Chapter 158: The Second Battle

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 158: The Second Battle

After landing on the ground, Wang Doushan sighed deeply.

The surging energy in his body slowly began to calm down. Wang Doushan felt a weakness that he hadn’t felt earlier.

It wasn’t a side effect of using Strength Medicine. Rather, he wasn’t used to the sudden loss of strength yet.

It felt really good to possess power!

He walked a few steps to Ferraro’s side.

Ferraro was still breathing. However, his forbidden technique was about to expire, and his lifeforce was slowly fading.

“You win,” Ferraro said between labored breaths. His tone carried a trace of dissatisfaction and annoyance.

“That doesn’t really count. I originally wanted to fight you based on just my own strength, but unfortunately, I was still forced to use a Strengthened Strength Medicine,” Wang Doushan replied.

For this battle, Su Chen had prepared some medicine for him. Those were his final trump cards.

However, Wang Doushan didn’t want to use it.

He wanted to use his own strength to defeat his opponent.

Unfortunately, even after expending the fat he had spent four years maintaining, he still had no way of obtaining victory. He was forced to use a single Strength Medicine vial.

Even though it was just one vial, in Wang Doushan’s eyes, he had already lost.

Ferraro didn’t seem to mind. “You humans aren’t as strong as us, but you are better at studying all kinds of other things. Aren’t you all skilled in alchemy?”

“That’s true, but I also used my weapon. The rules stated that I could only use resources worth at most ten thousand Origin Stones. My Origin Tool is worth 8000 Origin Stones, and the medicine is worth another 2500. I went over the limit by 500 Origin Stones, so in principle, it’s still my loss.”

“So that’s how it is.” A trace of delight could be seen on Ferraro’s face.

He wanted to say something else, but the words died on his tongue.

He died.

Upon seeing Ferraro die, Wang Doushan sighed.

He took Ferraro’s ring and picked up the Takusha flag. He slowly sauntered towards Su Chen and the others before suddenly realizing that he wasn’t a fatty anymore. There was no need for him to act like he was still burdened by his weight, so he ran over to Su Chen and said, “I’ve returned. The mission was successful.”

“Well done.” Su Chen patted him on the back.

“Unfortunately, I still had to use a vial of medicine,” Wang Doushan said with some disappointment.

Su Chen understood his disappointment. “Don’t worry, I will have better Origin Skills to give you in the future. One day, you’ll be able to beat those Temple Warriors even without going all-out.”

“Then I’ll be waiting.” Wang Doushan smiled wide.

Su Chen turned around to glance at Danba and said, “Then we’ll continue with the next fight?”

Danba nodded. “No problem.”

The Ferocious Race didn’t fear death as long as it wasn’t at the hands of petty tricks.

Wang Doushan had killed Ferraro based solely on his own strength. Even though he had said himself that he had used resources worth 500 Origin Stones too many, Danba could overlook it.

To the Ferocious Race, this didn’t even count as cheating when considering the kinds of schemes humans were capable of pulling off.

This wasn’t an inaccurate thought. An instant later, however, he experienced the shamelessness of his opponent.

Su Chen said, “That’s good.”

He nodded at He Yuandong. He Yuandong stepped forwards, taking the flag from Wang Doushan, and then tossed it at Mendiano’s feet. “Please.”

Both Danba and Mendiano were stunned.

Danba stared angrily at Su Chen. “What are you trying to do?”

Su Chen shrugged. “Just as you said, Takusha.”

“Wasn’t it supposed to be between you and me?” Danba said angrily.

“Next round,” Su Chen replied. “But before this, it’s those two!”

Su Chen pointed at He Yuandong, then at Mendiano.

Dammit, you bastard!

I should have known that you humans would be scheming something.

Indeed, Mendiano was also of the Ferocious Race, and he also had to respect the rules of Takusha.

However, he wasn’t a Temple Warrior. He wasn’t absolutely confident that he could defeat these humans.

On the other hand, even though He Yuandong hadn’t fought yet, his aura was steady. Evidently, he was an extremely stable individual, and he might be the strongest amongst this group of humans.

With such a human as Mendiano’s opponent, Danba had no confidence in obtaining victory.

“No...... I don’t......”

“I agree,” Mendiano suddenly said.


Danba stared at Mendiano with some shock and fury.

Mendiano said, “I understand your feelings, Danba. However, this is Takusha, the foundation of our honor. A Ferocious Race individual can die, but he cannot have no honor.”

Danba’s said heavily, “Ferraro is already dead......”

“Yes, but he died in an appropriate way. He wasn’t killed by a human’s scheme, but by that human’s personal strength. We shouldn’t have any objections about that. I am the same. Danba, make sure this is a fair duel regardless of who wins or loses.” Mendiano knew very well that he might not be He Yuandong’s opponent, so all he requested was that the duel would be fair.

Danba was speechless.

He could forcefully interfere, but when faced with his own race’s traditions and pursuit of glory, there was nothing he could do.

For just an instant, he thoroughly despised these traditions.

These traditions made the Ferocious Race brave and fierce, but they would only ever be brave and fierce.

Even so, he had no say in the matter. He could only accept what had happened.

Danba nodded and stepped to the side.

Another duel began, this time between He Yuandong and Mendiano.

Unlike the previous one, Danba wasn’t confident in the outcome of the duel.

Indeed, the instant that the battle began, Mendiano began to attack He Yuandong with all his might.

No trace of color could be seen on Danba’s face.

Usually, it was the weaker party who would attack the fiercest at the beginning of a battle. This was because they knew that wasting time wouldn’t help them at all. It was better to simply go all-out at the beginning and get it done with a single stroke.

Under certain circumstances, this tactic could be effective.

But, it was evidently of no use against He Yuandong.

He Yuandong didn’t have an explosive combat style. He was very steady.

During the training period, he had already made this fact clear. No matter what the task at hand was, he always did things calmly and in an orderly fashion, not too fast or too slow. Sometimes, he might miss an opportunity, but it also meant that he rarely made mistakes.

He was the type that could maintain his composure and patiently wear you down.

He had defeated many opponents who were stronger than him simply because they couldn’t maintain their composure and were completely ground to death by him. Su Chen had battled him six times in the past and had lost all six times.

It could be said that someone with He Yuandong’s personality was a perfect counter to a person like Su Chen.

The Hidden Dragon Institute had considered his stability and his impressive personal strength when assigning him the number one rank.

This person, even when faced with Mendiano’s torrent of attacks, was still unhurried.

He struck back with his Raging Heavenly Fists steadily. His attacks weren’t fast, but all of them were guaranteed to not miss. Every blow was aimed with a specific purpose.

Mendiano used every tactic with every variation at his disposal, but in the end, he couldn’t stop He Yuandong.

He didn’t even get an opportunity to put his life on the line.

He Yuandong ensured that his body was always covered with a barrier.

His physical body’s defense was already decent. With the support of the magic barrier, no matter what trump cards Mendiano tried to pull out, it would be impossible for him to defeat He Yuandong in one strike.

Even if he missed many opportunities or expended a lot of Origin Energy, He Yuandong would continue to fight steadily.

This was the tactic that Su Chen had prepared for him, which just so happened to correspond with He Yuandong’s personality.

When an already stable individual paid special attention to minimizing risks, that person’s cautiousness and impenetrable defense were enough to send most people into a fit of rage and helplessness.

When faced with this cautious, impregnable defense, Mendiano found himself slowly running out of energy.

His attacks gradually lost their vigor, and his speed also began to decrease.

Based on this downward trend, it seemed like He Yuandong could casually kill him with a palm strike at any moment.

However, He Yuandong continued to fight in an unhurried matter, completely ignoring Mendiano’s condition.

Mendiano fell completely into despair.

He stared at He Yuandong and yelled, “I’ll risk it all!”

As he howled, a totem image appeared behind him.

This was Mendiano’s Guardian Totem.

Based on his strength, it shouldn’t have been possible to completely form a Guardian Totem.

But at this instant, Mendiano, in his despair, didn’t care anymore.

He didn’t harbor any hope of killing his opponent; he just hoped that he could at least injure his opponent, even if just a little bit.

Following Mendiano’s all-out attack, the Guardian Totem turned into a forceful torrent of energy that surged forwards.

He Yuandong remained as expressionless as always, but his aura had grown stronger.

An illusory Raging Inferno Beast image appeared behind him, slamming into Mendiano’s Guardian Totem. The collision resulted in the most dazzling display of light since the battle had begun.

He Yuandong harrumphed and retreated a few steps.

The powerful waves of energy crashed against his barrier. After flickering and sending sparks everywhere, the barrier disappeared, and a trickle of blood appeared at the corner of He Yuandong’s mouth.

But that was all.

He glanced at Mendiano.

Mendiano swayed slightly before toppling to the ground.

He died!

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