Chapter 107: The Slyheart Bloodline (1)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 107: The Slyheart Bloodline (1)

Under the influence of this kind of thinking, the sales of Kaihuang’s Heaven continued to skyrocket, breaking past the horizon.

10 days after the ban on Kaihuang’s Heaven had been lifted, the sales marker finally broke the 400,000 mark.

At this point, everything that could be sold had been sold - those who were unwilling to spend the money at this point wouldn’t, and the sales of Kaihuang’s Heaven took a sharp dive in the following days.

Even so, Su Chen still earned the first large sum of money that he had ever obtained in his life.

Forty million Origin Stones!

Although Su Chen was from a relatively wealthy clan, this number still shocked him.

Forty million Origin Stones, what did this entail?

Back then, Su Keji had tried to supplant Su Chen for merely a few thousand Origin Stones, and thirty thousand Origin Stones had been enough for Su Chen to sever his ties with the Su Clan and pay back all of his debt. Forty million Origin Stones was enough to raise a thousand Su Chen’s.

Did Su Chen now own this massive sum?

Su Chen felt dizzy when faced with such an astronomical sum.

He knew that Kaihuang’s Heaven had been invented primarily by Shi Kaihuang, so in the end he decided to give the money to Shi Kaihuang.

When Shi Kaihuang heard this, however, he said, “Get out of here. What use would I have for money? I don’t need it. You can use this to go buy some ingredients or something.”

“But Instructor, you are the true creator of Kaihuang’s Heaven. Disciple is just......”

Shi Kaihuang impatiently interrupted him, “Don’t tell me all this rubbish. First of all, you were the one who completed Kaihuang’s Heaven. Second, you were the one who took care of the Zhu Clan. Third, you gave me Brooke’s Formula; that formula alone is worth an exchange for Kaihuang’s Heaven.”

After Su Chen completed Kaihuang’s Heaven, Shi Kaihuang finally reflected on his mistakes and was no longer biased against Ancient Arcana Techniques. Because he also needed Shi Kaihuang to take care of the Immortal Temple, Su Chen decided to just give Brooke’s Formula to his Instructor.

With Brooke’s Formula, Shi Kaihuang had many more available possibilities and directions to take when developing a technique for reaching the Yang Opening Realm.

When Su Chen heard Shi Kaihuang’s reply, he no longer had any more objections, and he happily accepted the sum of money,

He was pretty calm about it. When Iron Cliff and Cloud Leopard heard about the sum of money, they were instantly sent into a daze.

When they thought of the fact that their leader had earned so much money, they couldn’t suppress the happiness in their heart. From time to time, they would sit in a daze and laugh foolishly. It really did look like they had some kind of mental illness.

One day, Cloud Leopard ran to Shi Kaihuang while in one of his giggling fits, “Instructor, how much wealth do you think a Demonic Emperor Clan has?”

“What?” Shi Kaihuang asked.

Cloud Leopard rubbed his head. “I just wanted to know what the difference is between Su Chen and them.”

“Demonic Emperor Nobility Clan......” Shi Kaihuang thought for a moment before he replied, “The poorest probably have at least a few tens of millions.”

Cloud Leopard’s eyes lit up. “So you’re saying that Su Chen has as many Origin Stones as a Demonic Emperor Nobility Clan?”

Shi Kaihuang glanced at him. “I’m talking about high-tier Origin Stones.”

“Oh.” Cloud Leopard seemed to deflate before he ran away somewhat dejectedly.

Shi Kaihuang shook his head with a smile, but when he thought of the silliness of hot-blooded youths, he could understand his behavior.

The name Cloud Bat spread throughout the entire Dreamrealm.

The Adamantine Battle Body and Kaihuang’s Heaven had made Cloud Bat a celebrity within the Dreamrealm.

Many people debated the origins of Cloud Bat. Almost all of the famous individuals within the human race’s Seven Kingdoms were guessed, and even Shi Kaihuang had been nominated - after all, the name Kaihuang was written with the same characters in Shi Kaihuang’s name - but all of the guesses were centered around the big names. No one could possibly have expected that Cloud Bat’s true identity was just a small, lowly student.

The only people who knew the truth were likely the Horizontal Mountain Zhu Clan, but at the moment they were frantically trying to find Zhu Xianyao and had no time to pay attention to such trivial matters.

As time went on, the waves that Kaihuang’s Heaven had kicked up began to slowly subside.

People finally stopped discussing Cloud Bat, but the influence of Kaihuang’s Heaven began to infiltrate every aspect of the Origin Qi Scholar system.

From this day onwards, the limit that Origin Qi Scholars without a bloodline could reach was the peak of the Blood Boiling Realm.

As for Su Chen, his life continued as per usual. Every day, he would go to class, cultivate, and research.

He had exchanged the large sum from the Dreamrealm for a bunch of precious medicinal ingredients that were constantly being delivered from all over the place to his research station, which were in turn being used for countless experiments, supplementing Su Chen’s knowledge.


“Interesting, this is my first time seeing an Origin Substance like this. It should be the same kind of Origin Substance, but its characteristics are completely different when in a male versus a female. No wonder your mesmer skills can only be used by females; some of the Origin Substance’s characteristics only appear within the female body,” Su Chen said as he inspected the liquid within the two different test tubes.

“So what if you figured out the reason? Can you change it at all?” Zhu Xianyao said unhappily.

During this period of time, Su Chen had extracted some of her blood every day to do research. Although this was the gentlest method that Su Chen could have chosen, Zhu Xianyao still felt extremely uncomfortable, so naturally her tone was not happy.

“I don’t know if I can change it,” Su Chen replied. “During these past years, I have spent all my time analyzing the secrets behind bloodline Origin Substances to see if I can replace them. I succeeded sometimes and failed sometimes. In the end, finding substitutes for Origin Substances can be somewhat random. To be honest, success comes from not only performing experiments diligently but also a certain amount of luck.”

“Luck?” Zhu Xianyao gazed at Su Chen. “Are you saying that the greatest success you’ve had so far in breaking through the bloodline restrictions was dependent on luck?”

Her words were laced with disdain and mockery.

Su Chen didn’t mind. He said indifferently, “Yes. Needing luck really isn’t that embarrassing; those who don’t make an effort don’t even have the right to experience luck. The luck that I am referring to doesn’t just fall from the sky with no effort; rather, it is more like the Heavens having pity on someone who has tried things again and again. Success may come from the most unexpected and underestimated sources. I call this an inevitable chance of success - good fortune based on countless attempts and hard work.”

“So has fortune smiled upon you concerning the Zhu Clan’s bloodline?” Zhu Xianyao asked, still mocking him.

Su Chen shrugged his shoulders.

Evidently, he hadn’t gotten lucky yet.

Zhu Xianyao laughed sarcastically, “You really think that you can break down the Zhu Clan’s bloodline? What a joke. Don’t think that just because you happened to complete Kaihuang’s Heaven that you are something special. It was still your instructor who did most of the work; you were just the person who reaped the benefits by relying on the foundation that he had set. I would advise you to not waste so much time and energy on this anymore.”

“Perhaps,” Su Chen didn’t continue to claim that he would eventually succeed just by continuing to spend time on it. He knew that for the most part, research was like a bottomless pit that wouldn’t echo no matter how many stones you threw into it.

If he wasn’t able to make a breakthrough in understanding the Zhu Clan’s bloodline within a certain period of time, Su Chen would consider giving up on it.

At that point, Iron Cliff rushed in.

He said, “Zheng Bashan is awake.”

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