Chapter 113: Flying Leap

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 113: Flying Leap

When faced with a decision between strength and appearance, Wang Doushan still chose strength in the end.

It was probably more accurate to say that he had already made that decision ten or so years ago when he wasn’t a fatty yet. Now, he was just continuing down that path.

There were still two months before the end-of-year competition, which was more than enough time for everyone to become familiar with their new Origin Skills.

They all felt extremely grateful.

Just giving someone an Origin Skill was simply a matter of money.

Constructing an Origin Skill that takes into consideration the person’s individual characteristics was something that took a lot more effort.

Evidently, Su Chen had been preparing these for quite some time. The effort he had put in the Origin Skills was quite obvious, and there was no way for them to have been an on-the-spot impulse.

Wang Doushan put his arm around Su Chen and said, “With Devouring the Heavens, I will definitely achieve a much better result at the end-of-year competition.”

“Hey, I’m not giving this Origin Skill to you for free. Since you’ve benefited, it’s time for you to do some things for me,” Su Chen said.

“What do you want?”

Su Chen tossed him a small vial. “During the arena battles, blood will inevitably flow. If you have an opportunity, try to help me gather some blood from Bloodline Nobility Clan members.”

“Why do you want blood from Bloodline Nobility Clan members so much?”

Su Chen replied, “Every bloodline has its own unique characteristics. I don’t know which ones will be useful and which ones won’t, but the more I have, the wider I can cast my net. Who knows, I might end up with some unexpected surprises.”

Upon hearing this, everyone’s interest was piqued.

“I will!” Jin Ling’er was the first to agree.

“I will too!” Du Qing yelled loudly.

“Me too!” Sun Jizu said.

Everyone leapt at the chance to agree.

They were very clear about one thing: helping Su Chen was the same as helping themselves.

After sending away Wang Doushan and the others, Su Chen paid Yue Longsha a visit.

He got straight to the point. “The Yue Clan are experts in battling under moonlight. However, all the arena battles are in broad daylight, so your performance on stage has always been a bit lackluster, right?”

Yue Longsha replied, “So what?”

Su Chen pulled out two jade slips. “This is the Bloodriver Zhong Clan’s Blood Clones. It is not as powerful as the Zhong Clan’s copy, but it requires less blood to make a single Blood Clone and has less of an effect on the true body. The clones don’t have much offensive power, but you can still switch between the clones as you please. It is effective within a distance of 200 feet, and can serve as a supplement to your inability to conceal yourself in broad daylight. The other jade slip is my Clear Wind Net. You’ve experienced it yourself and probably don’t need me to explain much more. Based on your speed and adaptability, it should be even more useful in your hands. If you infuse your bloodline into it and supplement it with moonlight, perhaps it will be even more powerful, but that will depend on your own effort.”

Yue Longsha crossed her arms. “What does this mean?”

“Just friends helping friends. Since I have these skills but don’t have the energy to learn them one by one, it’s better for me to give them to my friends.”

“Friends?” Yue Longsha seemed to mull over the word.

“Yes, friends,” Su Chen replied.

A trace of a smile appeared on Yue Longsha’s face. “Fine, if that’s the case, then I won’t be polite about it.”

She stowed the jade slip away.

No thanks, no wordiness - Yue Longsha’s attitude was extremely direct and efficient.

After taking care of this matter, Su Chen returned to the tower and found Iron Cliff still there cultivating.

Everyone now had an Origin Skill from Su Chen, and naturally Iron Cliff was not excluded. In fact, he had even more to learn.

Apart from the Adamantine Battle Body, Su Chen also gave him Stalwart Mountain and Devouring the Heavens. Devouring the Heavens was a practical skill that could be considered an extraordinary-tier Origin Skill, and its only drawback was that the user’s large body size made it too obvious. However, Iron Cliff was already brawny in the first place, and it wouldn’t be very noticeable even if he were to grow fatter. In addition, the bigger he was, the better of a meat shield he would be. Stalwart Mountain was an Origin Skill that could raise the user’s strength, and was a body-tempering technique owned by the Sword Rhinoceros Zheng Clan.

With the Adamantine Body raising his defensive capabilities, the Stalwart Mountain raising his strength, and Devouring the Heavens raising his recovery abilities, Iron Cliff was slowly but surely progressing to the role of a meat shield.

As for Su Chen, he naturally had selected a few of the Origin Skills for himself......


Two months went by in a flash.

In the blink of an eye, it was suddenly time for the end-of-year competition.

With the Origin Skills that Su Chen had given them, Jin Ling’er and the others had grown much stronger, and they were able to obtain quite impressive results during the end-of-year competition.

Wang Doushan had only reached 92nd place on the Dragon Transformation List last time. However, he had managed to get 80th place this time, 12 spots above his previous result.

Cloud Leopard always ranked around 150th or so. This time, he reached 130th. His improvement had been limited primarily because the Jade Luster Body was most effective when in a forest. It was not as effective up on a stage.

Apart from her first end-of-year competition when she broke through in the top two hundred, Jin Ling’er hadn’t even entered the Dragon Transformation List in the other three years. But this time, she once again pushed her way into the Dragon Transformation List, reaching a rank of around 186.

As for Sun Jizu and Du Qing, they were still unable to enter the Dragon Transformation List; they were eliminated in the second round of battle. Even so, they had still made some progress, since in the past they had been eliminated in the first round.

Yue Longsha had the highest ranking of 36th.

Everyone’s rankings had improved somewhat, but this was only the beginning.

From that day onwards, Su Chen began to furiously research various bloodlines. Every time he had a breakthrough, he would distribute anything he didn’t need to his friends. Of course, he also kept a few for himself.

Research exhausted a lot of resources. Even though he had forty million Origin Stones, that was still not enough for Su Chen.

Even Shi Kaihuang began loosening his pockets when researching. The end result was that they spent money faster and faster, and their successes gradually began to accumulate.

In the sixth year’s end-of-year competition, everyone once again improved.

Wang Doushan moved up the list by leaps and bounds, jumping from 80th place to 36th in an instant.

His weight also began to increase by leaps and bounds.

Cloud Leopard reached 95th place, and Jin Ling’er reached 154th. In terms of strength, they were not weaker than Wang Doushan, but they were still not as proficient at doing battle on a stage, so the magnitude of their improvement seemed much smaller as a result.

Sun Jizu and Du Qing were eliminated in the third round.

Yue Longsha improved again and reached 24th place.

Ji Hanyan had been kept at 4th place for many years now. She continued to strive to break into the top three, but she was never able to breach that high wall.

In the seventh year, Wang Doushan was 18th place, Cloud Leopard was 66th, Jin Ling’er was 125th, Sun Jizu and Du Qing reached the fourth round, and Yue Longsha was 12th.

In the eighth year, Wang Doushan was 7th, surpassing Yue Longsha who was relegated to 8th. His Devouring the Heavens had become incredibly potent. Even if he just stood there and let others beat him up, many people simply weren’t able to kill him. He was known as the Hidden Dragon Institute’s unkillable person.

Cloud Leopard was 41st, and Jin Ling’er was 98th.

Ji Hanyan was fifth.

Her ranking had gone down rather than up. Based on her temperament, she was probably going mad with rage.

The person who had pushed her back was Gu Qingluo.

Gu Qingluo, who had always kept a low profile, suddenly shot upwards this year, defeating Ji Hanyan and taking fourth place for herself.

This year was also the year that Sun Jizu and Du Qing charged into the Dragon Transformation List for the first time, becoming two stars of the students without bloodlines.

This year was the ninth year.

Another end-of-year competition was just around the corner.

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