Chapter 170: Team Battle (1)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 170: Team Battle (1)

“Prepare for battle!”

Following He Yuandong’s command, all of the students hastily assumed a battle formation.

The originally casual, relaxed atmosphere was instantly replaced with tension and anxiety.


The Ferocious Race youths howled with rage.

They didn’t waste time talking or negotiating. As soon as both sides saw each other, the battle began.

The Ferocious Race youths charged towards their opponents in a frenzy, the inscriptions on their bodies beginning to shine brilliantly as they advanced.


Once the first few Ferocious Race youths arrived, a wave of energy surged forth with a loud bang.

Wave after wave of Origin Energy was released, generating a massive amount of pressure as they pressed onwards relentlessly.

The barbaric warcries caused the ground beneath their feet to tremble. Immediately afterwards, one Ferocious Race youth covered in inscriptions after another charged out of the forest and began to attack the humans with reckless abandon.

There were no formations or tactics involved. The Ferocious Race’s attacks were just that: wild, direct, powerful, and barbaric.

Their strength was so shocking that they began to kick up a storm behind them as they sprinted forwards, surging forwards like a wave of death. Even though there were only ten or so of them, the pressure they gave off was like that of an entire battalion of soldiers.

“Stay calm! Stay calm! Front row, block! Back row, attack!” He Yuandong yelled until his voice went hoarse.

He Yuandong, Feng Yigu, Pi Yuanhong, Ye Qiming, Duan Jiangshan, Wang Xuan’an, Tang Mind, Cloud Leopard, and the Shen twins formed the iron-like frontline. They focused all of their attention on defending, forcefully resisting the Ferocious Race youths’ charge.

Wang Doushan should have been on the frontlines originally, but after losing so much fat, his defensive capabilities had greatly decreased. He wasn’t as suited for being on the front lines anymore. Even though Su Chen was powerful, he wasn’t much of a close-quarters combat specialist, so he and Cloud Leopard had switched places.

At the same time, Su Chen, Gu Qingluo, Ji Hanyan, He Niliu, and the other students also began attacking, unleashing all of their power towards the Ferocious Race youths.

Su Chen’s cast of Erupting Firehawks, Gu Qingluo’s Waterstar Chill, and Ji Hanyan’s Frostbird White Ice Fists were all put on display at this moment. The attacks flew forward wildly. Light constantly flashed from the countless Origin Skills being used, filling the air with the sound of destruction and death.

Blood began to flow.

Sprays of blood began to fly everywhere amidst the chaos.

Some of it was from the Ferocious Race youths, while some of it was from the humans.

There was no gradual, step-by-step buildup. The battle was at its climax from the very beginning. Each person unleashed their full-force attacks immediately, attempting to defeat their opponent as quickly as possible.

The angry howls from the Ferocious Race youths filled the air, accompanied by their overbearing, fierce attacks.

At this moment, Su Chen’s attacks were the sharpest. When faced with the Ferocious Race youths, Su Chen didn’t hold back at all. He brought his strongest attack to bear again; the Ultra Erupting Firehawk appeared, emanating an intense amount of energy. It slammed into a Ferocious Race youth. Though it wasn’t able to wipe out three enemies at once this time, it still burned that Ferocious Race youth to ashes immediately. The condensed energy exploded in all directions upon impact, stunning everyone present. They couldn’t help but gaze at Su Chen in awe.

Even though the humans’ attacks were powerful, the Ferocious Race youths’ physical advantage began to manifest itself.

An exceptionally tall, brutal Ferocious Race youth howled maniacally as he charged forwards, the inscriptions on his body shining brightly, giving him an incredibly strong aura. Countless Origin Skills slammed into his body, but they only resulted in a splash of light. His momentum was like that of an unstoppable mountain. He ignored all of the attacks that came his way until Su Chen sent an Ultra Erupting Firehawk at him.

The Erupting Firehawk soared through the air like a dazzling rainbow, slamming into the mountain-like youth.


Amidst the massive explosion, the mountain-like youth’s figure swayed slightly. He lowered his head to look at his chest and found a large hole there. However, an instant later, the hole began to close up as his wounds began to heal. He howled in Su Chen’s direction, then charged forwards once again.

“Careful, it’s a Temple Warrior who specializes in defense!” He Yuandong yelled.

The mountain-like youth stampeded forward like a bull. Just as he was about to slam into Su Chen, Feng Yigu intercepted him.

The mountain-like youth’s fist slammed into Feng Yigu’s Arcane Turtle Shield. Even with Feng Yigu’s defensive capabilities, he wasn’t able to block it entirely. He was forced back a few steps, and his Arcane Turtle Shield shattered.

“Dammit, not only is his defense impressive, but his offensive abilities aren’t weak either!” Feng Yigu yelled as he formed another Arcane Turtle Shield.

The Shen twins flanked him and advanced, four fists raining down on the mountain-like youth. The mountain-like youth swayed slightly before tilting his head back and howling at the sky. The inscriptions on his body burned ever more brightly, and the energy emanating from his body became even more wild and untamed. Boom! The Shen twins were sent flying.

A hole had suddenly appeared in the battle formation.

Just as this wild Ferocious Race youth was about to continue advancing, Su Chen’s figure suddenly appeared.

He raised his hand and swung his arm through the air.

The Temple Warrior laughed disdainfully, sending out a punch of his own in response. The heavy punch descended, colliding with Su Chen’s punch.

“AHH!” that Ferocious Race youth cried out in pain.

That iron-like fist, which was even able to forcefully shatter Feng Yigu’s Arcane Turtle Shield, caved in like a piece of metal under a hammer’s blow when it collided with Su Chen’s Armor-Piercing Awl. A gaping hole was left behind.

Su Chen’s fist continued to bore forwards, traveling halfway up the Ferocious Race youth’s arm. Chunks of bloody flesh and bone flew everywhere.

However, Su Chen also took a few steps back and grunted in pain. His right arm had slightly changed shape.

As his blow was boring through the opponent’s iron-like arm, it was impossible to completely avoid injuring himself.

Just as he was about to try and take advantage of the opportunity to attack, a lightning-fast black streak shot towards his own throat.

Su Chen didn’t have time to dodge.

Just at that moment, Pi Yuanhong charged over and managed to intercept the blow.

A short spear plunged into Pi Yuanhong’s body, almost skewering him.

“Old Pi!” He Yuandong yelled as he charged over, sending a Raging Inferno Fist right at the back of that Ferocious Race youth’s head.

That Ferocious Race youth was much smaller in stature than most of his peers, but he was as nimble as a ghost, advancing and retreating with incredible speed. He had already retreated to a safe distance by the time He Yuandong’s Raging Inferno Fist landed, and he had also managed to take that mountain-like youth with him back to safety.

This guy was evidently also a Temple Warrior, but one who specialized in speed.

Simultaneously, the third Temple Warrior had also appeared. He was currently locked in battle with Tang Ming, who had activated his Demonic Emperor Bloodline to its greatest extent. His true skill lay not in controlling fog but water. At this moment, numerous water dragons were circling his body as they howled. He was holding off the Temple Warrior all on his own, but it seemed like he was about to lose control of the fight.

“Old Pi, hold on!” Su Chen dragged Pi Yuanhong to the back lines, pulling out a vial of high-tier Recover Medicine and feeding it to him.

At that moment, Feng Yigu yelled, “What are you waiting for? Drink that medicine and finish them off!”

After obtaining a vast amount of raw ingredients, Su Chen had concocted six sets of medicine. The raw ingredients he had taken in with him were enough to concoct another full set. Ignoring the Strengthening Medicine that Wang Doushan had ingested, he had a total of seven sets. Using a single set would multiply a person’s strength by nearly three times.

Su Chen kept one set for his own use and gave the other six sets to He Yuandong, Cloud Leopard, the Shen twins, Feng Yigu, and Pi Yuanhong. These six were used to close-quarters combat. Upon hearing those yells, Pi Yuanhong and the other five simultaneously retreated, pulled out the vials of medicine, and drank them.

As the medicinal power entered their bodies, they began to glow with a blood-red luster. The explosive increase in power caused their eyes to turn red.


Feng Yigu let out a loud howl as he charged forward.

The Arcane Turtle Shield covered his body as he charged at the mountain-like youth.

Even though the mountain-like youth had been badly injured by Su Chen, he was still incredibly fierce.

He swung his arm through the air. Violent waves of energy pulsated from his body, and his killing aura grew so thick that it was almost physically tangible.


With a massive explosion, the mountain-like youth and Feng Yigu clashed again.

An instant later, Feng Yigu charged forward again, smiting with his shield and causing blood to splash into the air.

The mountain-like youth had lost an arm already. There was no way he could block Feng Yigu’s powerful attack.

However, his opponent was quite decisive. Upon seeing that he couldn’t defend himself, he gave up on defending entirely.

He tilted his body, allowing Feng Yigu’s shield slam to land on his shattered arm. He reached out with this right hand and grabbed a hold of Feng Yigu’s neck, then pressed down on him like a mountain.

Feng Yigu unleashed an all-out assault. His heavy blows slammed into the mountain-like youth’s body, shaking him to his bones and causing him to repeatedly cough up blood. However, he maintained his vice-like grip on Feng Yigu’s neck unrelentingly.

Feng Yigu panicked. He continued to unleash a fierce onslaught. Suddenly, he relinquished the shield with his left hand and extended two fingers to jab at the mountain-like youth’s eyes. With one strike, he had permanently blinded his opponent.

The mountain-like youth howled in pain but just wouldn’t let go.

With blood flowing from his eyes, he tilted his head back and let out a thunderous howl.


With unprecedented power, he twisted his arm. Feng Yigu’s neck snapped.

At the same time, the attack Feng Yigu had unleashed right before death pierced through the mountain-like youth’s throat. The two of them remained locked in this deadly embrace as they toppled to the ground.

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