Chapter 147: Exterminating the Demonic Beast (1)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 147: Exterminating the Demonic Beast (1)


“Damn you, Su Chen, you’re inhuman! Are you trying to torture me to death?”

“I’m not playing anymore! I don’t want to play anymore! Get off of me!”

“What Totemic Medicine? This is torture! This is definitely a form of torture used by the Ferocious Race!”

Within the stone-walled cavern, Fatty Wang was howling in pain. The only thing everyone could do was look at one another.

“Is it really that painful?” The short, lean Shui Dong was in disbelief.

Because Origin Qi Scholars possessed powerful physiques and spent most of their time cultivating, they had an extremely high tolerance for pain.

Some people could even endure broken bones and deep wounds; it was much rarer for people like this damn fatty to howl and wail from just having a few inscriptions drawn on them.

Pi Yuanhong nodded in sympathy. “It really is painful!”

After a long time, Wang Doushan’s cries finally stopped.

When he reemerged from the stone cavern, everyone burst into laughter.

Wang Doushan’s upper half was naked. On his right arm was a fierce, bold navy-blue inscription in the shape of a beast baring its teeth. It was truly quite fearsome.

However, only his right arm had an inscription on it.

There was nothing on his left arm.

Su Chen explained, “He thought it was too painful. After I finished inscribing his right arm, he wouldn’t let me touch his left arm.”

Everyone burst into laughter.

Wang Doushan said in embarrassment, “It really did hurt.”

Totemic Medicine caused a different kind of pain. It directly assaulted a person’s consciousness. Not only was it painful, but it also caused extreme soreness.

Wang Doushan was no stranger to brutal battles. He just had an extremely hard time tolerating this type of pain, so in the end, he could only endure for as long as it took to inscribe his right arm.

One thing that Wang Doushan had said was absolutely correct. In its earliest forms, the Totemic Medicine was in fact used by the Ferocious Race to torture others. Afterwards, they unintentionally discovered that it could activate a person’s Blood Qi. Thus, they turned it into their own unique inscription technique.

To the Ferocious Race, these Totemic Inscriptions were not only the source of their power but also a symbol of their powerful will.

Those who could endure the process of having their entire bodies covered in inscriptions definitely possessed great willpower.

Thus, dividing the Ferocious Race youths into categories of strength was very simple - it depended on how many inscriptions their bodies had.

The more inscriptions they had, the more vicious they were. This was an indisputable truth.

“No worries. The right arm should be enough. Actually, it’s not necessarily a bad thing to have fewer inscriptions. You consume less of your Blood Qi. After all, if a person gets good enough with a weapon, only one is necessary.”

“What about the second part of the plan?” He Yuandong asked.

“I need a live Vicious Beast,” Su Chen replied.

An hour later, a captured Vicious Beast was brought before Su Chen.

Su Chen pulled out a vial of medicine and forced it down the Vicious Beast’s mouth.

“This is a Strengthened Weakening Medicine. Taking it will greatly weaken one’s body.”

He Yuandong understood his intentions. “You want to bait that Demonic Beast into eating it?”

Su Chen nodded.

“How effective is it?” Feng Yigu asked.

“High-tier Weakening Medicines can cause the target’s strength to decrease by 40% or so, but because I gave it to a Vicious Beast first instead of directly giving it to the Demonic Beast, the effect should be lower. If I had to guess, it might be around 20%.”

He Yuandong nodded. “If it’s just a low-tier Demonic Beast, 20% will be enough.”

This wasn’t the same as the earlier four-man test, where they were being chased by a Demonic Beast. At that time, the Demonic Beasts were only fed fake medicines, and the students were limited to four-person teams.

Now, however, there were ten or more powerful students battling a weakened Demonic Beast. Their odds of success had greatly increased.

He Yuandong, Su Chen, Feng Yigu, Pi Yuanhong, Shen Yucheng, and Shen Longcheng were all within the top ten; Wang Doushan, Shi Jiangbai, Cang Ruzhi, and Shui Dong were all within the top twenty; Wu Xiao, number 21, wasn’t weak either, and he would be able to handle himself. Jiang Hanfeng and Ji Ruoyu were somewhat weaker in comparison, but they had some tricks up their sleeves. The Concealment Formation master Ma Xuan was selected to remain behind, and he had to keep watch and prevent the stone mountain from being invaded.

Just as they were about to depart, two more people arrived: Wang Xuan’an and Wei Yang.

Wang Xuan’an was the student who originally had tried to suppress Cloud Leopard, but this was all in the past now. No matter their past grievances, they needed to band together against the Ferocious Race. Wang Xuan’an was ranked 29th and wasn’t weak in the slightest, and his arrival gave everyone renewed vigor.

Wei Yang was an eighth-year student who was skilled in Origin Formations. His student number was 35, and he was even weaker than Jiang Hanfeng, but having him here was better than not having him.

The fifteen of them set out for the forest.

Upon arriving, everyone headed for the agreed-upon location. Su Chen placed the drugged Vicious Beast there according to the plan, then lit a Beast Drawing Incense specifically designed for Demonic Beasts. Everyone concealed themselves well and lay in wait.

Not long after, a massive Demonic Beast covered in purple scales emerged from the depths of the forest.

It had a very small head and a very long tail. It walked upright on the back of its two massive tails.

Perhaps because it had been the king of the jungle for too long, the Demonic Beast clearly had no wariness. Its hunger was aroused by the drugged Vicious Beast, and it pounced immediately to devour it.

As it tore into the Vicious Beast over and over, everyone silently waited. Apart from Wu Xiao, the others didn’t even glance at the Demonic Beast - Demonic Beasts had uncanny perceptive abilities, and Su Chen and the others would be discovered almost instantaneously.

Only Wu Xiao’s Clairvoyant Beast Bloodline could counter this perception.

When the purple-scaled beast had finally consumed its meal, Wu Xiao, who had been staring intently at the target, said, “The medicine is beginning to take effect. Its strength has gone down by 25%, better than we expected. We can make a move now.”

After he said that, he let out a long sigh. He had expended a ton of energy to protect himself, and he could finally let out the pressure.

With this sigh, the purple-scaled beast detected their presence for the first time. It turned around at looked right at them and lowdly howled.

“Finally! I’ve been waiting for too long!” Wang Doushan laughed maniacally as he leapt out of the brush and charged the purple-scaled beast.

Upon seeing Wang Doushan appear, the purple-scaled beast opened its mouth and spat out a purplish-black streak of light.

This streak of light congealed into the image of a blade, emanating a killing aura as it ripped through the air towards Wang Doushan.

It slammed into Wang Doushan’s Water Crystal Barrier and shattered it immediately, causing shards of crystal to fly everywhere.

The blow then proceeded to strike Wang Doushan. His large body flew into the air in response, and a splash of blood flew through the air.

That single blow was enough to break through his barrier and injure him.

Demonic Beasts were indeed incredibly powerful.

Even so, that was the extent of the damage it had inflicted.


His massive body slammed heavily into the ground, creating a crater.

A trace of blood appeared at the corner of his mouth.

He wiped away the blood and said fiercely, “Pretty powerful! But I can handle it!”

As he spoke, the wounds on his body began to heal. The deep wound he had just received was already beginning to disappear.

“So what are we waiting for? Let’s go!” He Yuandong yelled.

If the meat shield could take the hits, they were likely going to win the battle.


Everyone charged forwards simultaneously.

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