Chapter 148: Exterminating the Demonic Beast (2)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 148: Exterminating the Demonic Beast (2)

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The explosions caused frightening waves of energy to rock the area. The students had begun the show.

They were executing a textbook example of how to take down a beast.

Wang Doushan and Feng Yigu were the human meat shields.

Unlike Wang Doushan, who had an ability that allowed him to regenerate at an insane rate, Feng Yigu just had strong defense. His Arcane Turtle Bloodline’s innate Origin Skill, Arcane Turtle Shield, was considered a divine-tier defensive skill. It was so powerful that even Su Chen’s Armor-Piercing Awl couldn’t break through it. If it weren’t for the fact that this skill devoured a person’s Bloodline Energy and couldn’t be sustained for a long time, he alone would have been able to withstand the purple-scaled beast’s attacks.

With Wang Doushan supporting him, the two of them could alternate, greatly reducing the pressure on them.

Su Chen, He Yuandong, Pi Yuanhong, and the Shen brothers were the main attackers.

He Yuandong and Pi Yuanhong were skilled in both offense and defense. He Yuandong possessed the Raging Inferno Beast Demonic King Bloodline. His Raging Heavenly Fists unleashed incredible power, and his Raging Needles could penetrate scaly armor and cause tremendous burn damage. Pi Yuanhong’s Split-Tooth Beast’s Bloodline did not have a lot of explosiveness in comparison, but every one of his attacks possessed a heavy momentum and was extremely stable. Most importantly, these two also possessed naturally strong, bulky physiques, so they could also help Wang Doushan and Feng Yigu withstand some of the blows.

The strength of Su Chen’s strengthened Erupting Firehawks was already apparent. With the support of his comrades, the battle would be even smoother. He just stood in the back and unleashed Firehawk after Firehawk at it.

A mage that could attack as much as they liked was incredibly dangerous. In terms of attack output, he was even stronger than He Yuandong and Pi Yuanhong.

Even so, he didn’t have the highest attack power.

The most fearsome attackers were still the Shen brothers.

The two of them were very good at fighting together. When they teamed up, they could combine the power of their attacks; getting hit by either one resulted in a blow that was twice as powerful as normal. They were also incredibly agile and attacked quickly. They launched a barrage of blows so quickly that their fists left afterimages in the air as they rained blow after blow on the purple-scaled beast. But these two also had their own weaknesses; their defensive capabilities were much worse, and only under these kinds of circumstances could they attack as much as they wanted.

Shi Jiangbai, Fan Ruzhi, and Shui Dong were all acting as supports.

Shi Jiangbai was born in the Lingnan Region with the Heart-Devouring Insect Bloodline. His Innate Skill was the Heart-Devouring Curse; as long as he had the target’s blood, he could apply a curse to the target and torment it. This curse had an equivalent effect on the purple-scaled beast as Su Chen’s strengthened Weakening Medicine, so the purple-scaled beast’s strength had been reduced by another 20%. Although it could not actually do much harm to the best, the contributions he had made were not trivial, and he even did more than some people.

Shui Dong’s Innate Ability could weaken the purple-scaled beast’s Demonic Qi; Zhi Rufan’s Innate Ability could raise everyone's speed, making everyone much more agile. In fact, he had been a part of Cloud Leopard’s four-man squad, one of the only people who had successfully escaped from the Demonic Beast earlier.

As for Jiang Hanfeng and the other two, they had been chosen out of all the Institute’s students, so they naturally had some tricks up their sleeves. They surrounded the beast and attacked together, doing their part in the attack.

Despite this, a low-tier Demonic Beast was still a Demonic Beast. Even though the sixteen-person team worked well together, the purple-scaled beast just wouldn’t die.

Its scales were incredibly durable, and his body constantly emanated a thick Demonic Qi, allowing its wounds to heal at an unprecedented rate. It would also sweep its surroundings with its long tail from time to time.

Demonic Beasts were on another level compared to Vicious Beasts.

This was not only because of their increased intelligence, but their survivability was also drastically different.

Demonic Beasts could use their Demonic Qi to recover any non-fatal wounds.

Su Chen had exploded the Jade-Eyed Cloudroam Beast’s nose, but in the end, it had gathered some Demonic Qi to regenerate its nose.

This was a huge difference between Demonic Beasts and Vicious Beasts.

If Origin Qi Scholars wanted to reach this point, they would need to be at least at the Light Shaking Realm unless they had a secret technique like Devouring the Heavens.

This was also a huge difference between humanity and the Beast Race. The higher one went, the greater the differences would be; this was why the Beast Race dominated most of the continent. Even though the Origin Beasts and Primordial Beasts were in hibernation, the Beast Race, led by the Demonic Beasts, still dominated more than 60% of the continent’s land and resources.

However, the purple-scaled beast before them didn’t have an unlimited supply of Demonic Qi.

Most importantly, because it had grown up in this isolated void, it clearly had limited experience, and its intelligence was also extremely limited.

Because of this, when faced with this onslaught, all it could do was constantly let out enraged howls, sending streaks of purplish-black light in all directions. It didn’t have much battle experience and couldn’t even understand the concept of singling out a target. It was completely helpless against the students.

The “textbook” plan they were executing only worked against opponents who were severely outclassed.

If the Demonic Beast had more intelligence, it would be very difficult to pull off this battle tactic. It would likely target the group’s weakest link ferociously instead of fruitlessly attacking the opponent’s meat shields.

The purple-scaled beast could only attack Wang Doushan and Feng Yigu, giving the others more than enough time to attack.

Even though it tried its best, its Demonic Qi began to thin, and its wounds began to accumulate as strength drained from its body.

The Demonic Beast finally felt fear.

It began to back up, attempting to escape.

“Don’t let it go!” He Yuandong yelled.

Wang Doushan stretched out his wing-like arm. A massive palm descended, seemingly covering the ground, and broke the purple-scaled beast’s legs. Simultaneously, Feng Yigu charged forwards, slamming his palm into the purple-scaled beast’s back. The pain caused it to howl with rage.

Just as they had successfully subdued the Demonic Beast, they suddenly discovered that another purple-scaled beast had emerged from the forest.

This gave them all a bad scare.

How could there be another one?

Earlier, Su Chen and Wu Xiao had only discovered a single Demonic Beast. Unexpectedly, another one had appeared.

Everyone cursed inwardly.

At that moment, Wu Xiao suddenly yelled, “This purple-scaled beast hasn’t reached maturity yet!”

It wasn’t until then that everyone noticed that this purple-scaled beast was noticeably smaller in size. Even though it was still a Demonic Beast, its strength would likely be much weaker than that of a grown purple-scaled beast’s.

However, this news did not give them any relief; rather, their expressions sank even further.

Wang doushan said slowly, “If there are large ones and small ones, doesn’t that mean that there should still be another full-grown purple-scaled beast in the forest? If I remember correctly...... you need a male and a female to make a child, right?”

The others began to panic.

They suddenly understood the full implications of this small detail.

How had they not thought of this? There was no way that these beasts could have lived for tens of thousands of years. There definitely was an ecosystem already present; otherwise, how could there suddenly be another one?

They were too arrogant!

Pi Yuanhong still held onto a trace of hope. “Perhaps this kind of Demonic Beast doesn’t need a male and a female to reproduce? They might be asexual organisms.”

Wu Xiao replied with some difficulty, “Based on my observations...... that’s not the case.”


Everyone began to curse.

A steely expression flashed across Su Chen’s face. “Once you release the bow, you can’t stop the arrow. Now that things have progressed to this point, we can only fight to the end. We’ll ignore the one that hasn’t arrived yet. Let’s finish off the one in front of us right now!”

“What are we going to do about the little one?” Feng Yigu yelled as he stared at the small purple-scaled beast.

At this moment, the little one seemed to sense that something wasn’t right. It snarled with rage and charged at them.

Even though the little purple-scaled beast was small, it was still a Demonic Beast. More importantly, if it ruined their formation, the battle would become much more difficult.

If they took too long, then when the other one arrived, they would be in big trouble. At that point, even if they wanted to escape, they might not be able to.

Su Chen yelled, “Leave it to me. You guys take care of that one quickly!”

He charged at the little purple-scaled beast.

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