Chapter 156: Good Preparation is the Key to Success (2)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 156: Good Preparation is the Key to Success (2)

Wang Doushan flew through the air, pressing towards Ferraro like a mountain. An illusory image of a snowy-white crane appeared behind him.

“Thousand Feather Hands!”

With a loud yell, Wang Doushan’s palms flew through the air, leaving behind thousands of afterimages that shot towards Ferraro.

The Thousand Feather Hands was originally just a relatively common chained-attack skill of the Snow Crane Bloodline, but with Wang Doushan’s frightening strength, it exceeded the power of his Snow Earthquake Explosion.

Even more frightening was the fact that he had chosen this moment to activate his totem, further strengthening his attacks.

Ferraro felt an immense pressure beginning to suffocate him as if an ancient dragon had suddenly awakened.

He knew the situation wasn’t good. He gathered all of his energy and focused on countering Wang Doushan’s attacks. The Direwolf swirled around his arms as it struck out, slamming into Wang Doushan’s Thousand Feather Hands and generating dazzling displays of light.

An instant later, Ferraro’s body was sent flying through the air. He slammed into the ground like a meteor. He left behind a crater upon impact as his body continued to tumble across the ground.

Wang Doushan’s massive figure began to descend like a mountain upon Ferraro.

Ferraro slammed the ground, borrowing the force to fly into the air. He narrowly dodged Wang Doushan’s figure.


Dust flew everywhere. The shockwaves from the impact slammed into Ferraro.


With another yell, Wang Doushan charged forward again.

His large hands swung at Ferraro again. Wang Doushan was firing on all cylinders now; his aura continued to soar to unparalleled heights.


A forceful palm strike landed on Ferraro’s face, causing him to tumble rapidly through the air.

Fresh blood spurted from his mouth.

Ferraro was shocked.

Danba was shocked.

Mendiano was shocked.

A human had relied on his own strength to injure a Temple Warrior?

Ferraro was enraged.


A surge of flame-like vitality suddenly burst forth from his body.

Wang Doushan saw this and laughed. “Oh? You’re finally going to use the power you got from the Origin Energy temple?”

Wang Doushan knew clearly that, Ferraro had only been using moves that any Ferocious Race youth could use. He had yet to unleash the power from the Origin Energy Temple.

But that slap had completely destroyed all of Ferraro’s arrogance. He realized that the opponent in front of him wasn’t going to be easy to deal with.

The flames began to roar, and the waves of Origin Energy finally began to stir.

This time, they weren’t just competing in terms of pure physical strength; now, the natural power gained from the environment needed to be considered as well.

Ferraro seemed to be enveloped in the Origin Energy flames. His body began to grow larger and brawnier.

He growled, “You want to see the power of the Temple? Fine, I’ll let you see it for yourself! Come, Raging Inferno!”

As Ferraro yelled, a wave of actual flames surged forth from his body. Ferraro seemed to have suddenly turned into a living ball of fire.

The flames didn’t harm his body at all. However, Wang Doushan, who was nearly 100 feet away, could feel the blistering heat.

Wang Doushan’s expression changed slightly upon seeing the reborn-from-fire Ferraro.

Using fire-type or ice-type Origin Energy attacks wasn’t rare, but just like the Fireball skill, most of them prioritized control.

Skills that could turn a person into a living torch, however, were rare.

Most importantly, how was he supposed to keep fighting?

This guy was completely covered in fire, giving him a passive flame shield. To land a punch, Wang Doushan would first have to experience the flames’ wrath, even more so if he were to be hit himself.

This was the Ferocious Race!

The Ferocious Race wasn’t interested in using complicated tactics or skills like Fireball or Origin Energy Bullets. They would much rather use the simplest and most direct method to strengthen themselves.

One such way was to augment their physical bodies with Origin Energy and to combine fire and raw physical power in order to raise their strength to an unprecedented degree.

Simple, direct, and explosive!

Ferraro also began to consume the Origin Stones he had brought with him.

Even though the flames from the Origin Energy Temple were powerful, they consumed a lot of Origin Energy. Because the Ferocious Race used Origin Energy to increase their physical strength, they didn’t have a lot of Origin Energy actually available to use in their bodies. Thus, Ferraro hadn’t brought anything into the ruins with him other than ten thousand Origin Stones to consume during battle.

To him, these were the most useful cultivation resources.

At this moment, Ferraro howled, “Crimsonwolf Fury!”

It was yet another Crimsonwolf Fury.

However, a sea of flames suddenly rushed forth from the Red-Eyed Direwolf, and it was as if it had suddenly turned into a flaming dragon. It danced through the air, then rushed at Wang Doushan.

The wild flames from the punch enveloped Wang Doushan, sending him flying as the fragrant smell of roasted meat wafted through the air.


Ferraro ferociously unleashed nearly ten punches in a row.

The iron-like punches burned intensely as the flames surged to the heavens, covering the whole dueling grounds.

All the spectators could see was fire and more fire!

Fist wind surged as the flames only grew more intense. The Red-Eyed Direwolf turned into a flaming spirit, recklessly howling as its battle intent continued to soar.

In the midst of this raging inferno, Wang Doushan’s whole body was covered in burns.

Barriers were completely useless at this point. The ferocious fist strikes would shatter any magic barriers instantly.

Even his powerful physical body couldn’t withstand the raging heat. His skin was beginning to turn into ashes.

His accumulated fat was constantly being converted into lifeforce, helping Wang Doushan recover from his heavy injuries. However, the flames constantly burned, meaning that he would have to endure even more suffering.

“AHHH!” Wang Doushan let out a pained cry.

“Go on, cry, yell, die!” Ferraro laughed in delight.

“You...... must be dreaming!”

Wang Doushan charged at Ferraro, launching a punch.

Ferraro wanted to dodge, but he discovered that this punch was coming faster than he had expected and that he might not be able to dodge it. The blow landed on his face.


Blood sprayed through the air. Ferraro’s nose had been squashed.

“AHHH!” he howled angrily.

Wang Doushan charged over and unleashed another punch. Ferraro discovered with shock that Wang Doushan’s speed had suddenly shot up.

“This...... how could it be?” Ferraro yelled in shock.

“It’s really not that strange. I’m actually very grateful for your attacks; I feel lighter and lighter!” Wang Doushan’s vigor swelled as he yelled.

Not everything was “the more, the better.”

A heavy physical body would grant a person great power, but it would also become an extreme burden, greatly decreasing one’s speed.

As the fat on Wang Doushan’s body was constantly being consumed, his weight was also decreasing. His strength would decline because of it, but his speed would increase. One had to admit that, at this moment, Wang Doushan had become even stronger!

He could finally show off his own strength and speed.

It was only if he were to repeatedly suffer injuries, causing his weight to go below a threshold, that Wang Doushan’s physical condition would decline.

Who would expect a person to get even stronger after being seriously injured?

In that instant, Ferraro was struck by Wang Doushan’s Thousand Feather Hands again. Unlike before, the force behind the blow had decreased, but its accuracy had greatly increased. Ferraro was struck by 16 blows almost simultaneously. He felt the energy violently slam into his body and invade him, causing him to finally involuntarily spit out a mouthful of blood.

Ferraro could feel that at least three of his ribs were broken.


He flexed his arms. The flames that had been enveloping his entire body suddenly gathered together, gradually congealing into a ball of flames.

It seemed that the Ferocious Race wanted to play at using a Fireball as well.

One difference, however, was that this fireball was gathered at his left arm.

His left fist opened up into a claw, raking through the air toward Wang Doushan.

“Greedy Wolf Flaming Claw!”

The Greedy Wolf Flaming Claw descended on Wang Doushan.

Unlike his previously frantic attacks, this attack seemed to carry an imposing momentum behind it.

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