Chapter 114: Golden Scripture Art

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 114: Golden Scripture Art

In the blink of an eye, five years had passed. Su Chen now looked much more mature than before.

The youth who had once been filled with vigor had become a full-fledged adult. A mustache was beginning to sprout, and his gaze seemed much more tranquil and deep.

Today, Su Chen was conconcoting a batch of Spirit Sobering Medicine.

After Ma Renze died, the Immortal Temple knew that there wasn’t much point in pushing Su Chen. Finally, they drafted up a new agreement with Su Chen: As long as he hadn’t reached the Distinguished level in alchemy yet, he only needed to hand over two hundred vials of medicine.

This request was not extravagant in the slightest, so Su Chen had agreed. Following their agreement, Su Chen sent them two hundred vials of Spirit Sobering Medicine every year, and by now he had paid of a thousand vials worth of debt. Su Chen’s success rate was already much higher than anyone else’s, but the lower his costs the better. Today, even though Su Chen hadn’t reached the Distinguished level yet, he was already much more proficient at concocting the Spirit Sobering Medicine than even many Distinguished alchemists were.

At this moment, Su Chen had reached a critical point in concocting Spirit Sobering Medicine. Suddenly, however, someone knocked on his door.

Su Chen inadvertently infused too much Origin Energy into the concoction due to the disturbance, and the vial of medicine he was holding began to smoke.

“Dammit!” Su Chen cursed. He quickly tossed the vial of medicine into a nearby container he had prepared earlier. Flames erupted from his palm and slammed into the vial, the Fireball Technique obliterating the vial of medicine. After all, Corpse Spirit Flowers were the base ingredient for Spirit Sobering Medicine. Any failed products would immediately begin to release poisonous substances into the air.

After incinerating the last remaining bit, Su Chen opened the door and said unhappily, “Didn’t I say not to disturb me while I am concocting medicine?”

The person knocking was Iron Cliff. “Instructor is looking for you.”

Su Chen’s temper dissipated when he learned that Shi Kaihuang had summoned him, and he quickly headed for the hall where the Origin Talisman Energy Formation was.

Upon arriving, he found Shi Kaihuang sitting within the formation, stars shining around him as they intertwined to form countless complex pictures.

On the ground were drawn many Origin Patterns.

Ever since Su Chen gave Shi Kaihuang Brooke’s Formula, Shi Kaihuang began analyzing Origin Patterns as well.

“Instructor!” Su Chen stepped forward and bowed in greeting.

“Oh, you’re here. Have a seat.” Shi Kaihuang pointed at the ground.

There were no chairs within the hall where the Origin Talisman Energy Formation was. Su Chen sat on the ground, following Shi Kaihuang’s example.

Shi Kaihuang said, “I summoned you because there’s something I need to tell you. I have already made some breakthroughs regarding a method for breaking into the Yang Opening Realm without a bloodline.”

“Really?” Su Chen happily asked. “Congratulations, Instructor.”

“It’s all thanks to you,” Shi Kaihuang said. “Combining Ancient Arcana Techniques and contemporary Origin Skills has given me a lot of different paths to choose from, and Brooke’s Formula is truly marvelous. In fact, it’s no less valuable than my Origin Talisman Energy Formation. With these two combined, my research has progressed extremely quickly. However, the path to completing this technique is still long, and there will be many difficult barriers and obstacles in our way. I have only just resolved one important problem, but there will be many more in the future.”

“So what does Instructor need me to do?” Su Chen asked.

Shi Kaihuang said, “I have completed the Palace-Opening phase of reaching the Yang Opening Realm without a bloodline, but actually casting the palaces requires the coagulation of Origin Energy. The human race relies on the power of a bloodline to condense Origin Energy,, but skipping this step will require an even more brilliant condensing technique.”

“Your disciple understands,” Su Chen replied.

Each cultivation realm represented a major barrier, and each step was very closely related. Making a breakthrough into a higher cultivation realm required not just one Origin Skill but many.

At the moment, what Shi Kaihuang needed was an Origin Skill that could condense Origin Energy and give it form.

The same Origin Skill could have drastically different effects in the hands of different Origin Qi Scholars. There are many factors that affect this, one of them being the degree to which one’s Origin Energy was condensed.

Shi Kaihuang continued, “The condensing of Origin Energy starts from the environment and is eventually incorporated into the body. I have basically resolved the external portion of the technique using Brooke’s Formula, but the internal portion is much more difficult, and the Origin Talisman Energy Formation is not enough on its own. Thus, I need an even more outstanding Origin Energy condensing method to reference.”

“An even more outstanding Origin Energy condensing method? Where can we possibly find one? Disciple is willing to search for master.”

“That is precisely why I called you here. There are no more than three condensing Origin Skills that can truly be considered outstanding, and one of them is currently residing in Long Sang Country.”

“Where is it?”

"The King Race Lin Clan,” Shi Kaihuang replied.

King Race Lin Clan?

When Su Chen heard this term, he was sent into a daze.

What was the King Race?

That didn’t refer to a Demonic King Bloodline but the descendants of the current king of Long Sang Country.

Only seven clans could be titled a “King Race”. They were the rulers of the Seven Kingdoms.

After the Illustrious Divine Dynasty collapsed, the seven strongest, most influential noble clans divided up the land, forming the Seven Kingdoms.

The North Garrison General Lin Xianyu established Long Sang Country and set the capital as Long Coiling City, located in the northern area of what used to be the Illustrious Divine Dynasty’s territory.

132 years after establishing Long Sang Country, Lin Xianyu personally led a large army to defeat the invading Ferocious Race’s Inferno Tribe, taking back the land that had been lost. He continued his conquest, taking the Gold River Basin and establishing the Gold River Fort there.

In the 384th year of Long Sang, the Gold River Fort was completed, becoming an important stronghold in the battle against the Ferocious Race.

In the 863rd year of Long Sang, Lin Xianyu died, and Lin Liusheng succeeded him.

In the 16th century of Long Sang, Lin Liusheng died, and Lin Baiyuan succeeded him.

In the 24th century of Long Sang, Lin Baiyuan died, and Lin Mengze succeeded him.

Now, it was the 31st century of Long Sang, 26,000 years into the New Star Era.

Lin Mengze had a firm grasp on the throne.

The Origin Energy condensing technique that Shi Kaihuang was talking about was the Lin Clan’s secret technique, Golden Scripture Art.

As a King Race, the Lin Clan could not be compared to any average nobility clan. They held absolute authority in Long Sang Country, and they also possessed the strongest bloodlines and techniques.

Even for someone as brave as Su Chen, trying to get a cultivation technique from them was equivalent to a suicide mission.

Thankfully, Shi Kaihuang assuaged him, “I’m not asking you to try and cheat them. These things can be easily obtained without any tricks.”

“So how would I go about obtaining it without any tricks?” Su Chen asked.

“Earlier, someone discovered some Arcana Race ruins near the Gold River. However, because it was not kept secret, the Ferocious Race found out about it. The two parties stationed vast amounts of troops there, and a massive battle was about to take place. At that moment, someone proposed that they set aside their disputes and work together.”

“Set aside their disputes and work together?” Su Chen was surprised by this.

“Yes!” Shi Kaihuang nodded.

“The human race has always been at odds with the Ferocious Race. Why would they agree to it?”

“Of course they didn’t want to agree, but it wasn’t up to them. It was the Gravel Lizard Tribe that had discovered the Arcana Race ruins, not the entire Ferocious Race.”

Su Chen understood.

Having been at the Hidden Dragon Institute, Su Chen knew that the Ferocious Race fought amongst themselves just like the human race did.

The Inferno Tribe currently held the most power in the Ferocious Race, but there were many autonomous tribes on their own outside of the Inferno Tribe.

The Gravel Lizard Tribe were the ones fighting over the Arcana Race ruins.

Just like how Long Sang wouldn’t notify the six other countries, the Sand Lizard Tribe was unwilling to split the spoils with the rest of the Ferocious Race.

If a large battle were to really break out, it would be hard to say how much benefit they would be able to reap.

It was under these circumstances that the idea of setting aside their differences and working together was proposed.

Shi Kaihuang continued, “The two sides agreed to let their junior disciples enter the ruins to retrieve the treasures inside. Those who perform exceptionally will be rewarded, and can even request a specific reward...... as long as it’s not too serious.”

Su Chen understood. “Instructor wants me to enter the ruins and request the Golden Scripture Art as my reward?”

“That’s right. That’s how you’ll obtain it without using any tricks. Although the Golden Scripture Art is a secret technique, King Races collect all kinds of secret techniques, and they will likely possess it. If you can make enough of a contribution and request it from them, they shouldn’t deny your request.”

“Okay! Then how will disciple obtain the right to enter the ruins?”

“First, you must win the end-of-year competition.”

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