Chapter 155: Good Preparation is the Key To Success (1)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 155: Good Preparation is the Key To Success (1)

A raging cyclone of energy surged forwards with a peerless, imposing momentum.

Red waves of energy began to pulsate from the ground like a blooming flower.

Amidst the torrent of energy, Wang Doushan’s massive body was sent flying. His clothes were torn to shreds and then sucked away by the wind, exposing vast amounts of white flesh; however, this flesh immediately became mangled and stained with blood.

Not a single area of Wang Doushan’s body had gone untouched.


The Red-Eyed Direwolf in the sky let out a triumphant howl, then disappeared behind Ferraro’s back. The inscriptions on his body slowly dimmed.

Ferraro strode imposingly forward. “Human, you are truly quite strong to have survived my Crimsonwolf’s Rage. But......”

He suddenly stopped speaking as he stared at Wang Doushan in disbelief.

The fatty had gotten back to his feet.

His mangled flesh was rapidly reverting to its originally smooth state as his skin began to reform, covering his wounds. He seemed to be invigorated, and his desire to battle only increased.

“Is that move really worth bragging so much about?” Wang Doushan laughed. “Kid, you’ve got to put a bit more effort in!”

Ferraro tilted his head, an excited gleam in his eyes. “Interesting! It seems that you can take quite a beating. That’ll make this battle that much more exciting!”

As he spoke, he leapt into the air again. The Direwolf Totem appeared behind him again. This time, instead of attacking on its own, it began to gather around his arm.

Ferraro punched out.

The punch whistled through the air, gathering energy that swirled around the punch before unleashing it in a torrential wave.

The energy from the punch rushed forward like the sea.

Wang Doushan raised his arms, preparing to guard himself staunchly and resolutely.

He wasn’t as barbaric as Ferraro, but he was much more stable and valiant.

If Ferraro’s attack was like the waves of a stormy sea, then Wang Doushan’s response was like an immovable boulder by the edge of the water; no matter how the waves crashed against it, it remained unshakable.

“How...... powerful!” Ferraro punched again and again, the excitement in his eyes burning even hotter.

This excitement was borne from encountering a powerful opponent.

The Ferocious Race didn’t fear powerful opponents!

The Ferocious Race embraced powerful opponents!

When faced with a powerful opponent, the Ferocious Race would just have to be even more powerful!!!


The Red-Eyed Direwolf Guardian Totem reappeared with a thunderous howl as a sea of flames began to pulsate out from it.

In that instant, Ferraro’s speed suddenly shot up. He shot towards Wang Doushan, then unleashed a flurry of attacks as he yelled, “I’m getting addicted to this! Human, you are truly strong enough! Keep on defending! Please be stronger than this so that I can satisfy my cravings!”

He continued to yell as he attacked over and over.

Every strike was powerful enough to shatter stone.

Upon seeing this, even He Yuandong couldn’t help but feel his heart jolt.

Were Temple Warriors truly that overbearing?

In that instantaneous explosion of attacks, Ferraro’s strength was already greater than that of many of the human experts combined.

However, this still wasn’t the opponent’s full strength.

He Yuandong knew that Ferraro had yet to demonstrate the true power that he had obtained from the Origin Energy Temple.

Even so, Wang Doushan was having trouble finding opportunities to counterattack. He had to focus all of his energy on defending himself.


Another frightening attack slammed into Wang Doushan’s defensive palms. The barbaric, unrestrained energy forced Wang Doushan back. He staggered and fell to the ground, then spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

At this moment, his injuries weren’t any lighter than Pi Yuanhong’s or Qi Weiyan’s.

A life-threatening wound!

“HAHAHAHA!” Ferraro laughed when he saw Wang Doushan stumble.

He disdainfully wiped the corner of his mouth with his thumb and said, “Finally can’t withstand anymore? As thanks for entertaining me so much, I’ll give you a quick death.”

Wang Doushan slowly crawled back to his feet.

He cracked his neck, then suddenly said, “My student number is eleven.”

“What?” Ferraro stopped in his tracks.

“My name is Wang Doushan. I am a ninth-year student at the Hidden Dragon Institute, and I was ranked sixth during the end-of-year competition...... Well, this time, I was only tenth. Of course, that’s not important; what’s important is that in the entire school, I am not the strongest. I am not even in the top ten, so why is it that I am the one to challenge you to a Takusha?”

Ferraro began to squint.

“What are you trying to say?”

Wang Doushan shrugged to loosen his shoulders. “I have never really gone all-out in a battle before...... because it hasn’t been worth it.”

He raised his head and stared intently at Ferraro.

The wind began to blow, tousling his hair.

Wang Doushan jabbed his thumb at his chest. “Four years ago, I was only 90 kilograms; now, I am 290.”

Ferraro opened his eyes wide.

“To put on that much fat in four years isn’t an easy task. Thus, I have always treasured it; even when I was on the stage, I was unwilling to burn it off. But today, everything is different.”

As he spoke, an even more majestic surge of energy began to emanate from his body. The injuries he had sustained earlier began to disappear without a trace, as if they hadn’t existed at all.

Then, Wang Doushan cracked a smile. “Today, I’ll give you all of the few hundred kilograms I lovingly took care of over the past few years!”


His massive body suddenly flew towards Ferraro, his aura razor-sharp.

Upon seeing this from afar, Danba and Mendiano’s expressions changed.

Just what kind of recovery abilities did this guy have to be able to act like everything was fine even after receiving such devastating injuries?

Danba glanced at Su Chen.

Su Chen replied, as if nothing was amiss, “Doushan has a special skill that can turn fat into lifeforce. However, most of the time, he just uses his weight and his innate recovery abilities to battle rather than burning any of his fat. Thus, under normal circumstances, he can’t be considered too powerful amongst us. But when he doesn’t try to conserve his fat, he truly is the most powerful one amongst us...... Truly, good preparation is the key to success.”

Since it was going to be discovered sooner or later, Su Chen was fine with letting him know.

Understanding flashed across Danba’s eyes. “This is why you are so confident in challenging us to a Takusha?”

“Docile lambs don’t challenge lions,” Su Chen replied. “Anyone who can enter this kind of place must have their own special tricks.”

“Then what about you? Apart from scheming and concocting medicine, what else do you know how to do?” Danba asked.

Su Chen laughed. “Once this bout of Takusha is over, you will know in the next round.”

Danba was stunned. “You want to continue?”

“Or else how will we take care of you? Without question, this is the best way for us to kill you.”

“Perhaps you will be the ones killed by us,” Mendiano coldly harrumphed.

Su Chen shrugged. “Who can say? But at the very least, I have some confidence in the outcome of this battle.”

As he said this, both Danba and Medniano suddenly shifted expressions.

The tide had suddenly changed on the dueling field.

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