Chapter 157: This is What it Means to Go All Out

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 157: This is What it Means to Go All Out

When Ferraro unleashed this claw, Su Chen, Danba, and the others all grew solemn. They knew that this was the most critical moment of the battle.

Wang Doushan also realized this point.

He no longer hesitated. The image of a Snow Crane appeared behind him.

“Snow Earthquake Explosion!”

After expending tons of lifeforce due to his constant injuries, his strength had decreased, and the Snow Earthquake Explosion once again became Wang Doushan’s most powerful technique. The flurry of snow this technique released was also a good counter to the raging flames his opponent was using.


The snow and the flames clashed with each other.

The flurry of snow and ice flew through the air. A flaming claw was already raking through the air. Cold, snowy light enveloped the flames, but it couldn’t completely smother them. The flames, which had been greatly compressed, carried with it a frightening amount of momentum as it cleaved through its frosty environment. It still landed on Wang Doushan’s chest after losing about half of its momentum.


Flaming light scattered everywhere.

Amidst the explosion, Wang Doushan flew through the air. Upon closer inspection, half of his body had been raked through by the claw, exposing his internal organs.

What a frightening claw strike!


Simultaneously, Ferraro let out a tragic cry.

Even as he had gravely injured Wang Doushan, his entire left arm had suddenly disintegrated.

Snow Thread.

Apart from Snow Earthquake Explosion, Wang Doushan had also used Snow Thread. However, he hadn’t used his weapon to defend but to counterattack.

After Ferraro’s attack landed, his technique had finished, and his energy output had decreased. This was when he was the weakest, so Snow Thread had instantly fragmented his arm.

“AH, YOU BASTARD!” Ferraro howled with rage.

He didn’t have a technique like Wang Doushan’s that helped him convert his fat into lifeforce to recover.

If his arm was gone, it would be gone forever.

When he thought about the price that he had paid to kill just a single human, Ferraro was about to explode from anger.

Danba sighed, “Indeed, that human was quite powerful. Even though we won this duel, you have ruined a Temple Warrior. You’ve achieved your goal.”

Su Chen smiled slightly. “Do you think that you won?”

“He’s already dead; have we not won yet?” Danba countered.

“I said already that Wang Doushan’s Devouring The Heavens technique converts his fat into lifeforce. As long as he hasn’t become a piece of human jerky yet, why do you say that he’s already dead?”

Danba’s expression shifted. “That’s not possible.”

“That’s not possible!” Ferraro yelled simultaneously.

He didn’t dare believe his own eyes.

Off in the distance, Wang Doushan was getting back on his feet.

Ferraro’s claw strike had sliced away half of his body, but those missing parts were now growing again at a speed that was almost inconceivable.

It wasn’t until now that Ferraro finally realized that Wang Doushan had gotten much skinnier.

He was originally extremely fat, but he had lost most of it by now.

“Your fat helps you recover from your injuries?” Ferraro said incredulously.

“You just discovered that?” Wang Doushan shook his head in disappointment. “I thought you discovered it a long time ago. The Ferocious Race truly lacks battle intelligence.”

Earlier, when he was battling with Ferraro, Wang Doushan had constantly been expending his fat stores. However, because he was consuming them at a steady rate and Ferraro had only been concentrating on the battle, Ferraro hadn’t noticed Wang Doushan’s body shape at all. It wasn’t until now, when he had almost killed Wang Doushan, forcing Wang Doushan to consume a large amount of his fat stores, that Ferraro finally realized what was happening.

One had to confess that the Ferocious Race truly didn’t use their brains much. When they fought, they never considered things rationally; rather, they used their innate physiques to obtain victory.

A harsh expression appeared on Ferraro’s face.

The fierce and bitter exchanges had only forced his opponent to consume most of his fat?

On the other hand, his wounds weren’t light, and he had expended a lot of energy.

In other words, if they were to continue fighting, he wouldn’t have much of a chance of winning.

When he thought of this, Ferraro felt his heart sink.

Wang Doushan had completely recovered by the time he finished talking.

He cracked his neck, then inspected himself. “I’m finally skinny again...... it’s been so long...... since I felt so unrestrained.”

His clothes were already completely torn to pieces. The only item of clothing that partially remained was his shoes, but they no longer fit his feet.

Wang Doushan just tossed them to the side as well. He expended some Origin Energy to form a pair of pants, covering up his vitals before saying, “Then, shall we continue?”

Even though he posed it as a question, he charged at Ferraro before even completing his sentence.

After losing more of his fat, Wang Doushan’s speed increased even more.

The Snow Crane on display now was the true Snow Crane. Wang Doushan seized the initiative quickly; his fists flew out, once again leaving numerous afterimages in their wake.

After losing most of his physical power, his advantage in speed was becoming more and more evident.

Determination flashed across Ferraro’s eyes when he saw Wang Doushan charging at him.

He howled, “The Ferocious Race won’t lose!”

“Even in death...... we won’t lose!”


His aura began to soar in that moment, and a towering killing intent emanated from him.

Then, he attacked. He was just as fast as Wang Doushan, and the two crashed into each other. Flames once again erupted, engulfing the surroundings. Ferraro’s fists boomed forth like thunder, every punch filled with powerful momentum, as if he had never been injured in the first place.

Upon seeing this scene, He Yuandong was stunned. “How could this be? How does he still have such powerful combat ability?”

Su Chen said, “It should be some forbidden technique that can’t be used carelessly.”

“How do you know?” He Yuandong paused.

Su Chen nodded in Danba’s direction. “Look at his face.”

He Yuandong glanced over and found that Danba’s expression was heavy, a sorrowful expression in his eyes.

He Yuandong understood.

Indeed, Danba sighed and said, “Since you seem to know already, there’s no point in keeping it hidden from you. Yes, Ferraro has used a forbidden technique. This technique will extract all of the lifeforce within his body, allowing him to ignore any pain while he battles. Thus, regardless of whether he wins or loses, he will die here today.”

To win, Ferraro was willing to give everything. No matter what, the reputation of the Temple Warriors must not be sullied because of him.

Humans weren’t worthy opponents of the Ferocious Race.

Humans always relied on underhanded tricks to win, not on their own strength!

As Ferraro thought this, the fury in his heart reached a tipping point.

The wild, barbaric punches slammed into Wang Doushan, sending him flying again.

Without the thick layer of fat, Wang Doushan’s speed had shot up; however, his physical power had greatly decreased. He was roughly equivalent in strength to a member of a Bloodline Nobility Clan right now.


With a barbaric howl, Ferraro unleashed a countless number of punches.

The two of them clashed again. The web of flying fists that Wang Doushan’s Thousand Feather Hands had formed was forcibly ripped apart. The powerful blows rained onto Wang Doushan, causing him to spit out a mouthful of fresh blood. Once again, his body was covered in blood.

An instant later, large quantities of fat were converted to lifeforce again, and Wang Doushan rapidly recovered.

However, at this point, he was already about as large as a normal person.

If Wang Doushan had around six lives at the beginning, this number had been steadily reduced by Ferraro to around two.

The strength of a Temple Warrior was immediately evident.

Even so, Ferraro continued his furious onslaught. Now that his life was near its end, he focused all of his energy on killing Wang Doushan.

Wang Doushan was in dire straits.


Another palm sent Wang Doushan flying.

Wang Doushan crashed onto the ground and tumbled, but Ferraro surprisingly didn’t pursue any further.

His face was deathly pale.

It was immediately obvious that he had expended a great amount of energy to unleash this flurry of attacks.

After consuming some more of his fat, Wang Doushan had completely recovered again. The amount of fat he had remaining was only enough to recover half a life’s worth.

Wang Doushan helplessly shook his head. “Temple Warriors truly are powerful. However, it’s not like I don’t have any trump cards.”

As he spoke, he pulled out a vial of medicine and gulped it down.

Upon seeing him tilt his head back, Ferraro seized the opportunity and charged forward, his iron-like fists screaming through the air.

Wang Doushan finished the medicine. He didn’t even have time to toss the empty vial away before Ferraro’s fist was already right in front of him.

This blow seemed like it was about to burst Wang Doushan’s head.

Wang Doushan suddenly raised his hand and grabbed Ferraro’s wrist.

Ferraro discovered to his great surprise that his punch had been stopped in its tracks.

Not only that, but Wang Doushan was able to force him back. A frightening aura began to surge from Wang Doushan, who stared at Ferraro before saying darkly, “Let’s see who’s stronger now.”

He grabbed Ferraro’s arm, lifted him into the air, and then slammed him into the ground.


The massive impact left behind a large crater in the ground.

Ferraro felt like his flesh was about to fall off of his bones, but he was still quite tenacious. He pushed off the ground with one hand and flew into the air, his feet kicking out at Wang Doushan.

Wang Doushan activated his Thousand Feather Hands again, slamming Ferraro back onto the ground again.

If it were before, Ferraro would have many ways to deal with Wang Doushan by relying just on his pure physical strength.

But this battle had been going on for some time. At this point, Ferraro was on the last dregs of his energy.

He could only watch as Wang Doushan threw him into the ground again and again as if he were just a sandbag.

Picked up and slammed into the ground, over and over.

This was no longer a battle; this was humiliation. He was being abused to death!

“NO!” Ferraro howled crazily.

“No, your mother!” Wang Doushan replied loudly. He grabbed Ferraro’s body and tossed him into the air. He then leapt into the air and pummeled Ferraro with his fists.

Bang, bang, bang!

After a number of heavy impacts, Ferraro arced through the air like a shooting star before landing hard on the ground.

This time, he didn’t get back up.

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