Chapter 149: Asking For Assistance

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 149: Asking For Assistance

Su Chen charged the little purple-scaled beast. An Erupting Firehawk took flight from his hand and slammed into the beast’s body. He then quickly changed directions and ran off to the side of the forest.

The little purple-scaled beast’s intelligence was even worse than the older one’s. Its attention was instantly drawn away, and it chased Su Chen into the forest.

Wang Doushan cursed as he watched the beast chase after Su Chen, “Dammit, he’s doing it again!”

Back then, Su Chen had done this with the Giant Adamantine Ape, and now, he was doing it again.

Wang Doushan could only hope that they wouldn’t wind up being tied down here because of some beast.

As he thought of that, he decided to throw caution to the wind. The inscriptions on his right arm began to glow brightly.

The surge of strength caused his arm to grow even thicker, and it slammed into the purple-scaled beast’s chest like a massive steel pillar. The purple-scaled beast howled in rage. It spat out an extremely thick purple blade of light from its mouth, and strange electricity traveled across its surface.

“Open for me!” Wang Doushan’s eyes glinted coldly. The iron-like fist slammed into the web of electricity, setting off a dazzling display of light everywhere and lighting up the entire forest.

The iron-like fist began to build up a shocking momentum and energy.

The inscriptions on his arm were activated to their limit. Energy pulsated across his arm as it descended, bringing with it a towering killing intent.


A gaping, bloody wound appeared on the purple-scaled beast’s chest. The wound was serious enough that the beast could not possibly heal the wound with its Demonic Qi.

When everyone saw this, they felt both happiness and a tinge of regret.

They were happy because of how powerful an effect the inscriptions had, but they also felt some regret because most of them had no way of using them.

“Target its wounds!” He Yuandong yelled as he unleashed his Raging Heavenly Fists.

Even more blows began to rain down on the target’s body.


The purple-scaled beast let out a final, tragic cry.

The cry echoed for some time within the void.

The purple-scaled beast’s life-force had finally been exhausted, and it toppled to the ground.

“We did it!” everyone yelled in excitement.

“We need to go help Su Chen!” They all ran off in pursuit without sparing the corpse on the ground another glance.

They charged through the forest, only to find the little purple-scaled beast standing next to Su Chen completely still.

Wang Doushan couldn’t help but howl, “Dammit, you didn’t kill it on your own again, did you?”

Unexpectedly, Su Chen shushed them all, telling them to be quiet.

That was when they all discovered that the little purple-scaled beast wasn’t dead; it was just standing completely still for some unknown reason.

Su Chen placed his finger right between the beast’s eyebrows, but the little purple-scaled beast did not react in any way.

The others all looked at each other, unsure of what to do.

After quite some time, Su Chen finally removed his finger.

The little purple-scaled beast awoke and let out a confused yell as if it wondered what had happened to it before its confusion turned to rage as it charged at Su Chen.

Su Chen quickly dodged backwards. “Don’t kill it; I want it alive.”

“What are you trying to do, Su Chen!” He Yuandong said, knitting his eyebrows. “Don’t forget that there’s another adult lurking somewhere around here.”

Su Chen replied, “Don’t worry about it. There’s only a single mature Demonic Beast within the forest - the same one that we just killed earlier.”


Everyone was stunned.

Wu Xiao was ecstatic. “So you mean that my detective skills weren’t wrong?”

Wang Doushan asked, “So where did that little guy come from then?”

“Of course it had to be born. It’s just that its father isn’t here,” Su Chen replied.

He tilted his chin in the direction of a mountain off in the distance.

Everyone finally understood.

“How do you know?” Pi Yuanhong asked.

Su Chen smiled without replying. Pi Yuanhong knew that his question had been a bit too rash.

Everyone had their own secrets. If Su Chen didn’t want to let the others know, then there was no point in asking further.

As they spoke, they were quickly able to capture the little purple-scaled beast.

Though it tried its best to furiously escape, there was nothing it could do when faced with all of these strong individuals.

“What do you want this little one for?” He Yuandong asked.

“Give it to Zhou Juanjia to control.”

Zhou Juanjia was an expert in controlling Vicious Beasts. She was an eighth year student ranked 28th, roughly equal in strength with Jin Ling’er. One major difference, however, was that she was particularly skilled at controlling Vicious Beasts, and she could control multiple at a time. She was also able to control beasts stronger than her to a certain degree, making her better than Jin Ling’er in that sense. She was also not too weak in her own right.

“Control it?” He Yuandong was stunned for a moment before he recovered. “To deal with the other big one?”

Su Chen nodded. “That’s a mid-tier Demonic Beast we’re talking about.”

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air.

Upon realizing this, the group’s attitude towards the little purple-scaled beast was no longer the same.

He Yuandong said, “Hanfeng, we’ll leave it to you. Before Juanjia gets here, take good care of it. If it escapes under your watch, you’ll have to answer to me.”

“Don’t worry.” Jiang Hanfeng patted his chest confidently.

He was exceptionally skilled at restrictive formations. Making a cage for this little Demonic Beast wouldn’t be a problem.

By taking care of the Demonic Beast within the forest, Su Chen could now continue to sweep through the forest, and because of this, he could raise his cultivation base and search for more ingredients.

“Look, boss, I found something.” Ji Ruoyu was waving a strange crystal above his head.

“It’s an Origin Crystal!” The eyes of Ma Xuan, Shui Dong, and the others all lit up.

Origin Crystals were formed from the Origin Energy of beasts. They were similar to Origin Stones, but because their purity was much higher, they could be used to directly increase a person’s cultivation base. Thus, they were also worth quite a bit more.

This Origin Crystal had just been harvested from the purple-scaled beast’s corpse. An Origin Crystal like this would be worth around 500 - 1000 Origin Stones. Unsurprisingly, most of them were quite excited.

However, Su Chen and He Yuandong only smiled.

Even though Origin Crystals were worth money, they weren’t particularly rare in the outside world.

Their goal on this expedition wasn’t to find those commonly obtainable objects. Only items that could not be found in the outside world and for which there were no substitutes had real value.

Thus, neither Su Chen nor He Yuandong paid much attention to this little Origin Crystal. Their gazes were still fixed on the faraway mountain.

At this moment, they were just preparing for their attack on that mountain in the distance.

At that moment, a frantic yell suddenly interrupted the moment.

“Su Chen!”

“It’s Senior Sister Qin!” Su Chen recognized the voice. He said, “I’m over here!”

An instant later, Qi Weiyan appeared in the distance.

But at this moment, her body was covered in fresh blood. She was clearly in dire straits.

“Senior Sister Qin!” Everyone rushed to meet her, stunned.

Qi Weiyan yelled, “Quick, Su Chen, go help Qingluo. Qingluo and the others are in danger!”

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