps they were selfish, but when faced with grandness, they knew to respect and look up to it.

Shi Kaihuang had said that those who obtained this technique from him wouldn’t help protect him from any storms that he might encounter.

What he said wasn’t incorrect, but it also didn’t mean that they wouldn’t know how to feel gratitude.

Perhaps they might not volunteer themselves to stand against the storm, but they could use their own methods to help others.

A hundred Dream Droplets was not expensive by any stretch of the imagination. Those who understood how to express their gratitude knew what to do.

Use their meager abilities to help the person who had helped them!

The world was dark, but there was also light!

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